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Symantec Endpoint Protection – How to sell guide
Introducing the Symantec Endpoint Security opportunity
What’s in it for your customer?
What’s in it for you?
Why choose Symantec ahead of other Suppliers?
Which Endpoint Security option is right for your customer?
SEP migration made simple
Working with Avnet Technology Solutions for Symantec
Opportunity spotting Symantec Endpoint Security Solution
Objection handling
1. Introducing the Symantec
Endpoint Security opportunity
The level of malicious code being developed and deployed is increasing year on year, and a staggering
90% of attacks are now focused on targeting confidential information. For your customers, the IT security
threat has never been greater and the reasons to migrate to Symantec never more compelling.
Not only should you consider Symantec for your customers at renewal, you should be considering a rip and replace
strategy, taking advantage of some exceptional competitive SKU’s you could be migrating your customer to the
world’s benchmark protection solution for less than the cost of the current renewal for antivirus alone.
Use a Symantec Endpoint Protection solution to:
■ Simplify security: manage SEP via a single agent administered by a single management console. This simplifies
endpoint security administration via single software updates and policy updates, unified and central reporting and a
single licensing and maintenance programme
■ Integrate for greater protection: The Symantec Protection Suite brings together endpoint security, messaging
security and system recovery to eliminate points of weakness in your customers overall protection strategy.
Go further by integrating security seamlessly with systems and storage management
■ Reduce Risk: By layering antivirus, antispyware, advanced network threat protection, proactive technologies and
sophisticated administrative control features to significantly reduce IT operational risks
■ Reduce Costs: by reducing administrative overheads and the costs associated with managing multiple endpoint
security products. Customers also enjoy significant cost savings over buying competitive point products with
comparable functionality
■ Take a stronger position against threats: attackers are becoming smarter, more mature and more prolific. Symantec
is continually investing in outpacing these threats to provide the most rapid, reliable protection available.
2. What’s in it for your customer?
World class, industry-leading antivirus and antispyware: with advanced threat prevention for endpoints including
turnkey, proactive technologies that analyse applications and network traffic to detect and block suspicious activity
Proactive prevention: Symantec Endpoint Protection product range includes vulnerability based scan engine
which proactively calculates likely mutations of existing threats and can protect systems before the threat strikes.
The behavioural based scan engines detect potential new threats even before the Antivirus products are aware
of any breach
More than just antivirus: For no extra cost Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) delivers: (Host) Intrusion
Prevention, Application Control, Device Control, (Network) Intrusion Prevention, Firewall, Antispyware, Antivirus
A simplified solution: Security products do not exist in a vacuum, Symantec’s unified approach offers:
i. The advantages brought by an integrated single agent and a single management console for security, extending
into systems and storage management
ii. Multiple layers of defence – adding backup and recovery to powerful security capabilities for desktops and laptops
iii. A combined solution for endpoints, messaging security and system recovery technologies with protection from
laptop/desktop to server
The world’s most advanced security infrastructure: providing confidence that threats will be detected and
addressed in the minimum timeframe. Symantec ensures all data is fully protected and recoverable from threats
both known and unknown
Strip out Suppliers and complexity: consolidating to drive down costs and increase operational efficiencies whilst
also enjoying easier licence purchase, simpler renewal and more streamlined technical support
Automates previously manual processes saving time, money and resources
Leverage existing technologies: Symantec Endpoint Protection portfolio works with other antivirus products,
firewalls, IPS technologies and network access control infrastructures
Assurance in the market: Symantec provides the broadest, most comprehensive endpoint protection available,
reducing and instilling confidence that the organisations vital assets and its ability to trade continuously are
Unlike antivirus-only and point product solutions, Symantec™ Protection Suite delivers multiple layers of protection
including security, backup and recovery. It offers the broadest protection in one solution at a very competitive price.
3. What’s in it for you?
Create incremental opportunity through Rip & Replace: by taking advantage of special competitive displacement
SKU’s and pricing for Symantec products when replacing other Suppliers
Extend the SKU opportunity: If you have customers already considering a point product within Symantec
Endpoint Protection you can extend the sale via cross-grade SKU’s, or if they already use multiple pieces of the
suite they can reduce overall costs
Build a single supplier partnership: Symantec outstrips competing vendors by offering a broader portfolio of
security solutions and integrating into a broader security, system and storage management (3S) opportunity,
enabling you to up-sell, cross-sell and increase overall deal value whilst at the same time excluding competitors
Leverage services revenue: from an extended Endpoint Protection opportunity, tapping into consulting, service and
support revenues around: migration, planning, solution design, package creation, testing, deployment, integration,
IT ops optimisation and outsourced operations management
Reach more decision makers: From hands-on IT professionals, through C-level strategic decision makers to budget
driven operations and financial influencers, Symantec’s Endpoint Protection portfolio lets you build compelling
business arguments with a broad business appeal
Enhance your trusted supplier status: and remove sales barriers by delivering a simplified, more cost-effective
security solution that can be extended into systems and storage management and also reduces the time burden of
IT security administration. Be confident in the total protection offered by Symantec with an outstanding 10 year
track record in VB100 testing.
4. Why choose Symantec ahead
of other Suppliers?
Bring stability in uncertain economic times: The largest and best resourced vendor in the market, Symantec offers
an unrivalled investment platform for security, storage and systems management
Symantec is a security industry leader: Delivering an outstanding 10 year track record in VB100 testing. Symantec
is also named as the leader in Gartner’s Endpoint Protection Platforms Magic Quadrant and the top performer
against McAfee
Symantec delivers vital global reach: Number one in almost every market it participates in, Symantec offers
customers the benefit of a worldwide security infrastructure and a larger lab headcount investment than any
other Supplier
Proven in the enterprise space: No other Supplier can match Symantec’s penetration into the enterprise space,
with a 99% representation in Fortune 1000 enterprises
Innovating to stay ahead of the threat: With IT threats in a constant state of evolution investment to keep
pace with these changing issues is critical. Symantec has 50% more security patents in place than its nearest rival
Symantec is creating and sharing market insights: for the benefit of all partners in the channel. The annual Symantec
Internet Security Threat Report offers analysis and discussion of threat activity over a one-year period. It covers
Internet threat activities, vulnerabilities, malicious code, phishing, spam and security risks as well as future trends.
Symantec’s Global Intelligence Network captures worldwide security intelligence data that gives Symantec analysts
unparalleled ability to identify, analyse, deliver protection and provide informed commentary on emerging trends in
attacks, malicious code activity, phishing and spam. Symantec maintains 11 Security Response Centres and
utilises 240,000 attack sensors to track malicious activity.
5. Which Endpoint Security option
is right for your customer?
Recognising that the solution should be appropriate to both the threat and the size and nature of the
organisation, Symantec has created a portfolio of products and services around Endpoint Security.
Symantec’s offer extends beyond the core Symantec Endpoint Protection product to encompass every
aspect of an enterprise security solution. Take a look at the matrix to determine the solution that best fits
your customers’ needs.
Service options exist around Network Access Control, Threat and Vulnerability Management and Managed Endpoint
Protection. You should work with Avnet to determine the combination of Symantec technologies and services that’s
right for your customers specific needs and budget.
Protection Technology
<50 Seats
<50-100 Seats
<100-1000 Seats
Suite Small
Endpoint Security
Endpoint firewall
Intrusion detection/prevention
Device and Application Control
Protection for Macintosh®
Protection for Linux
Protection for Windows® Mobile
Network access control self-enforcement
Messaging and Web Security
Reputation-based spam filtering
Content filtering/Compliance
Data loss prevention
Microsoft® Exchange
Lotus Domino®
Messaging gateway software subscription
Web gateway software subscription
Backup and Recovery
Backup live desktop and laptops
Restore to any hardware
Server backup and disaster recovery
Threat driven backups
Central Management Console
Single sign-on management and reporting access
6. Symantec Endpoint Protection
migration made simple
Make migration to Symantec Endpoint Protection Portfolio painless for your customer and profitable for
you by combining Symantec’s powerful migration tools with Avnet’s proven migration experience.
Using SEP-IC or other automated deployment tool greatly reduces the amount of effort required over a
manual process.
Ease and scalability of deployment: Avnet’s own extensive knowledge of SEP deployment suggests that within
a properly defined migration strategy and where the Symantec Endpoint Protection Integration Component (SEP-IC)
or a similar 3rd party tool is deployed customers can expect to migrate up to 1500 machines per day. This means
large organisations or companies that have grown sporadically by acquisition can achieve coverage in days rather
than weeks.
A 1000 system environment typically takes 12 days from preparation and design through to completion, a 10,000
system environment takes 24 days.
Ease of replacement – SEP has built in automated tasks to minimise user input for the removal of legacy antivirus
products from all the other major Suppliers, to support fast deployment/upgrade capability – this is useful for
companies that have grown through acquisition inheriting many new systems with disparate antivirus technologies.
A simple six stage process for SEP migration:
Active Directory
WNS Import
Agent Rollout
Remote push
Web-based pull
Scripted install.
Trend Micro
Removal of
current security
Install Endpoint
Schedule or
real time
product and
Protection virus
The timelines for migration will vary according to the customer’s specific environment and any change control or regression
testing requirements. Effective preparation and design is crucial to a successful deployment, typically 5-10 days for this stage
including configuration of management servers and common policies for AV, IPS etc.
It’s also critical to take time to understand the manual processes that could be automated using SEP and quantify the savings.
Similarly the cost savings of backup and recovery at the desktop level should be explored.
7. Working with Avnet for Symantec
1 on 1 business support: Avnet and Symantec are working alongside partners individually to ensure we create a
partnership that suits the partner’s business model and is both profitable and achievable
Avnet’s strong Symantec commitment: This relationship is core to Avnet’s business strategy and as such
commands significant investment and focus with dedicated sales, technical and marketing support in place to help
channel partners access and deliver all types of Symantec opportunities
Our joint strategy focuses on awareness and enablement: we’re constantly providing partners with the
information, insight and skills needed to build Symantec related revenues
Defined support activities: include joint planning, training, partner enablement days, call-out days and
bespoke partner workshops
Through partner marketing campaigns: using Avnet’s market leading campaignWORKS online marketing tool
to make it simple, quick and cost-effective for partners to develop their own powerful marketing campaigns
Developing Symantec skills in-house: Avnet adopts a long-term vision with each of our partners, providing
options for skills transfer through Avnet Partner Services and our sales and technical academies.
8. Opportunity spotting Symantec
Endpoint Security Solution
Look out for:
■ Customers experiencing difficulties integrating new applications into a diverse environment for security, system and
storage management
■ Customers facing an increasing volume and complexity of spam and malware threats
■ Customers without backup and recovery in place for corporate laptops and desktops
■ Customers complaining about complexity in their endpoint environment with difficulty managing and maintaining
■ Customers struggling to cope with constantly growing maintenance and support costs
■ Any customer that’s looking to rationalise their protection efforts and expenditure, consolidating down from a
variety of Suppliers to one core solution
■ IT departments considering PC Lifecycle Management (PCLCM) solutions
■ Customers considering a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution
■ Diverse endpoint environments with instances of Windows Mobile, Symbian, Palm, Linux and Mac
■ Customers worried about the impact of endpoint solutions on user productivity and system performance
■ Customers who have suffered an attack, or suspects they are vulnerable to attack because they do not have a fully
integrated solution for security, backup and recovery.
Talk to Avnet about Symantec Endpoint Solutions for any size of business. Our Symantec specialists will
guide you through the features and benefits most relevant to your customer.
9. Objection handling
Are your endpoint
security solutions
becoming more
complex to manage?
With various agents
and options on the
desktop, how
frequently must
updates be run to
stay current?
Unlike antivirus-only and point product solutions, Symantec™ Protection Suite
delivers multiple layers of protection including security, backup and recovery. It offers
the broadest protection in one solution at a very competitive price.
■ Competitive antivirus customers could cross-grade to either edition for less
than the cost of their current renewal for antivirus alone
■ Symantec’s proven endpoint security, messaging security and system recovery
technologies will help you reduce the cost of securing your environment and
enable you to more effectively manage IT risks
■ Symantec’s endpoint protection technology, combining all the essential security
technologies you need into a single agent, is easily managed through a single
management console that reduces administrative overhead
■ The suite’s messaging security components share common interfaces, and the
Symantec Brightmail™ Gateway integrates comprehensive inbound and outbound
protection of email and instant messages into a single administrative interface with
powerful integrated reporting.
Do you have problems
with increasing
quantities of spam, as
well as virus and
What are you currently
doing to manage your
endpoint and
environment and to
control constantly
growing maintenance
and support costs?
Symantec Protection Suite includes endpoint protection technology, which combines
all the essential security technologies you need into a single agent and eliminates
the procurement costs of multiple security solutions. It is easily managed through a
single management console that reduces administrative overhead.
The suite’s messaging security components share common interfaces, and the
Symantec Brightmail™ Gateway integrates comprehensive inbound and outbound
protection of email and instant messages into a single administrative interface with
powerful integrated reporting.
Other items to call out:
Symantec Protects completely:
Comprehensive Suites
– Only suite offering recovery
– Only suite offering data loss prevention for email (Symantec Protection Suite
Enterprise Edition only)
– Protect Mac®, Linux®* & Windows Mobile®
Comprehensive Portfolio
– Same vendor offers Encryption, DLP, Network Access Control, Server Backup
& Recovery and more.
(*Note: Linux protection not included in Symantec Protection Suite Small Business Edition)
Do you currently have
backup and recovery
capabilities for your
corporate desktops
and laptops?
Symantec Protection Suite provides advanced threat protection from both known
and unknown threats. It removes viruses from email attachments and blocks spam
at the messaging gateway or mail server level. The Enterprise Edition also includes
advanced content filtering and data loss prevention technology for email to protect
sensitive and confidential information.
The Symantec Brightmail-based antispam technology delivers greater than 97%
effectiveness and a false positive rate of less than one in a million, making it one of
the industry’s most accurate solutions.
Scans inbound and outbound email for compliance with regulatory and governance
Continuously delivers automatic spam signature updates and reputation scoring to
help ensure effective, real-time protection against new threats
Offers unparalleled protection, as evidenced by the industry’s only record of more
than 43 consecutive VB100 awards, since 1999
Provides real-time analytics and reporting, gaining visibility into email and IM
usage and growth patterns.
Wouldn’t you have
better peace of
mind/sleep better at
night knowing that you
were protected by the
world’s leader in
security solutions?
As the industry leader, Symantec gives you better monitoring, deeper support and
more stability, not to mention better price and maintenance support.
Delivered by the Market Leader (so not going to disappear tomorrow!)
Public Company
– $6 Billion Revenue
– $3 Billion in Cash
– 17,500 Employees
– 4,000 in Product Development
Market Leader 26 Categories tracked by IDC,7 including number 1 in the following:
– Endpoint Security Software
– Messaging Security
– Policy and Compliance Software
– Security and Vulnerability Management
– Security Management.
I already have a
security solution
and it protects my
network well
Not all antivirus is created equal – You often don't know your AV has not done its job
until something has already happened – is that worth the risk? Some antivirus
cannot protect against the threats that are well known and documented, whereas
Symantec has a stellar history of success on tests like VB100.
I want to outsource as
much as possible –
including Mail Security
If you only take advantage of just 2 or 3 items in the Symantec Protection Suite, you
can save money over individual solutions. Further, if you decide to outsource at a
later date, you can still take advantage of the messaging security components –
even with hosted mail security, you should have AV at all layers of your network.
Additionally, if you prefer different AV engines, you would also want to consider
multiple vendor stacks in your environment.
Protection Suite just
adds complexity to my
network – for example,
the Mail Gateway
The suite’s messaging security components share common interfaces, and the
Symantec Brightmail™ Gateway integrates comprehensive inbound and outbound
protection of email and instant messages into a single administrative interface with
powerful integrated reporting.
■ Keeps harmful traffic off network
■ Provides added protection against malware
■ Improves scalability of expensive groupware
■ Provides more effective control of email traffic.
I find a hosted solution
more appealing
The Symantec Brightmail-based antispam technology delivers greater than 97%
effectiveness and a false positive rate of less than one in a million, making it one of
the industry’s most accurate solutions.
■ Affords superior antispam protection
■ Offers greater control
■ Keeps sensitive information in-house.
We already have an
antivirus solution and
it works fine
While antivirus solutions provide some protection, numbers of malicious threats and
attacks are growing rapidly, and AV products alone do not provide the complete
protection you need. SPS delivers antivirus, antispyware, a firewall, intrusion
prevention, device and application control to provide comprehensive protection from
unknown threats – with great performance, low resource utilisation and excellent
management capabilities.
I am considering
adopting free open
source antispam
In many cases, open source products are not supported and not managed. This
means security administrators have to spend more time managing the open source
products. They spend more time adjusting rules and block lists. When spam still gets
through, it clogs up email accounts. Email messages that are wrongly flagged may
be delayed in getting to the proper recipient or not getting there at all. These things
have a negative impact on productivity.
We simply don’t need
everything that
Symantec Protection
Suite provides
Attackers are aware that large enterprises have over-worked IT groups, and that
smaller businesses don't have IT staff dedicated to security. Because of this,
attackers are constantly testing for weaknesses in business defences.
Smaller businesses are good targets for attackers and often have more to lose.
Symantec Protection
Suite costs too much
Because of its comprehensive and complete protection, SPS enables customers to
reduce the number of relationships customers have with multiple vendors to solve
their security concerns. This saves both time and money.
Symantec Protection Suite can save the customer up to 40 percent of the cost of
buying just two point products from the competition.
Our employees are
responsible to back up
their own data
Statistics show that – even when it is expected of them – 85% of employees do not
back up their own data on a regular basis. This can result in costly help desk calls
and lost productivity. With the backup and recovery capabilities in SPS, customers
can implement a backup and recovery solution for all corporate desktops and
laptops. It’s easy to use and enables users to set up backup schedules that run
automatically in the background. This enables customers to easily restore (in
minutes) individual files or folders or an entire system that has failed.
9. What to do next?
Avnet and Symantec are working constantly to provide Business Partners with the most up to date information and
resources in support of Symantec sales. We have selected the white papers, independent research findings,
PowerPoint presentations, cheat sheets and sales scripts that make it easier to scope, close and deliver a
Symantec deal. Take a look online at to gain access to these and other
relevant assets.
View our Symantec marketing campaigns at:
Email: [email protected]
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