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2A- Camden News - Thursday, September 29, 2011
Many financially strapped Americans
are selling their gold for fast cash.
Before you answer a TV ad
or sell your gold online,
visit Bank's Jewelers
in Downtown Camden.
Television and online
buyers of gold may not
be reputable, advises the
Better Business Bureau.
As cash-strapped
consumers sell their
gold to pay for everyday necessities, complaints against gold
dealers have risen.
The biggest offenders,
according to
a recent tally on
the Better Business
Bureau's Web site,, are companies advertising heavily to buy unwanted
gold jewelry on cable
television channels,
according to the Web
range from pricing
discrepancies and
misleading advertising to customer
service issues and
claims for lost shipments.
Photo by Mary Brown
Gold for cash at Banks Jewelers
Kiandra Nipp, left, receives cash for her unwanted gold from Randy Stuart, owner of Banks
Jewelers in downtown Camden. Stuart is also a certified gemologist and member of the
Independent Jewelers Organization.
With gold at an all-time
high, almost everyone,
regardless of their occupation or financial standing, is selling their old
It seems everyone is
buying gold now, from
pawn shops, jewelry
stores and even ads on
television that want you
to mail your gold in to
Before answering a television ad, consider Banks
Randy Stuart, owner of
Banks Jewelers in downtown Camden, says that
his store guarantees customers that they “will
pay more than anyone
in the state. We can do
this because of three very
simple reasons:
• We also have jewelry stores in Arkadelphia
and Hope. We do custom
work at all three stores
and need the gold for
casting. Instead of simply re-selling the gold
for profit, we use it to
make new jewelry, which
allows us to pay more ...
sometimes much more ...
than other places.
• We are very competitive and take pride
in helping our customers get the absolute most
money for their gold.
• Trust - We have been
in business for 30 years
and plan on being here
for many more years to
come. Why deal with a
mail order location or a
‘fly-by-night’ place that
blows into town one day
and out the next?”
Stuart said he has actually had several customers change their minds
about dealing with other
companies. He said they
“wanted to think about
the offer I made them
and, in the meantime,
got excited about the
Cash4Gold ads on TV
and sent their gold in.
“In every case, the customer came back in to tell
me they got less than half
of what I had offered.”
He said many people
see the price of gold on
TV and think they can
actually get that price for
their gold.
“What most people do
not realize is that gold
price is for pure, 24-karat
gold,” Stuart explained.
“Most gold chains and
rings are either 10-karat
or 14-karat gold, so there
isn’t as much gold content.
We analyze your gold,
separate it by karatage,
weigh it and make you an
offer on the spot.”
In reference to investing in gold, Stuart states:
“Many investors are
looking to buy gold,
thinking that prices will
climb higher or, at the
very least, remain more
stable than the stock market and earn more than
the current CD rates.
Yes, we have also been
selling gold. We recommend the one-ounce
American gold eagle coin
for investment. It is pure
and there is always a market for it.”
Stuart added that many
people are adding gold
and silver to their investment portfolios as a form
of insurance because
they have lost some confidence in other forms of
Camden News - Thursday, September 29, 2011 - 3A
Bring in your old, tired, broken, or out of date gold jewelry and trade in for
beautiful new diamond jewelry or watches
We pay more cash for your unwanted, worn, and broken gold than anyone in this area.
To Your Hometown Jeweler
108 Washington • Camden, Arkansas • (870) 836-5043 •
4A- Camden News - Thursday, September 29, 2011
An auto service
department should be
convenient and have
qualified and
courteous personnel
Whether you drive a sporty
SUV or a fuel-efficient car, one
of the most important decisions
consumers make is where to
have their vehicle serviced.
Maintenance helps prolong the
vehicle’s life, as well as prevents
“It’s important to properly maintain and service your
vehicle fore several different
reasons,” said Rusty Johnson,
parts and service coordinator
at Jim Golden Ford-LincolnMercury. “It keeps the value of
your vehicle up, saves you from
inconvenient breakdowns and
helps prevent expensive, major
“When looking for an automotive service department to care
for your vehicle, it should be
convenient, have qualified personnel and treat you in a courteous manner.”
The following is a list of tips
for before, during, and after an
appointment to assist consumers in their search when looking for an automotive service
• Read through the owner’s
manual. It has maintenance
schedules, which tells you the
time and mileage intervals for
• Visit a service department for
maintenance items, oil changes
or small repairs to see how you
require the customer to participate in a road test.
A road test allows the customer to point out the exact problem and allows the technician
to get a better understanding of
the situation.
• Some problems may be characteristic of certain vehicles.
The customer may need to
ride in a vehicle similar to theirs
at the dealership and compare.
• You should be treated courteously. Satisfying the customer
is the first priority.
Photo by Mary Brown
Service maintenance
Chris Ruddell, master certified technician at Jim Golden Ford-Lincoln-Mercury,
uses up-to-date technology to service a vehicle at the dealership's customer
service center.
like their service.
• Talk to others and get recommendations.
• Ask questions to see if that
service department provides
what you need.
For the appointment:
• Call ahead of time when possible for an appointment.
Most service departments
understand you can’t always
make an appointment.
• Taking your car to the shop
is almost like going to a physician.
The technicians need to know
as much information as possible.
Being able to describe the
“symptoms” - how often it happens, etc. - will help tremendously.
• As high tech as automobiles
are today, some problems will
• Don’t be afraid to ask questions or add information. It is
helpful and appreciated.
As part of the follow-up:
• After making a service visit,
keep accurate records.
• You should receive a followup survey by mail or phone.
• If you are not happy, you
should notify the service department and give them a chance to
make it right.
• Don’t judge all service
departments by a bad experience you’ve had.
There are some good one and
there are some not-to-good
Camden News - Thursday, September 29, 2011 - 5A
your car’s performance into high gear
When Prompt, Quality Customer Service Is Your Concern
We’re Always Here To Help!
Quick Lane is designed to meet the needs
of people with busy lifestyles who need quick
service for their vehicles delivered by qualified
professionals with high quality results. Our staff
meets these needs in a cost-effective manner, so
you can obtain safe and reliable performance
from your vehicle for as long as you own it.
With Quick Lane you can count on quick
service every time you visit. We offer extended
business hours for all services, and we are open
on Saturday to ensure your maximum
Understand your vehicle’s service needs and
plan accordingly, with a FREE comprehensive
15-point Vehicle Inspection Report that covers
as many as 96 individual points on your vehicle
Quick Lane
at Jim Golden FLM
790 California SW
Camden, Arkansas 71701
(870) 837-1704
Quick Lane Service
Lube, Oil and Filter • Brakes • Filters • Wiper Blades • Lamps and Bulbs • Belts and Hoses
Tire Replacement, Balancing and Rotation • Steering, Suspension and Alignment
Batteries, Alternators, Starters and Electrical • Cooling System Maintenance
Air Conditioning System Maintenance • Transmission Fluid and Filter Change
Scheduled Maintenance • Tune-Ups • And Much More!
Free Pickup & Delivery (In Town Only) • We Service All Makes & Models
Over 110 Years Combined Experience
Service You Can Trust • Factory Trained Technicians
Quality OEM & Aftermarket Parts
Service Hours: Monday - Friday 7:00 - 5:00 • Saturday 8:00 - 12:00
Quick Lane® is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company.
6A- Camden News - Thursday, September 29, 2011
• Bank employees
should be friendly
and receptive.
• The bank should
provide options in
and investments.
provide the services
that fit your needs.
• The bank should
provide safety deposit boxes, senior discounts and perks for
junior savers and students.
• Choose a bank
with more than one
location for convenience.
It was once believed that the bigger the bank, the more financial
security you had and the safer
your money was.
But many Americans are secure
in the knowledge that the Federal
Deposit Insurance Corporation FDIC - will guarantee that their
money is protected and are discovering the value of doing business
with a small town, local bank.
The reasons are simple.
Although it is not quite as easy
to get a loan nowadays as it was in
1965, most local banks lend money
readily to dependable customers.
In the old days, a simple handshake and some brief paperwork
was practically all it took to get a
loan. But these days, bank examiners frown on doing things like
they did in Frank Capra’s classic
movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”
In most communities of less than
35,000 in population, many banks
are familiar with their customers.
As more information is available
on customers and their credit,
many banks value a dependable
customer and their almost-obsessive desire to pay money back on
time - even sometimes ahead of
time - strictly to strengthen their
ability to borrow, should the time
This will never change, because
it is good business for both the
bank and its customer.
Although many larger banking
systems still operate this way, the
customer still wants the warm,
fuzzy feeling he or she always had
with a hometown bank.
The banking business has
changed dramatically in the past
few years.
As many smaller local banks have
Choose a bank based
on services and
locations that fit your
special needs - one that
has friendly, receptive
been absorbed by larger financial
institutions, name changes have
become more frequent.
In turn, long-time customers
have begun to question the personality of the bank.
‘Do they care about me?’
‘Am I just another number?’
These are questions that pop
up frequently among customers
whose bank has changed ownership more than a few times.
Of course, there are other things
involving banks besides borrowing money.
When you are looking closely at
a new bank, it is wise to examine
other services such as free checking, costs on basics like travelers
checks, safety deposit boxes, and
perks for seniors, students and
young savers.
It is also important for a bank to
have branch locations.
Branch banks make banking more
convenient and, in turn, save you
time to do other things.
But you will find that most
smaller, local banks are striving
to accommodate their customers
with all the trimmings of their
larger sister banks and sometimes
may offer more services to be
more competitive.
Phil Foster, executive vice
president of First Bank of South
Arkansas in Camden, says that
having big-city bank technology in
a facility with a small-town familiarity is what makes First Bank
stand out from the crowd.
He said choosing a local bank
gives customers a feeling of good
personal service when he or she
knows who they are dealing with.
"People can't fake sincerity," he
said, adding that customers know
when others truly care about
"And in a small town, everybody
knows everybody else," Foster
He stressed availability of customer service providers at First
Bank, as opposed to strictly doing
online banking.
"When you call your bank, is it
like talking to a credit card company"" he asked. "Are you talking
to someone in another state? Do
they know where you live? All
of these aspects are important to
customer, and should be."
He provided positive points to
dealing with a local bank
"You can actually sit across a
desk and talk to us," he said. "We
provide all the up-to-date technology such as online banking and
services that the big banks provide, but with the local hometown
friendliness. We know our customers and we know the people in
You may want to start a new
business or expand your current
business. You may just need a new
truck or car, or even want to invest
in your child’s education.
Maybe it is not a loan you need,
but you just want to open a new
savings or checking account,
or you just need good financial
You need look no further than
your locally-owned and operated
hometown bank.
Camden News - Thursday, September 29, 2011 - 7A
8A- Camden News - Thursday, September 29, 2011
Personal loans
• Real Estate Loans
If you are in the market for a new home or to refinance your
current home, the professional and experienced loan officers
at Farmers Bank & Trust can help make your dreams become a
Farmers Bank & Trust offers a wide variety of mortgage loans
such as:
* Conventional fixed rate mortgages
* Adjustable rate mortgages
* Construction loans
* Second mortgages and more.
• Consumer Loans
* Automobile purchases
* Home improvements
* Debt Consolidation
* ATV Financing
* Boat and/or Motor
* RV Financing
• Other Loans
It is the goal of Farmers Bank & Trust to meet the credit needs
of its community. Whatever your needs are, feel free to contact
one of our experienced and friendly loan officers today to discuss
your options. Call us today for a rate estimate.
(Must be 18 years of age and over to be considered for a consumer loan.)
Mortgage Glossary
If you're new to the home buying game, take a minute to study
the definitions of some of the terms you're likely to encounter. A
basic understanding of these terms can help make the mortgage
process less confusing. Even experienced house hunters may benefit from a refresher course in mortgage terms. If you have any
questions, please don't hesitate to contact our loan department.
Mortgage terms you should know
ARM - Adjustable Rate Mortgage - Mortgage loan under which the interest rate is periodically adjusted to more closely coincide with current market
rates. The amounts and times of adjustment are included in the provisions of
the notes.
Amortization - Payment of a loan in equal installments over a specified
period of time so that when time has elapsed, the loan and interest on the
loan are fully paid. For example, as each payment toward principal is made,
the mortgage amount is reduced or amortized by the amount paid.
Appraisal - An evaluation of property to determine its value. An appraisal
is concerned chiefly with market value – what a home would sell for in the
current marketplace.
Balloon-Note Mortgages - The mortgage loan has a fixed rate for a specific period of time. At the end of that time period, the interest rate may be
adjusted up or down to more accurately reflect the market interest rates.
Cap - A cap on an ARM guarantees that the adjustment will not exceed a
designated number of percentage points, up or down, at the adjustment period. A cap may also be placed on changes which can occur over the life of the
loan. Cap amounts are designated and set at the time the loan is originated.
Conventional Loan - A housing loan not obtained under a government
insured program.
Earnest Money - The deposit of money by a potential buyer to show he or
she is serious about the purchase of the property. If the deal is finalized, the
money is applied to the down payment. If the deal falls through, the seller may
be permitted to keep the money, unless there is a contingency clause within
the offer to purchase.
Home-Equity Loans - Mortgage loan secured by the equity, value less any
unpaid debt, in the borrower's home. This type of loan may be for various
purposes, home improvements or other expenses, and can be in several forms,
amortized loans or credit lines.
Loan Commitment - A written promise to make a loan for a specified
amount on specified terms.
Loan-To-Value Ratio - The relationship between the amount of the mortgage and the appraised value of the property or sales price, whichever is less,
expressed as a percentage of the appraised value or sales price.
Title - The evidence of a person's legal right to possession of property, normally in the form of a deed.
Title Insurance - A type of insurance which covers against loss due to
problems or defects in connection with the title. A lender's policy protects the
financial institution against loss and is usually issued in an amount equal to
the original amount of the loan. An owner's policy protects the owner against
any loss due to title defects and can be purchased at an additional cost.
Title Opinion - A search and examination of records of previous ownership, transfers, etc. regarding a piece of real estate to determine clear title and
disclose any matters which could adversely affect the owner or lender. This is
prepared by an attorney and may be acquired in place of title insurance.
Camden News - Thursday, September 29, 2011 - 9A
Ask Judi, Tina Or
Steven About A Loan
To Suit Your Needs.
Judi Castleberry,
Tina Davis, Steven Word
Loan Officers
116 Jefferson SW • Downtown Camden • (870) 836-5701
Member FDIC
10A- Camden News - Thursday, September 29, 2011
The following are a
few suggestions to
help you fill out a job
application in a
professional manner to
help you make a good
Dress in appropriate
attire when asking for
applications and when
turning them in. You
may have an on-the-spot
Read the application
fully, including any
Oftentimes, employers
include specific instructions on applications to
determine if the applicant can follow directions appropriately.
Job applications are
the first impressions
you make with your
prospective employers. It has the potential
to capture the much
among tens or hundreds of other applications. The application should ultimately
ensure that you get the
interview call. When
you fill out job application forms, do so in
a professional manner.
Well-highlighted and
aptly-written strengths
can make you the best
fit among other contenders.
Prepare for the
Application Process
• Write out a detailed
employment history
on a plain sheet of
paper. Ensure that you
have all the contact
information for all of
your previous employers.
• Gather your driver’s license or photo
other forms to document your identity. In
the United States, you
need a Social Security
• Prepare a list of
six references to use
on your application.
Three of these should
be personal references, such as family
or friends. The other
three should be professional references, such
as previous supervisors or people who
can vouch for your
professional responsibility level.
• Organize a formal
resume. Even if you
must fill out an application, you can attach
your resume, which
may place you a step
above other applicants.
• If the position
you are applying for
requires a photograph,
give the most recent
photograph available.
It isn’t appropriate
to cut your face from
a group photo and
attach. Get a professional photo, especially if you are applying
for a job in an imageminded industry.
• Bring a blue or black
ink pen with you when
you hunt for applications. This shows prospective employers
that you think ahead
and plan for the tasks
at hand.
• Dress in appropriate attire when asking
for applications and
when turning them.
You may have an onthe-spot interview.
• Even if you are
applying for a minimum wage job, dress
your best. Managers
are more likely to hire
a person who looks
successful, even in the
fast food industry.
Fill Out the
• Read the application fully, including any
special instructions.
Oftentimes, employers include specific
instructions on applications to determine if
the applicant can follow directions appropriately.
• Fill out a test application. This can help
you to make the optimal utilization of the
available space. Use a
photocopy for offline
If you have to fill
out the application at
the business and are
unable to get an extra
copy of the application, write the information down on a
blank sheet of paper
in the order you must
transfer it to the application.
• Transfer the information from the test
application to the
application you will
• Complete every
space on the application. If something
is not applicable to
you, make sure that
you mark it as “Not
Applicable” or “N/A.”
• Sign and date your
application. Failure to
do this will often lead
to the hiring manager overlooking your
• Proofread your
entries after you fill
out job application
forms. A shabbily written application with
spelling and grammatical errors won’t land
you the job.
• If you fill the application out at home,
ask a friend or family member to read it.
A person other than
the one who filled out
the form can spot mistakes more easily.
Camden News - Thursday, September 29, 2011 - 11A
Most of the time, the first step to gaining employment is to fill out an application with the company you want to work for. It is very
important that you make a good impression during this stage of your job search. If you do not make a good impression while applying for a job,
you will not be called back for an interview. You may not realize a determination about your abilities as an employee is being made while you
“just fill out an application”.
The following are some tips to keep in mind when you go to fill out applications:
• No low cut shirts, low hanging paints,
or miniskirts.
• Do not wear pajama bottoms and
• This includes jewelry. If you are
applying for a position that you know
prohibits jewelry, don’t go to apply for
the job wearing jewelry. It appears as
though you will not be willing
to take it off for a job.
• Do not talk or text on your cell phone.
• Do not wear your earphones.
If you can’t be away from them for any
longer than it takes to fill out an
application, it appears that they will
probably be a distraction on a job.
• Do not wear a lot of cologne
or perfume.
• Do not go in smelling like smoke; be it cigarette or any other kind.
• Take a bath before you go apply for a job.
• Wear clean clothes.
• Do not take your children.
It appears that if you can’t find childcare
long enough to fill out an application, you
won’t be able to find childcare for the
hours you work.
• Do not take spouse or friends.
It appears you are unable to make a decision on your own.
• Just because your posts are private does not mean a potential employer can’t see them. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO IS “FRIENDS” WITH YOUR “FRIENDS”.
Call Us Today! (870) 837-2811
1041 West Washington • Camden, Arkansas • Business Hours: 8:00-11:00 am and 1:00-3:00 pm
ESA is an Equal Opportunity Employer
______ us at
12A- Camden News - Thursday, September 29, 2011
A number of
opportunities are
available for
to watch
out for:
• Is the school
accredited? ACCST
- the Accrediting
and Colleges of
Technology - is recognized as the leader
in accrediting these
• Is the school
approved to accept
benefits? Hot technology courses such as
MCSE Certification
and A+ Certification
may not accept
veteran's benefits.
Please inquire about
these points with the
school you want to
• Remember, you
may qualify for federal and private student loans that may
help you finance your
trade school education.
Students need to be aware of the
many opportunities now available
to prepare for their future.
When trying to decide what to
do after high school graduation, a
person should know that attending
a four-year college or university
is not the only option available,
according to the www.gocollege.
The Web site says that many
students are turning to vocational
education right after graduation.
A vocational school, often referred
to as a trade school, is a post-secondary institution that operates
for the purpose of giving its students skills needed to perform a
certain job.
Vocational schools teach job-specific skills and are considered to
be institutions devoted to training rather than education, practical
versus academic education.
Training is related to specific
trades, or vocations, hence the
name “vocational” schools.
Many vocational schools now
offer degree-transfer programs. If
you enroll in a degree-transfer program at a vocational school, some
of your credits may be transferable
to a four-year college or university.
What does this mean? Students
may leverage a vocational education as a useful stepping-stone to a
baccalaureate degree.
graduates are actually placed in
their career field? A high percentage will tell you that the school
works hard to prepare its graduates for the work force.
•Student Completion Rate/
Graduation Rate: Find out how
many students actually complete
their programs. This is called
“retention rate” and is an indicator to institutional commitment to
student education.
• Facilities: Are the facilities upto-date?
Vocational and trade schools
often have some of the latest technology and equipment.
Avoid those with outdated labs,
and training equipment.
Remember, in the work place
you’ll often be required to jump
right in and work on state-of-theart equipment.
• Services: What “extras” does
the school offer? Is there a career
guidance office? If so, will they
assist you in finding employment
once you’ve graduated? Will they
help you find internships/co-ops
while you’re a student?
• Tuition/Fees: How much will
it cost to attend the program? Are
there any hidden fees? Is financial
assistance available to you?
Remember, you may qualify for
federal and private student loans
that may help you finance your
trade school education.
How to Choose a
Vocational Trade School
Vocational Trade School
There are over 300 vocational
schools to choose from in the
United States. So, how do you
choose the one that’s right for
There are several factors to consider when choosing the right fit
for you:
• Placement Rate: How many
tests necessary for these certifications.
Vocational Education
Career Options
Vocational and trade schools
offer a variety of programs and
they may differ.
The career center on campus will
be able to assist you in determining
which program is right for you.
Several career tests are available that your career and guidance
counselor can use to guide you
to various fields that match your
Although programs may differ at
each vocational school, the programs listed below are common to
• Computer-aided Drafting
(CAD) and Design: learn to prepare technical and digital drawings
and plans for builders and contractors.
• Criminal Justice: training for
careers in law enforcement and
• Culinary: food preparation for
hotels, restaurants, businesses, etc.
• HVAC: installation, maintenance, and repair of heating, ventilation and air condition systems.
• Information Technology: web
design, network security, programming, etc.
The attractive features of vocational and technical schools are:
• Learning is hands on. You immediately use what you learn.
• Get training and enter into the
• Instructors have personal experience in the subjects they teach.
If you’re considering a vocational
school you’ll discover a range of
degrees from which to choose.
Most vocational schools award
associate degrees, diplomas and or
Local Resources
Most vocations require a par- If you have questions about career
ticular certification and vocational goals, contact the counselor's office
schools prepare you to take the at Camden Fairview at 837-1300.
Camden News - Thursday, September 29, 2011 - 13A
A solid foundation
opens the door to
amazing opportunities.
Camden Fairview Schools
provide the education
needed to help
your child dream,
achieve and succeed.
Camden Fairview Public Schools
625 Clifton • Camden, Arkansas • (870) 836-4193
14A- Camden News - Thursday, September 29, 2011
Choosing a rural health
clinic is a decision that
can affect your health
and your life.
OCMC chose to
have a presence
in the Stephens
community many
years ago to support its mission
to provide accessible healthcare
to the community
it serves
The rural health clinic services act (public law 95-210) was
created in 1977. Rural health
centers receive this designation from the health resources
and services administration if
they are determined to be in
a non-urban area which has a
shortage of primary care medical services. The purpose of
a rural health center is to provide primary care services in
underserved rural areas.
Rural health clinics typically
provide physician services,
onsite laboratory testing, and
have arrangements with hospitals to furnish services not
available at the rural health
Patients who visit a rural
health clinic may see a physician, nurse practitioner, or
physician assistant. Sometimes
rural health centers may offer
home visits by a registered
professional to the homebound.
Choosing a rural health center is a decision that can affect
your health and the rest of
your life. Unfortunately most
people don’t even consider
their options and simply use
whichever rural health center
is closest. This is probably
because with over 3,700 rural
health centers nationwide,
choosing the right one can be
overwhelming. The key is to
research your choices so you
find a rural health clinic that
fits your needs and provides
quality care.
Clinic, as a department of
Ouachita County Medical
Center, is accredited by The
Joint Commission, which is
an accreditation agency for
Its laboratory services are
accredited also and are overseen by the laboratory director at OCMC.
OCMC chose to have a presence in the Stephens community many years ago to support its mission to provide
accessible healthcare to the
community it serves.
“Choosing a rural health clinic is an important decision,”
said Karen Loomis, APN, who
is the nurse practitioner at the
Stephens Clinic. “It is important to know if the clinic has
the ability to provide laboratory services and is there a
connection with a local hospital to provide tests that are not
available in the clinic. Recommendations from friends and
family are also an excellent
way to evaluate a clinic and
determine if you might be
comfortable there.”
Below are some factors to
consider when selecting a
rural health clinic:
With 3,700 rural health clinics across the nation, one
may be closer than you think.
Quality is often overlooked
but extremely important. is the
only place that gives you a
quality score to assist you in
choosing a rural health clinic:
the consumer quality score.
Rural health
center ratings
The consumer quality score
is the percentage of people
who rated their rural health
clinic on WhereToFindCare.
com and said they received
quality care. This experiencebased rural health center
satisfaction score cannot be
found elsewhere today except
by word of mouth.
Word of mouth recommendations can tell us whether
we can get along with providers on a personal level.
Ask friends, family, and other
associates if they have had
experiences with the rural
health clinics on your list.
You can also find word of
mouth recommendations on
Camden News - Thursday, September 29, 2011 - 15A
The Stephens Community Clinic, a division of Ouachita County Medical Center, serves patients from
Stephens, McNeil, Waldo, Chidester, Camden, and many other surrounding communities.
The clinic provides a variety of services, including but not limited to: physical exams, sports physicals,
well-child exams, disease management, weight loss management, and routine screenings such as diabetes,
blood pressure, flue and pneumonia immunizations, and education wellness.
Clinic Hours:
The clinical staff includes:
Medical Director Stephen Tabe, MD,
Karen Loomis, NP
Clara Hopson, LPN
Shirley Betts, Office Manager
Monday, Thursday, Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
8:00 am - 7:00 pm
Patients are seen on an appointment basis,
however, walk-ins are accepted.
To schedule an appointment call
(870) 786-9114
113 West Ruby Street • Stephens, AR 71764 • Phone: (870) 786-9114 • Fax: (870) 786-55530
16A- Camden News - Thursday, September 29, 2011
Know first what you
want, what you need,
and what your budget
will allow before
shopping for a mattress
Ways to get
• Turn down the
temperature in the
• Utilize aromatherapy.
• Practice soothing bedtime rituals.
• Use 'white noise'
to block out sleep
disrupting sounds.
• Don’t nap during
the day.
• Stick to a regular
a bedtime pattern.
• Relax.
• Avoid spicy
foods before going
to bed.
Few things are more essential to
In terms of daily impact on your one of you wants a firm bed and the
our overall health and welfare than life, this is the most important piece other needs something softer, you
proper sleep.
do have options.
of furniture you’ll buy.
There are models that allow each
If one or both of you is having trouSo be sure to talk about what you
side to be adjusted for softness.
ble sleeping, it can even put a strain want in terms of comfort.
Or, for a more economical soluon your relationship.
Firm? Plush? Pillow Top?
tion, a thick mattress pad
After all, it’s harder to be
on one side of the bed
patient, kind and courteWays
could help.
ous when you’re always
Pull the shades. Block unwanted light from the win• Talk about price before
tired, or living with back
you shop.
or neck pain caused by a
Unless you’re still scared of monsters, you’ll sleep
worn-out bed.
If money is an object,
then determine your price
Given the importance of
Adjust the thermostat to a cooler setting (60 – 65
range and stick to it.
sleep, a comfortable and
supportive new mattress
If you can’t find what you
Insert a tiny sachet of lavender in your pillow to
can change life for the
want with the money you
help ease tension, calm nerves and promote sleep.
have, don’t buy an unTake a warm bath, eat a snack or listen to calming
We hope this little guide
comfortable mattress to
music every night.
will give you the advice
save a few bucks.
Steady, low sounds coming from the whir of a fan
you need to find that perTake a few months and
or air conditioner will help cover any unpleasant
fect bed, and get back to
up more.
being a well-rested and
Short-term discomfort
Studies have recommended avoiding afternoon
happier couple.
beats long-term
and evening naps. Instead, save the sleep for an
Things to
uninterrupted eight hours every night.
• Research can pay off.
consider before
Go to sleep and wake up at the same time every
If you’re not in a huge
you buy:
day. This will help normalize your sleep patterns.
to buy, there are
• Put some space in the
Put the day’s worries behind you. Sit in a quiet,
ways to try out different
comfortable spot and slowly breathe in and out.
This may be obvious to
Meals seasoned with peppers, garlic or onions can
For a true test of comsome of you, but couples
cause heartburn and interfere with sleep.
fort, and a romantic getshould sleep on at least a
away, you can always
queen-sized bed.
book a night at a hotel that
It doesn’t matter how in love you
If it’s not what you want,
uses a brand of mattress you’re inare, a full sized mattress is just too
don’t agree just to get it
terested in.
cramped for two people and all the
over with
To help you, some chains adverinvoluntary movement that happens
Mutual happiness should be your
in the wee hours.
tise which bed they feature. And if
The only exception to this queenyou travel, peel off the sheets and
• Can’t agree?
sized rule: Manhattan apartment
take note of beds that you like or
Then compromise.
If you’re at a stalemate, where dislike.
• Have a good, long mattress talk.
Camden News - Thursday, September 29, 2011 - 17A
18A- Camden News - Thursday, September 29, 2011
Good medical care
often requires
medical supplies.
There are several
factors to consider when
choosing a supplier
Good medical care often
requires medical supplies, even
if the product used is as simple
as cotton swabs. These supplies
come from medical supply companies, of which there are dozens.
A person who needs supplies
for hospital, clinic or home use
can make a better decision about
what company to use by looking
at several factors first.
• Service
Look at the range and amount
of services the company provides.
If you know you need only
certain equipment, then it might
be better to find a company that
specializes, since they'll probably be able to provide you with
a wider range of equipment in
your specific area of need.
If you need supplies for a lot
of different conditions or procedures, however, then you may
want to go with a company that
can provide everything so that
you don't end up dealing with
many companies to get what
you need.
As you examine the services
provided, look at how much
business the company does. If
the company is very large, then
you may have to balance a wide
range of supplies with dealing with customer service or
slower order filling. A smaller
company probably will have a
more personalized feel, but may
not be equipped to handle large
ogy is much more likely to have as less durable or which is hardbetter staying power, meaning er to use.
that you'll be able to get sup• Technology
Technology is interrelated plies from them for a long time • Customer Relations and
with medical supplies, both in into the future.
Check what the standard delivmanufacturing of the supply
ery times are like for the comand in the design of the equip- • Equipment Ratings
See what ratings the equip- pany.
ment itself.
provided by the company Ideally, you want a company
Stay away from companies that
that can get your supplies to
aren't utilizing many technolo- has received in the past.
gies in their product lines or Just because the company has you overnight if necessary. Stay
away from companies
that have a history of
being back-ordered or
that take several weeks
to fill your order.
Since getting the right
supplies on time is so
important in getting a
patient well, also check
what the customer service is like. For example, are you put through
a lengthy automated
system when you call
or can you speak to a
away? What is the rate
of complaint resolution? Is there a way to
contact the company
online to ask questions?
Do you have to process
the order with a ton of
forms that need to be
faxed, or can you go to
a Web site and put in an
order with a few mouse
production, since a lack of tech- a wide range of supplies doesn't Read more: Tips to Picking
nology indicates being behind mean the supplies are safer than a Medical Supply Company |
medical practices and tech- other models, and even if the http://www.ehow.
supplies are safe, you don't want com/way_5652104_tips-pickniques.
A company that uses technol- equipment that has been rated ing-medical-supply-company.
amounts of orders.
Camden News - Thursday, September 29, 2011 - 19A
rehabilitation, home medical equipment, oxygen and services to
maximize your independence and provide an alternative to
Our Caring Staff...
institutional care. It is well-known that patients are happier and
progress better when they can recover in their own home. We wish
to be a professional resource for these individuals.
Hospital Beds
Barry Doss
Kari Burton
Location Manager
LPN Respiratory Nurse
Bath Aids
Dusty Rhodes
Service Technician
Sales Representative
Where Patient Service Always Comes First!
136 Garden Oaks Center • Camden, Arkansas • (870) 836-4477
Norma Sayers Deanna Jones
Service Technician/
Customer Service
Customer Service
20A- Camden News - Thursday, September 29, 2011
• Start with referrals.
• Does your family
physician or
specialist have any
• Do you know any
friends that have
used or are using a
• Find out staffing
levels on weekdays,
weekends and
• Does the staff make
eye contact with you
and do they have
time to speak to
you or do they seem
Each day we are faced
with the prospect of
moving ourselves or a
family member into a
skilled nursing facility.
It may be a decision
that arrives suddenly or you may gradually notice more of a
decline in the person’s
daily living skills. This
can be the biggest and
most stressful decision
you can make for your
self or the elder family member. It’s important to learn all you can
about skilled nursing
and rehabilitation centers, how they work,
when is the best option
to enter one, and how to
find the skilled nursing
facility that best fits you
or your loved one.
Finding a skilled nursing and rehabilitation
1. Start with referrals. Does your family
physician or specialist
have any recommendations? Do you know
any friends that have
used or using a facility?
2. Educate yourself.
Online resources for
skilled nursing and
rehabilitations include
ranking sites. Each state
has what is called a long
term care Ombudsman,
who has knowledge of
facilities in their state.
Advocacy groups can
also provide hints on
researching long term
care facilities.
3. Consider your medical needs. Different
skilled nursing and
rehabilitation facilities
have more expertise in
different areas. Are you
looking for Alzheimer’s
care, caring for an individual who has had a
stroke or major surgery
or are you looking for
short term rehabilitation in the prospect of
returning home?
4. Factor in distance.
In general, the more
convenient the facility,
the easier it is for family
and friends to visit.
What to look for when
touring a skilled nursing and rehabilitation
1. What to look for
in staff. Find out staffing levels on weekdays,
weekends and evenings.
Does the staff make eye
contact with you and
do they have time to
speak to you or do they
seemed rushed?
2. What to look at in
current residents and
their families. Do they
appear happy, are they
well groomed, and do
the respond to you when
you speak to them? If
you see family visiting
you can asked them how
the feel about facility or
how their loved one has
been treated.
3. What to look for in
the facility. Cleanliness,
does the facility appear
clean? Do you smell any
strong orders? Food.
What kinds of meals are
normally served? Does
the meal look nutritious
and are the residents
eating. Are all residents
served in dining room,
are common areas used
and can residents eat in
their room?
Traditionally skilled
nursing facilities are set
up like a medical facility including centralized nursing stations,
set medication times
and mealtimes. Some
facilities are moving to
a different model, using
smaller communities
and common areas. Ask
what changes they are
making to make their
facility more homelike.
5. Activities. What
quality of life activities
are available for residents? Are the activities posted so you can
view and are they age
appropriate? Are there
off site activities in
community, are church
groups involved with
facility and do you see
6. Experience in your
condition. If a loved
one has Alzheimer’s
is there a special care
unit or specialized staff
and activities? How are
behavioral problems
handled like agitation
or wandering?
These are just a few of
the questions or things
to look for when choosing a skilled care nursing and rehabilitation
facility. We hope this
information provided
has or will be useful
for you when choosing
a skilled nursing and
rehabilitation facility.
For more information
you can visit the following websites or call
the Office of Long Term
Care in your state.
w w w. s e n i o rl iv i n
w w w. r i g h t h e a l t h .
Also, feel free to contact
us, Silver Oaks Health
1875 Old Wire Road,
Camden, AR 71701 or
call 870-836-6831, we
will be glad to assist
you and your family
with placement.
Camden News - Thursday, September 29, 2011 - 21A
22A- Camden News - Thursday, September 29, 2011
Determining the value
of your land and
the timber that is on it
can be complicated.
For help, find
a forestry consultant.
If you own land, you might
consider hiring a forestry consultant to help manage your
A forestry consultant helps
you manage your land and trees;
has forestry skills and experience; knows about forestry laws
and regulations and will work
in the best interest for you and
your forest, according to the
They can also provide tree
planting advice, timber cruising - to determine the value
of timber on your property and timber sale preparation and
supervision, according to the
All forestry consultants have
basic forestry skills, but some
have specialties, like managing
for wildlife or pine straw.
Before hiring a consultant, you
• Talk to a few foresters, and
ask them about their specialties.
• Ask what they will do and
how much it will cost for their
• Ask about their experience
• Ask if they also buy timber
- could represent a conflict of
• Landowners are also encouraged to request several references from any forestry consultant under consideration, and to
contact those references before
making their final decision.
If you decide not to have a
professional forester visit your
forest, then you should obtain
as many offers as possible for
your timber and make sure that
the hired harvesting company
is bonded, knows your property
boundaries, follows all existing
laws, knows exactly which of
your trees you want harvested,
and understands completely
what your objectives are for
the land after the timber is harvested, according to information
found at
Also, the Web site suggests
obtaining a written timber sale
contract; this is essential to all
timber sales. Michigan State
mills, your timber might command a higher price than if the
timber were far from mills or
close to only one or two mills.
• Second, a timber stand's
value is dependent on the species, sizes, and qualities of the
trees growing in it. A large, top
quality black cherry, for example, would command a significant price premium as a veneer
log, while limby and crooked
sweetgum might be priced as
Selling timber is not simple, and there are
many potential ways in which a landowner working without professional forestry
expertise can be taken advantage of.
University's Forestry Extension
offers an example contract with
discussion that illustrates what
we mean.
Selling timber is not simple,
and there are many potential
ways in which a landowner
working without professional
forestry expertise can be taken
advantage of. According to the
USDA Web site, there are five
reasons why it is hard to determine the value of timber on
your land:
• First, even though statewide
or regional prices can provide
a taste of the level and trends
of prices, what your timber is
worth is somewhat dependent
on local market conditions. If
your timber grows near a lot of
• Third, the value of timber
depends heavily on how much
timber is sold in one timber sale
and what kind of harvesting is
done. Often, the larger the sale,
the higher the price per unit
of wood that can be offered. It
can be more costly per unit of
wood removed to cut only a few,
selected trees, rather than cut
most or all trees in the stand.
The greater the harvest expense
per tree, the less the harvester
may be willing to pay for the
• Fourth, what a timber buyer
will pay for your trees depends
on the conditions of the site in
which they are growing, which
affects how expensive it is to
remove them and haul them to a
mill. Variables such as distance
from the stand to the nearest
road, slope, soil wetness, and
whether temporary bridges
need to be built across streams
all can affect operational costs
of harvesters and hence what
they might be willing to pay to
harvest a stand of trees.
• Fifth and finally, state and
local timber harvesting and
management practices laws
can affect what kind of harvesting equipment can be used,
how close harvests can come to
streams, and what contingencies must be made if there are
local populations of vulnerable
or legally protected plant or
animal species in your area. All
of those things can affect how
much wood can be removed and
the operational costs of harvesting.
Several scientific studies have
shown that timber sellers who
hire a professional forestry
consultant to organize the sale
end up with profits equal to or
greater than profits accruing to
timber owners who do not hire
a professional forestry consultant, even after subtracting out
the consulting fee. (one consultant study).
Further, by obtaining the services of a professional, you can
ensure that the land and forest remaining after the harvest
is more productive in the long
Camden News - Thursday, September 29, 2011 - 23A
Carter Forestry Offers:
• Twenty-Three Years Of Forestry/Wildlife
Management Experience
• Timber Management
• Negotiations with Timber Buyers &
Timber Sale Contract Set-Up
• Land Management (Stewardship)
Plans Including Timber Management,
Wildlife Management, Recreational
& Aesthetics
Carlton Carter, RF 706
2671 Col 62 W • Waldo, AR 71770
(870) 695-3129 • [email protected]
24A- Camden News - Thursday, September 29, 2011