Mr. Kolosey AICE Thinking Skills .

Mr. Kolosey
AICE Thinking Skills
Read a book called How to Lie with Statistics, by Darrell Huff.
Students should be ready for a high level conversation on the principles
discussed in the book. Notes are encouraged, but not required; any format
is acceptable (Cornell, outline, chart, map, web, sentence, etc…) Credit will
be determined based on the level of participation, but may be augmented
by submitting detailed notes.
Mrs. Benjamin
Mrs. Proctor
Pre AICE English Language
Complete a close reading of the following two novels:
Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer
The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd
Directions: For each novel, you must complete one of the following assignments. Note: Each
assignment can only be used once. Both assignments should be organized in a two-pocket
folder and turned in on the first day of school. The student’s name must be on the front cover
of the folder.
Personal Dictionary:
As you read the novel, create a personal dictionary of 25+ words that you do not recognize or
cannot define.
-For each identified vocabulary word: write the word, page number where found in the novel,
part of speech (as the word is used in the novel), full definition, and use the word correctly in
an original sentence.
-Definitions may be found using a dictionary, or online resource (,
- Sentences must be created by the student.
- Personal dictionary may be either hand-written or typed (12 point, Times New Roman font).
Unsullied, adjective (4): not spoiled by anything.
My happiness was unsullied on the day of the picnic.
Two Column Notes:
Reader Response Journal: Keep a handwritten double-entry journal as you read. You should
make ten (ten) entries in your journal that span events from the beginning of the novel through
the end.
Divide a page into two (2) columns.
IN THE LEFT COLUMN… briefly summarize events that are especially important, that raise
questions in your mind, or that solicit reactions from you. Information in this column should
1. Indicate setting (time, season, span of years, location)
2. Include a list of characters and their relationship to the novel
3. Reveal the central conflict and resolution
IN THE RIGHT COLUMN…record your thoughts about the events in the novel, your questions,
your predictions, your reactions, etc. *Should have evidence that you not only read the novel,
but that you intellectually interacted with the novel as well.
CONCLUSION… write one paragraph (100+ words) in which you discuss why this novel is worthy
of being studied.
Mrs. Lamore
Pre AICE Chemistry
Welcome to Pre-AICE Chemistry
Pre-AICE Chemistry is an advanced Chemistry class designed to give you a solid foundation in inorganic
chemistry. As part of the curriculum, you will be conducting laboratory exercises for which you will need
to have mastered basic measurement skills, including the mathematics that go along with them. In this
summer assignment you will practice these skills via a computer program called Braingenie.
Click on the green button to create an
account – it’s free.
Your user name should be your last
name and first initial/first name. If you
need to add numbers after it to create a
unique username for the program feel
free to do so. I need your last name as
part of your user name or I will not be
able to identify you in my roster.
Once you have created an account, you will be given a chance to join a class. Click that button and enter
the class code iz6cp6or The class you are joining is called Summer 2013.
After joining a class, return to your
home page and click “Goals”
The new page will have one goal listed –
Summer Practice. Click this link.
Click on the first goal and complete
all 12 skills by August 12th. For each
set of skills there is a video you can
view for information on that skill.
When you have mastered a skill,
the program will tell you and ask if
you wish to go to the next set of
practices. For most of the skills you
will find that you will be able to master them in a relatively short time. The skills are divided into
groups. Each group has its own quiz. The quiz is called the Unit Challenge. When you feel you are
ready, take the quiz.
Using A Balance
This is an interactive site to practice reading a balance (not a scale).
Again, the DUE DATE is AUGUST 12th
If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]