“Update on Medical Emergencies or How by Daniel G. Pompa, D.D.S.

“Update on Medical Emergencies or How
to Save a Life, Inlcuding Your Own”
presented on May 4th, 2014
by Daniel G. Pompa, D.D.S.
“Best lecture I have ever attended and learned so much”.
Robert Graziano, DDS (General Practice, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn)
“This course by Dr. Dan Pompa exceeded my expectations. The clinical
examples were real world that could occur in my office or home.
Dr. Pompa’s course will save lives of dental patients and the dentist, too.
I cannot stress how important this course is to a dentist who cares about
patients as people whose lives are precious.”
Julie Kaziimiroff, DDS, MS (Montefiore Hospital, Bronx, N.Y)
This is without a doubt, the most engaging Medical Emergency course I
have attended. It has very useful information and is well organized and
presented. I will definitely recommend it to everyone I know.
Jamie Royal, DDS Orthodontist (NYC and Massapaqua, N.Y.)
“This is an excellent presentation that should be required for all dentists to
take on a regular basis, thought provoking and much needed information”
Jay Eisenstadt, D.D.S. (General Practice, Flushing, N.Y.)
“This is an excellent presentation that should be give to all residents and
Jacqueline Polanco, D.D.S. (Montefiore Hospital, Bronx, N.Y)
“This was a perfect presentation from start to finish”
Debora Zivari D.D.S. (General Practice, Forest Hills, N.Y.)
“This is a wonderful presentation. Your enthusiasm for this most important
subject knows no bounds.”
Kenneth Criss, D.D.S. (General Practice, Forest Hills, N.Y )
Dr. Daniel Pompa’s
How to Save a Life, Including Your Own”
This is one of the most informative and well presented lectures that I have ever
attended. It is apparent that considerable time and effort went into the presentation.
The use of classical film clips to illustrate key concepts was both meaningful and
inspired. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.
Russel Karmel, DDS – Woodhaven, NY
(General Practice)
In my opinion this performance wins “The Academy Award”!! This presentation
was absolutely fabulous in the detailed and superbly organized material. It captures
everyone’s attention with an eloquent verbalization of details of the medical
emergencies. The visual imagery on the screen is beautifully illustrative from start
to finish. It is terrific!!...Knowledge is added to all who attended! This was
absolutely a most memorable experience.
Howard Ruderman, DDS – Bayside, NY
This succinct course in how to prevent, recognize, and manage office medical
emergencies was relevant, excellent, and extremely well presented by Dr. Pompa. I
very highly recommend it to all practitioners. Bravo! Bravissimo!
Irvin Kotkin, MD – New Hyde Park, NY
(Internal Medicine)
This seminar is a fast paced, interactive, hands-on presentation. The live
demonstrations add to the realism of the emergency scenarios. The correlation of the
music, video portrayals, and entertaining material that Dr. Pompa gives results in
memorable experience giving useful information you will never forget. A must see
for your staff as well.
Robert Graziano, DDS – Bay Ridge, NY
(General Practice)
This is a great lecture. Dr. Pompa is funny, charming, and full of important
information. I’ve already followed through with what I learned. Thanks again!
Elliot Zellner, DDS – Woodmere, NY
(General Practice)
One of the best courses I have been to. Extremely relevant.
Jeffrey DeLuccia, DDS – Massapequa, NY
(General Practice)
Dr. Pompa is thoroughly informed and up to date in his presentation. It is
organized, documented, and most importantly personalized to allow the attendee to
easily remember the material. I would highly recommend this seminar to all
dentists and their staff.
Perry Perzov, DDS – Roslyn, NY
(General Practice)
As a lecturer, one needs to connect with the audience and present information in a
simplistic palatable fashion. Dr. Pompa is the ultimate lecturer who keeps you
focused on the information, and who simplifies the complexity of the problem so
that the answer will always remain with you. He is one of the most intelligent and
impressive doctors I know, and has a gift he shares with us.
Andrew Gershon, DDS – Flushing, NY
How to avoid emergencies is a perfect way to start – stressing syncope first is smart!
All in all a reminder to all of us that things happen.
Donald Tanenbaum, DDS, MPH – Manhattan, NY
(Oral Facial Pain/TMJ Practice)
A lot of rapid knowledge. This is useful, relevant, and important information we all
need to review. Dr. Pompa’s stage presence is top notch.
Marvin Grossman, DDS – Glendale, NY
(General Practice)
Awesome seminar. The pairing of the video and music with the emergencies and
information enables you to easily remember the material. This is a unique approach
that is entertaining as well. A must see for anyone interested in management of
emergencies. Take your staff, they will thank you!
Andrew Jacobson, DDS – Glendale, NY
(General Practice)
Dr. Pompa is an extremely thorough and dynamic speaker. His multimedia
presentation kept me engaged and helped me retain the information presented. The
knowledge I gained was above and beyond what I expected.
Peter Pollina, DDS – Maspeth, NY
(General Practice)
This is an outstanding course that is brilliantly presented. I highly recommend it!!
Michael Rothberg, DDS – Williston Park, NY
(Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)
Thanks for the wonderful presentation. The combination of movies, music, and
energetic discourse to highlight the main points are quite original and deserving of
Oscar, Grammy, and Tony nominations.
Ken Criss, DDS- Forest Hills, NY
(General Practice)
The course really made me think about how I can change things in my office and
what is important when it comes to medical emergencies.
Ann Zohorsky, DDS – Glen Head, NY
(General Practice)
The useful information presented by Dr. Pompa far exceeded, my already high,
expectations. I would enthusiastically recommend this program to all my
Daniel Fink, DDS – Forest Hills, NY
(General Practice)
Excellent lecture – Exceeded my expectations.
David Lynn, DDS – Hicksville, NY
(General Practice)
During and after taking Dr. Pompa’s “Update on Medical Emergencies”, I realized
over the past 25 years how easy it was to forget the all-important and potential
lifesaving skills. Dr. Daniel Pompa not only presented the latest emergency
protocols, but did so by portraying scenarios in a multimedia fashion. This along
with audience participation, and use of live demonstrations, totally engaged all that
were present. I now feel confident should a medical emergency occur in my
practice or at home. Thank you Dr. Pompa.
Frank Peritore, DDS – Brooklyn, NY
(General Practice)
Exceptional presentation. Dr. Pompa’s command of the material is phenomenal and
very entertaining.
Lee Schwartz, DDS – Forest Hills, NY
(General Practice)
This presentation is special in many ways. The way the information is presented is
unique, and its usefulness is without question. Dr. Pompa has a great ability to field
a wide array of questions with definitive answers that were easily understandable.
Barry Lerman, DDS – Forest Hills, NY
(General Practice)
After attending Dr. Pompa’s course on Medical Emergencies I came back feeling
considerably more confident to handle almost anything. Dr. Pompa was able to
clearly demonstrate what the medical emergency diagnosis was through the
patient’s signs and symptoms, and what the treatment should be through the use of
movie scenes and popular music. We were also instructed on how to set up our own
Emergency Kits using color coding. This should be a required course for all
dentists, and their staff, annually.
Rosanne Puoplo-Carter, DDS – Sea Cliff, NY
(General Practice)
I really enjoyed the lecture. It was concise, practical, and organized well. The time
went by fast – This is an excellent presentation!!!
Jack Gruber, DDS – New Hyde Park, NY
(General Practice)
Thank you for your excellent presentation. I did look forward to the interaction and
the updates. You are doing a great service.
Al Gulum, DDS – Flushing, NY
(General Practice)
One of the best lectures. Very interactive and educational.
Julia Nosov, DDS – Wantagh, NY
(General Practice)
This is a great seminar. Hope I never have to use what I learned. Dr. Pompa is a
gifted speaker.
Richard Friedman, DDS – Glendale, NY
(General Practice)