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Real Estate Business Basics:
Invest in quality not quantity.
Economy of Scale
A community-centric sales team will
sell the community first, and the house
This sounds cliché but good people make a successful business. DMB Realty Network
believes in hiring the brightest and hardest working people, creating a culture where they
can succeed and empowering everyone. However, in a services industry, like real estate, it
is essential to never underestimate how much one person can accomplish. We have sales
people who earn close to a million dollars because we have the best in the business and
create an environment where they can continue to grow.
Here are the biggest mistakes you can make when running a residential real estate business:
Sacrifice needs to be supported by a
management model that is committed
to their people.
Don’t Do It Like Everyone Else
Hiring a sales person who is not motivated by money.
Limiting a sales person’s income, if they make more money than the CEO, then you
are successful.
Reactively hiring. Don’t use traditional ways of hiring, job sites, postings and letting
people come to you. It takes a lot more effort, but go out and get the good ones, don’t
sift through those who think they are right for the job.
Creating a support/corporate staff that doesn’t understand the value of your “Rainmakers.” They make it rain, you grow, everybody profits.
Not recognizing that the truly talented sales teams are populated by very Type
A individuals and if they are not supported by management, you will have chaos.
Most great sales people are not good managers (and usually don’t want to be) so don’t
let anyone convince you they can sell and manage people…you will be disappointed
by their performance in one of these areas.
If you don’t have a formalized training program, don’t convince yourself you can hire
inexperienced people that will grow into the job…this is a skilled profession, you
deserve professionals.
Customize your approach to your current environment, rather than just what
has worked in the past.
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Sƒ½›Ý Tƒ½›Äã
A skilled sales force has no less than
10 years of experience today
The success of this industry comes in many shapes and sizes. There are big brokerage
houses, small developer run sales teams and everything in between. There is no right or
wrong way of doing things. However, DMB Realty Network’s success in this business is
predicated on tight, dedicated sales teams structured to fit the needs of each community.
Some of the mistakes developers have made when creating a sales environment are:
Must have a modest base, health
insurance and paid time off
$150K to $300K is the most common
total comp package
Outside brokers in a deal expect to
get paid on built product upfront not
when it closes
Resale should be included in the
overall earning potential
Team compensation is still the norm
Building big, expensive sales centers that may be supported through high velocity
launches but cannot be cost effectively sustained through the final phases of the community.
Underestimating the investment in your online presence. The sales process today
starts with a prospect in Chicago shopping on line at midnight in the middle of a
snowstorm for somewhere warm to spend their winters.
Overestimating the investment in your online presence. You still need a sales person
to navigate with a client through the process.
Relying on big brokerage houses to understand your community, the amenities, the
value proposition and your vision.
In one of our projects in Arizona, our community-centric sales team continually sells at
a higher price per square foot than the project directly adjacent. We sell the community
first and the house second. Understanding the developer’s commitment to the master plan
and educating the prospect on the overall benefits of the community is key to continually
maintaining value in the property.
Multi tasking, working long hours, holding people accountable and doing things that may
not be in a normal job description allow businesses to thrive even during tough economic
downturns. This culture of sacrifice can only exist in an environment that is totally committed to their people.
One of the commitments DMB Realty Network has always made to their sales teams and
corporate staff is eliminating risk as much as possible. Traditional sales staff have been
expected to be independent contractors, responsible for their own employee benefits, staff
support and expenses.
Some of the most successful teams have enjoyed:
Full employee coverage for health and dental benefits
Support staff employed by the broker to make sure sales people sell
High tech CRM programs with the latest hardware and software
100% funded marketing programs that drive qualified leads
All licensing and expenses reimbursed
Corporate support staff dedicated to creating an extremely efficient model
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Oçã Ê¥ 㫛 BÊø
Real estate runs in a ten year cycle with a
seven year memory. Poll your current residents and keep great data on your prospect’s
This dedication to supporting the sales efforts may force sacrifices in other areas. Through
the toughest, and best times in real estate, the dedication to spend wisely and hold people
accountable for their performance is a simple formula for success. However, in DMB Realty Network’s assessment of teams, the most common mistake is allowing non performing
personnel to be retained. Even great managers struggle with the process of assessing and
adjusting staff.
One of the most common mistakes DMB Realty Network identifies early on with Developers is the temptation to go back to what used to work.
The following are essential to success:
Community Based Market Testing to create a Data Mine
Don’t survey your recent buyers and residents on how their buying experience was,
survey them on how they plan to live in their new community
Sales office needs to become an Active selling process
The real estate industry is in a recovery and we have a different consumer. This is the
“thinking man’s time” and we need to provide offerings that speak to that home buyer.
Here are some examples:
Smart Homes – Technology
Next Gen – Second unit (aging parents, returning kids, man cave) and/or elevator shaft
built in and used as closet to begin
Flex Design – Move your walls in a predesigned product
Net Zero – Premium isn’t working, need to build into every home as a differentiator
(Generation X likes sustainability but not willing to pay for it)
Every buyer is negotiating not necessarily on the base price but on the upgrades so you
need a very involved design center as part of the sales team, therefore a trend toward
offering a design center credit is working.
These buyers see the amenity infrastructure as a potential burden. Community Facilities need to be maintained in perpetuity considering operation costs and updating
“Overdone Amenities are like throwing cotton candy at buyers.”
Diversity of Product in the same master plan may speak to the same buyer at different
stages of their life.
If you are not in the resale business, you may not be able to service the new buyer.
This new buyer may have upwards of eight real estate transactions in their lifetime,
not including a second home.
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Sƒ½›Ý P›ÊÖ½›...
Excellent client service should never be
underestimated, but knowledge and unparalleled expertise of your product is vital to the
sales process.
Debbie Beardsley, Associate Broker
The Silverleaf Group
Building and maintaining relationships is
paramount to a successful real estate business. A quality lead will most likely be a
referred lead.
Mike Sweeney, Associate Broker
The Silverleaf Group
The burden of HOA fees as well as the transition of master plans to owner run HOA’s has
produced a problem. Current buyers have a very low tolerance for fees and many mature
communities have such mammoth amenities, the HOA’s are struggling to run them.
Fully integrate Mix Use into the Master Plan
Use the amenities around your community (partner with the city parks, libraries, etc.)
Have mobile amenities (Example: Gourmet food trucks with wine every Friday)
Agriculture is the attraction (Examples: Back yard green house as an upgrade option,
edible landscaping, community garden, etc.)
Soft programming should dominate – parks, hiking trails with technology built in
(Example: Having QR codes at trail heads)
Bring in private businesses to run amenities
Wellness Programs and Outside Activities Programming
It’s not just about Golf anymore
Become an expert on the community you are
selling and clients will have no choice but to
turn to you as their real estate resource.
Mike Collins, Director of Sales
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