DM 6010 P CM 6010 P DCS 6000 Digital Congress System

Data sheet no. 6.06
DCS 6000 Digital
Congress System
Conference Units
Microphone unit
DM 6010 P
CM 6010 P
Microphone unit
DM 6010 P
The DM/CM 6010 P is a fully digital
portable microcomputer controlled conference unit with a loudspeaker and an
illuminated microphone mounted on a
semi goose-neck arm. The loudspeaker
is automatically switched off when the
microphone is activated.
The DM/CM 6010 P unit offers full
compatibility with the DCS 6000 Digital
Congress System with the CU 6010 &
EX 6010 Central & Extension Units.
The DM/CM 6010 P features:
Illuminated red ring on microphone
head for easy identification of
speaker. Clearly visible even in
broadcast lighting.
Digital Audio Transmission.
Single cable "Loop Through".
Free cable topology w. repeater.
DCS-LAN - Standard CAT.5 cable
Double rubber-suspended, low
noise electret microphone.
3 inch high quality speaker.
Unique ID no. identification during
system initialisation.
Optional features:
Voice Active, requires additional
software license for CU 6010.
How to order
Conference microphones:
DM 6010 P
CM 6010 P
CM 6010 P
Request model no. DM/CM 6060
or DM 6070 for built-in Channel
Selector(s) w. 32 channels,
volume control and 2 digit display.
Delegate control functions:
On/Off push button to activate/
deactivate the microphone.
"Request" LED indicator for
microphone in request queue.
"Speak" LED indicator for microphone On.
Chairman control functions:
Microphone On/Off push button
with chairman priority (chairman
overrides delegates).
"Delegate Off" push button for
switching off all active delegate
"Delegate OFF" LED indicator for
all active delegate microphones
"Speak" LED indicator for chairman microphone on.
The DM 6010 P and the DCS 6000
system conform to all relevant standards for conference electronics.
Connection Cable for DCS 6000
EC 6000-0,5
EC 6000-10
EC 6000-01
EC 6000-20
EC 6000-05
EC 6000 -50
0,5 m - 50 m. STP Cat.5 cables
DIS, Danish Interpretation Systems A/S, Vestre Teglgade 12, DK-2450 Copenhagen SV, Denmark, Tel.: +45 33 85 40 40, Fax: +45 33 85 40 41, e-mail: [email protected]
DCS 6000 Digital
Congress System
Microphone Units
DM 6010 P
CM 6010 P
Frequency Range:
Max. SPL:
Equivalent Noise:
Front/Back Ratio:
Dimensions (W x H x D):
150 x 61 x 168
w/o mic. arm
Length mic. arm: 36 cm
Total weight:
0,9 kg
Frequency Range:
Power maximum:
Electret Cardioid
100 Hz - 15 kHz
-22 dBv/Pa
125 dB (3% THD)
App. 20 dB SPL
>20 dB (1 kHz)
Please refer to Data Sheet for CU 6010
and Users Manual MA 6000 for system
specifications of the DCS 6000 system.
3 inch.
134 g.
150 Hz - 15 kHz
Data subject to change without notice in interest of product improvements.
CU 6000/
EX 6000
DM 6010 P
CM 6010 P
All digital conference units are connected to the CU 6010/EX 6010 in the
DCS-LAN by one single CAT.5 cable.
One CU/EX 6010 unit controls up to
120 microphone units in four strings
and up to 30 units in one string.
Additional EX 6010 can be linked to the
system for control of up to 4000 conference units.
Please refer to the User Manual
MA 6000 for block diagram.
DM 6010 P
Please observe the following rules for
cable lengths when installing the DM/
CM 6010 P units:
1. No single extension cable must
exceed a length of 100 m.
2. The total cable length in one string
must not exceed 200 m
(which includes the 2 m cable on
each unit).
DIS, Danish Interpretation Systems A/S, Vestre Teglgade 12, DK-2450 Copenhagen SV, Denmark, Tel.: +45 33 85 40 40, Fax: +45 33 85 40 41, e-mail: [email protected]