How to install this Patch

How to install this Patch
To install
1. Make sure you are not running PRO/II simulation. This may be verified through Task Manager in
Windows 2003, Windows XP, VISTA® and Windows 7 operating systems.
2. To receive this Service Pack, copy and unzip the file on your system. On more
recent OS's, the zip file may appear as a folder in which case you can proceed directly to step 4.
3. When prompted, enter the path to the directory where you want the files to be unpacked (for
example, C:\TEMP\PROII91). Important: when you unzip the files, make sure to select the "use
folder names" option (or equivalent) so that the required subdirectory structure is created at the
location where the file is unzipped.
4. After the file has been unzipped, go to the directory where the files were extracted (for example,
C:\TEMP\PROII91) then go into the subdirectory "PROII91Patch1". Double click on update.exe to
begin installing the PRO/II patch. This setup will install the PRO/II patch.
If you did not unzip the folder first, it will take a few moments for the computer to respond to your
double click as the unzipping has to occur first. Do not double click again or you will launch a second
instance of the install.
5. Select the "Next" Button on the Welcome Screen and the install starts installing the updated
6. Select the "Finish" button. The Patch will be copied onto your hard drive and will automatically
begin installing.
7. When the installation of the PRO/II patch has been completed, the following files will be updated on
your system:
\Program Files\Common Files\SIMSCI\SIM4MEPortal211\
*.* /s (Some Excel Report, Portal files have been
\TDM\*.* /s (Some SIM4ME thermo files have been updated)
\Translator\*.* /s (Some Translator files have been updated)
\Chemistry Wizard\*.* /s
(Chemistry Wizard files have been updated)