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COACHES & OFFICIALS - Learn how to save a life!
Emergency Asthma Management Course (EAM)
3 hours - $30 per person (normally $50)
(Subsidised by the Department of Sport and Recreation)
The EAM course is a nationally accredited course with the Vocational Education and Training
sector. Participants will receive a statement of attainment upon completion of the course
which is valid for 3 years. Participants will be qualified to manage an asthma emergency.
General asthma information
Recognising asthma symptoms
Asthma medication and delivery devices
Day-to-day management of asthma
Identifying asthma triggers and how to minimise them
Emergency treatment
Sport and leisure
Children’s services
In Western Australia about 220,000 people are diagnosed with asthma. At least 80% of people
with asthma get symptoms when they exercise. Sudden life threatening attacks are not limited
to people with severe asthma, all people with asthma are at risk.
Why should a sports coach complete an EAM course?
Potentially life saving. People die from unattended asthma
Improve asthma awareness and management in the sporting community. Course
explains the methods in assessing asthma severity – signs and symptoms of worsening
asthma, protocol on when to call an ambulance as well as asthma first aid skills
Complements duty of care responsibility for health and safety of athletes and coaching
staff. Provides the training and skills necessary to develop an asthma policy for a
sporting club.
Peace of mind to parents of children with asthma
Coaching staff more confident in managing asthma. Course identifies issues relating to
exercise induced asthma and coaching athletes with asthma
“Asthma has no cure and can fatal – we need to take this condition seriously as asthma deaths
are mostly preventable”
Ian Adams, President Asthma Foundations of Australia
If you are interested in attending this course can you please complete the details below and
fax/email to:Jacqui Jashari or Jonelle Burns
Project Officers – Coaching & Officiating
Department of Sport and Recreation
[email protected] or [email protected]
Fax: 9492 9711
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Which format would you prefer?
3 hours on Saturday or Sunday
1.5 hours on 2 x week night’s
Please forward this information by 31st March, 2009
Look forward to hearing from you!