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Mark Humphries - IPL
Calin Nitu - Nokia
Paul Bouvier - Capgemini
Julian Schwarzenbach
James Cotton - Informa
Paul Gysemans - Belgacom
Henrik Liliendahl Sorensen
Steffie Defreyne - GS1
Mark Humphries - Essent
Kris Vranken - Stratics
Luc Verbist - De Persgroep
Keynote: Dr. Paul Harts
Networking reception
Mark Humphries
How to Apply Process Improvement to Data Quality Problems
In this presentation, Mark Humphries provides an explanation of how he has been able to
successfully combine data quality and process improvement techniques to create a more
comprehensive transformation process for organisations.
Mark presents the different stages of Kaisen improvement and provides an insightful look at the
different mind-sets and perceptions of 'process people' when compared to 'data people'.
Calin Nitu – HERE, a Nokia business
Quality in creation and maintenance of Geographic Data
This presentation focuses on the study of characteristics of digital geographical data and the
influence of these characteristics on the quality of map usage and decision-making processes.
Characteristics of digital geographical data are mainly described from the point of view of their
technical parameters and keeping the technological indicators while obtaining or maintaining
them. Technical characteristics of data are evaluated mainly by the level of accomplishment of
qualitative indicators, e.g. meeting all requirements of horizontal and vertical mean square error,
or by completeness of filling of all expected information.
Paul Bouvier – Capgemini
Un nouveau paradigme du BI et de la qualité des données avec un vrai ROI mesurable
Pendant sa présentation, Paul nous parlera des problèmes du BI et de la qualité des données qui
ne sont pas résolus depuis 15 ans. Il présente un nouveau paradigme nécessaire en terme de:
Gouvernance, méthode, architecture, Equipe, processus et outil dédiés à l’AFD (Administration
Fonctionnelle des Données) et finalement il nous présente les éléments concrets de ROI à
attendre du nouveau paradigme.
James Cotton - Information Builders
Informa client case
Informa is one of the world’s leading knowledge providers to individuals, businesses and
organisations, with 7,000 employees working in some 150 offices in 40 countries.
In 2010 Informa introduced a Global Marketing System – Infront, an Informa Group Marketing
Technology solution to help drive their business value and growth. Infront is a purpose designed
web-based system running throughout their offices around the world, which is being used by 40
Infront supports Informa’s commercial and operational tasks and is used to manage product
information for marketing, CRM related activities and customer data, promotions, incoming
responses, sales, outbound email marketing campaigns, Integration of forms on our websites,
Social listening and Response management, Data Quality, Data protection rules and Marketing
Data has been migrated from over 100 legacy systems into a single database and as a result we
identified many issues surrounding our customer data including poor data quality and duplication
of Organisation and Person records.
For the past 18 months Informa has worked to improve their Customer Data for Organisations
and Academic Institutions and for Business and Academic Individuals. Allowing businesses to
keep their ‘unique’ records based on their Regional/Country specific requirements, whilst
providing a single view of the Customer.
Julian Schwarzenbach
The Data Zoo – How people can improve data quality
People can be both your best resource both for improving data quality and for the utilisation of
data, but they can also be your biggest cause of data quality issues.
This presentation is based upon The Data Zoo - a unique concept that illustrates how user
behaviours influence data quality both individually and as part of a wider organisation. Gaining a
greater understanding of how people behave towards data and what influences these behaviours
will enable you to use a number of pragmatic approaches that help to improve how data is used
within your organisation.
Paul Gysemans – Belgacom
Information quality within Belgacom
During the presentation Paul will briefly present the company BELGACOM and situate the
"Information Quality Team" in the enterprise. The mission, vision, roles and responsibilities of the
team will be clarified. During the exposition a focus will be put on the covered domains, the
several methodologies applied to guarantee producing reliable and useful audits, scorecards, and
the used tool set. In addition the different actions like cleansing and root cause analysis, which
arise out of the scorecards, are discussed. At the end the lessons learned are highlighted.
Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen
Big Data Quality
Big data has been a buzzing term for some time and there is no doubt about that big data will
present a lot of opportunities for enterprises in the future. In that quest we must address the
quality of big data as well as the quality of small data, not at least master data, will be even more
important than before. Learn about the exciting perspectives for data quality and master data
management in light of the rise of big data, including:
The links between sensor data, social data and master data
The challenges and opportunities for data quality in social master data management
How data quality improvement and prevention will evolve in bringing in big external
reference data
Mark Humphries - Essent
Data Quality delivered, the Essent case
Essent has been investing in data quality for years. Mark Humphries, architect of the Essent data
quality approach, will be showing us how the did it and give us some insights about the results.
Steffie Defreyne – GS1
GS1 Standards and Data Quality: the perfect match!
During her presentation, Steffie will link GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg, it’s standards, services and
solutions to data quality topics and illustrate how the global GS1 standards and local
implementations can increase a companies’ data quality and efficiency, reduce its costs and
improve the relationship with its (online) consumers.
Kris Vranken – Stratics
Improve data quality through customer touch points
Trigger based marketing & customer analytics will continue to be a hot topic over the coming
years. Keeping in mind that this is highly correlated with data and most important the quality of it.
This presentation will give recommendations and examples how to increase the quality of
customer data through customer touch points and thereby even increase customer experience.
Luc Verbist - De Persgroep - CIO of the year
Big data, big opportunities?
De Persgroep has over 2,5 Mio unique visitors on its websites and mobile apps every day and is
serving 120 Mio webpages per day. The analysis of the logdata of these visits combined with the
data generated by the operational applications could reveal valuable information for the business
driving innovation and product development. De Persgroep started a project early 2013 to find
out the relevance for the business of the statistical exploration of this huge amount of data.
During the presentation Luc Verbist will explain the project approach, the results, the lessons
learned and business opportunities resulting from the information gathered during the project.
Dr. Paul Harts