How to pass CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing

Factsheet to accompany the podcast
How to pass CIM Professional Diploma in
The Magic Formula/Triangle – The examiner expects you to
know your syllabus (the Knowledge) i.e. the models, key
theories and definitions and apply this theory selectively to
the context you’ve been given (Application). All your
answers should include evaluation – of the models and the
action you’ve proposed including the relevant justification–
and what you write should be clear, show evidence of wider
reading and properly referenced (Presentation). See left for
the percentage of marks available for these key examiner
requirements at CIM Professional Diploma Level
Know how you perform best – check out your learning style so you work in the way that’s best for you.
Plan your time, factor in must-do commitments and plan to give yourself maximum study time with as little stress as possible.
The Key CIM requirements – see the Magic Formula above. Then present yourself as a marketer – after all, these are
professional qualifications. Remember to use the 3 Cs – consider your Customers needs, your Company’s objectives and
Competitiveness. Have you addressed these in each of your exam/assignment questions?
Hints and Tips for the Exam subject - DCV
Start revision early and do little and often - know your syllabus well. Tackle an SSG Diagnostic Quiz and identify which topics
need further study Check-out the resources available from CIM’s own marketing resources area
on their website – it’s full of theory
Reading – get the right core textbook and supplementary texts from CIM Direct Build your bank of
examples and prove you are a competent marketer by reading around the subjects using a range of academic and contemporary
Practise your Exam technique – construct your own outline answers, limiting yourself to just 15 minutes on each one. Look at
Examiner reports and see past exam papers
On Exam day – use at least the first 15 minutes to plan your answers, time management for the rest of the 3 hours is critical to
success. No waffle please, apply the theory selectively and evaluate when required. Most of all, don’t panic!
Hints and Tips for the Assignment/Project based subjects
Register with CIM in time Call +44 (0) 1628 427120 for help
Study the syllabi’s theory first – identify what you don’t know by doing a diagnostic quiz on both subjects via
Avoid apathy – get started early and plan your time, factoring in the deadlines set by your Tutor. Pay particular attention to CIM
Assignment rules and the Mark scheme.
Start with a skeleton outline using key headings/sub headings. Begin drafting and remember your tutor is allowed to see ONE full
draft. Remember the Magic formula and the 3Cs. See the dedicated pages on the CIM website for further information.
This FREE factsheet is provided as a supplement only to the “How to pass Professional Diploma” podcast – full explanations and examples
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All information is correct at time of publication (6/11/10) and all advice provided in good faith. It remains the student's responsibility to
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