UGS Technical Tips & News

UGS Technical Tips & News
Welcome to the UGS Technical Tips and News, this is a channel for UGS technical support team
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Date: 25 November 2005
I-deas Tips
1. How to Run DMADMIN in batch mode?
Here is a simple example of running dmadmin in batch mode.
Create a text file containing the dmadmin commands you want to execute.
Here is a listing of a file called "input.dat" that will create a simple project list:
Then run dmadmin as follows:
D:\working>d:\ideas8\bin\dmadmin -b input.dat
[everything below is what gets echoed to the window after the command is entered]
At this point you will have a file in your working directory called "outout.dat" that
contains a project list.
UG NX Tips
2. How do I export/import Customer Default settings in NX3?
Is there a utility or method in NX3 that could be used to Export all Customer
Default settings and then Import them into UG NX3 for another user?
(1) Go into File-> Utilities-> Customer Defaults
(2) Select the 'eyeball'
(3) This is a list of all the defaults that have been changed
(4) Highlight all of the changed settings
(5) Click on the Export button, (you can export ALL settings or just CHANGED
settings) and save the file as a *.DPV file
(6) Move this file to the workstation you want to update.
(7) Go into File-> Utilities-> Customer Defaults
(8) Select the 'eyeball'
(9) Click on the IMPORT button
3.How to measure distance continuely in NX3?
Supposing we have completed on measurement for distance between A# and B#,we
will continue to measure that of C# and D#.Don’t click Ok or Cancel to keep toolbar
Click button Point or Object 1 on measurement toolbar,then on geometry C#.At this
time,feedback from screen show result between C# and B# because object for Point or
Object 2 is still B#.Ignore it.
Next click button Point or Object 2 on toolbar and select object D#.It will show distance
between C# and D# in graphics window,which is exactly what we want.
Besides we can also change other settings,such as distance type.
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