CENN will host a five day international workshop on ‘Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Contemporary Practices and
Watershed Management’ in Georgia in mid- July. This workshop will focus on educational component of risk reduction
aimed efforts, as well as deliver skills on community mobilization and awareness raising.
The meeting aims to bring together community representatives from the Black Sea and Caspian Sea regions to discuss
Disaster Risk Reduction issues, related environmental
challenges and community involvement. The goal of this
How to Apply
workshop is to teach the international group of participants to
If you would like participate at the event,
streamline their activities towards education and awareness
please fill out attached application form and
raising with a view to mitigate disaster risks.
send it to: [email protected] no later than May
CENN welcomes applicants from associations and community10, 2014. Further details can also be obtained
by sending questions to [email protected]
based representatives from countries within the Black Sea and
Caspian Sea regions to bring visions from different
Only limited number of participants will be
perspectives and participate in a discussion on Disaster Risk
Reduction and Watershed Management issues. The meeting
accommodation will be organized and covered
will provide an opportunity to learn more about international
by CENN. All interested are encouraged to
practices in preventing and mitigating the risks. Attendees
apply early as preference will be given to early
will also acquire the skills to communicate and negotiate with
various stakeholders and advocate for improvements. The
participants of the workshop will also be introduced to CENN
About Us
activities, results, success stories and given the skills to
replicate successful projects in their own countries.
CENN - Caucasus Environmental NGO Network
- is a non-governmental, regional organization
CENN has been developing and initiating participatory
established in 1998 and specialized in the
approaches to Disaster Risk Reduction and Watershed
fields of civil society building and institutional
management since 2004. In 2012, CENN, together with Twente
strengthening, environmental research and
University (Netherlands), used its experience to develop the
policy, resources management, compliance
first Atlas and web-portal of Natural Hazards & Risks of
management and communication and
Georgia. These online and paper resources combine
sustainable development.
information about natural hazards, entities under threat (e.g.
Since its establishment, CENN has worked at
buildings, population, GDP, etc.), types of vulnerabilities
the local, national and regional levels in the
(physical, social, ecological, economic) and natural risks to
Caucasus region. CENN believes in cooperation
Georgia’s territory.
in the context of environmental issues. For
more information about our work, visit our
website at www.cenn.org.
We look forward to receiving your application!