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30 May 2014 14:41
Childminder vacancy list
Information for parents
How to use this list
This is a list of all registered childminders in the Borough of
Wandsworth who have notified the Family Information Service (FIS)
that they have vacancies. The list is arranged in postcode order from
the lowest to the highest. It therefore starts at SW8, North Battersea
and ends at SW19, Southfields/Wimbledon.
The list gives the postcode, contact details and the total vacancies the
childminder has a vacancy for. It describes the facilities available and,
where applicable, the schools childminders pick up children from.
What is a registered childminder?
A registered childminder is a person who looks after children under 8
years of age, for payment, in their own home, for more than 2 hours
per day. They are registered under the Childcare Act 2006.
Childminders have to register under the Ofsted Compulsory Register
(OCR) if they look after children aged 0 - 8 years and may register
under the Voluntary Childcare Register (VCR) if they look after
children over 8 years old.
To obtain registration they have to either meet the standards set out
in the OCR - Early Years Foundation Stage for 3 - 5 year olds and or
the standards set out in the OCR for 5 - 7 years old. The body that
registers Out of School Care is the Office for Standards in Education,
Children’s Services and Skills. Ofsted).
Wandsworth Family Information Service
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30 May 2014 14:41
Childminder vacancy list
Ofsted Regulation
Ofsted inspect all childminders on a regular basis. At the end of the
inspection Ofsted will judge the quality of provision on a grading
system. Parents can ask to see the inspection report and the grades
awarded, or view it on the Ofsted Website:
The grades are:
Outstanding - exceptional provision with excellent outcomes for
Good - strong provision with effective outcomes for children
Satisfactory - acceptable provision with outcomes that could be
Inadequate - weak provision with unacceptable outcomes for children
General checks you should make
Be sure that the person who has the responsibility for the day care of
your child(ren) under eight years of age is registered with Ofsted and
has a current, valid certificate of registration. (Childcare Act 2006).
The certificate will state how many children the childminder can care
for and the ages they should be. (excluding their own children).
Check that the childminder has up-to-date Public Liability Insurance
and adequate car insurance and child safety equipment for cars if
they are to take your child out in their car.
General advice
Going to a childminder for the first time or moving to a new
childminder is a big step in the life of a young child. To help your child
settle happily with the childminder, it is essential that he/she be
introduced gradually before being left all day. If at all possible, you
and your child should make several visits to the home of the
childminder before placement.
Wandsworth Family Information Service
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30 May 2014 14:41
Childminder vacancy list
Questions you should ask
Childminders and parents are advised to have a written contract,
which should cover the following:
 The hours of childminding;
 The charges to be made and what this will cover;
 Whether a retaining fee should be paid (for part-time/term-time
only placements);
 Action that will be taken in any medical emergency concerning
your child;
 Arrangements during the childminder’s periods of
 Arrangements during your child’s periods of sickness/holidays;
 The period of notice required
Other matters you should discuss include outings, playgroup fees,
discipline, where your child will sleep, what play equipment is
available, car journeys and details of any person other than
yourselves who may collect your child.
You should also discuss with the childminder your child’s diet,
sleeping habits, comforter and any particular needs.
A childminder is not required to care for your child when he/she is
sick. It is important that you notify the childminder if you are going to
be late collecting your child, if your child is not attending because of
sickness and you give adequate notice of impending holidays.
Wandsworth Family Information Service
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30 May 2014 14:41
Childminder vacancy list
Help in paying for childcare
Childminders included in this list have charges ranging from £5 - £10
per hour. Parents can obtain help in paying for childcare through Tax
Credits, help is available through the childcare element of the
working tax credit.
Each parent in the child’s home must be working at least 16 hours
per week
The household income is low
Childcare must be registered with OFSTED
To find out more contact HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) helpline
on 0845 300 3900 or enter your details on the HMRC calculator “Do you qualify for tax credits?”
Childcare vouchers
Childcare vouchers are given to parents through their employer so
that parents can then give them to their childcare provider. There are
a number of companies organising vouchers. Contact Working
Families on 020 7253 7243 or to find
out if you would benefit from using vouchers or your employers
Human Resources
Special Educational Needs (SENs) and Childminders
A childminder must not refuse a place to a child because he/she has
SENs, medical needs or disabilities. However, if you know, or think
your child has SENs, medical needs or disabilities, then it is important
to discuss this fully with the Childminder. This will help them to ensure
your child can make the most of his/her time with them.
Wandsworth Family Information Service
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30 May 2014 14:41
Childminder vacancy list
Further advice on choosing childcare
This is available from the government website which you
can access FREE at your local library.
You can also call Wandsworth Family Information Service (FIS) on
020 8871 7899, email [email protected] or visit the website for information on childcare.
FIS can now assist parents of children and young people aged 0 - 19
with information on education and family learning, health and well
being, parenting, positive activities for young people, youth work
provision and staying safe.
FIS Appointment Service
If you are unable to get the information you need locally and would
like to come and see someone to talk about childcare or early years
education issues at the Family Information Service (based at the
Town Hall) please call FIS on 020 8871 7899. We can arrange for an
interpreter or signer to be present, if you need one.
If you have experienced difficulties in finding childcare and would like
assistance please call FIS on 020 8871 7899 and ask for the
Brokerage Service or email: [email protected]
If you have a disability or a special need how would you like FIS to
provide the information to you?
Contact FIS on 020 8871 7899 or email: [email protected]
Wandsworth Family Information Service
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30 May 2014 14:41
Childminder vacancy list
Children’s Centres
These are centres in the community where parents of children aged 0-5 years
old can access services to help their children develop and flourish. Services
include health, education and family support information. You can also access
the Family Information Service at the centres.
Children's Centres by postcode
SW8 (Battersea locality)
Battersea Locality Team, Yvonne Carr Centre, 2 Thessaly Road, SW8 4HT
Telephone: 020 7720 5515
Yvonne Carr Children’s Centre, 2 Thessaly Road, SW8 4HT,
Telephone: 020 7720 5515
SW11 (Battersea locality)
Chesterton Centre for Children and Families, Chesterton Primary School
Dagnall Street, SW11 5DT
Telephone: 020 7622 1619
Somerset Nursery School and Children’s Centre, 157-159 Battersea Church
Road, SW11 3ND
Telephone: 020 7223 5455
York Gardens Children's Centre, Lavender Road, SW11 2UG
Telephone: 020 7738 0889
SW12 (Tooting locality)
Balham Nursery School and Children’s Centre, 72 Endlesham Road, SW12
Telephone: 020 8673 4055
Fayland Children’s Centre (Triangle site), Tooting Bec Common, SW12 0PP
Telephone: 020 8696 6646
Wandsworth Family Information Service
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30 May 2014 14:41
Childminder vacancy list
SW15 (Roehampton & Putney locality)
Eastwood Nursery School and Centre for Children and Families, 166/168
Roehampton Lane, SW15 4EU
Telephone: 020 8876 3976
Granard Primary School and Centre for Children and Families, Cortis Road,
SW15 6XA
Telephone: 020 8785 1512
Roehampton and Putney Locality Team, 166 Roehampton Lane, SW15 4HE
Telephone: 020 8789 0572
SW16 (Tooting locality)
Fayland Children’s Centre, Fayland Avenue, SW16 1SY
Telephone: 020 8696 6649
SW17 (Tooting locality)
Franciscan Primary School and Children’s Centre, Franciscan Road, SW17
Telephone: 020 8672 3048
Garratt Park Children’s Centre incorporating Henry Prince, Siward Road,
SW17 0AL
Telephone: 020 8946 0366
Hillbrook Primary School and Centre for Children and Families, Hillbrook
Road, SW17 8SG
Telephone: 020 8672 3957
Smallwood Primary School and Children’s Centre Smallwood Road, SW17
Telephone: 020 8672 6024
Tooting Locality Team, Smallwood Children’s Centre, SW17 0TW
Telephone: 020 8767 8672
Wandsworth Family Information Service
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30 May 2014 14:41
Childminder vacancy list
SW18 (Roehampton & Putney locality)
West Hill Primary School and Children’s Centre, 4 Broomhill Road, SW18 4HX
Telephone: 020 8870 9928
The Enhanced Children's Centre, West Hill Primary School, 5 Merton Road,
SW18 5ST
Telephone: 020 8877 0758
SW19 (Roehampton & Putney locality)
Southmead Centre for Children and Families, Southmead School, Princes
Way, SW19 6QT
Telephone: 020 8788 4379
Wandsworth Family Information Service
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30 May 2014 14:41
Childminder vacancy list
Cindy Falzon
07958 342 187 [email protected]
I will have one vacancy for 3-4 days from the first week of this September. The vacancy is
for a child aged 0-3 years.
Ladybird Childminding Services
07956 866 814;0207 228 2196 [email protected]
I have 3 places for early years and one space for a child age 5 upwards.Contact me to
find out more. I am registeredto provide care over night care.
Little Tootsies childminders
020 7223 1558;07946 689 368 [email protected]
I have two spaces for children aged 1-5years olds old. Please keep in touch if you need a
space as vacancies change.
I can do local school pick up and drop-off.
Ms Mariama Julde Jalloh
07507 503 334 [email protected]
I currently have three vacancies. Call me to discuss the details.
Ms Roslyn Fuller
020 7652 5879;07952 392 198 [email protected]
I currently have two vacancies on Thursdays only.
I will have a Monday to Thursday vacancy in September for a child aged 0 - 3 years.
Barbara Schopp
020 8675 2547;07843 483 258 [email protected]
I have two vacancies. Please contact me to discuss the details.
Mrs Christine Thompson
020 8675 3387;07884 486 512
I currently have two vacancies, including one school pick-up. Call me to discuss the
Wandsworth Family Information Service
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30 May 2014 14:41
Childminder vacancy list
07776 068 844 [email protected]
I have full-time and part-time vacancies. Call me to discuss the details.
Miss Agnes Naa Dodoo-Gilbert
020 8878 3313;07957 628 945 [email protected]
I currently have several vacancies. Contact me discuss the details.
Mrs Giti Ghadimi
020 8789 7915;07939 171 137 [email protected]
Call me to discuss the details.
Ms Trevonne Natasha Joseph
020 8878 4842;07950 337 990
I currently have two after-school vacancies for children aged up to 8 years old. And one
full-time vacancy for a child under one years of age.
020 8785 4743;07745 000 562 [email protected]
Please contact me to discuss your childcare requirements.
A Better Choice Daycare
0208 677-9443;07955 514 544 [email protected]
I currently have three vacancies.
A Better Choice Daycare
020 8677-9443;07955 514 544 [email protected]
I currently have three vacancies.
Frank Isaac
07967 485 420 [email protected]
Places are available immediately, including one full-time place. Please contact to discuss
your specific needs.
Ms Sandra Garcia
020 3489 9265 [email protected]
I have a full-time vacancy for one child over 1 year old from August 2014.
Wandsworth Family Information Service
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30 May 2014 14:41
Childminder vacancy list
Candace Farquarson
07507 109 270 [email protected]
I currently have 1 vacancy. Contact me to discuss the details.
Mrs Azadi Aziz
020 8767 4389;07526 932 339
I currently have 3 full-time and part-time vacancies available immediately.
Mrs Fatima Haque
020 8767 7107;07722 089 431 [email protected]
I currently have 1 vacancy and will have a further 2 in July. Please contact to discuss.
Mrs Naima Tazi
020 8672 4752;07534 913 042
I have three full-time vacancies. Please call for details.
Mrs Sajida Khokar
020 8672 3864
I currently have both part-time and full-time vacancies available immediately. Call me to
discuss the details.
Rising Sun
020 8516 8345;07954 402 857
I have three vacancies for children aged six months to two years available from August.
Wandsworth Family Information Service
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30 May 2014 14:41
Childminder vacancy list
Alphabet Childminders
07984 585 514;07792 181 264 [email protected]
Call provider for details.
Applseed Childcare
020 8480 7747;07899 673 582 [email protected]
I currently have two full-time vacancy for 4 days Monday - Thursday
Huggie Bears Family Childcare
07891 571 434 [email protected]
I currently have three vacancies. Contact me to discuss the details.
Mrs Anja Dix
07880 897 702 [email protected]
Vacancy from September for a Monday only or before and after school for St Michaels
CofE primary Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays.
Ms Fatima Bhatti
020 8333 7266;07957 693 867 [email protected]
Call me to discuss the details.
Ms Jean Pickering
020 8870 2594;07980 931 160 [email protected]
Call me to discuss the details.
Ms Nazira Mahomedali
020 8874 9396;07405 504 616
I have one vacancy for Monday-Thursday, available immediately.
Ms Semana Jabeen Nota
07940 385 780 [email protected]
I am a childminder in sw18 with vacancies for one child Monday- Wednesday. I live in
Earlsfield.If you need any more info please let me know.
Ms Severine Maud Pages
020 3602 6446;07725 733 638 [email protected]
I have immediate vacancies for ad-hoc childcare for children aged 9 months to 8 years old
on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. This vacancy will carry on during the summer
I will only require a week's notice and could do half days (8am -1pm or 1pm-6pm) or full
days (8am-6pm).I am flexible regarding pick up times.
I also currently have a vacancy for Mondays and a short term vacancy for Thursdays and
Fridays (until September).
I have a school pick up vacancy coming up in September (Sheringdale school).
Wandsworth Family Information Service
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30 May 2014 14:41
Childminder vacancy list
Beverley Harverson
020 8871 2763;07909 770 798 [email protected]
I have a 4 day vacancy (Mon - Thurs) becoming available from August/September.I can
offer temporary/emergency care on Mondays and Thursdays for the months of June and
Mrs Lynette Johnson
07988 266 725;020 8780 1009 [email protected]
I have one vacancy a child under 5 and two vacancies children 5 and over. Vacancies are
part-time and full-time.
Disclaimer note for parents and young people
Wandsworth Council have made every effort to make sure the information in this
document is accurate. We recommend that you check with the listed service to ensure all
details, such as costs, are up to date before you attend.
Wandsworth Family Information Service
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