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20 years on and still growing
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How to get there
Access to the Reebok Stadium couldn't be easier; it’s just 500 yards from Junction 6 of the
M61. Once on-site, there is ample free parking for over 3,000 cars.
From The North: Follow signs on the M61 towards Manchester/Bolton and leave at
Junction 6. Take the first exit off sliproad roundabout onto the A6027 Mansell Way.
From The South East or West: Join the M60 Manchester ring road then follow the signs for
the M61, which is Junction 15 on the M60. Head north towards Preston (DO NOT TAKE THE
A666 TOWARDS BOLTON). Turn off the M61 at Junction 6 and take the 3rd right exit from
the sliproad onto the A6027 Mansell Way.
This is a hectic year for Yamazaki Mazak, as June marks the 20th
year of manufacturing machine tools in the UK. This will
officially be celebrated by the opening of a new 4,000 m²
extension, which brings the total up to 29,000 m². The new
extension will house the fabrication shop, which will contain the
most advanced laser cutting facilities ever seen in the UK. This
features a sheetmetal robot load/unload system that
incorporates 7,200 mini-vacuum manipulators. This eliminates the
need for ‘nibs’ and finished parts can just be automatically lifted out.
Currently machine output is running at
well in excess of 1,200 machines a year
and now there is capacity to significantly
increase this. At the plant there is a Cyber
production offices that oversees the three
FMS systems that are at the heart of
component manufacture. The plant is a
showcase for the latest in production
technology. Any visitor who wants to
attend the “20th Anniversary Open Week”
that starts Monday 18th June should log
their interest on the stand.
As part of the overall expansion plan,
the Northern office of Yamazaki Mazak has
just relocated to larger premises at
Haydock. That’s why attending the show,
in spite of all the current turmoil of
activities, was considered important. It
provides an ideal platform to meet senior
engineers from potential customers in the
At the show Mazak will be advocating
the benefits of “One-hit” machining or
“Done in One” as it prefers to call it. The
Integrex, multi-function turning centre
features twin 6,000 rev/min spindles
combined with an upper rotary tool
spindle incorporating an automatic tool
changer. There is also a lower, nine
station, drum turret to dramatically reduce
cycle times.
Originally such machines really only
appealed to manufacturers of very
complex parts. Today, things have
changed. Many SME’s who produce more
Creating the right image
A label shouts about your company. But,
is it saying the right thing? That's where
a company like Diametric Technical
comes in. It can advise on the right
approach for your product taking into
account all circumstances.
Has anyone ever seen a hydraulic
cylinder where the label starts slowly
sliding south as soon as there's the
slightest leak or spillage that causes the
label adhesive to dissolve? That's not the
image you want for your product.
The company has the advantage in
that it is not tied to any one label
production process; seven different
formats are available. When making
recommendations, the company takes
into account the environment, product life
span, budget and product place in the
market. After all you don't want a
tuppence halfpenny label on a hundred
thousand pound machine.
electroformed labels. These are recommended for premium brands, which need
an unobtrusive label, that still reflects
precision imagery. As an alternative,
Injection mouldings can achieve strong
visual images with 3D effects. Domed
labels can impart a 3D effect even on
semi-rigid surfaces.
Various print
processes are also offered.
Check this stand out to make sure
your labels project the rightimagefor you.
Fo r Fu r t h e r I n fo r m a t i o n e n t e r
Assembly on a large scale
devices predominate. Glass reinforced
mouldings are an area of speciality as is
insert moulding.
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Postal Address
9-11 High Street, Staines
Middlesex TW18 4BR
As would be expected of a company
located in the middle of the beautiful
Pembroke National Park, it has the
highest grade of environmental
credentials. For bought in items, it uses
its massive purchasing power to
guarantee competitive prices.
Fo r Fu r t h e r I n fo r m a t i o n e n t e r
Second-op turning, with its associated
manual loading, can often account for 7080% of the total production time and only
add 20% to the component value. Factor
in the additional time saved by
incorporating third-op milling, then the
economic justification for one-hit
machining on even simpler work becomes
This trend is only accelerated by
subcontractors’ customers who, more and
more, are demanding the tight, flexible
delivery schedules that are made possible
with one hit machining.
Fo r Fu r t h e r I n fo r m a t i o n e n t e r
New on the AMF stand will be the first
workholding kit for robot welding,
although the company has extensive
experience in workholding applications
for machining. The starter kit contains
more than 1,250 system components.
Water-cooling within the basic fixture
ensure consistent quality during
extended periods of use.
Within the kit can be found
different size clamps, location stops and
the base, which has a 50 mm grid for
fixture building. The kit comes on a
convenient trolley and can be expanded
with options such as pneumatic clamping
For machining applications visitors
will see the Zero Point positioning
system. This enables pallets to be
removed from the machine table and
replaced to within 5 micron. The system
has a number of applications. In the
aerospace industry it permits components to be removed, without
unclamping, from the fixture, moved to an
inspection machine, then returned to the
same datum for final machining.
Fo r Fu r t h e r I n fo r m a t i o n e n t e r
The common denominator is the strength
conversational programming control
system. All machines are fitted with this
Hurco-developed control.
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Every week St David’s Assemblies
manufacture over two and a half million
components that are used to produce
over half a million assemblies. It’s no
surprise that with such volumes the
automotive and domestic appliance
markets feature heavily in its order book.
Precision pressings plus injection
mouldings are produced and high speed
contact welding is a significant resource;
this means that electro-mechanical
Lean manufacturing techniques
ensure globally competitive prices. Also,
a totally inclusive service starts with
concept design or optimising an existing
design for the most economic production
Producing prototypes
includes the design and manufacture of
prototype tooling.
Depending on
production rates, manual or fully
automated assembly is employed.
prosaic parts have realised they too can
reap the benefits.
Hurco will be showing a CNC lathe and a
machining centre from its extensive
range. The common denominator linking
the two machines is the great strength of
the range. What’s that? It’s the
It is ideally suited for one off’s and
small batch production. Minimal training
is needed for this ‘intuitive programming’
system. Many common features are
shared between the turning and the
milling versions. Programs can be
generated at the machine or downloaded
from a CAM system. If necessary,
downloaded programs can be tweaked on
the shopfloor then the modified version
uploaded when the batch is completed.
The vertical machining centre on
show is the smallest in the range with
660mm of travel on the X-axis and a
spindle speed of 8,000 rev/min. A high
spindle speed version with speeds up to
30,000 rev/min is available specifically for
machining graphite. Other models offer
X-axis travel up to 1,625 mm.
The CNC lathe has 305 mm turning
diameter and length of 478 mm. The 14.2
kW motor provides a maximum spindle
speed of 4,800 rev/min. There is a heavyduty lathe in the range with an 18.7 kW
spindle motor.
Fo r Fu r t h e r I n fo r m a t i o n e n t e r
Note: all sessions may be subject to change without notice. The organisers accept no responsibility for
the statements made in this preview, nor for any errors or omissions which may have occurred.
Premier Suite, Reebok Stadium, Bolton G 9-10 May G 9.00am – 4.30pm
Whether you’re in the plant, warehouse, workshop or boardroom you’ll find
something at the North West Manufacturing Show for you. With over 150
companies expected to be there to greet you, the Exhibition is the region’s
largest event dedicated to manufacturing. If your company is involved in
design, production, subcontracting or distribution, a visit will transform
your approach to innovation, production and supply chain management. As
a means of evaluating and improving your manufacturing efficiency it’s
second to none.
Not only will you be able to see new products
galore – with dozens in action – but you can
also take in a whole host of topical, free to
attend, Manufacturing Seminars presented by
some of the leading names in the business.
FRE ll visitors
for a
North West Manufacturing 2007 is packed full
of exhibitors and features, is easy to reach and,
best of all, whether you want to attend the
Show, the seminars - or both – it’s completely
Free of Charge!
Read on to see how to register for your free
ticket and for a glimpse of what’s on display
from just a fraction of the companies taking
Your Free
Ticket Now
See The Best In
Machine Tools
Factory & Process Automation
Packaging & Handling
Design & Rapid Prototyping
Test & Measurement
Labelling & Marking
Pressings & Mouldings
Process Engineering
...and much more!
See Who’s Here
Over 150 exhibitors are due to make this
year’s Exhibition the largest ever event in
the North West. Turn to page 3 and you’ll
find a listing of who’s due to be there and
the vast range of products and services
they will have on display. Some of the
suppliers you may already know but
there are bound to be dozens that
perhaps you should know about. What’s
certain is that, whatever you’re looking
for, you’ll find it at North West
Manufacturing 2007.
Trail Not Trawl
To make visiting easy for you
we’ve created several Technology
Supplier Trails – Autosport/ Automotive, Aerospace/Defence, Electronics and Processing. Identified
in your Exhibition Catalogue (free
as a pre-registered visitor) will be
the exhibitors who have identified
themselves as suppliers to these
industries. To help you further
these companies will also be
carrying special logos on their
stand name boards.
Inside You’ll find
The machine tool company
that in 20 years has grown
to become
the UK’s largest
Bolton company that
achieves 25% year on
year growth.
A New approach to
process heating that
combines precise
temperature control
with energy saving
With such a large event on offer it
would be wise to plan your visit in
advance. The exhibitor list on the
centre pages of this preview will
provide a taster of what’s on Show
but, if you visit our web-site, you can
find out much more about the
companies involved – www.industry Finally, if you
register for your Free Entry Badge
now, you’ll receive a free Exhibition
Catalogue (worth £5) on arrival.
Fixture system that
introduces modular
building to robot
What you need to know about WEEE,
CE marking, Lean Manufacturing,
How to crack the
MoD and much more
Easy to Reach
Plan Your Visit Now
Video measuring system
that’s accurate, simple to
operate and doesn’t cost
the earth
Ever wished you could visit a major
exhibition without having to take a whole
day (or more) out? With North West
Manufacturing 2007 you can! Its Reebok
Stadium, Bolton location means that, by
road, you are just 500 yards away from J.6
of the M61 and free parking is plentiful.
And, if you arrive by train, the Stadium is
just 400 yards away from Horwich
Parkway. You’ll be back at home before
you know it. (See back page).
Tickets to visit North West
Manufacturing 2007 (or to attend the
concurrent seminars) are absolutely
free so long as you are an Industry
professional. If you pre-register now,
there are extra benefits to be had.
Not only will you be making sure that
you avoid any queues at the entrance
but you’ll also receive advance
exhibition news, be able to book your
place on seminar sessions and will
be guaranteed a free copy of the
Exhibition Catalogue (otherwise £5)
on arrival. Simply complete the form
on the back page or visit
When doing so, remember to book
tickets for your colleagues – with so
much to do and see at the Show it
may make sense!
Learn from the Experts
Want to learn more about Six
Sigma, Lean Tools, Continuous
Improvement, How to Succeed at
Exporting or WEEE Legislation?
Then book into one of the
Exhibition’s FREE hour long
seminar sessions because these
subjects and many more will be
covered over the two Show days.
Turn to page 3 for the full list now
and reserve your seat by visiting or
by completing the form on the back
page. Remember, places are
limited and allocated on a first
come, first served basis – Act Now!
Book your Free ticket on-line Now -
Wraps come off new low
cost vision system
A low cost two-axis video measuring
machine will be making its debut on the
Vision Engineering stand. One of its
redeeming features is ease of operation
using touch screen technology. This,
coupled with a high degree of
repeatability, ensures that consistent
results can be obtained between different
operators, even with minimal training.
Its high performance is accounted
for by the use of a dedicated Quadrachek
300 video microprocessor, which offers
Video Edge Detection - VED – for high
throughput of measurements. It is ideal
for batch routines or measurement of
form features.
There is a unique contrast teach
facility that enables the operator to easily
determine the component edge. Also, the
processor is capable of automated point
data capture with full PC connectivity. The
free moving table has a 150 by 100mm
measuring area. Give it a try and see if it’s
as easy as they say!!
Fo r Fu r t h e r I n fo r m a t i o n e n t e r
Contract cleaning
Pumps, filters, valves, paint spray fixtures
are just a few of the many components
and assemblies that are cleaned by B & M
Longworth Process Technology. In
markets like the chemical process and
polymer industries, where downtime can
cost of the order £100,000 a day,
replacement rather than refur-bishment
used to be the order of the day.
Environmental pressures are
forcing companies to re-assess such
policies, especially if they can be
reassured that the cost benefits of
refurbishment can be achieved without
any adverse impact on performance.
Refurbishment brings its own
questions; what process to use, what
cleaning agents and probably the biggest
question of all what are the legislative
disposal issues? These are all issues that
Longworth has resolved.
subcontract route because it gives them
access to a wide range of different
cleaning processes that would be difficult
to justify installing. A 24 hour service is
operated and there is lifting capacity up to
10 tonne. When the decision is to go the
in-house route, a design and build service
enables them to tap into the wealth of
available experience.
Fo r Fu r t h e r I n fo r m a t i o n e n t e r
If you want
it: it’s
Over 65,000 different products are
available from first-time exhibitor FWB
Products, an industrial distributor that
guarantees next day delivery throughout
the North West. With such a stock range
it’s difficult to know where to start.
Tools, fasteners, pipeline products
process controls, electrical products,
heating and ventilation equipment, that’s
just the start. Then there is the
workwear, safety boots, fire safely
equipment, well you get the picture.
At the core of the product range
are branded products from international
suppliers such as Siemens, Dormer, 3M,
Bosch and Mitutoyo.
These are
supported by technical back-up services,
which includes sales engineers to make
site visits.
Orders may be placed over the
internet and there is a trade counter for
same day collection.
Fo r Fu r t h e r I n fo r m a t i o n e n te r
Try before
you buy
Tooling for aerospace
Materials such as composites, Kelvar,
carbon fibre and graphite can be
machined with a new series of two flute
PCD end mills from Industrial Tooling
Corporation (ITC). These feature a solid
carbide shank with PCD brazed tips and a
cutting length equal to the cutter
diameter. The solid shank delivers
maximum rigidity for cutting under
difficult conditions. Ball nosed versions
are also available.
For machining aluminium at
extremely high speeds and feeds, there is
a two-flute solid carbide cutter with a 50º
right hand helix. These can also be used
for machining plastics and brass.
To reduce machine noise, and
hence improve surface finish, a four-flute
cutter incorporates unequal flute
spacing. This reduces the noise by eliminating the harmonic effects. The right
hand helix provides excellent swarf
removal from the cutting zone.
Exploiting the latest in cutting tool
technology is probably the most costeffective way of improving productivity.
Often the tooling costs are similar and the
only difference is the productivity.
Fo r Fu r t h e r I n fo r m a t i o n e n t e r
Catalogue offers nearly
70% more
The choice of workstation and storage
systems from Bott has always been
extensive. Now it’s even more extensive.
The latest catalogue for 2007 is nearly
70% bigger; for the first time it also
includes all the product range from
European sister companies in Germany
and Hungary as well as the UK factory.
New for 2007 are six-man
workbenches. Modular design allows the
layout to be optimised to suit the job in
hand. There is a choice of accessories
including shelving, tool storage, light
assemblies and back panels & ducting
with power sockets and PC stands. The
benches can also be fitted with
suspended cabinets that can be located
anywhere along the bench.
Also there is a “ Tool Store” system
that uses dividers to create over 3m² of
storage space. There are four extending
slides, each having a 25kg capacity.
Heavy duty versions of the Tool Store
increase this figure to100kg.
Visitors will also see a selection of
louver panels, bin sets and mobile
maintenance trolleys. The latter can
accommodate a tool board, shelf kit and
louver back panel. The modular design
enables the company to offer a bespoke
design service based on standards
elements from the range
Fo r Fu r t h e r I n fo r m a t i o n e n t e r
Precise temperature
control for pipes
All the benefits of a unique process
heating system, already available for
tanks and bulk storage, can now be
applied to pipes with the introduction of
pre-prepared pipe lengths by Inditherm.
The heating technology is based on a
carbon-filled polymer that can be used for
temperatures up to 120º C.
An electrical current, in the range 6
to 48V, is passed through the material and
uniformly heats it. Temperature can be
controlled to within ±1º C without
localised hotspots. The material can be
cut and joined to any shape. For the
pipes, the heating polymer is fixed to the
pipe work along with insulation and
cladding. As this is carried out in a factory
environment there is enhanced levels of
quality control. In addition, on-site work
and health and safety issues are
The outer cladding has special
features that ensure high levels
of hygiene, important in food
and pharmaceutical environments. Associated valves, pumps and metering
equipment can all be fitted with jackets
made from the original carbon-filled
The pipes have already been fitted
in several major confectionary plants; one
installation involved 85m of pipework
used to transport sweetener material.
The system uses significantly less energy,
which with the focus on environmental
impact cannot be ignored.
applications range from patient warming
to under soil heating at football stadia and
process heating to accelerated concrete
curing, particularly in cold weather.
Fo r Fu r t h e r I n fo r m a t i o n e n t e r
Where there’s muck
there’s brass
Dust is something every one who lives the
everywhere!! Couple that with the
sentiments of the headline and you get a
feel for what Particle Technology does as
a business. It makes and sells dust. Not
just any dust, it offers nearly 40 different
grades where the size of particles and the
constituent mix are carefully controlled.
Fatuous comments aside, it
doesn’t take long to identify the serious
value of such a service. Think Desert
Storm and the problems of filter systems
and tank engines immediately spring to
mind. In fact the automotive and
aerospace industries are two major
market sectors.
Using various types of mills,
including hammer, ball and pin mills,
together with multi-deck sieving systems,
particle sizes from sub-micron to several
millimetres can be produced.
As with any test system, there has
to be a valid method of measuring and
comparing results. At the show a new
development will be seen. This is a
Component Part Cleanliness Verification
device. It can be used in the validation of
test results on a wide range of products
including filters, engines, gearboxes and
other machinery.
Fo r Fu r t h e r I n fo r m a t i o n e n t e r
All the fun of the fair
fun, the demonstration graphically
illustrates another more serious benefit;
the operator can position himself to best
see what's going on rather than as
dictated by the position of the control.
Rösler manufactures a wide range of
surface finishing and shot blasting
systems. Also, it has extensive facilities
for providing a subcontract service. Put
these two together and it brings
customers two significant advantages.
First, the customer who is intent on
making a purchase can carry out
extensive trials before making a final
This means not just a few
components, but several complete
production batches to confirm beyond
doubt that the required standards are
being achieved. Secondly, those who
want to limit capital investment can plug
into the subcontract service on a
permanent basis.
The subcontract service includes
full pre and post-process inspection.
Also, the customer has full access to the
in-house expertise.
This includes
fixturing and all the necessary masking
and plugging that may be required prior
to processing. One finishing process that
appeals to the subcontract sector is
superfinishing of engine components for
Formula 1 racing teams1.
Also all the health and safety
issues, labour costs and disposal of used
media are taken care of. In fact, the
subcontracting looks quite an attractive
Fo r Fu r t h e r I n fo r m a t i o n e n te r
Wireless means no cables. Cables mean
dodgy joints and pinched cables or to put
it another way, wireless means enhanced
reliability. And, as Schmersal will be
demonstrating, it also means all the fun
of the fair.
A wireless funfair crane on the
stand will be picking up soft toys. As well
as being wireless, you don't have to put
any money in so you can have as many
goes as you like. Apart from being a bit of
requirements of control category EN
9541. This means it can be used for safety
stop controls on machinery and 3-phase
enabling switches.
When a machine is being upgraded or a new machine produced, there
are cost savings to be made by
eliminating cables and other mechanical
transmission devices such as slip rings.
Check it out you might win a bear!!
Fo r Fu r t h e r I n fo r m a t i o n e n t e r
One-stop-shop fabricator
Engineering has its roots in the
manufacture of steel fabrications for the
industrial battery market. To this end it
has all the resources in-house starting
from 3D CAD design to a range of metal
finishing processes. To produce profile
shapes from plate, there is high definition
plasma cutting capability that can handle
4 by 2m plate up to 20mm thick.
Larger plates up to 100mm thick
can be cut with conventional plasma.
Plates can be formed using roll formers
and CNC press brakes. Coded welders
are on hand for MIG and TIG welding of
both mild steel and stainless steel. Not
surprisingly with its battery industry
background, finishing services that can be
drawn on include shot blasting, corrosion
resistant coatings and plastic lining as
well as standard and textured finish
conventional spraying.
The company also offers a mobile,
onsite welding service using its fully
certified welding engineers. This means
that the mobile units can undertake
emergency safety critical repairs. The
company is accredited to ISO 9001 quality
Fo r Fu r t h e r I n fo r m a t i o n e n t e r
Keeping up to date is not an option
For manufacturing industry, the pace of today’s fast-moving technology means that keeping up to date is not
an option; it’s an absolute necessity. The best opportunity to do just that in 2007 is right on your own doorstep
at the Technical Seminar that runs alongside the show.
The seminar comprises 11 one hour long, individually bookable sessions. Topics are carefully selected to
address the most pressing concerns that industry must focus on to achieve global competitiveness. They cover
technical issues such as rapid prototyping. This technology is progressing in leaps and bounds. Where will it
go in the future? Here’s a chance to find out.
Other presentations cover legal obligations such as CE Marking and WEEE regulations, the latter cover
amongst other things the disposal of electronic products. These regulations are no longer in the future. They
are operative here and now. Get it wrong and you could be facing punitive fines.
Yet other presentations concentrate on improving performance in the marketplace. For example, would
you like to identify new export markets? Or, how would you like to grab a share of a £15 billion, yes billion,
market in the UK? This is the MoD. It’s not all Eurofighter and Trident. The MoD buys machine tools, fencing,
packaging, logistics, even dog kennels. The secret is, knowing what’s wanted and where it’s wanted. Anyone
can find out at the seminar session.
Looking to improve productivity? Lean Manufacturing techniques can demonstrate dramatic results 30%
plus improvements are not unusual. Similarly Six Sigma is transforming even small companies.
No one would suggest that an hour long seminar will resolve all your problems, but if it points you in the
right direction towards achieving your goal then it’s got to be time well spent. All the sessions are free, but
places are limited and allocated on a first-come, first served basis. So the advice is simple; book early by
calling 01784 880 890, completing and returning the coupon on the back page or visiting the website
Wednesday 9th May
SESSION 1 “Rapid Manufacturing in the future”
Looking at the development of Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling
Technologies and their impact on manufacturing in the future.
Graham Tromans, Rapid Manufacturing Research Group,
Loughborough University.
“CE Marking – A legal requirement or just more red tape?”
Nearly all products must conform to CE Marking Legislation, if
manufactured or sold within the EU. Ignorance of the law is NOT an
excuse. The seminar will demonstrate how to prove compliance,
removing the fear and ignorance at minimum cost.
Mike Foster, CE Marking Association.
SESSION 3 12.00pm
“Continuous Improvement - How it can impact
your company”
Learn about the skills needed to support change and improvement, how
the multi-national approach can be transposed to smaller organisations
and the success and failure factors for sustainable improvement.
John Grieves, Continuous Improvement Services.
Thursday 10th May
SESSION 4 1.15pm
“Six Sigma - An innovative approach for both large
and small companies”
Why Six Sigma is the next generation approach for Process Improvement
across your company. Can it be adopted by SMEs? How does it differ
from other techniques?
Brian Butler, Operations Director, Accelerate Ltd.
SESSION 5 2.30pm
“Lean Manufacturing - delivering Maximum Benefits for
your company”
Find out how the implementation of Lean Manufacturing techniques can
deliver rapid, sustainable, bottom line benefits to all types of company,
whatever the size.
Carl Tomlinson, MAS North West.
SESSION 6 3.30pm
“How to succeed at exporting and identifying new markets”
Key steps to take, how to avoid pitfalls, identifying opportunities for your
product and an overview of support available.
North West International Trade Team, UKTI.
The other string to
the bow is the design,
build and on-site installation of integrated systems. These can be a
one off such as a test
fixture for London
Underground. This was
required to fatigue test
escalator steps at 20 Hz
unusual project was a rig to test the recoil
of a 155mm UFH or Ultra lightweight
Field Howitzer. On-site installation
projects have been completed as far a
field as China, Iceland. Belgium and
For machine builders, once
completed, a design can be supplied in
line with production demands, as a
packaged kit of parts right down to the
last pipefitting. With such an embracive
service, whatever you are looking for in
automation or power systems, it’s likely
you’ll find it on the Hyquip stand.
Fo r Fu r t h e r I n fo r m a t i o n e n t e r
SESSION 10 “Selling to the Ministry of Defence”
How embracing Lean Thinking can increase your competitiveness, reduce
waste, shorten lead times, reduce inventory and add real value for your
The MoD spends £15billion on goods and services annually. This seminar
gives a unique insight into their purchasing process and offers valuable
advice on how to sell to the MoD.
Stuart Mitton, MAS North West.
Defence Suppliers Service.
SESSION 8 10.45am
“Winning with Six Sigma - An innovative approach for both
large and small companies”
SESSION 11 2.30pm
“Implications on design & manufacture of WEEE
and RoHS legislation”
Why Six Sigma is the next generation approach for Process Improvement
across your company. Case studies from Food & Drink and Processing
WEEE regulations are now a reality! Some deadlines have already passed
and, in less than two months, the regulations will be fully implemented.
This session is your chance to be updated on the legislation, ask
questions and make sure you are operating legally.
Paul Glossop, MAS North West.
SESSION 9 “Succeeding at New Product Development”
Leigh Holloway, Envirowise.
With an estimated 96% of new products failing, it is a business
imperative that you sort 'winners' from 'losers' at an early stage.
Techniques for new product development and strategy and branding
Mark Stone, MAS North West.
Correct as at 17 04 07
Automation – the building blocks
25% growth a year and
still growing
Any company that’s has
hit an annual growth rate
of 25% over the last
couple of years must be
doing something right. A
couple of factors contribute to the success of
Hyquip, a company that
supplies hydraulic and
pneumatic equipment.
First, it is a distributor for
some of the most respected names in the
industry. Its portfolio includes such
household names as Rexroth, Hilma,
Roemheld and Hydac,
Second it supplies a wide range of
industries. These range from nuclear to
petro-chemical, machine builders to
utilities. Again, there is diversity in the
type of service. At this point in time it
splits about 50/50 between ‘shipping
boxes’ and design and build of integrated
systems. To successfully ‘ship boxes’
demands investment in significant stock
levels coupled with a next day delivery
SESSION 7 “Lean Tools and Techniques”
A soundbite from the Thatcher era that
lodged in the collective memory of
manufacturers is “Automate or
Liquidate”. It did so because it precisely
encapsulated the stark options that face
companies in the competitive global
Hopefully most embrace the first
option, which means a visit to the
Automation Supplies stand is in order.
On show will be a selection from a wide
range of modular automation equipment,
which enables the user to design and
construct assembly machines and
automated handling lines.
Valuframe is a system of
aluminium extruded sections, which can
be used to construct machine elements.
These can range from a single
workstation to a multi-station line linked
by a conveying system. Conveyor belt
widths from 30 mm to 1.5m can be
In addition, corner units and
elevating systems can thread the line
through the constraints of an existing
building or production facility. Also part of
the portfolio is the myriad of minor
components such as door latches, hinges,
levelling feet, and connectors that are
needed to complete a line
Fo r Fu r t h e r I n fo r m a t i o n e n t e r
Maintenance software for SME's
Tb be seen in action on the Xetec stand
will be MicroMaint a maintenance
software package costing under £700. It
is claimed to be the sort of software
investment that recoups its costs in a
matter of weeks by helping keep a
process plant at the peak of operating
efficiency by minimising any downtime.
Easy software navigation and simple
menus are the key to its simplicity.
Intuitive operation enables any
maintenance engineer, working on his
own, to have the system up and running in
under two days. The first step is to create
an asset tree structure using a cut, copy
and paste facility. Each asset is located
geographically and is quickly found using
a simplified search routine.
A simple menu offers fast access to
all program areas that may be required to
maintain and manage typical small to
medium sized maintenance operations.
Within the system will be found a
complete asset register, planned
maintenance schedules, works orders,
spare parts stock management and
details of appropriate suppliers and
geographic reporting. All data can be
imported and modules are available for
working on the web.
Fo r Fu r t h e r I n fo r m a t i o n e n t e r
Stand No.
Will be Showing
Abrasives For Industry Ltd
Abrasive Products - Specialising in Metalworking
Abtest Limited
Environmental Testing, ATE Equipment/Calibration
Alliance Design & Manufacture Ltd Toolmaking for Plastic Injection Moulding Industries
AM Technical Services
Plastic Injection Moulding
AMF Andreas Maier GmbH & Co KG Mechanical, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Clamping & Fixture Systems
Ansmann Energy (UK) Limited
Batteries, Chargers, Power Supplies & Mobile Lights
Applied Coating Technologies
Coatings For Plastic & Metal Components
Solutions for Embedded, Communication & Control Technology
Assembly Solutions Ltd
Cable Assemblies/Wire Harnesses/Electronic Coils
Associated Spring SPEC
Springs, Clips, Washers, Pins, Mechanical & Gas Struts
Automated Packaging Systems
Bagging Machinery
Automation Direct
Automation and Industrial Control Products
Automation Supplies Ltd
Modular Assembly/Conveyor Systems
Autoy Ltd
Subcontract Precision Engineers
B&M Longworth (Edgworth) Ltd
Chemical and Thermal Processing
Bespoke Machines Ltd
Special Purpose Industrial Machines & Equipment
Cleaning Solutions
Bolton Council
Bolton Business Support
Bott Ltd
Heavy Duty Workshop & Storage Equipment
The Bradley Group
Bespoke Precision Engineered Products
Bradshaw Industrial & Welding ServicesWelding Equipment & Accessories-Sales,Service,Repair,Calibration
Brady Corporation Ltd
Identification Products, Labels, Signs, Printers
Carr Lane
Standard/Tooling Components
SolidWorks CAD Solutions
Clean Air Group
Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Engineers
Conception Marketing Ltd
Strategic Marketing Consultancy
Rapid Prototyping & Tooling Services
Dawson Precision Components Ltd Precision Subcontract Machining
DBO Services Ltd
RightStock« Inventory Forecasting & Replenishment Software
Diametric Technical Ltd
Industrial Nameplates & Labelling Products
Diamond Point International
Embedded Computer Products
DSG-Canusa GmbH & Co KG
Heat Shrink Solutions for Industrial Applications
Laser Marking Systems
Hydraulic Components & Tools-High Force Applications
Free Independent Environmental Advice
ETES - Regional Sales Office
Exhibition Organisers
Faro UK
Portable 3D Measurement Solutions & Systems
Finishing Techniques Ltd
Deburring & Polishing Solutions
Focus CNC Ltd
CNC Milling & Turning
Functional Safety Engineering Ltd Machinery Safety & Control Products
Stand No.
FWB Products Ltd
Goodfellow Cambridge Ltd
GSM Graphic Arts Ltd
Hexagon Metrology
HPC Gears Ltd
Hurco Europe Ltd
Hydac Ltd
Hyquip Ltd
Inditherm Plc
Industrial Tooling Corporation Ltd
Ingersoll Rand
Kabelschlepp Metool
Laser Process Ltd
LC Automation Ltd
Macdermid PLC
Machinery Market
Machinery Safety Solutions
Maledon Ltd
Manufacturing Technology - Ireland
Metool Products Limited
MHH Engineering Co Ltd
Middle Carr Consultants Ltd
Midlands Manufacturing Exhibition
Mil-Tek Express
Network China Ltd
North West Manufacturing Exhibition
Northern Industrial Electronics
Northern Manufacturing Exhibition
Organisers Office
Panasonic Electric Works UK Ltd
Particle Technology Ltd
Plastic Parts Centre
Pneumatic Services Ltd
Pneumax Ltd
Polish Embassy-Trade Promotion Dept
Will be Showing
Engineering & Safety Products - Distributor
Metals & Materials for Research, Development & Manufacturing
Industrial Labels & Nameplates
Co-Ordinate Measuring Equipment
Double Acting Air/Oil Intensifiers
Gear Transmission Products
Manufacturing Software & Related Services
CNC Machining Centres & Lathes - Sales/Service
Hydraulic Engineers
Production, Automation, Workholding, Hydraulics
Multipole Connectors, Plugs & Socket Outlets
Low Voltage Heating for Process Control/Storage Applications
Prec Cutting Tools - Manufacturer, Reconditioner, Modification & Distribution
Air Compressors and solutions for your specific industry or application.
Flexible Cable & Hose Handling Systems
Laser Cutting & Marking
Motion Control, Automation & Machinery Safety Product Distribution
Speciality Chemicals
Trade Publication - Engineering & Manufacturing
CE Marking, Risk Assessment, Electrical Safety Product Solutions
Fabrication Engineers - Services/Solutions
Organisers Office/Sales Stand
Flexible Cable & Hose Handling Systems
Torque Wrenches, Screwdrivers & Calibration Equipment
Sourcing & Out Sourcing Solutions
Organisers Office/Sales Stand
Waste Management, Baling
Oil Intensifiers
Subcontract Manufacturing Services in China
Organisers Office/Sales Stand
Industrial Electronic & Automation Repair & Design
Organisers Office/Sales Stand
Exhibition Organisers
Factory Automation Products
Cleanliness Equipment & Services, Particle Sizing Analysers/Test Dusts
Plastic Protection & Finishing Parts
Compressed Air Equipment/Servicing
Pneumatic Control Equipment
Promotion of Trade & Investments with Poland
Stand No.
Will be Showing
Preactor International
Production Planning & Scheduling Software
Press Office
Press Office
Proetch Services Ltd
Metal Components
Profil UK Ltd
Mechanically Attached Fasteners & Installation Equipment
PW Circuits Ltd
Manufacturer of Printed Circuit Boards
Ram Power Ltd
Specialist Hydraulic Manufacturers & Designers
Rexroth Bosch
Industrial Hydraulic Products
Rewinds & J Windsor & Sons Ltd
Electrical, Mechanical & Electronic Engineers
Roemheld UK Ltd
Innovative Solutions for Workholding
Rosler UK
Surface Finishing Techniques, Shot Blasting, Vibratory Finishing
Rubbertech 2000 Ltd
Silicone Keypads, Gaskets, Seals & Protective Mouldings
Scaglia Indeva Ltd
Electronic/Pneumatic Manipulators
Schmersal Ltd
Machine Safety Components Manufacturer
Seaborne Plastics
Thermoform Plastics
Seminar Theatre/Registration
Free Seminars/Registration Desk
Labels, Tags & Electronic Printers
Solutions 2 Enterprise Ltd
Computer Aided Design & Manufacture Software & Services
Southern Electronics Exhibition
Organisers/Sales/Press Office
Southern Manufacturing Exhibition Organisers Office/Sales Stand
Specialised Polymer Engineering Ltd Polymer Products - Design & Manufacture
Springmasters Ltd
Spring & Wireform Manufacturers
St Davids Assemblies Ltd
Pressings, Mouldings & Assemblies
Star Tubes Ltd
Tube Stockholders/Lasertube Processors
Steel Service Centre Ltd
Subcontract Laser Cutting
Health & Safety Consultants
Tapeswitch Ltd
Safety Mats, Sensing Edges, Ribbon Switches, Panic Strips
Telesis Eagle
Marking Equipment
Telsonic UK Ltd
Ultrasonic Equipment-Manufacture & Supply
TeslaTest Systems
Temperature & Humidity Test Chambers
The Manufacturing Institute & MAS NW Productivity & Skills Improvement Support
The University Of Liverpool
World Class Research, Knowledge & Expertise
Velden Engineering UK Ltd
Sub-Contract Engineering Service
Vesterbro Of Denmark
Product decoration, Nameplates, Badges & Labels
Vision Engineering
Optical Inspection, QC & Non Contact Measuring Systems
Xetec Ltd
Computerised Maintenance Management Software (CMMS)
Yamazaki Mazak UK Ltd
Machine Tools & Manufacturing Systems
YTS Manufacturing Ltd
Subcontract Component/Machine Tool Mfrs
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