Type www.silestoneusa.net into your browser and hit ENTER.
Use your Intranet login and password.
IMPORTANT: If you forgot your login and/or password or do not have one, please contact
[email protected]
Click on the top right link called STORE.
When you enter the store, items are divided
into materials: Silestone—Collateral, Displays,
Merchandise, Sample Boxes and Wearables;
and Natural Stone—Cuellar, Natural Stone,
SenSa and Wearables. Click on material and
tab desired and choose item(s) you need,
pressing ADD TO CART.
Natural Stone
NOTE: If you choose several items on a page, you do not have to click on ADD TO CART after
each selection. One click on the page will select all items you chose on that page. If you
change tabs, you do need to ADD TO CART each time. You can hit CONTINUE SHOPPING at
any time and it will take you back to the previous page.
When you have finished your order, you have two options:
a. If your cart requires freight as opposed to general shipping, you must click on
REQUEST A FREIGHT QUOTE. Be sure and enter your email here to ensure you
receive an email when your quote is complete. Your order then goes to the fulfillment
house for a freight estimate. You can log out of the store at this time. When you
receive confirmation of a quote or after a few hours, you will log in to your account
once again and click on STORE | FREIGHT QUOTES. Find the order and choose
PURCHASE or X for deleting order. Now you can enter your billing and shipping
addresses as well as credit card information.
If your cart does not
require freight, you will
complete the order at this
time by choosing how you
want it to ship; i.e., FedEx
Ground, 2-day, Express
Saver, etc. The expected
delivery date and
estimated cost is shown
here. Next you will enter
billing and shipping
addresses as well as credit
card information (same as
above). ++
(++ If you have a credit line or gift card, it will show up at this time. A gift card can go towards
any order, but if the total purchase including freight, handling and sales tax charges, if applicable,
is over the card limit, you must pay the difference with a credit card. Please note that when
using a credit line, you cannot go over that line on any one order; it must be under for the order
to go through-this also includes all charges. Both credit line and gift card balances will roll over
for the next purchase.)
To track your order, you can log in to your account and click on STORE | MY ACCOUNT. Here
will be a list of all orders with their tracking numbers (if they have shipped). There are three
common carriers: FedEx, LTL (Con-Way) and Old Dominion, each with a website to check
tracking status. If the order has not shipped and you need to cancel it, you can do it here.
All transactions are made via credit card only. NO MORE MANUAL ORDER FORMS will be
The quantities to select on each item are listed at a maximum of 50. If you need to
purchase more than 50 you can change the quantity on the next page and click UPDATE
CART. (Pay attention to items bundled in 25s, 50s, etc., sold as one (1) unit and make sure
to enter quantity accordingly.)
If you need to save a cart for later, you can do so by checking the box “Check this box to
save your cart and check out at a later time” at the bottom of the shopping page. The order
is saved in your account under Store | Saved Quote. It can be revised at this time if needed.
If you Request a Freight Quote, you cannot change an order after the quote is received. Any
updates or revisions would affect the final freight quote and it would have to be
If you have any questions, please contact at [email protected] or 281.207.4441.