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Trust the
da VinCI
Robotic Surgery
Elimin~l i "9 di~~
while prele'ving urino'Y
aoo sexual function is cr~ical to ~ry man with (a"'e<. An individualized apPlOolch
with a ",reful di\Cussion of all lreil( men! opt ions
is how each cO!WJltation begins at Specialists
in Urology. This compreOen~ plOSlate caocel
treatment cente< is b<I~ in Naples. Florida
aoo led by William Fig lesthaler, Mo, a ooard
certified urologist and eXpelt in perfOlming
robotic surgery.
Since founding the da \/loci" robotic surgery
program in Soothwest Florid! in 2005, Or.
Fig lestha1er hils performed thousands 01
successful robOIic procedures on patients from
centers in N<lpIes,
Bon~a Sprirlg>
Myeri. These (~te<5 featu,e TrueBeam~ 5T..
High Clefinilioo flapid ....c~ Fladiothe<apy a<ld
other cUlting~ le<:hnoIogies. The experts
at Specialists in Urology include twelve bo.lrd
certi~ed urologim and four boa rd certi!ied
,3diiltion oncolog ists.
St<l)'lng tr...e to his vision over the pall tWO
Fig~thil ler
in making Naples. Florida a destinatioo for
those ~og highly e<perIeoced e<perts in
perfo<miog the rTlQ';t adv~oced treiltlTll.'l1tl
available 10< prostate cancer in the world.
nearly every stale ¥Id from around the world.
Figlesthaler,MD, fACS
Or figIeSlha1er"S compreheo!i\le prostate
CaOC..,. program iocllJdes r>OI only 00 surgical
team. but alw three mte-<x-the-art oocology
in Urology
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tat eft; ere
on the
Wonderful~unds @
Internal Medicine
522 E
Marlon A,e
Punta Gorda
ofUFE •••
Providing Quality Hearing
Healthcare for Over 20 Years
H~ Int.m8I ••• ~.
....Iuo •. ,he QPPOtI<JtiIy ., "",'-.hp
""to"", .. "-".."....
Uphold • • ,..,.,. d;gvIy ond
_,h . .
Dr. Noel Crosby, Audiologist
r+oiI has been in the audiology field for <Nef 20 years.
Ha"';ng _
M< doclcrate in A<.w:liology fmm UF, No6I
has applied ttlat knowledge to I!er worI< in many . ",a. of
l!earing; including dinical. manufac:tunng and education ,
,he 00:I0";0;'''01.,. 01 ""'"
DeIr-en . JIoceol. ~"'"
oo",pehem"'", "",lIy oore
Protnotot . we....... ond
'htoo.og/> edo,oo:rt"", ond ~..,.
• fcoly I\ocredoted On SIt .. l<lboo:.lo<y
Bone o...~ly Tes!ng
• Ur,,,,,,,,,,,, IEchooordlogro.n
Co.o!rd and 110m and
f<J Abdorrml ~I
Call For A Complimen tary
• Coo.omod .. ~
Board Cenined General Surgery
Fellow American College of Surgeons
Now Offiring No Incision Surgery for Heartburn!
Mu rdo ck Exec uti ve Ce nte r 18308 Mu rdo ck Circle, 11' 101
www.badamd. com
94 1.25 5.0069
I New Patients Wdcome I www.rd
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Proc~dur~) •
Colonosco py • Heartburn Treatment
Laparoscopic Surgery· Hernia· Colon & Rectal Surge ry
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Lifesaving Screening Tool
The Naked Truth About
Minimally Invasive Treatment
for Chronic Acid Reflux
Arthritis of the Fool and Ankle
A11-in-One Dental Visit
with CEREC
The Power of Antioxidants ...
for Your Heahh, Hair and Skin!
Smalll'lCisials with Big Benefits
AlcOhOl Abuse Adversely
Affects More Than the Abuser
8 Prostate Specific Antigen
Highlights of the 2011
Parkinson's Disease
Fall Symposium
DaTscan Quickly and
Accurately Determines
13 TOP FIVE Mistakes Made
16 AIDS Awareness: Aging
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Health &. Wel lness December 2011 - Charlotte/South Sarasota Edition
Alcohol Abuse
Adversely Affects More Than the Abuser
By CharTa F. Pumphrey, M.D., HarborSide Internal MediCine
kohol (specifically ethanol) is a
central nervOuS system depressant,
produced by the fermentation of
yeast and starches. According to the National
Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence.
alcohol is the most commonly used addictive sub-
stance in the United States. 11 is estimated Ihal
17.6 million people struggle wilh alcohol abuse or
alcohQI dependence. AkQhol abuse is a paU<:m Qf
drinking that results in harm to onc's heahh, inter_
personal relationships. andlor ability 10 work, and
is characterized by one or more of the following:
[] I neglecting responsibilities repeatedly; PI consuming alcohol in dangerous situations; [3[ experiencing legal problems due to drinking alcohol;
[4] continuing to drink alcohol despite develop_
ment of relationship problems; and [5) drinking
alcohol in order to relieve stress, Although alcohol
abusers retain some ability to limit the extent of
their drinking, their pal1em of drin king is selfdestructive and may progress to alcohol dependence (alcoholism).
. Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal
In addition to the symptoms of alcohol abuse.
alcohol dependence also includes tolerance
(requiring more alcohol over time to achieve
similar effect) and withdrawal (experiencing
specifie symptoms of varying severity as blood
alcohol level decreases). Alcohol w ithdrawal
symptoms may include anxiety, tremulousness.
nausea/vomiting, diaphoresis. insomnia, irritabil_
ity. decreased appc1ite. headache. and fatigue.
Potentially severe (possibly life-threatening)
withdrawal symptoms include agitation, hallucinations, confusion, and seizures; immediate
medical altention should be sought should one or
more of these symptoms develop acutely, panieu_
larly in those with a history of alcohol
. What Happens Upon Consumption
A standard alcoholic beverage contains about 0.6
ounces of pure alcohol (equating approximatcly to
12 Ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine, Or 1.5 ounces
of liquor). Upon consumption. alcohol is rapidly
absorbed by the gastrointcstinaltract into the bloodstream and eireulated throughout the body. Following abwrption into the bloodstream. aoout 5% of
alcohol is excreted by the kidneys. another S% of
alcohol is exhaled by the lungs, and the remaining
90"/0 of alcohol is metabolized by the liver (at a rate
ofapproximatcly one standard drink per hour).
. Varying Degrees of Impairment
Some factors involved in dctennining how peoplc
react upon consuming alcohol include the following: [I) age; (2) gender; (3) cthnicity; [4J physical
condition; [S) rate of consumption; [6] concurrent
usc of prescription medic8tioO!i or illicit drugli; and
(7] family history of alcohol abuse/dependence.
Depending on the actual blood alcohol concentration (SAC). varying degrees of impainnent may
OCCur: [I] For a SAC of 0 .020/. , initial effccts may
include exaggerated relwcation. altered mood. and
weakened judgment; [2] For a SAC of 0,05%, SOme
further effects may involve reduced coordination .
diminished visual pcn:cption, prolonged reaction
lime. and delayed infonnation processing; (3) For a
!lAC of 0 .080/. (legal limit for operating a motor
vehicle), SOme additional effects may include
lessened self-control, decreased balance. and
impaired highcr-ordcr cognitive functioning (such
as reasoning, memory, concentration. and speech).
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Charlotte/South Sarasota Edition· December 2011 Health & Wellness
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Health &. Wellness Oecember 2011 - Charlotte/South Sarasota Edition
Inaccurate Blood Test Versus Lifesaving Screening Tool
By William M. Flglesthaler, M.D.
=latc cancer screening has received a
great deal of press over the past decade or
two. The introduction of the prostate specific antigen blood test (PSA) in the late '80s has
resulted in a significant number of prostate cancers
being diagnosed at early clinical stages. In fact. eacll
year over 200,000 cases of prostate cancer are diagn<»ed in the United States alone andover 30.000 men
die orlhis disease annually.
Early Diagnosis is Key
Early diagnosis is a key ingredient 10 successful cure
rates with decreased moTbidity. Current knowledge on
how to use PSA values 10 determine which men need
urological evaluation is vitally important to primary
can: providers, especially when dealing with healthy
males between tbe ages of 40 and 80 years of age.
It was once considered standard of care to intcrpn:1
any PSA reading between zero and 4.Ongldl as
normal. Fluctuations within this range were given
linle if any significance. In addilion. levels as high as
6.5ngldl were even considered acceptable in men over
the age of10 alone lime. Using these pammClers was
successful in minimizing thc "over diagnosis" of
prostate cancer in elderly males with clinically insig_
nificant prostate Cancer.l. Unfortunately, many
younger patients with more aggressive cancers were
left undiagnosed until they had non-organ-confined
disease. which negatively impacts cure rntes as well as
morbidity of Ircatmcnl.
In addition to the total £>SA blood test, free PSA testing
may be used 10 increase the specificity of a borderline or
high £>SA result (4-1 OngIdl). F~ PSA is n:poned as a
percentage of the total PSA, and represents the fiaction
of SCTUm PSA \hat is unbound 10 a carrier proIein.
Patients with prostate cancer have less fn:e PSA.
Guidelin-es for Interpreting PSA Values in the
Screening for Prostate Cancer
The following guidelines represent the current
standard for interpreting PSA values in the screening
of men for prostate cancer. It is important to include
in this discussion the necessity of the digital rectal
exam which if aboonna] must he evaluated. regardless of the PSA result:
• PSA levels over 2.Ongldl in males under the age
of SO and PSA levels over 2.Sngldl io males under
the age of 60 should be considered abnormal.
• PSA levels over 4.0 ngldl should always be considered abnonnal and wmaut urological evaluation.
• An increase in PSA (PSA velocity) of O.7ngldl
over an 18-month time span should be considered
significant. even if within the nonnal range for PSA
• Free PSA levels below 1O'Y. indicate a significant
risk for prostate caocer.
• PSA levcls sbould be considcred inaccuratc if
obtained in the presence of a urinary tract infection,
prostatitis or after a traumatic foley catheter placernent. A period offour to six weeks aftcr treatrnent
should be sufficient to allow the PSA to return to
• 5-a·reductasc inhibitors such as Proscar or Avodart
lower the PSA by SO-A. over a six-month period of
time. and discontinuing these medications will result
in the return to the baseline PSA reading oV<'!" a
similar time frame. Therefore, a patient who is
started on Avodart, takes it as directed and then has a
sirnilar PSA reading a year latcr should be referred
for urological evaluation and possible prostate
biopsy. It is important to question patients who are
prescribed these medications regarding treatment
compliance when interpreting their PSA values.
PSA Blood Test is a Valuable Adjunct to
Hilliur M. Figlatltllkr, M.D.. is a CUm
all/lMllS of Wake Forest Uni,-enity ~.i,g'::'"~'N ~
.."irh Iwnon from Ihe Uni",rsily of North Carolina
Sclwol ofMedicilUi al Chapel Hill. NC.
Dr. Figles/haler campleled his urological ,~"""d
/raining ai/he University of Kenruclcy, Albert B.
H,'" I
Oandler Medical Center in Lexing/an, KY.
published I'I?uarch "" proslate cancer in mopera·
lian "'ilh Jaltru Hapkjru Uni,-enil): Baitimol"l!. MD.
and lias given numerous presentariaru at both
rtgianal and IUJri"",,1 canfe"'lICes.
A_g his specinJ inJereslS is lile trealmCll ofproslale
CIlIICtr. including da Vinci rabotic radical ptWtalt"CIOmy (/Ilip:J/youIUbuomispecialislSim.rology). Ifis
ruullS for cwt!, preserwliott of bladder COtII1"OI.
n:tum 10 _ I activities and I"/!CaVi'ry of rewal
fonclion an101llStanding and second 10 MM. lIe often
has nugeoru scheduling ,uilS 10 Naplt3lOobserw his
I«hniq= and has treared pali<:ms from over 20
Sillies. eight countries. Ihree can/i_IS and counh·ng.
He ..... I/I(lj/ If'amlly fetltured <HI IIIe ABC evening
/Jell:>" local affilialefor his masleryoflhis.nugery.
Dr. Figleslhaler is board unified, a Dip/lHI1ateoflhe
American Board of Urology, as well as a Fellow of
IIIe American College ofSurgeotU.
Digital Rectal Exam
In summary. the PSA blood tCSl is a valuable adjunctlO
the annual digital rectal examination. In order 10
rrw:imize the benefit ofPSA. it is essential 10 properly
interpret the result as it relates to the patient's age,
velocity of change and oIhcr ~ which rould alter
the £>SA value such as infection, trauma or modications. The primary care provider is the fmt responder
when it comes 10 determining when a patient may be
al an elevated risk for prostate cancer based upon
aMual screc:ning. Both the digital rectal exam and the
£>SA blood tCSl an: nocessazy 10 properly screc:n male
patients for prostate cancer. Urological referral should
be considered whencver there is a question of an
abnormal PSA or digital rectal examination.
Or Figleslhaler is included in Caslle Conll(l/ly~ lop
doclOrS "'ferrol guide based 011 pIt).:>"ieimr-leaJ
remuch and peer n1Yiew by leoding /iospilllls and
medical professiottals.
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Charlotte/South Sarasota Edition· December 2011 Health & Wellness
Minimally Invasive Treatment
for Chronic Acid Reflux
By Usa Minic
o you sutTer from chronic acid
reflux, also known as GaS!roE.
sophagcal Reflux Disease (GERD)?
Is it limiting the foods you can cat or when you can
eat? Does it keep you from sleeping comfonably,
or sleeping at all? Until recently, there were only
two treatment options for prople sutTcring from
GER D: prescription medication Or invasive
surgcry. Now there is a third option: EsophyX TIF,
an incisionless proccdure otTered by Dr. Alvaro
Bada of Pan Charlolle, One oflhe first doclors 10
otTer the procedure in southwest Florida.
TIF is an endoscopic procedure that tightens Ihe
lower ponion of the esophagus to re«>nstruet the
valve between Ihe esophagus and stomach.
The procedure is done under gcocno.l anesthesia in
less than O11e bour and, in mOSI cases, n:quin:s only
an ovemighl hospital Stay. As opposed to 0100
sw-g;cal opIions. TIF n:quircs no extemal or internal
incisions, which means no scarring and less chance
of complication Or other adverse etTeclS.
While the procedure is
Bada Slresses that this
procedure is not jUSl for
anyone sutTering from
heartburn. We all suffer
from occasi011al heartburn. One in four people
experience heanbum al
least once a month. For
these people, over-the-counter
should suffice. Those
who experience heart
bum at least once a week.
might "'lII1I1O cm;ida a daily ptcsui.-;on mcdicinc. nF
is meant for fllIierrts wlKl experienoe severe heartban and
acid reflux scvernl times a week or 011 a daily basis.
Following the procedure. Bada said most of his
palients resume their nonnal aClivily within
three to four days. However. returning 10 your
nonnal diet is another story. In the weeks imme_
diately following the procedure, patients are
asked to follow a strict diet of small meals COnsisting of soft foods, adding more and more
foods over a 12-week period. Patients are told to
avoid most raw fruits and vegetables. mcats,
breads and olher foods with a course texcure for
at least seven weeks.
According 10 Dr. Bada, "If you sutTer from
GERD and do not Want a lifelong regimen of
medication or do not want to undergo an
InvasIve surgical procedure, incisionless
EsophyX TIF is the best treatment option avail_
able. Following the procedure. 90"10 of my
palients nO longer take any medicalions white
85% claim to be completely symptom free ."
If you suffer from
chronic acid reflux. marked by
symploms such as
heanbum, hoarseness or sore lhroat,
persiStenl cou8h,
asthma, frequenl
swallowing, pain
or discomfon in
the chest. buming
sensation 1n the
throat or mouth or
regurgitation. call
941.255,0069 to schedule a consultalion.
For more lnIonnation .tsi1:
About Dr. Alvaro Bada
Dr. &uU is a high" npmmm gmml! "'rgnm in a
ranp of
~ading-dp "'pa"""'pit and NOS
("",,,ra! orifiu
'''rgUIl! uchniqun. In additUm
u> gmml! ,urgtryI his 'ptri4i1k1 indutk gaJlt«>ophagta!
diuas, ,,,'" ,Iu- Ia"" in min;"14l/y in"",i ... ,urgU.1 ,ffh.
MIagi" lill, ,Iu- TIF p""ttlUTt for trttl'ing rhranit
GERD. Dr. &uU', o,htr $J<rgUa! stTVim i1l(futk htmia
,..pair, Fl/ b/adLkr prob"-, rolan and rt(14! "'rgtrj.
b,..,." ,urgtryl ,lIin ca",", rolan(»(Opy, mdoSt:t1PJ 0- 'k
tn." '''re,...,)
la,,,, laparosropit pr(t(tduTt '«hniqun.
7h. Bad. R.jlw:
i, Ioc."d in ,Ju
rwo o'iur Ioc.'ions in ,Iu
NorTh Por, .nd Punt. Gorda ."as '0 '''VII ,k ,I<"
arta, wilh
ro"nding romml<ni,itt.
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Health & Wellness December 2011 - Charlotte/South Sarasota Edition
his past Saturday, November 12, the
"Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference Center" was the venue for a very
exciting and interactive educational program for
patients with Parkinson's Disease (PD) and their
care partners, The Course Direetorofthis symposium, Dr. Ramon A. Gil, Medical Dire.:tor of the
"PD Treatment Center of SW Florida", has been
organizing this event for more than 10 years.
with different fonnats, but always with an outstanding Faculty, bringing to S W Florida some of
the top World figures in the field of Parkinson's
Disease and Moveme nt Disorders. Names such
as: Or. Manhew Stern, Dr. Huben Fernandez, Or.
Michele TagJiati. Dr. kan Hubble. Dr. Robert
Hauser and the late Dr. William Kolle r are SOme
of the guest speakers that have over the years
made this event the best and most comprehensive
educational program for patients and care
partners affected by these disorders.
This year, Dr. Ryan Uilli, Chainnan of the Neurology Department and Director of the "PO and
Movement Disorders Program" at Mayo Clinic
in Jacksonville, was the latest top notch guest at
this gn.:at event. For this year's program, Dr. Gil
also invited Vibha Kumar (Yoga Instructor and
Therapist), Sergio Valdivia and Patricia De la
Ossa (Physical Therapists) and Sharon Fultz (Tai
Chi Instructor) to bring a truly holistic approach
to the treatment of PD.
of PO: balance problems and cognition. than
physical therapy and exereise on a r<:gular basis. for
at least 150 minutes a week. As a matter of fact, Dr.
Uitti. explained that anatomical changes in the brain
of patients who exereised on a r<:gular basis com:late
with the improvement in their neurological deficits.
Treatment Options for PO
Dr. Uilli's presentation was dedicated to review
The keynote speaker. Peter Gaylord, could not have
the cum:nt status of the search fw a cur<: fw PD.
been a better introduction to Dr. Uilli's presentaHe shar<:d with the audience the results of
tion. since he is a patient with PO for over 10 years.
numerous studies looking into drugs, gene
He demonstrated for the audience what he has been
therapy, stern cells, nutritional or diet suppleable to do with optimizing his physical fitness and
ments, physical thcrapy and exercises. To the
what he is able to do today, in tenns of balance and
surprise of many in the audience. Dr. Uilli
physical endurance. I dare to say that most
reported the fact that "as per today, there is
"non-Parkinson's individuals" arc not able to do.
nothing bellcr or proven to be more effcctive to
Ik was truly an inspiration for every person attend_
improve the two major challenges in the treatment
ing Ihis program.
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Charlotte/South Sarasota Edition - December 2011 Health & Wellness
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Health & Wellness December 2011 - Charlotte/South Sarasota Edition
Quickly and Accurately Determines Parkinson's
Or. Thomas Fabian, Advanced Imaging 01 Port Charlotte
his past weekend I had Ihe pleasure
How is Parkinson's Diagnosed?
What to Expect During a DaTscan
In the past, it was difficult to diagnose Parkinson's as
the symptoms ean mimic other diseases. Acoording
to the National Parkinson Foundation. the typical
person sees two to three physicians over a minimum
of two years before receiving an accurate diagnosis.
A key reason is that previously there has not been a
definilive leslto detect Parkinson·s disease. Fortunately. a test is now available that can determine
w hether or not someone has Parkill$Qn's. In January,
thc United States Federal Drug Administration
(FDA) approved GE Healthcare's DaTscan. The
DaTscan detects receptors that diminish in the brains
of paticnts with Parkinsonian syndromes such as
Parkill$Qn·s disease. Th is test can eliminate the experimce of years of uncertainty regarding the onset of
Parkill$Qn's. Earlier diagnosis Can enahle earlier
treatment and can prevent erroneous diagnosis from
occurring. Because it is a schedule II controlled
radiopharmaceutical, prescription and use of
DaTscan is limited to centers and physicians with the
required DEA and radioactive licenses. Fortunately,
Advanced Imaging has bcer1 ccnified and has begun
conducting the DaTscan. These scans are conducted
here locally allowing area physicians to quickly and
accurately determinc whether their patient has
Parkill$Qn ·s.
On the day of the test. drink plenty of fluids:
Parkinron's discuc. Not only was [
able to learn a great deal about Parkinsonian
syndrome, but [ was also able to observe the
spirit and thirst for knowledge exhibited by the
Parkinson's patients. their family members and
carelakers. Those in attendance ranged from
those who were newly diagnosed 10 those who
have been living wilh the disease for some lime,
and. in one instance. a lovely couple who came 10
the symposium after discoveri ng that their son
lIad been diagnosed wilh Parkinson's. For all
their differences, they all showed an incredible
desire to learn aboul Ihe disease and a great and
enduring passi.;," for li fe.
What is Parkinson's Disease?
Park inson's disease affeets the nerve cells in the
brain that control movement and balance. These
nerve cells make dopamine, which acts as a conductor telling the brain how to move. In patients
with Parkill$Qn's. the brain stops producing
dopamine. this in tum creates issues with
movement. Parkinson's disease symptoms can be
shaking or tremors. slow movement . stiffness
and balance problems.
Advanced ImagIng Conducts DaTscan
When the physician feels that it is necessary, they
conlact the staffatAdvanced Imaging 10 schedule the
exam. Advanced Imaging is the only facilitybelwccn
Sarasota and Miami that is authorized to completc
DaTscans. Prior to having the scan, the patient needs
to make sure that they alert their physician to any
allergies, medical conditions, if they are pregnant Or
planning on lxx:oming pregnant. or have reduced
kidney or liver function. In addition . there are several
medications thaI may need to be discontinued for a
shon time prior 10 the exam.
continue this practice for approximately two
days aftcr the exam. Wearoomfonable clothing:
you will not be required to change out of your
street clothes. Before the test begins. DaTscan
will be inje.:ted through an intravenous line in
your arm. After the injcction. you are free to
leave without any restrictions. After three houn,
you will return to Advanced Imaging. and you
will be placed on the imaging lable with your
head placed in a hcadrest. Aeamcra will be positioned above you, dose to your head. II is
imponant to lie as still as possible for the
duration of the exam, which will take approxi_
mately thiny minutes. After the exam, you are
frec to leave without any restrictions.
Fabian and the other radiologists at
Advanced Imaging will provide your physician
with a wriuen repon as well as images of your
brain. The OaTscan shows visual evidence of
Parkinsonian syndrome in the brain. This can
help decrease uncenainty around a diagnosis in
adult patients who havc signs or symptoms such
as shaking Or stiffness. The OaTscan is available
only with a prescription from your doctor. and
only your doctor can decide if this test is right
for you.
Advanced Imaging: The Clear Choice
Advanced Imaging conducts DaTscans and
many other state-of-the-an medical exams. For
more information on DaTscans or any other
diagnostic tests, contact Advanced Imaging at
941-135-4646. "',.,....dd";",dging.c"",. or stop
by to view the facility.
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Charlotte/South Sarasota Edition - December ZO II Health & Wellness
TOP FIVE Mistakes Made when Choosing
an Assisted Living Community
By Ed Hi• • leqlon Manor
n last month's issuI: we c:ovm:d K'Val
things you need 10 know when considering
anAssislC'd Livina Community(also mo..n
as an A lF): is no! I nursi", home. monthly oom.
admissioo ~ residenl agrttmrnl. quality o f
life, monthly relllal vs. buy·;n rommunity. penonalizing the l partment, and !1a1C surveys. To funher
educalC readers and ~fully cue IIOITIC lension
when il comes 10 making such III importanl
decision, we will now discuss lhe top five mosl
corrunon mi sukes made when choosing an ALF.
1. Settling On The CHEAPEST Priced FaCIlity.
If you buy Ihe cheapesl TV a nd il breaks-you can
"'Place il. If you buy Ihe chcap-esl food ilcm, il
may not taslC U good u something that cost
mOre----Out il 's IlOl going 10 kill you. The cheapest
car b~aking down can cause you a areal dc:al of
aggravation. However. lhe roeptive con·
sequences of a poorl y run assisled living commu·
nity arc potenlially vny serious. l ike any other
business, il takes ~enuc to operate e ffcctively. It
is gencnlty under-stood tlllll il ukes I minimum
of S2 SOO 10 care for In individual in 1/1 A lF. If
you '~ considcrina payina: less than that. you
should find OUt what services are being cut or what
personal cares are beina compromised.
2. Getting AdvIse From Those Who ~'t
Fully JUS! like all doo:\Orr; and bo5pilals
are noI the same, III Ass;sled Living Communities
arm' llhe same either. Even Ihou&h ~ AlF's
may have the same $laIC license, each one: rnIIy be
equipped, Of have the desire. 10 perform • higher
level of care. It is IlOl uncommon for soci.l
workers. cue managers, and even physicians to not
3. Feeling Yoo've "Found A Deal." The
~ li~h~s ... "lf
it sounds 100 good to be true, it
il ...... " You get what you pay for...... a~ JUSt u
relevant when il comes to sllopping for the riglll
Assisted Li ving option . If a community is ~gularl y
having 10 offer ''specials'' & "deals". or come up
wilh • new Mgimmick" 10 get someone 10 move-in, it
is probably because they are having I di fficult lime
retaining Ihosc rnidcnts that fell victim 10 their lut
Mspecill or deal. MWby are SO many people leaving1
You can only imagine the seriousness of the issues
lllal e~iSl if 1/1 individual is will ing 10 move out after
p g through all of the ,",'On: to move-in.
4, Not Allowing Enough Time To Adjus t To
The N_ Environment Any move or change can
be: O\'''''''''hclming, stressful, and lrIIumalic, Imagine
intmupl ing. routine that 'S existed for 20, 30, or 40
~an. Quite often lhe individual . lso has 10 adjusl
to a maj or change in lheir mroital condition. By
itsel f. th is could cause somc:onc 10 become lII~ious
.nd dcp~sscd. Now co uple Ih at with I change in
the ir
fully understand the scrvie<s I vailable for all
menl and you
ALF'I. The person best educated 10 dc:temlinc if a
have the m:ipe
corrununily can handle a particular cue, is the
a difficult
person doing the usessment.
transiti on. Every
individual is dif.
20480 Veterans 81Yd., fIIIrt Cllarlotte, FL 339 54
ferent. bul a
common amount
_ .la:IngtOft M.norPortChartotte,com
of lime needed to
Start making the adjustmtnl is 2·3 weeks. This
adjustmenl period mighl be: shortened if the community hal I fonnal "transition pro-gram" in
place. Those communities that have devoted
resour<:es to the development. and imp1cmtntalion ofa "trtnsilion prograrn", ~ demonstrating
a more thorough under-standing of the needs of
their new rcsidc:nts.
5. Waiting Too Long Before Moving Into An
",-slsted Uvlng Community, A conunon
lhouglll of individuals, u ....ell u family members
iJ ... HI'm not ready,R .. , "Mom's nOi ready yet-
The time 10 consider an Assisted Living Community is noc after ~'s been a significant decline
in Ihc penon'l health. FOf example, Ihc statistics
show thai Ippro~imalely 50% of those that suITer
• broken hip. end up having 10 nlO\'e to a mlflling
home, or WOOl. Many individuals miss Ihc
Assisled Living experience u Ihcy struggle to
slay in their house.
The decision 10 make I mo'''' to an Assisted living
Community can be a very overwhelming experience. Hopefully we have provided you with some
u$Cful infonnation. Ed Hill has assisted hundreds
of individuals. and fami lies. evaluale their senior
living opiions. Ilis specialty is working with lhose
in need of assisted living. Ed can be reached by
email : [email protected]
ll Ed Ibi "'" a.n.-
- - - - - - -- - - - - - - - -_ _ _ _ _ www . swfHe a lth a ndWe lln ess.c om _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
• Fatigue/Low Energy · Constipation
• Depression · Unexplained Weight Gain
• Thinning or Brittle Hair . Anxiety
f. [liln","y Losing Weight
. Always Feeling Cold
• Night Sweats · Morning Headaches
learn about a DRUG FREE
alternative that will change your life!
Regardless of Your
Age or Medical Condition!
Now m~ n of all ag~s can find Ih~ solution 10 ere<:liJ~ dysnmclion and
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We offcr personalized lreatmcnt Ihat' s fasl and casy. with no surgery
or pain. On~ appointm~nt will chanS" your life forever.
See Results In Just 1 Visit
and Get Your Sex Life Back!
Our Liccnsed Physicians Will Help You
• Assi<led living
• Spacious apanmenl3 willi
choice ofAoor plans
• Nutritious. goonne!,
reslaurant'$I)'k dining
• Housekeeping and laundry services
• Sthcduled local and medical
uanspo<talion available
• Social, =n:a1ionaJ, and
spiritual a<1ivilics
Ouli~ I<>
area res!auranl3 and
shopPIng ""nlers
• Assis13l1Ce w/ of daily living
• Special diClary menus
• Emergent:)' call SY$loms
• MediCa!"'" managemem
20480 Velera ns Irou le\lard • Pori C har lo lle. FL JJ954 • 941 -766-79\11
Yoww.Lexinglonl\1anorPorIC harlolte.eom
Al"," " ' , ' _
Call (239) 693-5200
12650 World Plaza Lane, Building 72. Suite 2
Fort Myers. Fl. 33907
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
Dr. Myles Samotln Is a Columbia University Graduate and
Fellowship Trained at the Hospital for Joint Diseases in New York City.
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Health & Wellness December 2011 - Charlotte/South Sarasota Edition
hilt HlY/AIDS does no! gel
the public attention it did a
decade or two ago the infC<:1iOll
continues 10 grow in Ihe United States and
globally at an alanning rate. 44 million people
worldwide are now estimated 10 be living wilh
H1V. 22 million people have died from AIDS
related diseases and 15 million ~hildn:n have been
orphaned. Rc<::enlly released figures show lha\ in
2009. for the first lime, Florida had Ihe highest
number of new H1V infections in the CQurnry with
5.775 ncw H1V infe<:lions.
Flcridians with HIY!A ID$ are living longer than
eVe!" before. This pllcnomenon, which many have
dubbed as the "graying of the AIDS epidemic," is
due in large pan to Ihe achievements of highly
active amiretroviral therapy (HAARD, which
allows HIV patients 10 manage their diseases more
successfully, as well an astonishing number of
new diagnoses in che over SO. senior community.
Older aduhs, with the help of drug5like Viagra for
men and honnonc supplemcnts for women, are
scaying sexually accive well inco cheir golden
)'<Oars. An AARP (fonnerly !he American ASSQ<;ia_
cion of RC!ired Persons) smdy found Ihat among
adults becw~ che ages of 45 and 59. 55 percent
of men and 50 percenC of women reponed being
sexually accive in the previous si x-monlhs: of
chose surveyed becween che ages 60 to 74. 31
pen.:em of men and 25 pen:enc of women reponed
being sexually active. These high percentages are
an effect of people living longer, more active lives,
As a resuh ofthcir longevity, many seniors may be
venturing back inco che world of dacing after che
death of a spouse or divor<.:e. wilh linle experience
in the practice of safe scx, Bclieving chcrnselves
immune co sexually transmined diseases (STDs)
and ru no risk for pregnanc.:y, older adults don 'I often
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Charlotte/South Sarasota Edit ion - December 2011 Health 3< Wellness
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Health &. Wellr.ess December 2011 - Charlotte/South Sarasota Edition
Are You Ready to Get Looped?
By Or. NoAI Crosby, Au.D.
No ... I'm not Inlliting you to imbibe in an
alcoholic beveI'"ogel Instead rOm advocating
that you learn about the benefits of having a
tele<:oil circuit in your hearing aids and what the
not-so-distant future will hold for those who
wear hearing instruments.
If you wear hearing aids. you know Ihat
although they arc extremely beneficial and can
dramatically improve your ability to hear and
und«rstand, they cannot restore nQrrns! hearing.
Often this is most evident to hearing aid users
when they anend church, g'1
a conccn or
a!lend other types ofpablic functions where the
spoken word or music can be more difficult to
understand due to diminished clarity caused by
sound reverberalions or e<:hoes.
What many users and potential users do nOt know
is thai hearing aids can easily become wireless
=ivers ifthcy arc equipped with a featurccalled
a tclccoil. The rcsult is clear sound delivered
directly to your hearing aids.
Originally designed to work with assistive listening devices and telephones. the telewil. which is
a special circuit located inside the hearing aid that
can pick up ele<:tromagnClic signals. can signifi_
cantly boost the benefit you receive from wearing
I>caring devices. It works by lum;ng off Ihe
microphone (which picks up all sounds and can
cause feedback). picking up ele<:tromagnet;e
signals and converting the signals into sound.
Whal I find most exciting is what the near futun:
will bring. Imagine going to a church or to a thcatre
thai has been looped wilh a wirc around the perim_
eter that will act as an antenna for your telewil. (If
you've lraveled 10 Europe you will know whall am
talking about. JuSt check out the Weslminslcr
Abbey if you plan a visillO England soon.)
Unfortunalely. the United States has lagged
behind Europe when il comes 10 looping public
buildings. But all that is about 10 change! Until
recently, there wercn't enough P'X'ple in the U.S.
wearing hearing aids with tel«oils to justify Ihe
expense. But that has changed in Ihe laSI de<:ade.
Behind-the-car models have become morc
popular and the percentage of hearing aids sold that
come wilh tclccoils has increased from 30 percent
10 69 percent according to various professional
sources. As a result. Amcnca will soon join Europe
in "getting looped.""
To expedile the implemenlstion of placing
hearing loops in public buildings, the Hearing
1..0s$Associalion of America and IheAmerican
Academy of Audiology recently announced a
public education campaign called "Get in the
Hearing Loop" designed to "enlighten and
excite hearing aid users. as well as audiologists and other professionals who dispense
hearing aids, aboul Ihe benefits of telecoils
and hearing loops."' As an enthusiastic supporter of this campaign and owner of
Advanced Hearing Solutions, I am pleased to
announce Ihal our Englewoo-d office has been
looped . I invite everyone to try it OUt! Even if
you don't have a leleeoil in your hearing aid,
you will be able to hear the difference a
hearing loop makes by wearing a special
headset. That is why looping public buildings
makes so much sense ... everyone who has a
hearing loss can benefit!
Here is a short sampling of U.S. installations
provided by the Il ea It 19 Loss AssociatIon;
• New York City subway infonoation booths:
more than 300 installalions at stations in
Queens. Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Manhattan
• Information kiosks at the Metropolitan
Museum of Art
• Ticket booths at Disney World lickel cenler
• U.S. House of Representatives
• U.S. Botanical Gardens shunle bus
• Osh Kosh Grand Opera
• Both oonrourscs and all gate areas of Grand
Rapids. Mi airpon
• N.Y. Mets Stadium ticket window
• 14,759 seat Michigan State University
basketball arena
• Kitchens and great rooms of new homes
being built at Green Valley, AZ relirement
community called "La Posad
Hearing Loss Association of Sanltsota, Fl..,
recently received a Selby Foundation gnltnt
to loop 10 theaters.
The William G. & Marie Selhy Foundation has
approved a S72.457 granl proposal submitted by
the Hearing Loss Association of Sarasota to
provide hearing loop systems for 10 perfonoing
arts halls in the (\010 counties. The hearing loop is a
system thaI sends clear. clean and interference-frec
sound from the stage's microphone directly into
the hearing aids or cochlear implants of the
hearing impaired in the audicnce .
The 10 theatres includes 13 stages. which will
receive the grant: Asolo Theatre, Florida Studio
Theatre (Keating), Florida Studio Theatre
(Gomprett). Manatee Player's Theatre. Neel Performing Arts Cenler (Main), Ned Performing Arts
Center (Pinkerton), SanLsota Opera, Sarasota
On:hestra, The Player's Theatre. Venice Community
Center, Venice Thcatre (Main), Venice Theatre
(Pinkerton) and the Westcoast Black Theatre Troupe.
For mGIIIlnrormatlon about looping visit,
Give me a call at 941-474-8393 to find oot more orto
let me know lOU want to aperiooce for lOU!Se~ ...oot ~
feels like to .get looped I·
PRm":SSIO:-lAl. BlO
Dr. "", I C""hy. Au .D..
"'" nc, ,", praC!1clI\g
.u<I", I ,,~ ,,'
Hoar;ng Solulio n,
f ··
" " '"
" 'ho", ra ......,r ha, bcen
uc",tcu t(, hdp'''~ pco ·
plo or all age< hoar and undeNond more cka,l;
With ,>I'"r :>.1 Y""" of "'I"',ien,'''. D,. ( '""by ,
,'",cor pa,h " ma rh"rl h,' 'he PUT>U" "r auY.n,,,1
edlK"t ;""
..\her complet ing her unue,grauuJlc
,,",!ulT,mcn". ,ho "'"'' cJ her Ib,hdor and \1.""
of So ien<e dog,ec, t'om f lo,;da State L"ni'e'Slty
"nd her 11t"",,,"tc in '\ud;olog; from 'h, Lni"",ty
of Flo,ida
lkr c,edihility a, an aUlhmity grew during her
"nu" as the \)',,",''IT or ,\udlOl ogy at 'h, S,h,,·
, teln In , titute ;n Sa ra,ota H. I'om 1991 ·1 99R
rod.y. '" addition to mana~,"~ a ,u,"""l'ul aud",l ·
on ~icc. !"Ir. ('nw; i<N cm1flktcd her """...-.:[ ...."fTl1
"' p""idcnt 01 The FI"rida ..\<ad<.,,,y of AuJ,ol o~y
94 1-474-8393
www. drnoeicrosby. com
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Charlotte/South Sarasota Edition· Oecember 2011 Health'" Wellness
Holiday Tips for Homebound Family & Friends
elcbrating trnditions is pan of the
holiday season, but panicipating in
rituals Can sometimes
people wping with illness.
injury or surgery.
The busy hcJ1iday season can be stressful for
evayone. That stress is escalated for the elderly and
sick. However, carefully considering each person's
individual circumstances and n=ls can help make
their holidays brighter and more enjoyable.
The healthcare team at Infinity lIomcC"", offers
these tips for a more enjoyable holiday:
In the United States. 8 pcn;ent of the population is
living with diabetes, and obesity rates for adults
have reached 34 percent. Consider sharing a
holiday concen or Olltural event together instead of
a meal. and replace that food gift with a nonfood
item such as a health-conscious cookbook.
Slippers are a common gift for the elderly. but
don't buy them based On outside appearances. One
in five Americans 60 and older has diabetes. and
improper footwcar can cause serious hcalth
problems. Inspect the inside of the slippers for
seams that could irritate skin or cause a wound.
Consider sioo.wrap slippers with Velcro fasteners
for recipients with swollen feet.
Bring the holidays to someonc who is homebound due to injury or surgery re<:ovcry or
too tired from an illness to decorate. Wreaths
and poinsettias brighten any room . You might
also offer to help the pcrson put up holiday
For someone who is battling a serious illness.
the act of sending OUt holiday greetings can be
overwhelming. Help compose and duplicate a
brief note. then set aside an afternoon when
your friend can sign cards as you address and
mail them.
Talk about your friend or relative's hcahh and
really listen to learn what you can do to help.
Maybe he/she needs a walking partner or
someone to pick up prescriptions.
Don't force someone who isn't physically up to
it to celebrate the season with gusto. him
or her know that sharing thc holidays is what
matters most.
With a lillie planning. your thoughtful gestures
can truly make this the most wonderful time o f
the year for family and friends that"", homebound this holiday season .
Do you have questions about your
Parkinson's Disease or treatment?
Call to schedule a FREE SCREENING
PIII1dnson's Disease Treatment Center of SW FlorIda
~lJ! Kinp II;",....,.. Uo. tOl, _
CIIorIoctc. Fl J]98O
J600 " , II;... ....... Woof, _ . Fl Jtm
70S O<t ......., ~ SlUt< 6, Cop: c.-I. ~1. JJ90.0
A. Gil, M.D.
~. A
CI¥ !
A _ _ ofl_ _
_ _ F_
941 .629.1600
0.... T•• ", 01 T.. I..... Profflolo ... l. InetuM:
~~--~ & RMped:
Custom C.." o.MY_ WIth
F\;oI(lpoBIIotc..~_ ~~~-..
..... _
$ofoIy"'I.<M_ r_ _ $ofoIy
.I(Ilr...... ' _ _ ..
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ www .swfHealtha nd We _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
Health & Wellness December 2011 - Charlotte/South Sarasota Edition
Sun Safety Tips
"Here Comes the Sun: How To Protect Yourself From Its Harmful Effects"
By SeniOr Extra at Charlotte RegiOnal MediCal Center
un and fun go hand_in_hand. Protecting your skin and eyes fTom the
Iwmful effects ofUV rays is essential.
In Ihe United Stales, skin cancer is the mosc prevalent fonn of cancer, and according 10 (he Centers for
Disease Control, one in five Americans will develop
skin cancer in tile course ofa lifetime.
While it is true that fairer skinrn:d j)CQplc have 10 be
Ihe most vigilant. UV rays do not discriminate.
On behalf of Senior Extra at Charlotte RaQioo Ia~
here are a few ways you CM stay safe:
• Stay OUt of the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
seck shade during this lime.
• Apply sunscreen wilh SPF IS or higher.
• Wear UV blocking sunglasses.
• O;.ver up with long sleeves and a hat.
o Check your skin regularly for any changes.
Many people dQn'! kl><}w that sunS<,:rt:CIl expires.
Before applying sunscreen. always check the expiralion dale 10 ensure it is still effective. If you plan 10
be outside for mon:: than two~, always reapply
sunscreen after sweating or swimming.
Lastly, if you notice any changes in your skin, it is
best to visit your doctor or d<:nnatologist for a proper
Outdoor activities make us happy and promo\<:
healthy living. Senior EJ.tra wants you toenjoy your
summer by following these simple suggestions to
combat hannful UV rays and prevCTlt skin cancer.
About Senior Extra
Evcr-<:hanging advanccments in hcalthcare allow us
10 live longer and improve our overall health. Pr0viding the latest information abom health advance·
ments through monthly seminars and cvents is just
one facet of Senior Extra. To sign up fora free memo
bclOhip, visit
About Char10He Regional Medical Center
Charlone Regional Medical Center is an award·
winning facility, with OUr heart program and stroke
servi= earning nationwide distinction. The
employees of our 208-bed Joint Commission
Accredited full service hospital are dedicated \0
abiding by our hospital'S mission s!lItement: Caring
professionals dedicated to serving our community.
Strides continue to be made in the medical care we
provide. Our comprehensive cardiac can: program
remains a thriving one. We have earned Top 100
Hospi!lll distinction from the Thomson ReuteJ3 finn
for the cardiac and stroke services we provide. and
have been recognized by another national ratings
finn as well for Our cardiac care, pulmonary services,
and neuroscience (stroke) services. Our commitment
to Our community is evident in many other areas as
well. Much has changed over the past half-<:entury.
However, our pas! and Our future have one thing in
common: Our commiuncnt to providing you with
quality health care administered by a caring s!llfT.
The journey continucs. Charlot\<: Regional Medical
Center, 809 E. Marion Avenue, Pun!ll Gorda,
Myth or Fact:
You ara aafe from the efl'ects of UY
rays when it Is cloudy or overcast.
This ia one of the most common
myths auociated wtth uv protection.
UY rays easily penetrata c louds and
haze, making It possible lor the sun
to damage )'Our skin. Again, always
CO'IfW up and wear your aunac:reen.
Charlotte Regional
Medical Center
thot this Informa';{JII ;. Mt intend"" to
f'<'plflCt: th~ advice ofyour d~t()r. bur /"(/th~r ID incf'<'tlSe
aW{Jf'<'neSJ and ~elp ~uip PDtiems ..ith injormfJIiDn
and j{J(;i1itale """wl"$a';o~ ,..;,h your pJ.y#c;an that
..ill ~nrfi' your health.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - .... - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Char lotte/South Sarasota Edition - December 2011 Health & Wel lness
UOAA Offers Support
he United Ostomy Associati{ms of
America, Inc (UOAA) is a nonprofit
organization with a mission and vision.
UOAA is an association of affiliated. nonprofit,
support groups who are commincd to the
improvemem of the quality of life of people who
have, or will have. an intestinal or urinary diversion. It is dedicated to the provision of informa_
tion, advocacy and service to, and for. its affiliated
support groups, their members and the
intestinaUurinary diversion community at large.
The UOAA is comprised of Over 300 Affiliated
Support Groups (ASGs) nationwide. We arc an
organization that strives to provide education to all
and promote awareness, thus eliminating the
stigmas and fe~ that surround this surgical inter_
vention. The UOAA functions on donations
provided by its members,ASGs (affiliated suppon
groups) and other doJ\OTll. We arc an organization
that collaborates with the WOCN (Wound Ostomy
Continence Nurses) Society, TSA (Transportation
& Safety Administration). the American College
of Surgeons and the American Society of Colorce_
tal Surgeons to promote the overall health and
well being of its membership.
An ostomy is a diversion of the intestinal or
urinary tract to provide either a divel1iion of fecal
or urine matter. People who are faced with this
surgery face a great deal of change in their lives.
including but nOt limited to, body image adjUStments, life style adjustments and dietary adjUStments. There are different reasons why one may
face ostomy surgery. inch>ding but nOt limited to:
Crohn's Disease. ulcerative colitis. cancer,
trauma, and birth defects. Each individual is given
a 'stoma' which is the portion of the intestine that
is brought to the surface of the abdomen to
provide evacuation of waste. Most people who
have ostomy surgery need to wear an external
pouchlprosthetic to collect the waste.
the prosthetics that arc worn. Our latest conference was a National Conference held in Reno,
NV in AugUl;t of2011. The next National ConferenCe is scheduled to be held in Jacksonville. FL
in August of 2013. At the National conferences,
we provide outstanding, well known surgeons,
physicians and nurses to provide educational
sessions. hands on ostomy care, and insight to
changes in procedures or treatments.
The UOAA provides Regional Conferences, 0
the eVen years; Leadership sem inars. and
National conferences, On the odd years. These
conferences provide the membcl1ihip with educational sessions, social sessions and involvement
with the manufacturing companies that provide
5e;2e the
to ...
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
Health'" Wellness December 2011 • Charlotte/South Sarasota Edition
The Naked Truth About Sunscreen
Riverchase Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery
Did You Know?
Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer, With
over 1 million people diagnosed each year. the statis·
tics are daunting; someone will die fNery hour from
melanoma. The tragedy lies in tI1e fact thai skin cancer
is curabte. Ea~y detection and protection are impera·
tive for surviva l.
3.33", thus 96.7" protection. 1/50 - 2%, tI1us 98% pJG.
!ection. 1/100 - 1" ,thus 99" protection. Broad spectrum
refers to the protection of both INA and lNB rays.
Are You Wearing Enough Sun
A. I personally li ke 40-50. More is fine, but is not necessarily more protective. HCJwe\'!!r, tI1ere are some vel)' 9'od
sunscreens thai have higher numbers, but ~ is not the
number that makes rt a weal one, ~ is a 9'od SUrJSaeOO
because of its components, My choice of product is Vani·
cream 60 Sport .mich can be puJt:hased wer the counter.
The intense Rorida sun beams cancer causing INA and
lNB rays through car windows. refteelS off the water, eYefI
under beach umbrellas, and scorthes revealed skin .mere
hats and clothing don1 cover, Even when ~ jso't a typicat
sunny day, cancer causing rays penetrate through the
douds leaving behind a damaging sunbum,
Q. What do you recommend for daily SPF
and for all day outdoor activities?
Read Between The Wrinkles
Dr. IflmOerly Davidson,
Board certified Dermatologist. recommends the foI·
lowing criteria for choosing
the right SUrJSaeOO wtth
br'oad spectrum protection
for normal or sensitive skin
typeS and 'IIt1y ~ should be
a daily ritual.
IfjOu're not wearing a da ily dose 0( sun~, more
tllM likefy)'OU may be confused by the meaning of SPF.
the numbers that follow, and the undefined terminology of
"broad spectrUm."
Recently, the FDA announced changes to the labeling for
sunscreen in an effort to help consumers ftnd products
that help reduce the risk of skin cancer and early aging. To
better understand these new guidelines on SUrJSaeOO, the
expertS of Riverthase Demlatology and Cosmetic Su.gery
shed some light on the facts about sunscreen,
Numbers Don't Lie, or Do They?
Daniel Wasserman,
Board Certified Derma·
toIogist and Fellowship.
trained Mohs Su~,
explains .mat SPF and
blOOd spectrum mean,
and simplifies the math to
compre!1end tI1e mystery
behind the numbers.
Q, What is SPF and what is the meaning of
broad spectrum?
SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor lIIflich is a
scoring system for lNB protection, This has no retation·
ship to INA protection. A simple mathematical trick to
understand the amount of protection is to take tiSPI' to
see how mUCh UVB is getting through . 1/30 - about
Q. What are the most important ingredients
in a SPF?
A, look for one of the following ingedients in )tlur sun·
screen In order to make sure )OIl are getting both INA and
lNB "broad·spectrum" coverage: titanium dioxide, linc
oxide, avobenrone (PaISOl 1789), or M=ry1 (ecamsule).
The SPF rating on the bottle is not enough to iP by as the
number on the bottle only tells)Oll how much lNB protec·
tion )'OU are getting. Demlatologisls recommend SPF 30
with one of the aboYe inwedients. Patients with sensitiVe
skin should look for oonscreens wtth line O>.ide and/or
titanium dioxide as the main inWed ients. There are marl)'
sunscreens avaltable that are spedfically made for sensi·
tive skin (usually labeled as sensitive skin or baby formula·
tions) that have no chemical sunscreens that can cause
allergic readions. The chemical sunscreens can also
a~te eczema, rosacea, and other hypersensitivity con·
ditions. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are mineral
pl'rj'sical bIodoIers that do not get absorbed Into the skin.
They plO>'i<le a p~1 barrier .mich is better tolerated by
all fonos of se!lsitive skin. Newer formulations are micron·
Ized and not as .mite on the skin as the older formulations.
Some examples O<ef the counter are: Neutrogena Sensi·
tive Skin, A...eeno Sensitive Skin, Blue lizard 5ensitiYe
Skin, or Vilnicream. Dr. Davidson recommends MOSolar
Science 'or a cosmetic medical I"J(Ide sunscreen lIIflich
can be PlJrchased in a physician's office.
Q. Besides protection from skin cancer,
what other benefits does sunscreen offer?
A. R~r sunscreen use can preYefII t)'Iotoagingand photoda~. Photoda~ (sun damage) makes us look
older by causing premature wrinlding. age spotS (brown
spoIS),1eatheI)' skin, and sagging of the skin. IIetJIa< sun·
saeetl use also pre.>ents DNA damage I'IIIich can lead to
precancerous lesions 01 the skII. These precancerous
lesions look like red, ~ blotches that feel like sandpape<.
Key Factnrs in _ n g Skin Cancer
'M1aring a daily sunscreen, performing periodic se~ exam~
nations. and an annual ';\Sit to the demlatoIogist are key
factors in preventing skin cancer. For more information on
determining \\t\at kind of sunscreen is best for)'OU and
)'OUr 'amil\l contact Riverchase Dermatology and Cosmetic
SurI§erY, Southwest Florida's most comprehensive skin
center offering non-surgical radiation the!a17J', The Camisa
PsorIasis Center & Laser and Skin Cancer Institute, three
Fellowship.trained MOOs surgeons, aa.anced cosmetic
dermatology, and an experiertced plastic oorgeDn on staff.
00.............. .... ......
F.r1 MJIllLG_Oo',
Il10... I.....
f50N,COO .... "" ... iIOJ
C_ Coni
L.2S-.,.......,.. 'L02
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
Charlotte/South Sarasota Edit ion
Arthritis of the Foot and Ankle
By Myles Rubin $amotin, MD - Board
Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon. Fellowship Trained in FOOl and Ankle
The signs and symptOmS 0( arthritis are ~1IeI311y the same
throughout the body and this holds true to( the foot and
ankle joints. Stiffness, sv.elling, tenderness aod pain are
associated with lower extremity (foot and ankle} arthritis.
Bone spiJfS ~ fonn at the joints and since the foot Is
made mostly 01 boIle. these spurs may stick 0\11 and malle
the joint appear lumP)'. The joint may become deformed.
Sometimes, witI1 the v.eigtlHleanng joints s.uc/1 as foot
aod ankle. the joint may feel ·unstable" or feel like
ready to give oot The 'MIlS!. symptom will be that
walkjng may become quite painful.
The J!Od thing about foot and ankle arthritis, if lhere is one,
Is that there are many typeS of OOI'$e.vati\'e treatment that
can be used in Older to alleviate the symptOmS. v.11ich is
mainly pain with stiffness. Simple steps such 115 steroid
Injections, alJtl.lnflammatory pain reI~rs, placing pads.
an::l1 suP\Xll1S or other inserts into footwear, and even
aJStom footwear or bracing 0( the foot or ankle can all be
used to relieve symptoms. Plrjsk:al tIleraP'/. exercise and
eYeI'I a wei~t loss prO~m can be a benefit to easing JOUr
symp1OOlS. A specialist in foot and ankle is genelllily aware
of an these treatment typeS arid will util~ them In an
attempt to help the patient.
December 2011 Health & Wellness
H~r.lille the large joints such as hip and knee. con·
5ef\Ia1iYe treatment sometimes wi ll not 'IIOfIc at all on a
patient and more likely. will help for Mlile, but due to the
increasing seYerity of the arthntis, wi ll eventually cease
helping the patient. Surgical options will then need to be
considered. If )IIU haw mild or modelil1e arthritis. especia lly in \!Ie ankle only. an ankle arthlOSCOPI' may be wa,·
IlIOted 10 help cut back on \!Ie arthritic changes in the
ankle joint. In the foot and toe joints, as well as more
arthritic ankle joints. SlJrgefy may irMIlYe an arthrodesis
(fusion) of \!Ie joint to eliminate pain. In some IlIre cases
of severe ankle arthritis. a speQalist may recommend an
ankle replacement using prostheses, which are used in
hip and knee replacement Sl!rgery. But. most specialists
win eenerally avoid \!Ie ankle replacement SlIrget}\ sinr::e
the techniques and prostheses are not as advanced as
they are in hip and knee replacement Sl!rgery and they
haYe been known to haw marly more implant failures
with catastroph ic reSlItts.
The most important \!ling about arthritis 01 the foot and
ankle. which I haYe stated $Mral times. is to be seen and
followed I1j the proper clinician \\t1Q can h~p)IIU in marly
watS to soIYe JOUr artMtic ankle Of foot and help jOU
return 10 II more pain-tree, less symptomatic liIe.1 am a
Board certified Orthopaedic Suf8lOO with a Subspeciallj\ fellowship Trained in Foot & Anlole SlItger)'. In
fact.I am the only Sl!f8lOO with these qualifications in our
area . I belie'll! this makes me uniquely able 10 deal with
these problems in a state-of-the·art atmosphere and
method that will keep )IIU in I>OOd hands and proYide )IIU
with \!Ie most desired resutt.
Ate you suffering from lymphedema and chronic swelling
of upper or lower extremities?
• Newborns to AdoIe$Cents
• Well & Sid< waiting Area
• New Paoonl1l Welcome
• Mel$! Insurances Ao::epIed
We Can Help!
you.- lllIo.t.t...." """"""Y
- . . . , . Of. ~torm b... bl"'~ plan.
_ _ !he....,pies \'0<1 ......:I to sIIorI ....
toOOV«Y time In yoI.O" own home!
s,"" 10
Helgemo and Liou
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.. .<:em
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Health & Wellr.ess December 2011 - Charlotte/South Sarasota Edition
dental visit with CEREC
By Or. Joseph Farag
cw technologies
making our
lives simpler and easier everyday
and dentistry has certainly not been
Th"',,,. a great new system called
CEREC, you can now have a high_tech smile in a
single visit
In days gone by, you may have needed 10 visit the
dcnlisl1wO or three limes 10 have a quality. while
ceramic restoralion. The dentist would need \0
take a Sp<:<.:ial impression to make a plaster mwel
for lhe denIal laboratory \0 gencrale an Clura
repliu of your 1001h in order 10 hand-make your
porcelain ",SI01'31;00. The "aftsmanship of the
laOOI'll\ol)' technician is highly regarded, but gen-
erally requires a minimum tum-around time of
two weeks, leaving you 10 function with a temp<)ral)', generally plastic, restoration.
Instead of multiple dentist appointments and
weeks for a completc restoralion, CEREC allows
lhe denlisllo achieve the same, if 001 beller, results
in a single visil. CEREC
is an IICronym for Chairside Eronomieal Resloration of Esthetic Ceramics.
Translated, il means lhal a
denlisc ean economically
reslore damaged 1OC11i in a
single appOintment using
malerial Ihal malches.
CEREC uses the latesl
Compuler-Aided Design
ar.d Manufaclure (CADCAM) tcchnology incorporaling
COmpuler and milling
machine in one instrumenllO give you perfect,
while fillings, veneers
crowns, all in a a frac.
tion of Ihe time il used
10 take.
Here 's how it w orks.
Once your deniisl detenTlines that CEREC is the
correcl COW"Se of lreatmenl, your visil will begin by
preparing the tooth. Any decay, ifprcscnt, is removed,
leaving as much possible of your heallhy loodl 10
support the CEREC reslOT1llion . Nexl, your denlisl
will use a specially designed electronic camera lhat
makes a digilal3D model of your looth in seconds.
You can Ihen walch your denlisl design your new restoration on a compuler screen, righl beside Ihe dental
chair using Ille 3D image created by lhe camera. The
virtual filling is then lransferred inlo reality, again
using CEREC. A solid block of porcelain ceramic is
insel1ed inlo Ihe CEREC milling unit. Special lools
then sculpt your restoration 10 Ihe finest delail based
on the resloralion designed on the CEREC compuler.
The pcrfcc\-fit reSloration is completed and placed in
your moulh wilh Ihe whole process only taking
around an hour! CEREC fillings are nalurallooking,
smooth, white and hard-wcaring, juSllike the enamel
swface of Ihe resl of our leelh. The ceramic
malerial is biocompatible and is not effected
by hot or cold.
Before and ajler: CEREC restorations
look and feel beller than amalgam
(above and gold (below), and can be
completed in a Single appointment
The office of Dr. Joseph famg offers CEREC
restoration. f or more dc\ails ar>d CEREC or to
schedule an appointmenl for a check-up please
call (941) 764-9555 today.
Btouti/ul smilu .ogin
CALLTODAY: 941-764-9555
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December 2011 Health 3< Wellness
The Power of Antioxidants ...
for Your Health, Hair and Skin!
By Jenny's Hair & Nails
INe JOU noticed recently )\lur skin
a b~ less vibrant, or there may be
anothef hne winking at )OIl in the miffor?
How about )\lur hair? Does it seem dull, thin, or has it just
seemed not to hold its color? There is a culprit to all of
this, and it is the one "Free" thing that is cos~ng )\lu
dea~1, and cou ld be affecting )\lur health. Free Radicalsl
Free radicals are created by ro:ida~on. O:>:idation is
unavoidable. As long as we breathe OX)'gen arid are
exposed to UV light 3< radiation, there will be ro:idaVon in
our body and the creation of free radicals will alwil)'S
continuel Free radicals in smal l and controlled quantities
are OK and indeed are helpful in everyday metabolism,
as the)' take part in normal reactions in the body.
Antioxidants Neutralize FrH Radicals
The problems start -..hen the production of these free
radicals increases. A helpful way to put these tree
radicals in balance is to begin consuming products -..hich
allow for the neutraliZing of free radicals. They are-free
radical scavengers" and have high amounts of an~oxi·
dants. An~oxidants have the power to protect)\lu from
disease and slow the aging process, as they fight the free
radicals in )\lur body that can harm JOUr cells. if )'Our anti·
oxidant levels are low, oxidative stress can occur, making
)\lu suscep~ble to malrf illnesses. You may notice JOUr
skin is dl)llr or less pliant; )\lur hair dull and lifeless. In
order to keep JOUr body healthy and )\lur immune
sj'Stems strong,)\lu must consume an abundant amount
of antioxidants on a daii)' basis.
Common Powerhouse Antloxldant5
These poweIhouses can be fouoo in marl)' fruits aoo veg·
etables. Common antioXidants include vitam in A, vitam in
c. vitamin E, ~enium. beta-tarotene. na.onoids and
poljlphenols. Some foods that contain antioXidants aoo
can benefit JOUr health inclooe: 8en\es,Artichoke5, Red
Grapes and Red Wine. Beans. carrots. Apples. Potatoes.
aoo the most su!Prising, Daile Chocolatel
The Benefits of Olrtr. Chocolatel
The rumors are truel Daile chocolate contains ~I
an~oxidantsl Raw cacao powder is rIOW considered one
of the WOI1ds most beneficial super foods emerging in
oor -..or1d today. ~ has four times more antioxidants \llan
iJlji benies, ten times the antioXidant level of blueberries
and thilt\' times the antiro:idam level of
Researche-rs found that certain components in cocoa
may actuali)' help improye the appearance of women 's
skin • irlcfeasing hydration, del::reasJng skin roughness
and scaling. and helping to support the skin's defense
against IN damage. Recenll1, Getman scientists attriblIted the obseNed benefits to cocoa navanols - a groo,tp
of compounds that can be particularty rich in cocoa and
that IIaYe been preYiousl)r reported to imprwe blood flow
and I'e5Sel function.
Daile cocoa has a high amount of flavonoids. -..hich are
natura l plant compounds (also found in tea, red wine,
and certain fru its and vegetables) responsible for
cocoa·s healthful benefits. Studies have shown ~ effec·
tive for many things, Including reducing Inflammation,
The Salon Expenence You've Always Wanted
• [mp[ont" Il<mn$ttu<d", I><ntlt<<y
• Cosm<tl< D<.ltlslry
• P<rsoo.aI
Jenny's Hair &. Nails
. A..m.tic I><n'~" _ [ ,
• M ...[ Fff< Rlling!
. Sing[' Appoinun.n, Crowns
· I><n"[ a.&nings
• l.u<r Gum Surgory
New PatientS Welcome
~ and Hair StraIg,,*,1ng
with no fonnaldehyda
• Genu.
• Faciall made from the sim plest c:ompoIIIII ots
• Permanent Makeup
• HaM care using custom blended
• Pedicures for men, not Just women
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Health & Wellr.ess December 2011 - Charlotte/South Sarasota Edition
he hcalthcare industry has reccnlly
witnessed the adoptiQII Qf many new
tcdmologies that increase the
of various medical treatments. Minimally
such cUlling«\gc mcdicaltccllThe
demand of specialized
1 has propelled an increase in patienl pref_
minimally invasive surgeries.
Minimally invasive surgery minimi:res surgical
incisions 10 reduce trauma 10 the body. This type of
surgery is usually perfonned using thin-needles and
an en<k>:swpe 10 visually guide the surgery. The
advantage of minimally invasive surgery is 10
redu.:e posl-operalive pain, redu~ blood loss.
iru;rease lhe speed of re<;overy and lessen Ihe for_
mation of scar tissue.
Spine surgery is nQW one of the many surgeries
being pcrfonncd using minimally invasive techniques. In order 10 be considered a minimally
invasive spine surgery. the procedun: needs to
minimize Ihe lrauma 10 lhe palient Ihrough smaller
in.:isions and less muscle disseclion. Tradilional
open surgical procedun:s slill currently account for
a majorilY of spinal surgeries pcrfonncd in this
counlry today. When a surgeon perfonns an open
procedun: using outdated Ie<;hniques, hospital stays
can last up to a weck. l1Ic recovery period wilh Ihis
Iype of procedure can lasl as long as a year leaving
cut muscle ligaments and a large scar. Or. Mario
Pereira who utilizes minimally invasive surgical
techniques can perform the same procedure as an outpatient or with minimal hospital Stay. a few months
recovery period. and very linle scarring. He is curI'Crllly lhe only surgeon in Charlone COWlty who Can
pcrfonn this type of procedun: as an outpalient.
Advances in spinal fusion devices allow placement
through scvernl smaller iru;isions rather than the tradi_
tional large incision site used in open spinal fusion
surgery. The lheory is lhat Ihe devi= Can be placed
with minimal trauma to the muscle and tendons in the
back. These devices allow for the stabilization of the
vertebrae and the ~Ioration oflhe correcl analomical
alignrncm in the spine.
Patient education plays a vital role in the overall
success of a surgical plan of treatment at the South_
west Florida Spine Institute. II is impoctant lhal the
healthcare learn makes patients aware of lhe potential
benefits and risks of a surgery. Knowing whal is
causmg your palO. is key 10 understanding what is
required 10 fix il.
Af\crcare can be just as imponant as the surgery itself.
The risk of infections in post-surgical wounds is a
great example of this; the size of the surgical wound
and how it was closed can increase the chance of
infection. Or. Mario Pereira for iostanc:e, closes his
surgical incision sites the same way a plastic surgeon
would, greatly reducing infection rates. Home healthcare plays a erilical role in reducing the chances of
infe<;lion as well, by ensuring that daily dressing
changes an: done approprialely and thai lhe wound is
not exposed 10 poIentiaJly harmful bacteria.
Clinical outcomes an: a tell tale sign of the quality of
can: a physician provides their patients. Rettnt developments in the ru:altlu;"", industry are making it a
requirement for physicians \0 track the cff~liv","ess
oflhe Care they provide. Currently Dr. Mario Pereira
is seeing a 45.75% decn:ase in overall disability by !he
end of llIe first posl-opcralive year, as tl'llCkcd by the
Oswestry Disability [ndu.
Ik Mario Pert;'" at/he SOuth Florida
Institute is currently the leader in
/ i
S~rgery of the Spine in
County. He is currently the only
in Charlolte County orca ...·ho is oble
outpatient spine fusion procedures.
Pereira is currently affiliated ...ith
and Murdock Ambulatory
CeMer for surgical procedures.
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Eye Examinations
Full Optical & Contact,
David Klein M .D., F.A.C.S.
Prompt Appointments
+ Superior Radiologists
- Peace of Mind
c.w-l..."..." Swf:tty
Don't Forget Your Eyes!
• Cawact Surgery · GbU<:<><mTr.,umen! · Sowx' and Rcs<ybne·· Eyelid Surgery
• Rtrinal Di<otdc.. . Ncuf'<Hlph!halmoiogy • Pediuric Oph.halmology
• Oculo.pb.uic Surgtty. Including Bkpharopl..'Y
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Health & Wellr.ess Dec t ember 2011 - Charlotte/South Sarasota Ed ition
Tips for Preserving Eye Health
ith increasing pollution and
levels of dust and grime our eyes
need special care and attention.
While we typically look after our skin. hair and
other parts of the body, we tend to neglect eye
care. As we grow older, it is common for our
vision to weaken.
Vision problems such as glaucoma. cataracts,
age_related mlI\:ular degeneration, and diabetic
retinopathy are common among older adults. You
can't prevent your eyes from aging, but you can
slow age-related damage by taking care of your
eye health.
The following tips can help you take care of your
eyes and preserve clear vision'
Increase consumption of fruits and
vegetables, The first and foremost in eye care
is the diet. Make sure that your intake includes
plenty of fruits and vegetables specially those with
yellow and orange pigmenlS a yellow ones like
carTOlS. mangoes. papaya, com. squash, and citrus
fruits. Leafy dark green vegetables like kale and
spinach also promote eye health. All of these
foods are rich in beta carotene which helps to have
healthy eyes.
Wear sunglasses and a hat. The sun's
ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage eyes just as they
Can damage skin. The best way to protect eyes
from sun rays. especially during peak daytime is
to wear su nglasses with UV filters. If you plan to
be outside for long periods of time. wear a widebrimmed hat for extra protection from UV rays.
Do not rub, Avoid excessive rubbing ofyonr
eyes as the irritation caused due to rubbing or
touching will only cause more puffiness. Instead
just blink your eyelids. Blinking isagood massage
and exercise to the eyes.
Take frequent breaks. Another way to
prevent eyestrain is to take frequent breaks from
the computer screen. reading materials. and television. It is recommended to look away every 10
minutes for 15 seconds to give your cyes
adequate rest.
Turn the lights on. While you won't per·
manently hun your eyes by rcading or working in
a dimly lit area. you can cause lemporary eyeslrain, which can lead 10 headaches and fatigue.
Protect your cyes by making sure your worksp",e
is adequately lit.
Exercise regularly. Simple every day eye
exercises like closing your eyes gently for 30
seconds 10 relax them in between your work,
rotaling your cyes often 10 relax muscles and
moving your eyeballs from extreme left comer to
Ihe right corner is good for maintaining healthy
eyes. To prevent blurred vision follow Ihis simple
exercise: hold a pencil at ann's length and slowly
bring it lowards your nose, keeping eyes focused
al all limes.
Get adequate sleep. Rest is vital in the
eye care routine. It will not only refresh the eyes
but al$O improve their efficiency. Getting adequale
sleep keeps your whole body refreshed, including
your eyes.
01-. David Klein
Dr. David Kleill has been practicing for 32 years and his love for medicine is greater
than ever! Whether in the office or volunteering, Dr. Klein is making Pan Charlone
proud and helping everyone see Ihe good all around us in Pan Charlolle.
1600 Tamlatnl Trail, SUite 101, Port Charlotte, Fl33948
(\o<:a.tlKl "' the 4 story·red bric~ buildiog)
Get regular eye exams. Starting at age 40, gel
annual eye exams and have your eye doctor look
for signs of cye damage. Even if you have no complaints it's imponant to sec a dOClor and have a
rouline eye check up. Many potentially serious
vision problems can be successfully trealed ifthcy
are delected early enough. If you e~pcrience
cloudy, blurred Or double vision, Or any olher cye
pain seck the car of your eye doctor for proper
diagnosis and Ireatment before the problem
becomes permanent.
You can't stop time, but you can lake care of your
eyes so that they remain healthy as you age.
Having dear vision is poSsible at any age. The
above eye care tips will ensure that your eyes
remain healthy and beautiful for a very long time.
Eye Care Team Member Spotlight
Me/jssa Hcrnr.ndc: hr.s been On Dr. Klein's str.ff
for /0 yeIIN. She started aul r.s the m::tpiianisl and
is now the insurance sfHICialis/ and billing clerk.
Melina hr.s vast knowledge of all insurances Dr.
Klein accepts r.nd .... hat each i/\Surance covers for
Ihe p<Jliem, she is known around the office r.s our
"i/\Surance gu"'". Yl$il our office around Ihe
holidays and you .... iII see an office full of beauliful
decoratio/\S. and ...·hen you aro Ihero thank Melissa
r.s she makes il all happen.
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Charlotte/South Sarasota Edit ion - December 2011 Health 3< Wellness
Simple ways to make healthy
habits a reality at your house
By Sherrilyn McSheehy-Velez, ARN P, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner - Helgemo & LiOu Pediatrics
na perfect world, families gather around
the dinner table every night for a healthy
meal. The children dive into their vcgcubles
and beg for seconds. Then, after cleaning their
plates, they eagerly run outside for some daily
exereise. Unf0l1unatcly. in the real world, establishing nutritious eating habits and regular fitness
can seem li ke the impossible dream.
As a pediatric nurse practitioner with four children
of my own, I understand the challenges. However,
with a little pre-planning, creativity and a healthy
dose of perseverance you can make healthy habits
a part of your family's lifestyle.
One of the best ways to achieve this is by setting a
good example. Parents can talk all they want. Kids
follow what we do. Without saying a word. you
can e~en a good deal of innuenee over your
ehildren's attitude toward health and fitness. Hue
ore some "tlou pro(Ctical tips fo, moking loe,IItlo,.
Ioabits 0 reality ,'" ),0 '" world:
Get rid of the junk.
If your pantry is full of soda, chips and candy, your
kids won't be interestcd in the alternatives. They
will resist the changes at first. However. if the only
options arc healthy ones, hunger will eventually
win out and they'll get with the program.
Don't save the vegetables for d innertime.
If you provide healthy foods throughout the day.
you'lI elitninate the need for heaping helpings of
spinach or com at dinner. This can go a long way
toward diffusing power struggles at mealtimes
because there's less pressure to get all their
fruit/vegetable servings at mealtimes.
Plan active ou t ings.
By taking wal ks after dinner, you'll be bonding as
well as gening fit. Instead of shopping or going out
to cat. go bi ke riding or take a long walk on the
beach. Even if your kids aren't athletic, they'll
enjoy these types of exercise - and they'lI just
think they're having fun!
Incorporate healthy foods Into foods they
already enJoY,
Add apples, zucchini or berries to muffins. Make a
batch Qf chili that includes beans and carrots. Add
shredded carrotS and fresh Qr frozen com tQ your
cornbread. I use my bread maker to bake vegetable
and fruit breads that my kids IQve.
Balance technology with activity.
If)lOUl" kids have beoen on the Wii for an hour, then send
them outside to run around for a while. Try to encourage halancc in their activities without being rigid
Give their favorite foods a makeover.
If your kids adore greasy French fries, substitute
swect potato fries. Simply brush them with a lillie
olive oil and bake them in the oven. Instead ofhamburgers, scrve turkey burgers QTl multi_grain buns.
Fruit smoothies are a wonderfully healthy alternative to ice cream Or milkshakes.
Reserve treats fQr weekends.
Even treats Can be relatively healthy. For example,
youcan makeachooolate pudding parfait with skim
milk and real whipped cream, Add some fruit and
whole grain graham cracker crumbs and you have a
tasty dessert. but with a bealthy twist.
The earlier you start incorporating healthy habits. the
belter. However, if you've goocn a late start. don't
despair. It will take some time, but you will see changes
if you stick with it. You'lI be giving )lOUI" childrcn a gill
that will reap dividends long after they're gt"O\'11 and
gone. Now wouldn't that be peifect?
Helgemo and Liou
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Pelrt Charlotte, FI 33948
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Health'" Wellr.ess December 2011 • Charlotte/South Sarasota Edition
and Limb Swelling
By Acute Wound Care
he holidays are here, which means
many will be traveling 10 visil their
loved ones, or for those of you who
are snow birds. you're heading back 10 the wann
wealher down south . Many individuals choose air
travel to reach their destination. For those who
suffer from venous insufficiency or Lymphedema,
this can be a painful proceu. Your Lymphalic
system endures an extreme amount of pressure
when flying at high al1iludcs. Flying may worsen
symploms after enduring exlreme pressure.
Funher. the risk of Lymphedema rises for those
who have already undergone radical surgery
which may have impacled lhe tymph nodes. After
going under the knife for various surgeries, having
joints replaced. or lymph nodes removed. your
body's Lymphalic system isn'l going 10 be
working at its top pcrfonnance.
Keep Circulation Flowing
Trying to get home for the holidays isn't always
easy when you have painful swelling in your
limbs. The Lymphatic syslem is a major player in
the body's immune process. so it's imponant to
kcq> your cireulation flowing with good health.
Flying economy class is the route most prefer to
take when money becomes tight. leaving you in an
uncomfonable cramped seal allowing )IOu 10
become more susceptible to eireulation problems.
Some individuals may dcvclop blood clots in Iheir
legs Over lime from flying. Deep vein Ihromhosis
can be caused by cramping Ihat air travelers
endure under high ahiludes. This is a lifc-threatening medical problem thai Can be prevenled through
compression the-rapy. Those who develop small
blood clots may not expericnce any complications,
leaving them unlrealed. The compression pump
sleeves squee~e the muscles of the legs or ann as
they inflatc in a sequenlial pal1cm distal 10
proximal. Then Ihey deflate and Ihe muscles are
able to relax . This pumping action promotcs the
cireulalion of lhe blood prevenling blood clOIS
from occurring.
A Noninvasive Treatment Option
A compression pump is a noninvasive treatment that
allows palienu 10 alleviate Iheir symploms while circulaling the lymph fluid thai has buill up. Your Lymphatic system gets assistance through a massaging
action that gently moves the fluid naturally from
your limbs back into the rhythm at which the Lymph
system cireulates. Each chamber of the sleeve moves
the fluid underneath the skin in the direction of the
lymphalic flow enabling the body to get rid of Ihe
fluid and waste build up.
Main Purposes of Lymph Nodes
The l ymphatic system is the anatomical underpinnings of the immune system. through a complex
network of the lymphoid organs, tissues, and lymph
nodes. Your lymph nodes have two main purposes
which are to filter lymph then transpon it back to the
blood stream, and aclivate the immune system. The
lymph nodes are found strategically placed throughout the whole body. so when a site encounters
antigens or something foreign, a red flag is drawn
and an atuck is mounted. This means when your
lymphatic system isn't working the way ifs
supposed to, Ihis is a gateway for infeclions to atuck
the body without defense. Any swelling is polentially an indicator for Lymphedema.
9J~a tp;~UJo"e~'P \t
Contact Acute Woond Care lie today. Through patient edu·
cation and compression therapy. we can provide a better
qual ity of Iffe for \Wt Call 239-949-4412 or \Uit
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Charlotte/South Sarasota Edition - December 201 Health & Wel lness
Confession is good
for the Soul
Sponsored By
by Po~lor Terry Ho~kin~. Director 01 Oo~i~ Coun~el
Confession avoids using words like if,
maybe, and but!
fien when mOSI peoplelhink about
confession Ihey thi nk aboul a
person going inlO a booth, and confessing their sins to a priest, Outside Ihis view of
CQrIfession it seems that Uiblical confession is not
somC1hing practiced by most Chrislians, AI best,
Christians will say lhat they confessed their sins
when they became a Christian, but in genentl most
are not confessing Iheir sins daily 10 God and
others, God's Word tells us 10, "confess your sins to
one another and pray for one another, that you may
be healed," (James S:6a, ESV) We nced 10 gC1 back
to being obedient 10 dear S<:ripture and praclice
daily confession 10 God and our feltow man.
H er<! /lre SOme con/nsion g .. idtlints."
Confession is glorifying to God!
We are here to live for God's glory! God's Word
says. "WhC1her you eat or drink Or whatever you
do, do it att for the glQry Qf God." (I CQrinthians
10:3], N]V) This passage reminds us Ihal everyIhing we do, even the mundane things of life, like
eating Qr drinking should be done because we are
here to serve and honor our King. Jesus said, "for
I have come down from heaven to do the will of
God whQ sent me. nQt tQ do my Qwn wilL" (JQhn
6:3S, NLD Jesus Himselfsaid He did nQt come tQ
earth to follow His Own ways. bul Slorify and obey
the Father in everything!
Confession Is a two way street!
T hese three lillie words undermine QUr confessions because il blames the person for Ihe sin we
commilled. f or example. "[ was wrong when I got
angry. but you gel me so frustrated!" This justifies
our sinful actions because Ihe person gOt me so
angry. [n reality a true confession should leave OUI
these words and take full ownership of the sin
Confession is more than a apology!
When we confess to Qthers is must be clear and
spedfic. O ften when we apologize it is vaguc and
general. Forexample [may tell my wife [am sorry for
that thing i did a few days ago. Th is is not Qwning up
to thc sin Ihat J eommilled against her. Biblical confession sounds more li ke this. "[ was wrong when [
said those harsh words to you yesterday, wilt you
forgive me." This is clear. specific, and J am owning
my bad behavior. recognizing it was wrong, and
asking for forgiveness.
Confession is something we need to practice as
Christians because sin still is our main problem.
and God is there 10 clear us of all our wrong ways
of thinking and behaving. God's grace is magnificent and we can be dazzled by His love and
palience fQr us. As we Ii"", a life of confession our
fellowship with God will become deeper and
sweeter as the years go by.
Confession must be done witt! right motives!
Somelimes we confess Ollr sin because of wrong
mOlives. For examplc,l Want God 10 bless me, and I
am afraid Ihat He won't if [don't confess my sin. So
I confess tQ be blessed. News-flash. God can se<: that
I am not really sorry for the sin J COmmilled against
Him, and He sees Ihal J want blessings from Him.
God says that we will reap what we sow! (Galalians
6:S) We practice this with others tOO, as we confess
because we wanl people 10 like us, Or we want
people to do what we want. These are all selfish
reason to confess, which is actually manipulalion.
We muSI be sorry for Ihe sin that we COmmillOO
against God and others.
We confess our sin tQ God, which is Qur vertical
relationship. All sin affects our relationship with
God, so il is crucial thaI we confess Our sin 10 Him.
"lfwe confess our sins, l ie is faithful and just and
will forgive uS our sins and puritY uS from all
unrighteousness." (I John 1:9, NIV) God lells us
that l ie wilt pour His grace on us and forgive the
sinfullhings we think and act. And if our sin affects
Oasis Counseling iAlter wants to refresh )'00' hope. heilrt.
others lhan we musl confess the sin we CQmmilled
against them, also. Confession we practice with
and IiIe with God's Word. We are located on Marco Island and
olhers is dealing with the horizontal relalionships.
our phone #23~38~2013. We are friends 01 HOPE Counseling
We must look at the vertical and horizontal relaCen\e( located in Fort Myers, and Iheir phone 1123t-48,.{Inr.
tionships when dealing with confession,
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