How to Stay Motivated for Success Donna DeVane

How to Stay Motivated for Success
Keep Showing up till Dream Comes True
Donna DeVane
The Barefoot Guru
Chapter One
Where is YOUR Passion?
It's all about Passion. The best & easiest way to stay motivated for our
success is to follow your passion. What is passion?
Webster's Dictionary gives us this meaning: intense, driving, or
overmastering feeling or conviction and a strong liking or desire for
or devotion activity, object, or concept and an object of desire or deep
I'd like to add my own definition as well. Passion is that burning fire within you that
wakes you up each day, that thrills you, excites you. Passion is an inner force that fuels
your actions to stay focused on thoughts, feelings AND actions that lead you into the
experiences you want to have. Now.. what are you passionate about?
Often people come to me as a coach & when I ask them what they feel passionate about
the answer if often “money”. People want money. I understand that. I too, like money.
It pays the way to many experiences that are thrilling and wonderful. In today's
societies money is necessary. However, just being passionate about money will not
necessarily lead you to success and the money you desire.
I've spent years talking about energy. It's all about the energy. To let money be your
passion often leads to greed and desperation. These are not energies that create the
experiences most of us want to have. There is a better way to be successful and this
book will help guide you to that end.
Rather than just wanting money, discover what the money represents for you. What is
the life you want to live? I'm sure you've read books teaching you to write it all down or
make vision boards. That's a good start. Get a LIFE Journal or Passion Journal and
begin writing about the life you want to live. Be detailed right down to how you are
dressed, what you are feeling, what you eat and how it tastes. Keep the journal with you
so that you can add to it often. It's especially important that when you feel a bit off track
you refer to your Life Passion Journal for inspiration & motivation to stay on track.
At this point I want to share another very key aspect to success. Knowing what you
want & staying focused on that, is this key. Spending time each day exploring the life
you want to live is so important. Stay in that silence for as long as it takes for it to feel
more than possible.. stay until it feels REAL to you. The body doesn't know the
difference between “real” & imagined. It creates the same chemical / emotional reaction
to both.
Being consistent is very important. Most people give up when it starts feeling hard.
This will always lead to “failure”. Failure is about giving up. If you stay focused on
what you want to experience, feel it, breathe it, imagine it and take steps each day in the
energy of it, it will reveal itself in manifested form. Use the “failures” as refining and
defining opportunities, showing you new ways to create.
Donnaism: Success is not the result of having never failed, rather it's the result
of having never given up.
Now it's time to discover what you are passionate about in addition to making more
money and living a different life. What is it you are compelled to talk about, research,
discover? What is that thing that you just can't stop doing or talking about? What are
the dreams you have had since childhood? Some people tell me their purpose is to help
others. Ok, but how can you help others when you don't even know how to help
Get your Life Passion Journal out and begin exploring your passions. What do you just
absolutely love? What fuels you, makes you feel good on the inside? That's a pretty
good place to start looking for your passion or life path. Success is so much easier and
fun when you stay in the energy of what thrills you. It's why I tell you not to be just
focused on money. That focus leads to greed and lack mindset, but staying in the
creative flow of what thrills you keeps the energy always moving in the direction of
more thrills and delightful experiences.
If you discover that you love helping people, dig deeper. How do you help people?
What are the gifts & talents you enjoy using to bring help to others? We want to go
beneath the surface to the really juicy stuff deep down inside you. The best cooks are
those who delight in creating new dishes to thrill the taste buds and feed the souls of
others. Powerful artists use their unique perspectives on life to uplift or challenge those
who interact with their artwork. Musicians find ecstasy in sharing the feeling of notes
and words to bring a new experience to the listener.
As you take a few days to discover your passion, get understanding of your gifts and
talents you will be amazed at how the doors of opportunity start opening for you. Just
pursuing money does not bring about wealth. Wealth is what we really want. Included
in wealth is peace of mind, healthy body, challenges to expand our experiences while
enhancing our own lives and the lives of others.
Donnaism: Get into the habit of noticing. Notice what you are thinking, feeling,
doing. Ask if this is really what you want to experience.. if not time to change
Being aware propels you forward. Awareness of yourself, your feelings,
thoughts and emotions will keep you on track. Through awareness you will not
take as many dead end roads and will find yourself successful in a much shorter
time. Develop awareness by using your Life Passion Journal. I know I've said
that already a few times, but it bears repeating. You are not only discovering
your passion that will lead to success, you are creating new habits that will
sustain you on your journey.
Success if the result of thoughts and feelings, added to ideas, plus actions that
sustain themselves. Life is an amazing thing. Once energy is set into motion it
always expands to experience more of itself. You see this all around you in
nature. A tiny seed grows a much larger experience of itself, then produces
seed to create even a great expanded experience. Staying aware of your
energy will lead to the expanded experiences you want to have with far fewer
unwanted experiences that you get bogged down in.
Successful people learn habits that assure their success. Being aware opens the
door to better choices about your attitude and actions. You keep showing up,
staying alert, taking note, writing down, imagining the life you want to live and
taking steps in that direction & the reality of it WILL be yours.
This is why passion is SO important. Without passion you will not stay the
course. When it starts feeling hard, when others tell you why it will not work,
when the financial results don't show up fast enough, without passion you will
quit. Passion is the fuel of dreams. Just like your cars runs on gas, your life
runs on passion. Think about it for a few minutes. Remember those times
when you just didn't give up & give in. What was the energy that kept you
going? It was Passion. Passion leads to Knowing that your dreams are more
than possible, it lets you SEE the dream, feel it, experience it. It keeps you
always moving forward. Showing up and discovering what you are passionate
about will keep you sure footed and help you to incorporate the habits of
Before going on to the next chapter I want to recap. Get your Life Passion
Journey out and answer these questions.
What are my gifts & talents?
What do I most enjoy doing?
What dreams did I have as a child?
What does my perfect life look like, feel like?
What do I love learning about & sharing about?
Do my beliefs reflect the above?
We'll talk a bit more about beliefs in the next chapter.
Chapter Two
Successful Beliefs
Beliefs.. the blueprints for life experiences.. That could have been the title for
this chapter. Write that down in your Life Passion Journal. Beliefs are the
energy that bring about all those experiences you have. Millions of times we've
heard and read that, yet we still have problem beliefs that keep us from our
dreams. The problem with beliefs is most don't know what they are. The are
automatic little software programs that run without any input or influence from
our conscious minds. They are the number one reason I talked about
developing awareness in the first chapter. Awareness will help you to see the
beliefs you are using to create life experiences with and lead the way to a new
set of successful beliefs.
Actually, all beliefs are 100% successful in creating themselves as experiences.
The “Invisible” always brings you exactly what you ask for. The secret is
knowing what you are asking for and actually asking for what you want. Beliefs
can either get in the way of that or provide such clear instructions that you are
always in delight over what you are interacting with.
The easiest way to determine your beliefs is to stay aware. Take note of
thoughts, write them down. Spend a few minutes now in your Life Passion
journal just letting thoughts flow on the topic of money, worth, success, the
world, the ease of being successful. Don't struggle with it, just let the words
flow. After you've finished read over them. Stay aware of how you feel as you
read through what you've written. Where are you feeling sensations, what are
those sensations?
Back track those ideas to see where they came from. Are they yours or did they
come from family, friends, society.. which actually.. IS where they came from.
Very few, if any of your currently held beliefs came from what you know to be
true. You accepted the how it works ideas from others and they expanded to
experience more & more & you've just said, “ok, it's true, see how it is always
this way”.
That's where being aware becomes very important to you. You need a
Successful Set of Beliefs that originate with YOU.. beliefs that are about YOU
and Your Life.
Once again, grab that Life Passion Journal and being writing down what you
want to experience. Beside it allow a belief to form that supports that
experience. Have fun here, don't make it hard. Let the ideas of new beliefs be
a game you play a few times each day. Through awareness exercises you will
begin to see how your beliefs are in conflict with what you want. The Strongest
energy wins. Write that down. Also, while we are on the topic of energy again,
let's restate that energy is the directions for creation you are giving the
Invisible. If your strongest energy is desperation, more to feel desperate about
is what will show up for you. Awareness is your best friend to aid you along the
creation process.
By practicing awareness and writing it down, by inventorying those beliefs that
are not giving out the instructions for the desired experiences, you will be able
to install some new programs that combined with your PASSION will lead you to
success. Consistency is your friend too. Don't let a day go by without writing in
your Life Passion Journal. In order to install new belief systems you have to
stay the determining factor or you will once again find yourself back in the
default settings that haven't been working to this point and will not work in the
You want new experiences so you must steadily be setting new energy into
motion, energy that supports you and your dreams. Beliefs must support the
dream. Write that down in your Life Passion Journal. Put it on your mirror.
Place it all around your home. Beliefs MUST support your dream.
The reason I talked at the start of this book about Awareness was to get you
ready for a belief upgrade. If I had started there many reading this book would
have said, “no way, I've already dealt with those beliefs”, and not paid the
attention necessary to make the changes that lead to success.
Remember back when you first got a computer? What operating system was
installed? I started with Windows 95. Now I'm running Windows 7 and looking
forward to playing around with Windows 8. Each of those systems served the
purpose they were created to serve. Each one expanded a bit on the one
before leading to a bigger, better experience of the World Wide Web. Beliefs
are like that. When you realize the need to upgrade you expand your
As long as you stay with the beliefs you've always used for life experience
instructions, you will continue with those types of experiences. An upgrade
brings you into a new experience. In order to upgrade it's not quite as simple
as popping a disk in and installing a program. For most of us it takes a bit of
practice. A Master was asked what is the difference between Masters & the rest
of humanity, to which the Master replied.. Practice Practice Practice.
Whether you are learning a new art form, athletic skill, language or life style,
practice is what is required. Through the art of Awareness and using your Life
Passion Journal you are actually installing a new system of creating instructions.
These new instructions will provide the PROOF your ego needs to continue
themselves and expand.
Start off with a few easy to believe exercises. Your ability to belief leads to your
expectation, which brings about the experience. So start with something easy.
Using your journal write down
In the next 48 hours I expect gifts, all sorts of gifts to show up for me. Gifts
that tickle and excite me. Now begin watching for them. Be expectant like a
pregnant woman who is with child, but hasn't given birth yet. You KNOW that
gifts are there for you. You are excited about looking for, noticing and accepting
them. This exercise, while simple, leads to a new way of living. Rather than
looking around for what could go wrong, you are developing a new energy of
looking for what is going right and delighting you in the process of each day.
Successful people are not as interested in what's “wrong” as they are in gearing
up for the next flood of what's “right” to show up. There is a great commercial
where a young man is always saying, And? At the end of each experience. I
love that idea of enjoying the now with attention moving forward to the next..
and..... Expectation keeps you ever mindful of how you are feeling, what you
are wanting to experience and knowing that something wonderful is always
showing up.
Beliefs are nothing more than practiced habits that become automatic. Practice,
practice, practice, is the way to success. By developing a new practice, a new
set of beliefs easily install themselves.
Chapter Three
Patience, Trusting the Invisible
Patient according to Webster is steadfast despite opposition, difficulty, or
Personally I prefer trust combined with patience. I can be patient when I trust
that the Invisible is always working on my behalf. This level of trust comes
about through the experiences over time that life shows up according to the
instructions I'm giving out for the creative process. That's why I gave you the
little exercise about gifts showing up. If you did that and wrote down all the
gifts that showed up, you have some proof that this process works.
We like proof, especially when changing out beliefs. A lot of people tend to
think that trust is blind faith, the stuff religions are built on. Nope, that's not
what I'm talking about here. I'm giving you the opportunity to let the Invisible
provide you with evidence that this works, every time, all the time. Continue
playing the 40 hours expectation game adding new expectations that are
comfortable to you.
It's important not to try to expect outside the realm of your comfort zone in the
beginning. If you are flat our broke, sick, depressed and reach for a million
bucks in two days, chances are you will not allow that into your life. What you
allow is found in the beliefs. Stay comfortable, adding a bit more as you go
along. Every two days play the game, write it down, record what shows up. I
strongly suggest using fancy colored pens for your Life Passion Journal. Let the
color of your pen represent your emotions.
As you go along more and more evidence of the Invisible working on your
behalf to bring you what you ask for will be there for you, making it so much
easier to be patient and trusting. Even in those moments when you feel a bit
anxious about it not showing up quickly enough, if you return to your journal
you can motivate yourself with the proof you've gathered that it works.
When developing patience and trust, tune into your feelings. They are your
best indicator of whether it's believable for you or not. If it's not believable,
then back off a bit to a more comfortable place. You are learning to trust
according to the evidence that shows up for you. Enjoy the process, don't rush.
The whole point of this book is to teach you how to use energy in a way that
brings you the success you want to experience. Taking your time to enjoy the
process is important. You wouldn't pick up a musical instrument, take a class or
two and try out for the orchestra would you? Of course you wouldn't . Keep
your exercises in line with what feels good, right, easy and fun. Success is a
process, it's a life style.
The more you enjoy the process the easier the journey will be for you. You will
find less resistance from the old habits and the ego. Many give up due to
setting goals that they just can't accept, believe in and allow for themselves at
this present moment. Know this, as you practice the principles in this book, you
will willingly allow more and more to come faster and faster. There is no need
to rush or push yourself beyond what is comfortable and fun for you.
Staying motivated each day is easy when you are enjoying yourself. When you
awaken each morning take time to practice awareness. Notice dreams of the
night before. Write them down. Explore them. Often your worries & even
solutions show up during dream time. Give yourself at least 15 minutes of quite
time as soon as you wake up. Grab that Life Passion Journal and write what
you feel, set up what you expect for the day.
These guidelines for success can be as simple or elaborate as you like, but
staying consistent is key to developing a new life style of success. The more
consistent you are the more motivated you will stay. The more motivated you
are the more easily you will succeed in the life you dream of. Easy, breezy,
There is a path to walk, and being steadfast is the key to staying on that path.
Giving up just isn't an option for you anymore. Write that down in your journal.
Giving up isn't an option for me. Put fancy doodles around it. Place that
statement around your house so you will stay on course.
When someone shows up to tell you all the reasons you can't.. you follow up
with.. Giving Up Isn't An Option For Me. Success is my purpose. Know that.
What you stay focused on is what shows up for you. You are the only one with
the power to decide what you focus on. You are the only one with the power to
create your life the way you want to life it.
Learn to listen only to what moves you forward. Awareness again.. If it isn't
moving you towards your dreams, why spend time & energy on it? Think about
that the next time you stop to listen to someone telling you why you can't. Why
invest energy into their creation of lack?
Being honest with you about you requires your commitment to success. It
requires you stay aware of what you are thinking, feeling, doing, the
conversations you are having. Notice the energy of movies, books, music. Are
these things fueling your dreams? If not, thank them for the reminder to get
back on track, release them and keep moving forward.
As a life coach & healer for quite a few years, I've often been asked what to do
about people who want to bring you down. Stop letting them be the fuel for
YOUR life. It's YOUR life. You can choose. You must choose whether or not to
take as your own energy, the fear, beliefs & energy of others. Awareness will
guide you as will self love and self respect. You are not being mean when you
choose not to interact with the energy of others. You are helping yourself and
in the end helping them as well.
Sometimes, those closest to you will begin to fear the changes they see taking
place in you and your life. It's not usually a conscious thing, but
subconsciously they will begin trying to pull you back into the role you've always
played. This is important to note. Stay aware. Stay consistent. Stay the path.
Success if yours only if you continue the Success Lifestyle.
Think about what an influence you can be for others who watch you move into
a more wonderful life. When they ask how you did it, you will be able to
provide insight and guidance for them on their journey.
Chapter Four
Failure: Propeller to Greater Success
You might be asking yourself what in the world does failure have to do with
propelling you to greater success. Failure, when things don't work out as you
thought they would give you an opportunity to see more deeply into an area in
your life. When things don't work the way you wanted them to, take this as an
indicator that you would benefit from looking into your belief system for
something asking for an upgrade.
It also gives you insight into what was really wanted by you. A lot of times we
take action based, not on our passion and dreams, but rather on what others
expect or on desperation. These times will just about always show up as what
we might deem a failure. Truly the only failure is not doing or giving up before
you reach the goal you've set for yourself.
Sometimes along the road of success.. notice I said Road OF Success... you
change your ideas about what you would like to experience. This isn't about
failure, it's about refining and defining what you want to experience. When I
started podcasting years ago that wasn't the whole dream. I loved podcasting
and did it for many years. It gave way to a new dream, the dream of having a
radio station. I created that, which over two years has been refined and
defined many, many times. Each experience led way to a new door opening.
Sometimes the new opportunity showed up due to what I was experiencing not
really working for me. Several hosts have come and gone as I've shifted
directions a few times and gotten really clear about what energy I want to
interact with on the station.
That's not failure.. it's a jumping off spot for new creating. During the first year
of the station most hosts didn't stay much longer than a month. I did feel
frustrated, but didn't stay in that energy. I used it as a way to better determine
what type of host, what type of shows did I really want on the station. I
produce as well as talk on Awakened Radio, so it's more fun if the other hosts
and I work well energetically. It wasn't a failure on the host's part either, they
came to a different conclusion about how they wanted to share their passion
with the world.
It was an opportunity for all of us, and looking at it that way keeps the door
open and the good stuff moving in all the time. Most now famous people,
“failed” many times before they figured out how they wanted the creation to be.
As you keep practicing the principles in this book you will discover a new child
like excitement about whatever shows up for you. You will realize that there is
a reason for everything and you are that reason. You will accept and expect
that good always comes into your life. Your attitude will be different as you
gather proof that the Invisible is always working on your behalf. As you change
your ideas your experiences will also change.
In a very short time you will be surprised at how much you and your life have
changed. Others will notice maybe even before you do. There will be a new
feeling about you that will go before you touching the lives of others who come
into contact with you. Don't change to change others.. change because you are
now ready to live a Success Lifestyle. Know that as you do that you are
presenting the world with the motivation and energy that they too, can learn to
use to create a new experience for themselves.
Fear of failure needs a few words before we move on too. There was research
done a few years back showing that the majority of adults would not try
something new for fear of failure. They were concerned with looking silly or
foolish. WOW. It's good to sit with this idea and write about it in your Life
Passion Journal. Go through some of your concerns about failure. What would
it look like, feel like? Be honest.
Now, and this is more important than the above exercise.. write down what it
would be like to succeed. How would your life open up, what new experiences
would you have being successful? Which feels better to you? Go with that
energy. Fear is no excuse for not moving forward. Look at fear and take note
what beliefs are behind it. Fear of failure is generally related to self worth
issues. Sort through those with the other exercises in this book. Where did
those ideas come from? Are they true? How can you update them to beliefs
that work better for you?
It's all about taking responsibility for your own life. You do have that power...
use it.
Chapter Five
Keeping the Excitement Alive
Any relationship depends on keeping it fresh and exciting so that it grows and
expands. Your relationship with success is the same. Keeping the excitement
as part of your day to day experience assures great stuff showing up. I know
that now and again you might have a down moment, that's ok. Don't stay
there. It's ok to visit but you don't have to move into energy you don't enjoy.
Use it the same way you use failure and fear.. as jumping off points to the next
creative experiment. Thinking of it in terms of experiments or visits to a
playground help keep you excited. What just might show up today that you are
totally jazzed about? Keep that feeling going.
Sometimes at this point of the process of creating the Success Lifestyle people
tend to look around at how “much more successful” others are, what others
have and you don't. Take note when this happens as this is actually a reminder
from the Invisible that you too can have that or similar experiences.
Perhaps that huge mansion reminds you of the much better house you want
that you are not living in right now. Sit with that mansion, go through the
rooms, perhaps the fireplace is exactly what you want in your own home, or
you are reminded of the style of furniture you would like to have.
Everything shows up for a perfect reason. The reason is never to make you feel
bad. Feeling bad is the result of lack of awareness on your part. Keep your
inner eyes open to what is showing up and whether or not its there to show you
something you are wanting and helping to make it clearer for you. If jealousy
shows up, pay attention to the belief that says you can't have what others
have. By looking at each feeling and the connected belief you will easily move
from beliefs that don't bring about what you want to new beliefs that do.
Again, honesty is important to you all along the Success Road. It's not the end
result, that one thing you want to have, it's the lifestyle of successfully enjoying
each day, each experience. Your attitude towards the gentle and not so gentle
reminders will pave the way and determine whether it's bumpy or smooth.
Continue playing the 48 hour game. By setting yourself up to have great
experiences daily you guarantee an exciting day which leads to staying on the
path of enjoying success.
How can you include excitement into your life each day? Is there something
you've always wanted to do and this is the perfect time to do it. Recently I was
reminded of my desire to draw. I've always wanted to draw and never felt that
I was very good at it. I even bought a book 10 years ago to learn how. I got
busy doing other things and forgot about the book and drawing until recently. I
was reminded of it while producing one of the Awakened Radio hosts talking
about art and creativity. I sat there listening to her and her guest talking about
art and thought, “I want to draw”. Before that thought got cold I heard that
little voice inside that said, “ well, then draw”.
I asked my daughter if she knew where all the drawing materials I'd bought
years ago were. We hadn't unpacked them and they were boxed up in the
storage room. We piled up in the middle of my bed and began going through
the drawing materials. As my daughter pulled out a few drawings I mentioned
that they were good, she had done a great job. She laughed and said Mama,
you did these. Wow, I was floored. While they aren't art gallery material they
did show me that I could draw.
My point is this, what you think you can do, you do. What you think you can't
do, you generally will not ever give yourself a chance to experience. If you
want the experience go ahead and have that experience. It's not about doing it
perfectly, it's about the enjoyment of it. That's Success Lifestyle in a nutshell.
It's about the enjoyment of your life.
The more you give in to enjoyment, the more excited you are, the more great
stuff shows up and the more excited you become. You see where I'm going
with this. The only thing that's kept you from the life you want is you. Now you
see that, you have proof that the Invisible is working for you, you feel
connected to the energy of creating what you want. The doors are open, you
are learning to expect and to receive what shows up. You have looked at fear
and laughed at it, knowing it to be only a reminder of what you do want to
have, be, do.
The ideas and exercises in this book, when applied and lived each and every
day will aid you in rediscovering your own power, your magic to live the way you
want to. It's not just about the stuff either. Success Lifestyle is about a feeling,
a way of being. You may have spent years in worry, stress, anxiety and even
poverty.. but now you know that you were the one creating that through your
With new beliefs, new expectations, new allowance, you have moved miles
down the path to live your passions. Don't ever lose sight of your passion. It's
the fuel of life. Passion is what causes life to expand and explore more of itself.
You have this power always at your fingertips.
There is No GOING Back now. You are totally enjoying this new way of living
and realizing that you can have any experience you desire. You've learned how
to work with the Invisible to bring you what you want. Take a few moments to
do the dance of joy and celebrate.
Chapter Five
Keeping it Going Forward
Now it's just a matter of doing what works for you. Don't put this book away
and go it alone. Read the book at least once a week for a month, even longer is
better. Make the Life Passion Journal a daily part of your experience. Expand
the 48 hour game to bigger expectations.
Set some one week exceptions into motion. Then after a few weeks of proof
gathering, set some even bigger month expectations. Remember in the
beginning to stay within your comfort zone, as you build energy move slightly
outside just to where it feels exciting. You want to work with this excitement
energy as it will pave the Success Lifestyle with things that glitter for you
Think back to when you were a child. Remember the excitement of the
holidays, gifts, the first day of school, a new love? That's the energy I suggest
you play with. The more you interact with this energy the more it will expand
into your beliefs and the more those expand the more expanded and enhanced
your life will be.
It's about experiences, enjoying the experiences, reaching higher, broader in
your what is possible dreams. The more you practice the better you will get at
expecting things to show up that are exactly what you want.
It's also important during this part of the game to master mind with others who
understand what you are doing. Place yourself in new relationships with people
who Get It.. who understand your new outlook on life. By this point you are
good at letting anything that doesn't lead to your dreams serve as a reminder to
refine and define, to present you with a message or bring to the surface a belief
ready to be upgraded.
Paying attention is so much easier by now. Don't rush through this book. Of
course I know you will read it all at once, but don't just close it and think you've
got it. Read it once a day for at least a month. Let's master mind together
through the words and principles I've shared with you here. While you are
discovering your master mind group, let me be your partner through this book.
Practice does indeed make perfect. No matter what the new skill is, practice
always improves your interaction with it. You may have spent years practicing
beliefs that haven't brought about what you dreamed your life would be about,
now you have a new set of tools to help you achieve those dreams. You have
pages of proof that this works, you have evidence that the Invisible is working
with you to create what you ask for. You've even become more aware of what it
is you actually do want to experience. You've watched as your dreams have
expanded. You've felt the surge of excitement bringing you to a higher level of
expectation and watched as what you've expected showed up.
All that's left is to keep doing this. Stay in energy that propels you forward. Let
your friendships be with people who get it. Find a master mind group or maybe
one on one life coaching to help keep you honest and excited. You not only
have the power, you ARE the power that creates. Now that you've had a few
tastes of what it's like to live a Success Lifestyle there is no going back. Giving
up is no longer an option.
You are seeing with your inner vision now, no longer judging by how things
simply appear or what others say. You are unencumbered by limits and fear.
You laugh whenever someone tries to tell you why you can't or why something
will not work. Your self worth is in tact. You are feeling your way from one
experience to the next based on what YOU WANT to experience.
While this ebook is little.. it brings a HUGE GIFT.
You have only to accept, apply, accept and apply.
Create new habits which create new beliefs, which are supported by proof that
it works.
At the end of each day take time to go over all the gifts, all the experiences you
are feeling grateful for. Let that gratitude ease you into slumber and dream
time where things get even clearer.
Know this..
Love Yourself Well,
Donna DeVane
The Barefoot Guru
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