customers How to attract with print and online advertising

How to attract
with print and online advertising
If you are developing a marketing plan and you want to attract
customers, consider the following:
TV, billboards, direct mail, radio, bus benches and most other advertising messages are
communicated to people who aren’t ready to buy. But Qwest Dex advertising is different. Your
Qwest Dex ad is presented to people when they are ready to buy. This simple and essential
difference is the reason why Qwest Dex advertising is so effective. This timing, combined with
the extensive distribution and high usage, makes
Qwest Dex an extremely powerful advertising media.
To find out how Qwest Dex can help and why
Qwest Dex is so effective, read on. We have prepared
this book to familiarize you
with the basics of Qwest Dex
advertising. If at any time you
would like a Qwest Dex
Advertising Consultant to
personally go over the Qwest Dex product offerings,
prices or schedules, do not hesitate to call us at
Qwest Dex
ADvantage Tip:
To attract customers you have to
get noticed for what you do best.
Tell your story when your prospects
are actively searching for it.
To expand your customer base,
you have to reach new customers.
Would you like to reach every
home and business in town?
To retain customers, welcome
them back when they look you up
in the Qwest Dex Yellow Pages,
White Pages and
1-800-883-3022 Ext. 0070.
We encourage you to visit our Web Site to experience, our online directory.
You can also click on Advertise With Qwest Dex to find out more about our advertising products.
Table of
Why Qwest Dex advertising
is so effective . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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High usage
Market saturation
Accuracy, completeness and reliability
Precise timing
Print directory products . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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Yellow Pages
White Pages
Specialty products
Advantages and considerations
Qwest Dex Internet products . . . . . . . .
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How works for you
How Qwest Dex drives traffic to
Product descriptions
Ongoing support . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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The Dex ADvantage
Your very own consultant
Dedication to innovation
All statements, claims and inferences in this book are subject to change without
notice and are governed by Qwest Dex advertising standards and practices.
Qwest Dex
is so effective
Qwest Dex is unique among advertising media because of its precise
timing. In addition, Qwest Dex has well-established attributes that
make it very effective at helping you attract and retain customers.
High usage
that results in consumer and business purchases
Qwest Dex advertising attracts buyers.
• 64 percent of adults say they use the Yellow
Pages weekly.1
• There are over two million every month.2
Qwest Dex users take action.
• 91 percent of adults have made a purchase using
the Yellow Pages.3
• 88 percent of users report they have made a
purchase or intend to do so after using the
Yellow Pages.4
1, 3, 4 Source: Yellow Pages Publishers Assoc., Industry Usage Study: Annual and Monthly Trends, 1998, ’99.
2 Source: NFO/Ad Impact, 2000.
Qwest Dex ads reach just about everyone: every household, every
business, virtually every public phone in the Qwest 14-state territory.
And Qwest Dex doesn’t stop there. We deliver throughout the year,
to new businesses that open their doors and to new residents who
move to your community.
As people turn to the Internet, your business can be there, too,
with Internet Advertising. The growing online market
is one you don’t want to overlook.
Accuracy, completeness and reliability
ensure continued usage
Qwest Dex print directories have the
information people want, when they want it.
No wonder people have come to rely on
Qwest Dex! The accuracy, completeness and
reliability are the reasons people use both the
Printed Yellow and White Pages and the
Internet Yellow Pages on
Precision timing
and targeting
Some say timing is everything; Qwest Dex says it’s effective.
Qwest Dex can deliver your ad to willing buyers when they are ready
to make a purchase. Eighty-eight percent of users buy or intend to
buy after using the Yellow Pages.5 The timing must be right, and the
targeting right on.
to help you even more
Want maximum impact? Innovations such as can attract customers online. With Internet
usage skyrocketing, Qwest Dex can provide you with
effective online advertising. is the most-used Internet Yellow Pages in
its 14-state region, with over 2.2 million visitors to each month.6 It’s a cost effective medium
to help you achieve remarkable sales results.
5 Source: Yellow Pages Publishers Assoc., Industry Usage Study: Annual and Monthly Trends, 1998, ’99.
6 Source: NFO/Ad Impact, 2000.
Qwest Dex
ADvantage Tip:
When you advertise, choose
a medium that can prove its
value. Ask for evidence of
advertising effectiveness.
that build your business every day
This section will show you the many print advertising options Qwest Dex
offers. We will provide what you need to make wise advertising decisions.
Qwest Dex
Yellow Pages
The Qwest Dex Yellow Pages is one of the most proven,
cost-effective advertising media. It contains four types of ads: display,
in-column, trade, and listings.
Display ads
Display ads are among the most prominent and most
effective ads you can buy. Display ads allow you to tell your
unique business story boldly and completely. You can add color,
photographs, borders, logos and attractive graphic treatment.
Display ads have the added advantage of being placed at the
beginning of each heading.
Display ads can be effective
for businesses that need a
steady stream of new
customers. Purchases in this
category may be somewhat
infrequent, or customer
turnover may be high. Display
ads are extremely popular
with service businesses.
Display ads continued…
An anchor listing comes free with each display ad you
purchase. Placed in alphabetical order with the listings and
in-column ads, the anchor tells buyers, “See our display ad
on page 32.” The anchor refers those who may search for
you by name to your display ad. It lets users know you have
a lot more to say about your business.
Qwest Dex
ADvantage Tip:
When developing your
Yellow Pages display ad,
we recommend you allow
Qwest Dex to custom design
an ad that communicates
what’s best about your
business. Qwest Dex will
design your ad at no extra
In-column ads
In-column ads are placed alphabetically within your industry
category. These ads range in size from 5/8 inch to 4 inches. In-column
ads can be printed in one color (plus black) and certain sizes may
include a logo. Advertisers may also use “white knockout”
background to draw attention to their In-column ad.
In-column ads can also be used in combination with display
ads to provide you with exposure in additional headings or
additional directories.
An in-column ad may
serve your purposes if:
• your industry is not highly competitive.
• your target market is narrow.
• you do other forms of advertising to
promote your name and reputation.
666 N. 33rd Ave, SW, Spokane
Trade ads
Trade ads involve the sharing of an ad, usually between a
manufacturer and its retailers, or a franchiser and
franchisees. The brand name manufacturer or franchiser will
often buy the header, usually with the brand logo, and
individual retail outlets purchase listings under the header.
If you are a franchisee or a
retailer of a sought-after regional
or national brand, a trade ad
could be very effective. Your
Qwest Dex Advertising
Consultant can tell you if there
is a prepurchased header that
can work for you.
Qwest Dex
ADvantage Tip:
Save money on your directory
advertising by taking advantage
of co-op. Under this plan, major
manufacturers may reimburse
you for a portion of your
advertising expenses when
you advertise their brand. Over
$30 billion is available annually.
Check with your suppliers to
see if co-op advertising funds
are available to you.
Qwest Dex
ADvantage Tip:
Want to increase traffic
on your Web Site? Give
potential customers direction
with an Internet Pointer.
Internet Pointers are available
in Yellow and White Pages.
Listings can be very effective when used in combination
with a display advertising program. You can increase the
impact of your listing with bold type, an extra line or a
Qwest Dex Internet Pointer .
Listings are usually best at
supplementing an advertising
program that is comprised of
Qwest Dex advertising or other
media advertising. If your
competitors are not advertising,
a bold listing can help you stand
out. Combined with an extra
line, such as “Open 24 hours,” a
listing could give you the edge
in a heading that does not have
a lot of competition.
Qwest Dex does not provide boxed borders on listing options.
Outlines provided here to separate examples.
Listings are best used to
get a bit of exposure in a
secondary line of business
or a secondary market.
Qwest Dex
White Pages
A White Pages ad can allow you to reinforce buyers’ existing
intention to purchase from you. You put a lot of time and money into
building a business reputation, a White Pages ad allows your
prospects and past customers to find you by name. You can
welcome customers back and convey your service
Qwest Dex
orientation to new customers with White Pages advertising.
ADvantage Tip:
If you get a lot of routine calls about your hours and
your location, consider putting this type of customer
service information in the White Pages. White Pages
products include:
Use yellow highlight to make
your White Pages ad stand
out on the page.
Bold Listing
Make your business stand out
from the competition: Call
attention to your business and
make it quick and easy for
customers to find you.
Bold Name and Number Listing
Extra Line
Promote your business with
helpful details: Answer frequently
asked questions such as hours,
directions, or refer customers to
your Yellow Pages ad.
Extra Line
Make your business “pop” out
on the page: Similar to a roadside
billboard — catch your customer’s
attention with superbold type,
double rules and optional
yellow highlight.
Billboard with Optional Yellow Highlight
Qwest Dex does not provide boxed borders on listing options.
Outlines provided here to separate examples.
White Pages continued…
Qwest Dex Internet Pointer
Advertise your Web site where
customers look when they’re
ready to buy: Point customers
to your Web site and/or e-mail
address and build your business
every day with an Internet Pointer.
Internet Pointer with Extra Line
In-Column Ad with Optional Yellow Highlight
Tell your complete story with
detailed information: Promote
your business hours, Web site,
special products and services,
plus prominently display your
logo and optional highlight.
White Pages ads can
accomplish the following:
• greet potential new
customers you have
generated through
networking and wordof-mouth.
e Pa des
ervic ea co
ne Sn, tips & ar
• reduce routine calls for
business hours, directions,
etc., by including this
information in the
White Pages.
t Pa deral agen
rn , state &
Listidential listin
Busiwing the re
ity P des
mun ZIP Co
Comts, maps & Pages
Even e Yellow
See Th
Qwest Dex
specialty products
Could your business benefit from additional exposure? You should
know about the specialty advertising products Qwest Dex offers. These
products can give you the chance to place a billboard in virtually every
home, business, hotel room, and pay phone across the entire market.
Inside Cover Ads
One of the boldest ways to
advertise with Qwest Dex,
these prime ads are located on
the inside of our directory cover
and build awareness across a
broad market.
Divider Tabs
High impact, image building
reminder advertising, right in
the Yellow or White Pages.
Community Page Ads
Banners to full-page ads are
available in combination with
sport and recreational
Qwest Dex
specialty products continued…
Spine Ads
We are sure you’ll agree that
most people store their directory
with the spine showing. So why
not take advantage of this
exposure and advertise on the
spine to keep your business topof-mind — all the time.
Information Guide
This audio guide enables you to
sponsor recorded consumer
information at the beginning of
the directory.
Qwest Dex
specialty products continued…
Online Business Advertising
The print Qwest Dex Yellow Pages
is not just for those businesses
with a phone number and address.
Advertise your business
in the Qwest Dex Yellow Pages.
Promote yourself to the out-andabout, cell phone crowd in the OnThe-Go directory. Many On-The-Go
users have located a business
they’d never visited previously.
(Not offered in all markets.)
Qwest Dex
specialty products continued…
Banner Ads in the print Internet Guide
These dollar bill-sized banner ads appear one per
page within the high-traffic Internet Guide. The
Internet Guide appears at the beginning of the
Internet headings in many Qwest Dex directories.
Qwest Dex
Internet Pointer
A great traffic builder for your
Web Site, the pointing finger
icon lets people know you have
information available to them
online. Internet Pointers are
available in both Yellow and
White Pages.
and considerations
Getting started
If you have business telephone service from Qwest, you qualify for
a free, regular listing in both the Yellow and White Pages for your area,
as well as on While this gives you a presence, most
businesses benefit substantially by purchasing additional ad space.
Expanding and upgrading
While additional ad space is one way to attract more customers, a
broader appeal may be useful. You can expand geographically by
advertising in multiple directories. And you can promote a broad
product line by expanding into more categories.
Qwest Dex adheres to a tight directory production schedule.
Consequently, you should be aware of the deadlines for ad
placement. Your Qwest Dex Advertising Consultant may refer to this
as a “close date.”
The “issue date” refers to the day when phone book delivery
begins in your area. Your billing cycle also begins at this time.
Ad content and design
Planning your ad
First and foremost, your ad should convey a customer benefit.
Once you have established the key benefit you offer, you should
communicate it as vividly as possible. With that said, we can
offer you additional, specific pointers that comprise a successful
Qwest Dex Yellow Pages ad.
Qwest Dex
ADvantage Tip:
It’s advisable to plan your
program well in advance of
the placement deadline. Begin
while there is ample time to
design and produce a wellthought-out advertising
program. If you plan display
advertising, you should allow
enough time to review a proof.
With over 100 years of talking to businesses about the
effectiveness of their ads, we have learned a few things.
By listening to our customers, we have been able to
compile valuable pointers about ad design and content.
Ad content
Whether you have decided to go with a large or small
ad, there are copy points that seem to work. We highly
recommend you apply the following RASCIL factors to
get the most out of your ad. (See page 17).
Ad content and design continued…
= Reliability.
Let people know how long you have been
successful at what you are doing. Emphasize the
credibility of your business and your people by
including professional associations/memberships.
Offer references.
= Authorized products and services.
What’s in a name? Often a name conveys a fair amount
of investment, as well as reputation, loyalty, trust and
reliability. Highlight the trusted brands you carry.
= Complete products and services.
Once you have conveyed your uniqueness, round
out the picture. People want options. Tell them
about yours. When are you open? Do you deliver?
Do you offer free parking? Will you provide a free
estimate? What kind of payment will you accept?
= Illustrations, slogans and logos.
Attractive illustrations and photos command a second
look. A good illustration, though, does more than
attract attention; it conveys something about your
business—your specialty, reputation for excellence,
friendly atmosphere and sophistication. Use an
appropriate illustration to reinforce your message.
(Be sure to have permission to use any illustrations.)
= Location.
Location can pertain to where you are or where you
will go to serve a client. Location may refer to your
multiple locations or your single convenient location.
Use cross streets, descriptions, maps and landmarks
to describe your location for easy customer access.
= Special features and specialties.
People turn to a specialist to get the best value.
They want to know you are an expert in your field.
You need to let people know why they should
choose you over the competition.
Ad design
As mentioned, good design does more than attract attention;
it reinforces your message and conveys something positive
about your business. In addition, we have a few pointers you can
incorporate into your design.
Qwest Dex
ADvantage Tip:
Ad design from Qwest Dex is
included in your advertising
purchase. We will be glad
to design an ad for you with
your input. Proofs are available.
• Use a bold headline. An assertive statement
regarding customer benefits or your target market
could be most effective.
• Use bullet points. People tend to scan the copy
looking for what interests them.
• Prominently display your phone number. Color or
bold type is advisable.
• Utilize a distinctive border. Set yourself apart.
• Make sure you have enough space. You can sell
more if you tell more.
Tracking ad effectiveness
When the directories are distributed, you may notice an increase in
customer inquiries. Many businesses have found the increase to be
dramatic. Be prepared.
Ask your callers how they got your number. A simple tally sheet for
each day, totaled weekly, will quantify your Qwest Dex ad’s
effectiveness. To assist in tracking, you may request a complimentary,
preprinted tally sheet by calling 1-800-883-3022 Ext. 0070.
Qwest Dex
At Qwest Dex we believe we owe our customers the latest
and greatest, state-of-the-art, advertising tools. That’s why
we offer a full line of Internet advertising products. works on the same principles of the print
directories. helps you attract willing and able buyers
to your business, when they are ready to buy. High usage, follow-up
purchases, broad market coverage and product integrity are the
foundation of its effectiveness. enjoys more than 2.2 million visitors each month.7
What’s more, nearly 50 percent of our users contacted a merchant.8
Qwest Dex has a tradition of bringing buyers and sellers together. True
to this tradition, is even accessible from the Palm VII,
the popular handheld device that connects people to the Internet.
7 Source: NFO/Ad Impact 2000.
8 Source: NFO Research, Qwest Dex region 2000.
works for you is an Internet Yellow Pages and local marketplace.
Here your customers can find businesses by category, by name, and
by location. One can also find individual people by name. If you have
not tried, check it out!
In addition to the basic directory, offers customers
the ability to shop online for local services, research products and
services, and find city information.
As a business customer of Qwest, you qualify for a free listing by
your location and by your category. When a user selects an area and
a business category, all listings in the category appear. Your free listing
would be included.
Priority placement is given to businesses that offer users the most
additional information by purchasing advertising features. The more
features a business has, the higher the placement received.
How Qwest Dex drives traffic
Even though has the highest usage in its class,9
in our region, we are constantly striving to increase visits to the Site
to ensure your business gets exposure. In fact, Qwest Dex is
attracting visits at a faster rate than the Internet as a whole.9 The
increasing usage is a result of Qwest Dex’s commitment to bring
customers to its Site.
Qwest Dex promotes usage of in the following ways:
• is promoted on more than 46 million Yellow and White Pages directories
• Internet Guides in nearly 23 million Qwest Dex print directories
• Advertising run throughout our region
• Alliances with many frequently visited local sites, such as The Arizona Republic, The Salt Lake
City Tribune and
• Over 5,000 affiliates such as, and
• Constant recruitment of new affiliates
9 Source: I /Pro 2001/Audit; Computer Industry Almanac (12/99)
Qwest Dex Internet
product descriptions
Web Links
A Great Way To Drive Prospects to Your Web Site
Once you have established a Web site for your
business, one of the biggest challenges you will face is
getting traffic to it. One of the most effective ways to get
prospects to visit your site is to have a Web Link from That way when visitors search your
business category for possible suppliers, your business
can stand out and be selected.
Qwest Dex
ADvantage Tip:
“Links” give you priority placement in the Qwest Dex
Internet Yellow Pages. The
more features you have, the
higher your name appears
in the listings.
Visitors who click on the Web
site icon are taken to your site.
Fast Facts
A quick reference page
Fast Facts gives your customers a quick reference page about
your business. You can display hours of operation, brands and
services carried, special news and other important information that
customers want when they are ready to buy.
Extra exposure in additional markets or additional headings
As with Qwest Dex Yellow Pages, your business gets one free listing
on Some businesses find customers look for them in
several headings or in several markets. Make sure you advertise in all the
right places with additional listings.
Local Banner Ads
Online traffic generators
To get even more traffic to your Web Site, consider Local Banner
Ads. Your banner ad delivers 5,000 or more impressions per month,
geographically and categorically targeted, on nationally-branded Web
sites in your local area. A click-through capability is included, meaning
consumers who click your banner ad will be linked to your Web Site.
Specialty Products
Online specialty products provide additional ways to attract
Restaurant Menus
Whet your prospect’s appetite by featuring your
menu online. It could be just the message you need to
attract new patrons.
Qwest Dex
ADvantage Tip:
The Qwest Dex Internet Pointer
in your Yellow and White Pages
ad or with your listing, drives
traffic to your Web Site, where
buyers can learn more about
your business.
Yellow Pages Info
Qwest Dex Yellow Pages Info is an exact replica of your Yellow
Pages print display ad. Since your ad is already developed, you
can easily and quickly build a compelling Internet presence — at
very little additional cost — on your listing
Request Match Now
Qwest Dex, along with’s proprietary
technology, match consumers with qualified, local service
professionals addressing more than 485 common home
services from housecleaning and repair to landscaping, home
additions and remodeling.
Qwest Dex is confident you will be pleased with your
advertising. Qwest Dex’s contribution to your ongoing success
doesn’t stop with the publishing of your ad. Qwest Dex offers
additional support to qualifying advertisers.
The Dex ADvantage
The Dex ADvantage is a quarterly newsletter sent to
all our advertisers. Within its pages you will find a
wealth of valuable information to help you
communicate more effectively with your customers
and prospects. The newsletter also includes
information about exciting new Qwest Dex products
to help you grow your business. Most importantly,
The Dex ADvantage is a forum for our customers to
share ideas and contribute articles of interest.
Your very own
At Qwest Dex, we make a serious effort to allow you to work with
the same Advertising Consultant each time you call. We believe
you will get better and more insightful service if a professional at
Qwest Dex gets to know you and your business.
Dedication to
Today, tomorrow and into the twenty-first century, Qwest Dex will
be here to serve you with products that will help you build your
business every day.