Making it easier to do business with Nationwide

Making it easier
to do business
with Nationwide
What you’ll find in this guide
We’ve provided this guide to save
you and your clients valuable
time and to help speed up the
application process
Inside you’ll find:
• Hints and tips for keying your client’s case on
NFI Online
• A quick guide to scanning and attaching
case documents
• Greater clarity on some of our application
requirements and policies
NFI Online - A quick guide to keying DIPs and cases
Scanning and attaching documents
Key information
Important notes
Key information
Important notes
DIP decisions – DIP decisions are available between:
DIPs keyed outside of these hours will result in an automatic
decline as credit scoring is not available.
• Please ensure all pages are legible and scanned onto
the system, including any covering letters. For example
SA302 forms should be the paper posted version and
have the Inland Revenue cover letter attached.
Unless the document is received in full and is legible, we’ll be
unable to assess it, and we’ll need to request legible copies,
delaying your client’s case.
• Attach documents to the specific case requirement,
rather than as one attachment, as otherwise documents
could be missed.
Please don’t attach any information that NFI Online hasn’t
requested, unless it materially affects the case. For example
a marriage certificate where the names on the proofs are
different to the application.
• 6am and 11pm Monday to Saturday
• 6am and 6:30pm Sundays
Changing DIP data – Please select ‘Edit’ mode and then
‘Change Data’. ‘Review’ mode will only let you see what
you’ve already keyed. Please note that names, addresses and
dates of birth can’t be changed once keyed.
No further footprint is left when cases are rescored within 30
days of the original decision.
• Attach the most recent document, for example, the
latest payslip, dated within 1 month of the date of the
DIP decision.
DIP referrals – Once we’ve unlocked the DIP to let you
amend any data, please respond within 24 hours.
90 day case expiry – Once you’ve received a DIP decision, all
the case documents must be submitted and the case offered
within 90 days of the product reservation.
If the documents haven’t been received within this time, the
case will expire and you’ll need to submit a new DIP.
• The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 3MB.
• When an Accountants Certificate is required, we will
obtain this directly.
Client details – Please input your clients’ details in full,
including their middle name (first only) and any previous
names and addresses.
Dependants – Please key your clients’ total number of
dependants under one applicant or split the total number
between joint applicants.
Please don’t key the total number of dependants under
both applicants.
Keying income – When keying your client’s income, please
break the income down accordingly. For example, key basic
income and any additional income, such as overtime, separately
and in the relevant boxes provided. When keying Benefit
Income, please ensure the monthly figure is entered.
If cases aren’t keyed correctly, it could cause affordability
issues, delay your client’s application, or even result in a
‘decline’ decision once keyed accurately.
Keying commitments – Outgoings should be keyed as monthly
amounts, with the exception of credit card balances where the
full outstanding balance should be keyed. Please makes sure
you include any child care costs in the ‘Commitments’ section.
Please include the details of all existing mortgages, whether
they’re being cleared or continuing.
Child/Working Tax Credits/CSA Agreement – Please
include any child care costs in the ‘Commitments’ section.
Entitlement letters proving Child/Working Tax Credit/CSA
payments must be addressed to and match the name(s)
keyed on the mortgage application.
The names on the mortgage must mirror the DWP statement.
If the details differ ie one applicant on the mortgage and two
names on the DWP statement (or vice versa), this income can’t
be used in the affordability.
Additional Information box – Please only use this to record any
special information that might materially affect the case.
This option appears at the very end of the application.
Key information
Important notes
Self-employed – The accountant must either stamp the
Accountants Certificate or attach their letter headed paper,
which must be signed and dated.
Latest accounts must be dated within the last 18 months and a
full and finalised 2 year history is required.
Please see Accountants Certificate criteria on our website for
accountant qualifications that we accept. If your accountant is
unable to provide a certificate the corresponding years SA302
tax assessments issued directly by HMRC must be used instead.
The covering letter from HMRC must also be sent.
Our New Business Service Centre will apply for all Accountants
Certificates or Employers References.
Important notes
Using the affordability calculator on the NFI website before
submitting your application could save you and your client
valuable time.
If NFI Online affordability calculator returns a different amount
to the website calculator, it could be due to undisclosed credit
or incorrect keying. Please check and make sure you include
any debts being cleared.
References must come directly from the accountant or
employer. We can’t accept references that come via the broker.
Employed – A payslip will be required in all cases, unless
it is new permanent employment and no payslip has been
received at time of application, in which case please supply
a copy of the contract or letter of appointment instead.
Bank Statements – can be requested for the following reasons:
• 1 months bank statements are required to show rental
income from a Buy to Let and the mortgage payment
going out.
• 6 months bank statements are required to evidence
private maintenance, which must be at the current level
for the past 3 months.
Key information
If your document is over 3MB in size, it must be split down
and uploaded in parts.
Policy and Criteria
• 3 months bank statements are required to show salary
fed payments account history.
Checking affordability
The website calculator is identical to the calculator used by
NFI Online and will return the same affordable amount.
• Please submit photocopies or scans of the original
document. Photographed images are not accepted.
• 6 months bank statements are required to show
rental payments and shared ownership payments.
Child / Working Tax Credits / CSA Agreement – Please submit the
latest annual benefit entitlement statement which is normally dated
April (all pages are required - either 6 or 8 pages).
All Bank Statements must show the customers name and
address, account number, sort code and the required number
of full months transactions.
In addition:
Paper Statements must have:
• All pages numbered and visible
• Bank/Building Society logo visible
• Regulatory footer statement visible
Online Statements must have:
• A valid web address displayed at the bottom of each page
• All pages numbered and visible
Online bank statements are not acceptable for proof of name
or address.
Useful contact numbers
If there’s anything else we can do to help
improve the service we offer you, please
contact us on the numbers below:
Group Intermediary Sales Support
Call 0845 601 0763:
Option 1 - Product and criteria / new business
Option 2 - Procuration Fees
Option 3 - Registrations
Option 4 - Online application technical support
or visit
Northampton Mortgage Service Centre
(Case updates, processing queries)
Call 0845 609 3421
Large Loans Dedicated Mortgage Service Centre
for loans over £500,000
Call 0845 602 7645
Data Protection Act
Please ensure any documents you submit do not hold
information that could breach the Data Protection Act,
for example credit card numbers.
For intermediary use only.
Nationwide Building Society: Nationwide House, Pipers Way, Swindon SN38 1NW.
F520 04/13