Injection How to buy and sell companies with without leaving your house.

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Injection | Injection Volume One | Issue Thirteen
How to buy and sell companies with
no money, no credit checks and
without leaving your house.
Short Title:
Bakery Quadruples in 48
Hours... For FREE.
Official Title:
Chasing Tornad’ers,
Sodomizing Military Genius,
Dialog that FU**ED Russia,
Quadrupling Bakeries, Cutting
Heart Disease Risk in HALF...
And More!
Holey Moley Builders Around this time last year I was working with some teams of “Storm Chasers”,
(kind of like the movie Twister) because in an attempt to conquer fears I wanted
to actually stalk a monster tornado like they do. One day I supposed to go out with
them but one of the vans had a flat and we were late so I missed out that day.
That day they went to the now-famous city of Joplin, Missouri and barely
survived the encounter with the one of the most devastating tornadoes in
American history. Later I did get up close to a few tornadoes but nothing like that
OPLIN one and now with the chance to go again this season I’m debating between
going chasing again or learning to wrestle crocodiles...
I’m a big Puss’n’Boots on the inside so I try to push myself into stuff I’m
terrified of - haven’t decided which one yet so would love to know what you think.
Here’s what in this Injection:
===> How a small bakery made four times as much mo-ney - it’s a simple
lesson that anybody can use in your neighborhood to start buying up companies...
===> The (gay?) “war architect” whose ideas slaughtered and enslaved countless
people - this is why you should build your Empire Skill: it transfers to
===> The secret type of dialog that changed Europe forever, this is the same
secret to gaining compliance like a Terminator and having people GIVE you anything
you want
And more... like a Cabbage Patch lesson, how to steal a house - literally...
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Love to hear how you’re using the Injections/Episodes to change the world Thanks for everything!
- Azam
WBE Trivia: After his famous victim died from bullet wound complications, who
blamed the doctors saying “I simply shot at him”? (answers on the last page)
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A Conversation That Changed Europe.
A secret type of dialog that commands compliance
Napoleon Bonaparte is considered one of the greatest military
minds ever. Few battles illustrate this brilliance more than the Battle
of Austerlitz (the Battle of the Three Emperors). Napoleon’s French
army was surrounded and outnumber by about 2:1, the Russian and
Austrian armies formed an alliance, they had higher ground, were
about to attack and the French only had about 150 guns total.
This seemed unwinnable and Napoleon was begged to retreat.
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He went into isolation for a few days to think. When he was done he
began acting extremely bizarre - randomly moving his troops in
offensive/defensive formations, leaving dangerous and obvious
vulnerabilities, abandoning key and favorable positions.
Then he went to meet with the Czar (a rival commander)
Instead the Czar sent a representative. The report back was that
Napoleon was fearful, eager to appease and overall doubtful and
nervous. This was all the armies needed to hear.
They attacked full force - surrounding Napoleon - to crush him
Even though they had higher ground they left it in haste and
marched circularly to envelop and make an example of Napoleon. But
as they marched to destroy Napoleon the unthinkable happened; they
were somehow invaded. Napoleon used mountainside fog to hide his
small army and as the armies left their town he ordered an uphill
assault that would only work if his enemies were ignorant enough to
leave their high point.
They were. And they did. Napoleon was able to split the armies.
Pushing them apart, their forces were split when they countered
and he defeated the armies much easier and in humiliating fashion,
even forcing masses to retreat and die in frozen waters.
What about the catalyst to all of it - the act of confusion, fear
and the non-threatening meeting dialog that started the “assault”?
All an act to motivate his enemies‘ to react rashly. I always
underline the importance of being non-threatening and of inviting
strikes you are most prepared for instead of trying to avoid strikes
altogether. This is a great example of both. Whether you want a better
price, insider secrets from a company - or just about any “secret” being non-threatening makes people behave in ways they would never
think of in any other situation. It is a skill, and it boosts compliance.
We have itemized and Policized countless ways to do exactly that
and get unbelievable compliance in every interaction you ever have.
Apply to become a Builder... or hope you don’t turn out like the
Ferhoncus de plub
Omare foremne
Lemacord Promwn
Bakery Quadruples Sales in Two
Days for FREE - And How Anybody Can
Do This...
This comes to us from Lisa Penrick, she worked with a local
baking shop and applied a brilliant lesson involving a
newspaper and pulling money out of thin air:
“I watched it like 1000 times and contacted a few of the
notices from my paper to see if they wanted the Ultimate
Cake for their party. These are huge sales and we got
backed up on orders the first day!...”
Doing Badass Stuff?
By purposely picking high-margin-ideal-Transactions they
made a killing and in one day made more than the company
has ever made in one week. This is a powerful concept and
others have used the same idea to go from zero to $50k+/
month in a matter of hours.
Tell me about it..
Lisa did that after going through Injection/Episode HERE.
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But that’s just the tip of the iceberg - apply to become a
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(I make sure that all the stories above are from people who went through our
FREE stuff so anybody can do it... but the excerpts below are from within WBE)
What Builders Are
Talking About Right
Now at WBE...
A few of examples of Builder Brilliance in the last 24 hours
Sun Tzu and John Rockefeller stealing from Azam again...
How to get Attorneys Generals and other
legal authorities
promoting your business helping you destroy competition...
4321 First Street
Anytown, State ZIP
Getting dozens of
companies lined up... each
paying you $5,000+/month
Getting almost a dozen from using three words in a single conversation
A huge secret behind Google, YouTube and Paypal - gaining compliance 101
Lessons of brilliance are around us
all the time.
Aside from the bizarre social experiments we
sponsor/conduct I have a fascination with UFOs,
mind control, the supernatural, time travel, and
other unexplained crazy sh**... I’ll make sure we
start putting some of that here with the history
stuff... and more stories of gratitude too.
Gay Military Genius?... A lesson in Skill Transfer
”How you do anything is how you do everything.”
Over 500 years ago a child was
born out of wedlock. Not much is
known of his childhood but as a
teen he began to find his passion
through an apprenticeship.
This skill changed his life, and he
learned to apply the same skill and
passion with any other project that
he was a part of...brilliance always.
“Whatever the situation, I can
invent an infinite variety of
machines for both attack and
As his legend grew he was hand
picked by many warlords and
notorious dictator-types as The Military Engineer
He was once arrested with a group
of men and a male prostitute for
He was an “architect of warfare”
but... his obsession started with
design, specifically... drawing.
One of the men was related to a
powerful politician, which may be
the reason charges were dropped.
He never had kids or married.
He was so emotionally invested in
developing this skill that applying
it to anything else - math, science,
mapmaking, engineering, solar/
water power, etc. - became easy.
He was also a vegetarian and often
bought caged birds only to release
them (YES!). He was also known
for “outstanding physical beauty”.
He embodies the mantra that we
use on our Team: “How you do
anything is how you do
He was even a pacifist.
His brilliance was not confined to
military. In fact his drawings - not
his military record - is what he is
known for today. Drawings like...
So it may seem strange then that
he was so interested in military
combat, but he was obsessed.
He had designs for massive
crossbows, self-propelled tanks,
machine guns, helicopters,
mortars, steam powered cannons...
He was centuries ahead of his time
Several of his ideas were used over
400 years later in both the World
Wars. Countless men died because
of his brilliantly effective
inventions. He once said:
The Mona Lisa.
The brutal military designer who
teaches us how well skill transfers
was... Leonardo da Vinci.
Want to become an artist - learn
the skill that’ll transfer and make
growing ANY business easy?
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them and you won’t hear a word
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Only available to Builders.
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These are sent in by you.
Using these kinds of stories in your marketing can boost your
compliance gaining by over ten times. So be creative and find the
connection because it’s always there and it will make you smarter.
Couple spent $1M on Cabbage
Patch Kids
Pat and Joe Prosey have spent over a million dollars on
their 5,000 doll collection of Cabbage Patch Kids.
Lesson: In any and all marketing you should be trying to
find “The Crazies” like this, they are always there in any
industry. Just one of them can Hectuple your business. I’m
definitely a Crazy with baby parrots for example... and have
more than Hectupled dozens of companies just by being their
client. Find the Crazies.
The story is here.
Do you sit instead of stand
at your computer? You’re
twice as likely to die from
Several studies over decades have concluded that
Americans are (fatally) fat as fu**. As more sitting or
sedentary jobs are the norm instead of active jobs, obesity
has doubled, medical problems have surged, vision problems
have risen and... people are dying a lot faster and fatter.
Lesson: This is why it’s so easy to do our Fight Clubs for
over $25,000... we are saving lives. I’ve become a strong
supporter of sweating and eating healthier, I could keep going
but don’t have room here. Don’t ignore your health guys.
The story is here. And here.
Identify Theft to the
Extreme: Here’s How to
a House...
Alabama authorities are looking for Jafton Richardson
who allegedly moved his family into an empty house, used
left-behind checks to pay for renovations, filed for legal
ownership for six other properties, etc.
Lesson: Including stories like this in your mailings can
easily triple your response, two APs are testing this story
today - will have the results laters.
The story is here.
Special thanks to Anita, KK and Max for the stories.
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WBE Answer:
The luxury served
over 100 years ago in
the U.S. Senate was
bottled water from
the oldest producer:
Mountain Valley
Spring Water.
They’re brilliant, in the
20s they started funding
clinical research to prove
the medical benefits of
their water. It legalized
their claims and proactive
dealt with competition, as
a result...
Every US President from
Coolidge to Clinton served
MVS in the White House.
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