How To Enter Standards Ratings in Your Gradebook 1

How To Enter Standards Ratings in Your Gradebook
For classes that use Standards Based Grading (SBG), you can choose to enter the standards ratings directly in your gradebook. This
PowerNotes describes the procedures that you need to follow for completing the standards checklists. The completion of the checklists, as well as the optional creation of a subject related comment for each student, is the responsibility of the grade level homeroom
teacher. To begin, open your PowerTeacher Gradebook in the usual way, then follow the procedure described below.
NOTE: If you keep separate assignment scores in your gradebook that are tied to the standards and wish to have PowerSchool calculate standards averages, please refer to the PowerNotes titled “How To Set-up PowerSchool to Calculate Standards Ratings from
Assignment Grades.”
1. Select the subject area for which
2. Make sure the correct grad-
you want to enter standards ratings.
ing term is selected here.
3. Click the Final Grades button. Your screen
will change to look like what is shown below.
4. Don’t put anything
in this column.
5. Don’t put anything
7. Each of the remaining columns are the checklist items. Enter
in this column.
your rating for each checklist item in the box the same way as
you would enter any grade, using 4, 3, 2, 1 or NM if the standard is Not Measured at this time. Pressing Enter will move you
down to the next student on the list. You can also use the arrow
keys on your keyboard to move from column to column or from
student to student. You can move horizontally (rating a single
student in all standards) or vertically (rating all students on a
specific standard).
6. To add a comment for a student in this
subject area, double-click in this column
on the row for the student. See the page 3
for more information. The comment you
enter here will appear in the box below
the standards lists for the subject area on
the report card. A blue dot appears in this
column for students for whom a comment
has been entered.
8. Remember to click
Save when you’re done.
You can easily assign the same rating to all students without having to enter the rating for each individual students. To do this, use the Fill Scores function. Directions are below.
9. RIGHT CLICK (Mac: Control-Click) in the
standard column next to a student.
10. From the menu,
select Fill Scores
11. In the Fill Final Grades
12. Click the drop-down, and select
window, click the circle next
to Replace All
the rating you wish to assign to all the
13. Click OK.
14. You can still change any student’s
rating by clicking in the box and typing the
new rating.
15. The same process can be used to assign the same comment to all students.
CLICK ) in the Comment column.
16. Be sure you click SAVE at the bottom of the
screen when you are finished.
More Information About Comments
When you double-click in the Comment column, the comment window shown below opens. You can select one or more predefined
comments, write your own comment, or use a combination of both.
Select from the pre-defined
comments by clicking on
them. You can select more
than one comment by holding down the Control
(CTRL) key on your keyboard while clicking. On a
Mac, use the Command/
Apple key instead of CTRL.
Comments you select will be
highlighted in blue.
You should always
click here to
change this from
Line Breaks to
Spaces before you
insert any comments.
Click these buttons to move to the
next student (down) or the previous
student (up). Comments are automatically saved when you change to
a different student.
Change the sorting order of the comments by clicking in the title boxes at the top of each column.
You can use this
box to find all the
comments that contain the text you
enter here. For example, if you type
homework you will
see all the comments that contain
that word. To return
to seeing all comments, delete what
you entered in the
After you have selected one or more
comments, click
here to add them to
the Comment box.
Click here to open
the PowerTeacher
gradebook Help
To erase the comment(s)
you have entered for a
student, click the Clear
Comments you select for a student will appear
here after you click the Insert Selected button.
You can also add your own comment. Whatever
you see in this box is what will be printed on the
student report.
When you are finished
entering comments,
click the Close button.
Careful! While there is a “spell-check” built into the gradebook, it will only highlight words that
are misspelled. It does not automatically correct misspelled words.