How to port forward on a D-Link 704P Cable/DSL Residential...

How to port forward on a D-Link 704P Cable/DSL Residential Gateway
Step 1.
Log into the D-Link router by typing the Default Gateway into Internet Explorer. It should be:
Step 2.
It should bring you to a login
prompt that asks for a user name
and password. Enter your password
and press “Log in.” The factor y
password is blank by default.
Step 3.
After you have logged in, you
should see the “Device Information
Page.” Now click on the
“Advanced” tab.
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Step 4.
This is where you enter the port
number you wish to forward. In
our example, we are forwarding
port 443 to an internal IP address of After you have entered the correct port and IP address, check the ‘Enable” button.
Note: If your router doesn’t automatically go to the “Virtual Server”
page, click the link at the bottom of
the page.
Step 6.
Scroll down to the bottom of the
page and click “Save.”
Step 7.
After you have saved your changes,
a box like this will appear. Click
“OK” to reboot the router.
Note: You will lose internet connectivity during the reboot process.
Step 8.
While the router is booting, you
should see this message.
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Step 9.
After the router restarts, it should
display the “Device Information
Page.” Click the “Log out” button.
Step 10.
Now, go to the PC that is running
the NetworkStreaming Listener.
Right-click the NetworkStreaming
tray icon and click “Test Listener.”
If everything is configured properly, you should see a screen that
looks something like this. This indicates that the port is open and the
listener is detected. You’re done!
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