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Howtoaccess VRsand InstantVRsfromWebMVR
With WebMVR, you have the ability to access VRs for 47 states and Instant VRs for Arizona, *California,
Florida, Louisiana, New Mexico, New York, Tennessee, Texas and **Washington.
Access VRsfromWebMVR
1. Click on this link to go to and log in using your Account ID, User ID, and Password.
2. Click on "New Order" in the left side menu bar.
3. On the order entry page, select the state from which you would like to order a VR.
4. Under "Order Type" select ‘VR’.
5. Select a VR product from the "Product" select box. If a VR product is not designated "Instant"
or "Overnight" the search may take several days to several weeks depending on the
turnaround times available from the provider.
*The State of California requires a Commercial Requester Code to access California VRs. You can go directly to the
Requester Accounts Form page on the on the CA DMV website to get started:
** A claim number is a mandatory search requirement to order WA Instant VRs. For more information on obtaining a CA
Requester Code, please contact our knowledgeable and helpful support staff to get you started. Phone (916) 456-3200 ext. 3 or
email [email protected]
Access VRsand InstantVRsusingXML, FTP,or othermethods
If you’re a current customer, please contact ADR support at (916) 456-3200 ext. 3 or email [email protected]
For more information, contact ADR Support at (916) 456‐3200, email or visit © 2013 ADR