Cabinet Refacing Measuring Guide

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How To Measure
This Guide Will Show You How To Measure For Your
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Cabinet Refacing Measuring Guide
About Our Doors
Elias Woodwork is a leading manufacturer of Kitchen
Cabinet Components such as doors, drawers, posts,
corbels, moldings, and millwork. We offer 1000's of
door style combina ons from different wood species,
rigid thermofoils (RTF), and decora ve laminate
veneers (DLV). These doors range from contemporary,
tradi onal, and Tuscan to name a few. With our 60+
stock stain and paint colors as well as our ability to
provide custom color matches, there is something for
all tastes.
This guide is to help you understand the measuring
aspect of a refacing project.
Addi onal inquiries can also be directed to your
customer service representa ve at Elias Woodwork.
your door sizes should be ordered 1” wider than the
opening for width and 1” higher than the opening for
Frameless cabinets can be measured 2 different ways.
Using the overlay method above, or by measuring the
exis ng doors.
(Don't forget you will need to determine overlays and
types of hinges you will be using).
Framed cabinets are also known as face frame
cabinetry. Usually made from ¾” solid wood in the
same species as the cabinet doors. The frames contain
both ver cal members called “s les” and horizontal
members called “rails”. All the hardware is a ached to
the face frames.
Framed Cabinet Hinge Overlay Sizes
How to Buy
Step 1 – Selec on of Door styles
 Choose from 3 types of doors – Wood, RTF, and
 Select your door species like white maple,
cherry, walnut, and bamboo to name a few.
 Select from clear, to stain or paint finish.
Step 2 – Measure exis ng kitchen
 Use the guide below to show you how to
properly measure a kitchen reface project.
 Fill in your measurements in the a ached order
Step 3 – Place your order
 Email or fax your order forms to Elias Woodwork
and our entry team will send you a full quote
within 24 hours. Once you have reviewed your
es mate, simply confirm your order and your
kitchen will be put into produc on.
Typical Overlay is 1/2”
Frameless cabinets are o en called full-overlay or
European style cabinetry. The sides of the cabinet are
usually 5/8” or 3/4" thick. In other words, frameless
cabinets do not have face frames. All hardware is
mounted to the sides of the box.
For 5/8” boxes use a 1/2” overlay (usually add 1” to
width & height), for 3/4" boxes use a 5/8” overlay
(usually add 1 1/4" to width & height).
Frameless Cabinet Hinge Overlay Sizes
Accurate Measuring is Key
To ensure your kitchen refacing project is successful,
measuring must be done accurately.
First let's determine what type of cabinetry you are
dealing with. There are 2 types. Framed & Frameless.
For framed cabinets, the standard overlay (size of
frame that is covered by the door) is ½” which means
Cabinet Refacing Measuring Guide Con nued
Overlays Explained
An overlay measurement is how far the door covers the face frame. Here are some illustra ons of overlays.
To determine the door size, you need to add your overlay amount to the le side of the door and the right side of
the door. For a typical 1/2" overlay, you would add 1/2" to the le , and 1/2" to the right of the door. If the
opening was 16” then your door size to order is 17”.
The other method is to use this formula – Opening Width + (overlay x 2). Same goes for door height but make
sure that the door will fit!
Make sure to iden fy which hinges you will be using as not every hinge is a one size fits all.
Cabinet Refacing Measuring Guide Con nued
Door Hinge Bores
Measuring for Doors & Drawer Fronts
Our default hinge drilling is for Concealed European
style hinges.
The center recess measures 35mm in diameter and is
bored into the back of the door. Based on the size, the
door will automa cally get the correct amount unless
otherwise noted.
The standard dimensions for this type of boring is 3”
from the top or bo om of the door. If you have an
overlay of 1/2" then the bore will be 2 1/2” up or down
from the cabinet opening.
Always measure Width by Height. All order forms are
going to be in this format W x H.
FOR WIDTH: To measure doors, measure le to right
star ng with the inside edge of the le s le to the
inside edge of the right s le.
FOR HEIGHT: To measure doors, measure from bo om
edge of the top rail, to the top edge of the bo om rail.
Measuring drawer fronts is similar. You should remove
the drawers for this unless you are using the exis ng
drawers. It will make measurements easier as well as
allow you to see if there are any obstruc ons you need
to account for.
Measuring for Drawer Boxes
To measure for drawer boxes, for width: subtract 1”
from the opening width or 2” less the drawer front.
Measure the depth of the cabinet. Make sure to check
for obstruc ons like water or gas pipes. Typical depths
are 24”.
In most cases this can be used as the standard,
however if you find that there are any obstruc ons you
can always change the bore to go higher or lower. Just
note that on your door order.
If you prefer deeper boxes, choose 19 ¾“ lengths, and
at least 1/2" less the opening height, for longer style
boxes subtract 3/4" from opening height.
Single Door or Double Door
Some cabinets will have 1 door between 2 s les (1
door 1 opening). Others will have 2 doors on a single
For single doors: using 1/2" overlay ADD one inch to
width & height. Eg. Opening Size: 16 x 31, Door size =
17 x 32 using a 1/2” Overlay
For double doors: using 1/2” overlay add 1 inch to
height. For width, add 1 inch, divide by 2, then,
subtract 1/16” off each door.
Eg. Opening Size: 29 x 32, Door size (L) 14 15/16 x (R)
14 15/16 using a 1/2” Overlay
Cabinet Refacing Measuring Guide Con nued
End Panels & Veneers
Other than the doors, drawer fronts and drawer boxes, you will
require end panels or veneers to finish the sides and face frames
of the cabinets. You may also need to finish the bo oms of your
wall, upper cabinets, island and peninsula backs and toe kicks.
For laminates you can also order sheets.
For wood veneers, you may order 2x8 or 4x8 sheets for covering
the face frames. The rest you will finish using finished cut to size
plywood. You may want to order your plywood at least 1” over
and trim fit.
Cabinet Refacing Es mate Tool
Cabinet Refacing Measuring Guide Con nued
*Please contact your customer service representa ve for your copy of the es ma ng tool.