In order to post on the CPSADFW215 blog you must be invited and designated as an Author. If you are a
Chapter member, just forward your e-mail address with a short note like “Hey, make me an author!” to
[email protected] and presto, you’ll get an invitation via e-mail.
The e-mail will look like this;
If you don’t already have a WordPress account go ahead and sign up. It is free and if someday you want
to start your own blog you’ll have a head start.
Click on the account link and you’ll see this screen;
Click on Register and fill out the form, using your own email, username and password;
Click on SIGN UP under the Basic field.
You’ll get an email with this panel. Click on Activate Blog.
Click through all the pages until you come to a screen that looks like this;
Look at the list on the right side under READER. Click on the EDIT link next to Blogs I Follow. Put in the Edit Blogs field and click on Follow.
The link for the CPSA215 blog will be displayed in the list.
Click on EDIT under the CPSA 215 DFW link and set the fields as you like.
Click on the CPSA 215 DFW link.
Now you’re following the blog. Let’s get you posting your own articles and content. Click on the View
Blog link.
The Home Page is the first thing you’ll see. Click on the Blog link below the banner art.
Next hover over the CPSA 215 DFW field and click on Dashboard in the drop-down list.
Hover over Posts on the sidebar.
Click on Add New in the fly-out.
Give your post a title and start typing just like you are writing in a word processor or composing an
Once you’ve finished and said what you want to say look at the right side of the screen for a field labeled
Categories. Pick one or more that closely describe what your post is about. If there is none, leave it as
uncategorized. Just be sure to ask the Blog Administrator to add a category where you can place future
postings of the same or similar content.
Now look above Categories to the Publish field.
You can save your posting as a draft, preview it, throw it in the trash, delay publication or jump right in
and hit Publish. Go ahead, take the plunge. Hit PUBLISH!
Congratulations, you’ve just authored your first blog posting. Now get to work on that novel and be
sure to let us know where and when your first book signing will be.