Tips & How To’s. Read this BEFORE using your Kréddle.

Tips & How To’s.
Read this BEFORE using your Kréddle.
Using the Hex Key
Use only the long end of the hex key to adjust the screws. DO NOT use the short end.
TIP: Only tighten to the point that the clamp is snug, working up to the necessary tightness
in small increments. For the base-clamp, very little torque is needed to keep the post from
rotating in the base-clamp. For the chin plate clamp, slightly more torque will be needed,
but again, work to that point in small increments.
DO NOT use any other hex key than the one provided. Other hex keys may strip out the
screw head. The hex key provided, is a 1.5mm Hex PLUS key. These are specially designed
to prevent stripping the screw head. You may be able to find a 1.5mm Hex PLUS key locally
or online, but do not use a regular 1.5mm hex key. Replacements can also be found at
chin plate
1.5mm Hex PLUS Key
12mm M2
16mm M2
Socket Head Cap Screws
Out of the Box
1. Assemble chin plate and base-clamp, by inserting post into clamp. Lightly tighten screw
in clamp.
2. Affix kréddle to instrument using a common chin rest tool (not included).
DO NOT use the hex key to tighten the bracket. The hex key can slip through the holes in
the bracket, and potentially damage the instrument.
(1) Tighten the chin rest only to the point that it will not easily come off of the instrument.
(2) Tighten the chin rest bracket barrels evenly. DO NOT over tighten the chin rest bracket,
excessive clamping force is not needed. DO NOT attach kréddle or the bracket to the
instrument if the cork padding is damaged, or if it will allow hard surfaces to contact the
Adjusting Tilt, Pitch, & 360º Rotation
Loosen one of the screws on the chin plate clamp, allowing movement of the chin plate.
Reverse to secure the chin plate.
DO NOT remove the screws or unscrew them fully.
(1) Keep some resistance in the clamp, which will help keep the chin plate steady when
finding the position you want for the kréddle.
(2) Once one of the screws is slightly loosened, adjusting the kréddle to the desired
position will be easiest when the violin is in playing position.
When tightening the chin plate clamp, make sure the clamp is evenly tightened around the
Step 1
Step 2
Adjusting 360º Lateral Angle
1. Slightly loosen the screw in the base-clamp so that the post can be rotated.
2. Rotate post so that the ball is in the desired place.
3. Tighten base-clamp screw in small increments and ONLY until SNUG. Excessive torque is
not needed to prevent the post from moving in the base-clamp.
4. Repeat process for adjusting tilt, pitch, and 360º rotation.
Moving the ball so that it hovers over the tailpiece, will simulate an over-the-tail-piece chin
Step 1
Step 2
Adjusting Height
1. Slightly loosen base-clamp screw, take the chin plate + post out of the base-clamp.
2. Evenly loosen the two chin plate screws only to the point that the ball can be popped out
of the chin plate clamp.
This does not require the complete removal of the screws. Excessive pulling should not be
needed. If the ball does not come out easily, slightly loosen the screws until the ball comes
free with a slight leveraging motion.
3. Reverse to install a new post. When tightening screws, do so evenly. Once resistance is
felt, tighten in small increments ONLY until SNUG.
Always make sure post is fully seated in base-clamp.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Evenly Tightened
Unevenly Tightened
Dear Fellow Fiddler,
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