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 How to Speak Gooder
Speak Gooder
An Interactive Program That Puts YOU
and Your Message in the Spotlight
If panic races through your head and heart when you have a presentation to give,
then this is the program for you! Created specifically for employees and
entrepreneurs who must deliver presentations to managers, donors, clients,
colleagues, or stakeholders, this hands-on training arms you with the firepower to
Half-­‐Day Workshop OR Keynote Key Takeaways
Book this program today and discover step-by-step how to:
1.  Outline your talk so you can stop procrastinating now!
Start a speech the right way… and the one technique that always fails
Vary your pace, pitch, pause, and volume and keep your audience engaged
Craft a dynamic close that ends on a high note
Add “fun factors” and “cool quotients” to your talk
Inject the 15 new rules of speaking for today’s ADD world
7.  Incorporate an interactive component so you talk with your audience vs. at
your audience
8.  Present using a “deck” or handout that supports (not replaces) you!
9.  Refine stories, examples, and case studies that maximize interest and recall
10.  Effective handle Q&A without embarrassing you or your audience
Ideal for Employees and Entrepreneurs
The higher you climb inside of an organization, the greater the demand for better
speaking. And, if you are an entrepreneur, you ARE the face of the biz. Clear,
concise speaking is of the essence.
NOTE: This program available as a half-day, full-day or 2-day seminar
Branding Expert Delivering Insight, Creativity, Results and Fun too!
Liz Goodgold is a branding guru, speaker, author, coach, and consultant. This fiery
redhead is the author of 3 books: How to Speak Gooder, Red Fire Branding, and
DUH! Marketing. She is a monthly contributor to the Dubai-based Brand Knew
magazine, San Diego North County Woman, and was also the branding columnist
for Entrepreneur magazine reaching over 1.1 million readers each month. You can
also see her on the TV series Hollywood Scandals dishing the dirt on celebrity
Liz has worked for such major clients as Quaker Oats, Times Mirror, and Arco Oil as
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