Gary, Loren "Becoming a resonant leader - how to hone

Gary, Loren "Becoming a resonant leader - how to hone
your ability to handle the emotional turbulence that comes with
adaptive change", Harvard Business Review, July 2002, pp. 4-5
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to manageyour transparency
so that a different level of discussionand "Whenever a company facesa shock,
peoplecan seewho you really are,as disciosure" about the workings of how the leadershiphandlesits own
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fragility raisedpeople'sexpectations, determine 507o to 707o of the workthey'vealsoheightened
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a Resonant
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Suish€sthe stars in top leadership who you are or who you wani to be,
positionsftom lowlevel performers. or both." This processinvolves five
Wlat Golernanand coauthorsRichard
I U,,,"oupn,,,,. your ideal selfBoyatzis and Annie McKee call
who you wan!to be.
resonantleaderyhip-the ability to
articulate a group's sharedyet unex- 2 Frcunrxe our who you actually
are and whereyout strengthsand
Fessed feelings and to give voice to a
missionthat inspiresothers--is a fijnction of foul basicEI competencies:
3 Cnrotrnc a learningagendafor
building on your strengthswhile
r SELF-AwARENEss-theability to
nling in thegaps.
readyour own emotionsand accu
yout personality.
4 Et"r*rt tpLtr*c rith andpracticingnewbehaviors,
. SELr-MANAGEMENT-theability
to keep disruptiveemotionsunder
conlrol and to be trustwor6y, flexi- 5 Drn"roprn"
supportive and
trusting relationshipsthat make
r SocrAL AwaRENDss-the ability
to empathizewith others'concems,
cient truston a leadershipream,genderdiversitycanboosttheteam'sabil
ity to manageits own emotionsand
respondto thoseof othersin the unit,
A caveat
"When you're mobilizing people to
engagein anykind of straregy.
reallyaskingthemto sift throughwhal
they re not going to do," saysHeifetz.
If your heartis closed,he and coauthor Marty Linsky writeinLeade6hip
on the Line-|f yo]ulack the compassion.childlikeinnocence,andcudosity tha!enableyou "tolistenwith open
ears,andto embracenew anddisturbing ideas"-then you "cannorfathom
tllosestakes,or the lossespeople
will haveto sustainas they conserve
what s most preciousand learn how
andthe glassceiling 10 thrive in the new environment."
up, even An open hearl helpsyou lead people
the ability to inspire, persuade,and emotionally intelligent leaderscan and organizationsmore effectively
fall prey to a kind of bunkermentality. throughchangeand loss.Bur it also
The leadershipteam "star$ talking makes you more vulnerable to the
The problem is, the higher up in more to itself thanto fiontline workers resistance
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EI skills. "So why don't more top agementconsultingfirm Bain & Co. "We tendto put a smiteyface
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accurate "Disagreementbecomesviewed as ership and talk abour it in terms 01'
feedback?"Golemanand his coau- disloyalty." One way to counteract inspiration, vision, and crealivity,',
thors ask. "It's often becausethey this tendencytoward groupthink is saysHeifetz."It is all thosethings.
lruly believethat rhey can't change." to make sure your ieadershipteam it's alsohard,painful,anddangerous.
Yet tlrcre is compelling evidence that comprisesdiversestylesandperspec- 'Stayingin thegame,'learning
how to
insistingon gender sustainyourself,is thereforeone of
andethnicdiversilyis the only way to the essentialtasksof leadership.".t
Most training programsthat seekro ensurethat a team considersa wide
developEI and leade6hip skiils fail rangeof optionsandopinions.
Loten Gary.on be rcd.her) at
becausethey target the neocortex,the
part of the brain that governs analyti- "The most impoftant thing now is to
cai and technicalability, ratherthan avoid all-male leadershipcultures,"
the limbic system,which controls saysKim Campbell.Researchon EI
feelings,impulses,and desires.The and gendershows that women tend
Prindl Leadeahip: Realizingthe
limbic brain "is a much slower to have strongerempathyand relaPowet of Enotional tnteligen e
learner-particularly when the chal- tionship skills than men do. "These
by Oani€l6oleman,
lenge is to releam deeply ingrained strengthsof women'sleadershipare
Ri.had BoyatzirandAnnieM.Kee
habits,"write Golemanet a]. But notsomuchinnateaspects
Hdwd Bsias nhoolPrcs. 2002
of femininwhen "the righr model is used, train- ity astheyaretheresultof disempowLeadqthip on the Line:Stoying Ative
ing can actually alter the brain centers erment," says Campbell.Women
thtough the Dongets of Lezding
by Ronad A.Heiletzand MarryLirsky
that regulate negative and positive developedthem as meansof survival
HafladBsha5l{hoolPrcs. 2002
emotions,"creatinglong-term EI in male-dominated
cultures,Men can,
skill improvements.The key is selt
of course,exhibittheseskillstoo,just
di rected lcami n& " i^tenttonally devel- as women can demonstratetoughness
oping or stlengtlleningan aspectof and decisiveness.When there's suffi
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