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Until now, those with nearsightedness may have thought that the only
way to be rid of glass or contact lenses was through LASIK surgery.
procedure due to fear of surgery, the face that surgery is for the most
part irreversible; they’re too young or the cost.
While a very effective and safe means of vision correction, LASIK may not
be affordable to some and is only available to those over the age 18. Also,
some people are hesitant to undergo laser vision correction surgery.
Is CRT really safe and beneficial for children?
Now there is an effective, safe, non-invasive method that offers freedom
from glasses and the hassle of wearing contact lenses during the day. It’s
called Corneal Refractive Therapy.
Yes. Parents will appreciate what CRT will do for their child. With CRT,
there are no more worries about the child’s vision in the classroom. They
have no more worries about the child losing or breaking his or her
glasses or contacts during sports. Plus, the less the parent worries or
reminds the child about glasses or contacts, the more positive attitude
and self-image for their child.
What is Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT)?
What are the benefits of CRT?
Corneal Refractive Therapy, also referred to as Orthokeratology, is a
method of gently reshaping the cornea, correcting nearsightedness. The
process is easy. Each night, the patient wears therapeutic contact lenses
while he or she sleeps. Similar in appearance to standard contact lenses,
the therapeutic lenses gently and non-surgically reshape the corneal
surface during sleep to provide clear, natural vision when the lenses are
removed upon waking.
Optimal vision can be reached in just 7 to 14 days. The treatment is
reversible and there is a recommended prescription range in the
nearsighted or myopic patient. Although there is no age restriction,
studies have shown a greater success rate in the younger patient.
Who is a candidate for CRT?
Unlike LASIK, a variety of people can benefit from corneal refractive
therapy. Ideal candidates for CRT are myopic (nearsighted) patients and
they can have a slight astigmatism. The therapy is available for adults and
adolescents who wear almost any type of contact lenses and glasses. CRT
is perfect for those who complain about the inconvenience; interference
with outdoor and sporting activities; care and handling problems;
irritation from allergies, dust and wind; scratched lenses and broken
glasses; and lost or torn lenses, all associated with wearing contact lenses
or glasses.
CRT is also a safe, non-surgical option for the many patients who are
interested in the benefits of refractive surgery to reduce their
dependence on glasses and contact lenses, but do not proceed with the
There are many benefits to CRT, including freedom from glasses and the
hassle of wearing contact lenses during the day. This can enhance the
lifestyle of those requiring vision correction. Active individuals can freely
participate in sports without the interference of glasses or bother of
contacts. Eye irritation or dryness, sometimes associated with contact lens
wear due to outside dust and pollutants, is eliminated.
Where can I learn about CRT?
The Eye Center of Central PA offers Corneal Refractive Therapy. The
patient makes an appointment with The Eye Center for pre-testing. Once
the doctor has confirmed that the patient is a clinically qualified
candidate, it’s as simple as fitting the patient for a contact lens.
A Wonderful Choice
CRT is a wonderful option for those who want to be free of glasses or
contact lenses. For more information on Corneal Refractive Therapy, call
The Eye Center of Central PA at 1-866-995-EYES.
Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Saturday, JMay 30, 2009
How Nearsighted People Can Get Rid of
Glasses and Contact Lenses Without Surgery
Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Saturday, JMay 30, 2009
Congratulations! You’re engaged and planning your wedding. You’ve
envisioned yourself as a bride. Now it’s time to turn your vision into reality!
With thousands of wedding gowns to choose from a full-service bridal salon
can best help you with suggestions on fit, style and price. Seek referrals
from friends and family, check your local directory or visit bridal designers’
web sites to obtain listings of shops in your area. Ideally, start your search
at least one year in advance. Gowns are hand-beaded and take several
months to be made plus you want adequate time for alterations. It’s not
unusual for brides to order a gown one year or more in advance. Even if
you don’t have that long, you may be able to order the gown you want,
if one is in production. If you’re planning a wedding with short
notice, many salons do sell stock gowns.
Before visiting the salon, determine your budget and wedding
theme. Share your ideas with the bridal consultant, and DO tell
her your budget. On average, the wedding gown, accessories and
alterations represent 6% of the total budget. To get the best idea
of how gowns will look, try to wear a strapless bra or skin color
undergarments. Wear shoes with a heel height similar to what you
plan to wear for your wedding. Style your hair approximating your
wedding style that affects which necklines are most flattering and
the headpiece you select. Share with your bridal consultant styles
you like or even bring pictures. Be open-minded in trying gowns
in a variety of styles; it’s not unusual for a bride to find that the
gown she loves in the magazine, isn’t the gown for her! As you try
on gowns you will find features that you like. In a full service
salon, professional consultants know the stock and can suggest
gowns that best enhance you and fit your budget.
short, long or cap sleeves. Train length can vary from a short brush train
that barely sweeps the floor to a Castilian train that makes a spectacular
presentation as you glide down the aisle. Sometimes details can be
changed. Ask about adding or removing sleeves, straps, lace sequins or
Color plays a big part in selecting a gown. Even a traditional white gown,
comes in varying shades of white. Ivory can range from very pale to
champagne or gold. Try on different colors to see what looks best on you.
It is best to select your veil or headpiece when you choose your gown
so you can try them on together. Your veil should accentuate the
gown, without hiding any of the important details. Try on different
styles and lengths to see which looks best. A tiara or headband can
be worn with a separate veil, that can be removed for the
There are four basic categories of bridal gown styles: ball gown,
empire, A-line or princess and sheath. Your body type will
affect which styles look and feel best on you. Ball gowns are
the most traditional and feature a fitted bodice and full
skirt. Full figures, pear shapes and thin straight
figures are all flattered by this style. An empire style
gown can elongate a thick wasted figure. Sheath
styles work best on thin or evenly proportioned
bodies. The A-line or princess style is a classic design
that flatters most body shapes. All of these styles can
be strapless, have straps in a variety of widths, or have
This page is sponsored by:
Shopping for a wedding gown can be a very special time with
your mother, your dearest friend, or anyone who is close to you.
But it’s best to bring only a few people whose opinion you trust,
as having too many people can be confusing. Ultimately, you
are the bride, and your opinion counts most!
Comparison shopping by phone or internet is tempting but
does not always give the true picture. Price of the gown is not
the only consideration. Almost every bride needs some
alterations, at least a hem. You want your gown to fit
perfectly for this special day so inquire about seamstress
services. A store far away may have a better price but may
not be convenient for your fittings.
The most important factor in selecting a wedding gown
is that you love it! The set rules of yesteryear as to what
type dress you should wear have been replaced with
“wear what makes you feel comfortable and special.”
Have fun shopping for your gown, enjoy this special
time with family and friends...even get a little silly with
this “girlfriend time.” When you put on your gown it
should make you feel like a million bucks...and you’ll
know it!
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Mon thru Wed 10-6 / Thurs & Fri 10-7 / Sat 10-3 •
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Fabulous Selection of:
• Bridal Gowns
• Bridesmaids
• Mother of the Bride
• Flower Girls
• Prom Gowns
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Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Saturday, JMay 30, 2009
Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Saturday, JMay 30, 2009
Choose a Professional Builder
Ask the builder to
explain the plans
and specifications
and company
procedures to you.
(For instance, how
does the company
handle changes to
the initial design,
choice of materials
or schedule once
construction begins).
If you compare
your estimate with
another, be sure
each one is based
upon the same set of
plans, specifications
and scope of work.
If your builder
suggests any
deviations, ask the
builder to present
Select the builder
with a track record of
a variety of excellent
projects and plenty
of experience with
your type of project.
Remember, low
price alone does not
ensure a successful
builder experience.
Why use a professional builder? Your home is too
important to entrust to anyone but a professional
builder who can:
*Save you money by doing your job right the first
*Ensure that your dreams are accurately translated
into reality by offering design services in-house or
through an arrangement with a professional architect
or designer.
*Understand that your comfort during the project
and its successful completion depend on effective
communication and follow-through.
*Maintain a safe and reasonably neat job site to
prevent damage to your home or injury to household
members and pets.
*Provide the best possible materials within your
*Ensure your job meets or exceeds applicable
building codes and regulations.
*Guarantee the quality of the work with a warranty.
*Respond promptly to service calls and inquiries.
Before you meet with a builder
Before you meet with a builder, it is a Good idea to
do the following things:
*Develop an idea of what you want to do. Write a
prioritize list of your needs and wants. Look at
magazines and collect pictures,of what you can
envision the project and describe it on paper, the
more likely you are to convey a clear image of your
project to a professional builder.
*Think about traffic patterns, furniture placement,
colors, lighting and how you want to use the various
*Figure out how much money you have to spend
on the project, the furnishings, and the landscaping
(if any). If necessary, talk to lenders and find out how
much you can borrow.
Begin the Search-Seek Referrals from:
*Friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, and others
who have had homes built.
*Independent trade contractors, building material
suppliers., architects, engineers, home inspectors,
and local lenders.
*Local trade associations, such as your area’s local
home builders association and local builders.
Check with your local or state office of consumer
protection and the local Better Business Bureau (if
the builder you are considering is a member).
What to look for and what to ask
When you hire a builder you are buying a service,
rather than a product. The quality of the service the
builder provides will determine the quality of the
finished project and your satisfaction with it. Here
are some questions you will want to ask when you
interview a builder.
*Ask the builder to share names and phone
numbers of some customers with you and take the
time to see the builder’s work.
*Ask to see jobs similar to yours;
*Does the quality of the work meet your standards?
What to look for and what to ask:
*How long have they been in business?
*How many homes have they built?
*Do they have an office and/or secretary?
*Is he a contractor or a carpenter that may be hard
to find?
*Is he licensed and has liability insurance? Ask for
*Does he have workers compensation for his
employees? Ask for proof.
*If he’s a sole proprietor, does he have
hospitalization? Ask for proof.
Ask the homeowners:
*Would you hire this company again?
*Did the builder maintain a reasonably neat job
site, provide regular broom clean-up, and haul away
debris including personal trash such as lunch sacks?
*Did the builder keep labor and materials delays to
a minimum so that your job could be started and
completed on time and within budget?
*Did you find the builder easy to talk to and did
the builder keep you informed as the job progressed?
Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Saturday, JMay 30, 2009
220 Whispering Lane
Montoursville, PA
(570) 433-355 / 1-888-660-8040
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Choose a Physical Therapist
The role of a physical therapist is to restore, prevent, and maintain your body’s
musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, and neurologic system. Physical
therapists typically work on larger muscles and joints, including the back, neck, arms,
and legs; they also work with balance and vestibular (dizziness) problems. Physical
therapists also attempt to prevent injuries at work or with sports. Overall physical
therapists treat impairments (pain, swelling, loss of motion) that hamper the ability to
perform a specific activity. Physical therapists return you to work, sports or play.
Chances are you have already heard of physical therapy. You might have heard from a
Presented by
Rob Burger
friend how physical therapy helped relieve his or her back or neck pain. You might
know someone who needed physical therapy after surgery or an injury. What if you
need physical therapy? How do you choose the right facility and the right physical
therapist for you? Read on.
Physical therapists are good people to know. They are educated in understanding the
interaction of all your body parts. Their hands-on approach includes examination,
diagnosis, and treatment of a variety of problems. They teach you how to take care of
yourself through proper exercise and healthier body movements to prevent future
injury. Physical therapists provide treatment for every body part of the musculoskeletal
system working with infants to the elderly - more than one million people every day.
Choosing the Right Physical Therapist
Reputation: Chances are someone close to you has had physical therapy and would
share their experience with you. Being comfortable and confident with your therapist
is important. Your confidence in their expertise is crucial as you work together toward
your treatment goals. Ask your friends and family: - How did the staff treat them?
-Did they make gains and achieve the results expected?
-Did they have input into the treatment?
-Would they go to that facility again?
Team Approach: Look for a facility where the staff works together as a team. The
clinicians who are properly trained and licensed provide a higher quality of care. The
physical therapist should communicate well with your physician. A good facility will
consistently pair patients with staff whose experience and expertise meet the patient’s
needs. The profession is also calling for direct access to physical therapy services - this
requires special certification and allows you to be treated without a physician referral.
The physical therapists should however, continue to work closely with your physician.
Rob Burger, MSPT, DPT owner of Lycoming Physical Therapy in Montoursville,
suggested to first determine what your insurance plan or workers compensation plan
would cover as far as physical therapy services and/or medical services. The staff at
Lycoming Physical Therapy assists you in this matter. Your benefits will be verified, all
insurance authorizations and workers compensation authorizations will be performed
as soon as possible. This way no questions arise as your treatment progresses.
“Ultimately it is the person’s responsibility to know what their insurance plan covers,
but we are here to help,” said Burger. In consultation with your physical therapist you
should be completely aware of the number of visits allowed by your insurance plan and
any benefit limitations. You should also be informed if your physical therapist
participates with your insurance company. Lycoming Physical Therapy participates
with Medicare, Blue Shield, Geisinger Health Plan, First Priority Health, and Health
Assurance to name a few. Lycoming Physical Therapy can obtain approval from most
other plans on an as needed basis.
You do not have to go to a specific facility or to a specific physical therapist.
Pennsylvania and Federal Law states that you can choose from whom you receive your
physical therapy. If your employer has a panel of providers, Pennsylvania Law states
that you must see a provider on that list or panel for 90 days. After that you can choose
the provider you would like to treat you. Many employers and physicians suggest that
you can only go to a specific provider or that you should see the physical therapist
down the hall. This is not true. Just as you have the right to choose any physician
who accepts your insurance, you have the right to choose your physical therapist.
Burger says the next matter of business would be to focus on finding the right physical
therapist by asking three basic questions: 1) What is the background of the physical
therapist? The patient really needs to ask “Are you a licensed physical therapist?”
Burger states, “No licensed physical therapist should have a problem answering this
question - there should be no hesitation.” The licensing information for each
individual physical therapist needs to be on display in plain sight -ask. A master’s
degree or doctorate degree along with membership in the American Physical Therapy
Association (APTA) and any specialty information are excellent credentials.
You will find all the above at Lycoming Physical Therapy. All clinicians are licensed
physical therapists in good standing with the APTA and complete continuing
education requirements each year. All physical therapists have their Master’s degrees
and two have received their doctorates! Further, each clinician is certified to practice
without a physician referral (some insurers still necessitate the physician referral to be
covered). Specialties at Lycoming Physical Therapy include dizziness and balance
disorders, sports injuries, back pain, neck pain, joint replacements, and shoulder/
rotator cuff injuries. The physical therapists work closely with neurologists, orthopedic
surgeons, neurosurgeons, HEENT physicians, and family physicians. As such they
maintain open communication with your physician and obtain specific protocols to
accommodate their specific regimens. Your initial evaluation and treatment plan will
be forwarded to your physician for approval and your treatment would be completed
Remember that no two cases are exactly alike and no two treatment plans are exact.
Personal care and treatments to meet your needs and goals are paramount. Further,
Lycoming Physical Therapy has developed professional working relationships with over
30 area physicians and are pleased to work with them in your recovery. Burger noted,
“We are blessed to have physical therapists who have worked with a variety of injuries,
illnesses, and conditions and can accommodate your individual needs. They are
compassionate, friendly, and highly skilled”.
The final question to ask involves exactly what your treatment will involve. At
Lycoming Physical Therapy your physical therapist will review your needs starting with
an explanation of the injury or condition, your goals to be achieved in physical
therapy, your actual exercise plan and what to expect after treatment is completed.
Each plan will be individualized as no two injuries or conditions are exactly the same.
Your physical therapist may suggest some modalities such as hot packs, ultrasound, or
electric stimulation. However, be wary of those who treat only with modalities instead
of a supervised exercise plan or manual treatment. All physical therapy should include
an exercise program tailored to meet your individual needs along with a home exercise
program to be completed between physical therapy sessions and after discharge. This
is used to maintain the goals achieved in physical therapy; such as preventing low back
pain from recurring. Lycoming Physical Therapy will develop that exercise program,
make sure you are comfortable performing it independently, and issue pictures of the
exercises along with the instruction for completing the upon discharge.
Lycoming Physical Therapy is conveniently located on the strip in Montoursville. We
have ample curbside parking and are handicapped accessible. Hours of operation are
Monday through Thursday 7 am-7pm and Fridays 7am -5 pm. Please feel free to visit
our facility or call so we can answer your questions, 368-8389.
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Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Saturday, JMay 30, 2009
• Rotator Cuff
• Back/Neck Pain
• Sports Injuries
• Joint Replacement
Hip, Knee, Shoulder
• Carpal Tunnel
1009 Broad St.
• Convenient Location
• Easy Parking
• Evening Hours
• Flexible Scheduling
3 John: 2
Dizzy &
Balance Center
• Vertigo
• Fall Prevention
• Difficulty
Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Saturday, JMay 30, 2009
How to make the decision to move to a Retirement Community
Ask yourself the following questions:
• Are you tired of mowing your grass?
• Are you tired of trying to find a plumber to fix that
leaking faucet?
• Are you tired of trying to decide what to fix for dinner?
• Are you concerned about some of the medical problems
that you have been experiencing?
• Are you just too tired to run for that loaf of bread or quart
of milk?
• Are you tired of waiting on the phone to ring or
company to come?
The first step to thinking about making the
change to a carefree living environment at
Independent Apartments is to:
Call Kim Haller, Apartment Manager, to tour
the campus independent apartments at 3238781.
Kim is able to arrange for you exclusive tours of currently
occupied apartments and their residents so that you can
envision your furniture and belongings in your new apartment.
The best step to take even before you even put your home up
for sale is to come to The Williamsport Home and tour. We
welcome you to come and visit our campus and enjoy a
complimentary meal in one of our dining rooms. I would also
suggest that you go ahead and rent an apartment before your
home sells. Renting the apartment early without a closing
deadline gives you the freedom to move your cherished
belongings into your new home. That will give you the
opportunity to set up your apartment and change your mind on
which furniture fits where and if you need to rearrange your
living room or bedroom furniture.
The Williamsport Home offers two options for persons moving
into an independent living apartment on our campus: the first is
through an entrance fee agreement where, which offers a
lifetime discount on Independent Living rent and Assistance in
Living Services for individuals who qualify and need those
services; the second option is a thirty (30) day lease agreement
with only a thirty day notice of intent to vacant an apartment.
Our independent apartments include a fine dining noon meal,
emergency call bell system and security. Utilities are included
except for telephone. Cable television, expanded basis, is
provided at a campus discount. We care about our residents and
make our residents a priority.
The Williamsport Home is located within a beautiful country
setting at 1900 Ravine Road just minutes away from the
Williamsport Hospital and downtown attractions like the
Community Arts Center, YMCA, Taber
Museum, Cinema Center and Scottish Rite.
The Williamsport Home, a not-for-profit
health care community, has as its mission to
provide its residents with the highest quality
of care honoring their independence and
dignity. We are a Continuing Care
Retirement Community (CCRC) with peace
of mind and security for a minimal entrance
fee. That continuum of care is all on one
campus. We offer newly renovated
Independent Living Apartments with walk in showers and in
three sizes with a monthly rental fee. Two levels of care in our
Assistance in Living Programs/Personal Care Programs, one is
apartment-style three room units and the second is individual
suites. Our Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility features
an extensive rehab therapy department. The rehab therapy
department services includes physical, occupational and speech,
in addition to outpatient therapy. Our dedicated staff provides
care and treatment with love while creating and maintaining a
healthy, cheerful and positive atmosphere in a home-like
environment. All of our levels of care include dining, lounge
and library rooms for relaxation and family gathering. Our
campus offers a continuum of care from independent living,
assistance in living/personal care to skilled care. Our goal is to
provide high quality services that will be considered a good
value and deliver those services in the tradition of caring for
which The Williamsport Home is known. Please call
570.323.8781 and ask to speak with Kim Haller, Apartment
Manager to schedule your tour and discuss the possibilities of
CCRC or Independent Living Apartment living for you.
There’s no place like
Independent Apartments • Assistance in Living Services • Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation
A Tradition of Caring Since 1872
Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Saturday, JMay 30, 2009
Celebrate Life
Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Saturday, JMay 30, 2009
Choose an Alternative Heat and
Energy Source that is right for you.
Woodmaster has produced several Outdoor Furnaces to fit your lifestyle. Whether you are
looking for a Single Home unit, Large Home or Home-Garage Combination, Farm or Small
commercial operation, or a Large Commercial operation, Woodmaster has developed a unit to
fill your needs.
These units affordably convert wood into heat to curb your heating costs. Woodmaster
furnaces use wood to generate natural efficient economical, safe heat. It is a freestanding unit
that is easy to operate and so compatible with most existing heat systems, including hot
water, forced air, hydronic heat, radiant baseboard, existing water to water and floor. These
units can be used to heat homes of all sizes, garages, workshops, pools, whirlpool spa areas
and other spaces plus hot water systems.
Woodmaster furnace users have cut their heating costs by half in one winter and most owners
say the unit pays for itself within 2 years. These units use all types of wood (seasoned wood
provides the best burn times and efficiency.) They also produce
carbon-neutral heat which does not contribute to increased greenhouse gases. They produce very
little ash for reduced clean up work and they produce no creosote (a major cause of chimney fires),
and most importantly helps to reduce the US dependence on imported fuel.
Another option would be the Energy King™ Wood, or Coal, or Hot Water furnaces. For over 30
years, Energy King™ has maintained a commitment to producing quality solid fuel heating
appliances. Our experienced engineers know what it takes to build solid, long lasting heating
equipment. We use the latest technology to design and build our products with particular attention
to safety, efficiency, reliability and ease of use. For more information on how and if these options
will work for you call Affordable Alternative Energy today.
Wind Power is an option for Utility Connected Homes: Enjoy the benefits of
utility power while reducing your electric bill every time the wind blows.
Using wind power is a new generation of Residential Power Appliances that
is changing the energy landscape of how homes and small businesses receive
electricity. Skystream is the first fully intergrated system that produces
energy for less than the average cost of electricity in the United States and it produces usable energy
in exceptionally low winds. Skystream efficiently and quietly provides 40-90% of the energy needs for
homes and small businesses. Any extra energy is fed into the grid spinning the meter backwards. Be
sure to check with your local township or municipality ordinaces before deciding what option is best for
you. Some options are more suitable for rural or remote locations while others are more suitable in
suburban and intown locations. For more information contact Affordable Alternative Energy 570-7242238 or
let us help you save money, energy, and resources at
Wind Mills
Air Breeze
Outdoor Furnaces, Windmills, Pole Barns
Wood or Coal
For 20 years,
Windpower has
been bringing lowcost, reliable wind
energy to the world.
As the world’s largest producer of
small wind generators, we’ve pioneered
new technologies to make renewable
energy simple. Our systems are used
anywhere electricity is needed.
Whether You Are In A Rural Area, Town,
Or Borough We Will Help To Make The
Right Choice For Your Environment
Pole Barns
Garages, Pole Barns,
Sheds and More:
Customize your
own building!
Choose from options
such as: windows, doors,
overhangs, side lights,
cupolas and more!
For More Information 570-724-2238 or
Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Saturday, JMay 30, 2009
Looking For Clear Alternatives?
Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Saturday, JMay 30, 2009
Choose a Heating and Air Conditioning System
Energy efficiency,
impact, quietness
of operation, and
future service costs
are important
considerations no
matter which
system you choose.
When building or remodeling a home, choosing a
heating and cooling system can be confusing.
There are so many ways to heat and cool your
home that it can easily become overwhelming and
very tempting to just have your building contractor
decide for you.
Remember that this is your home where you will
spend most of your time. You want to be
comfortable. Learning the differences between the
heating and cooling systems
available will help you make an
educated decision.
A furnace delivers forced air
through ductwork to vents in the
A furnace system is less
expensive to install than a boiler
and air-conditioning is easy to
add. For these reasons, most
people choose this system.
Efficiency and savings
determine which furnace you
choose. The higher the efficiency
rating on the furnace, the more
you will save on utility costs.
Boilers deliver hot water through baseboard along
the base of your walls or by infloor coils installed
under your floor.
Heat from a boiler is more even and there is no
dust blown into the air. They are more expensive to
install and air-conditioning has to be installed
separately. Boilers have a long life, add value to your
home and require less maintenance.
Is becoming more popular. No more cold feet on
tile or hardwood. The hot water loops under the
floor provide even heat that rises through the floor
to heat your home and garage. Just make sure the
coils are spaced properly, and the size and length of
each loop is not beyond state code.
A programmable thermostat will pay for itself by
dropping your utility costs. It will eliminate the
needless waste of heating or cooling unused areas. If
you have zones or add zones, you could even further
your comfort and savings with a programmable
thermostat. Why pay to heat or cool your house to
normal settings when you are at work all day?
Air-conditioning was invented in 1902 by Willis
Carrier. It has come a long way since then.
If a homeowner already has a furnace, air
conditioning is easy to add because the duct work is
already installed.
Most homeowners with a boiler hot water heating
system assume that air-conditioning is out of the
question because they think it will
be costly. But now thanks to new
technology, they can also enjoy
cool indoor weather.
There are air conditioners that
can be mounted on an outside
wall and be controlled by remote
control to a unit placed outside.
Another design available uses
tubes instead of duct work to
deliver cool air to every room in
your home.
Ask your air-conditioning
specialist for the latest system that
will suit your needs.
One thing to consider when
choosing an airconditioning system is the
environmental impact.
Some air-conditioners use freon-r22. According to
the clean air act of 1990, freonr22 and other
harmful refrigerants will be phased out and
homeowners will soon have to turn to
environmentally safe refrigerant to maintain their
indoor comfort. When choosing an air-conditioner,
make sure it uses environmentally safe refrigerant.
No matter which system you choose for comfortable
indoor weather, have a specialist evaluate your
home. Make certain the company you choose has
the proper state licensing.
Consider purchasing an extended warranty on
your heating or cooling system. Some products
come with only one year warranties, others have five
to ten years. One service call later could easily pay
for it. If you have a furnace under warranty, it is
important that you keep records of yearly clean and
checks. If this is not done, some factory warranties
could be void.
Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Saturday, JMay 30, 2009
Receive Up To
in Combined Rebate
and Tax Credits
with the purchase of Qualifying Equipment
1314 Commerce Park Drive • Williamsport, PA 17701
(570) 326-4450 • Toll Free (800) 214-0640
Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Saturday, JMay 30, 2009
Has your family ever planned the trip of a lifetime only
to find that your oldest was bored the whole time, your
daughter wished for a day poolside instead of the ocean,
and your youngest just wanted to go home? Let AAA
Travel suggest several foolproof tips to ensure that the fun
you thought you would have actually becomes the stuff of
your memories. Following these planning suggestions
should help this year’s family adventure be a hit with the
whole family!
• Establish a Plan – Hold a family meeting – appoint a
secretary to jot down the results of your brainstorming and
discussions. Be sure that everyone has one of their
favorites on the list of things to do. Come prepared with
travel guides, magazines, brochures, and other helpful
resources. Come up with a consensus, and work together
on the details. Even the smallest family members can find
pictures of the fun they hope to have on their trip.
• Stick to a Budget – Let everyone know that you want to
plan a fun trip that you can really afford. Your children
will appreciate your openness, and you will be setting a
great example that a great time can be had together, no
matter what the price. Remind each family member to
begin saving for the little extras they might hope to bring
home with them.
• Be Busy, Then Relax – Remember that everyone will
likely be keyed up for the big trip, but that they
will also need time to recover from the
frantic pace. Plan to follow a hectic, fast
paced day with one that finds you
lounging by the pool and recuperating
just a bit. Regaining that energy will help
optimize each moment of your trip.
• Be Flexible – Remember that the
unexpected can happen.
crowds, or even illness can challenge the
best laid plans. Go with the flow, but try to plan ahead with
reservations and pre-purchased tickets to prevent
Take Time to Split Up – Too much togetherness can
spoil even the closest of family’s intense vacation time.
Plan a day where the girls go in one direction, and the guys
go in another. Maybe Mom has a special place she wants to
see, while Dad and the rest of the gang take in a baseball
game. The one to one time can add extra special
memories to an already special trip.
• Eat Healthy - The fast pace of a vacation can indicate the
need for fast food, but take time to listen to your body and
what it really needs. Eat a healthy diet to help you manage
the stress and challenges to your immune system that time
away from your routine can bring on. Water and healthy
snacks are a great way to keep everyone upbeat and ready
for the next day’s fun.
• Make a “Be” Choice – Before your bags are packed,
discuss how you might “be” at several points of your
vacation. Will there be time for playfulness, and other
times to “be” serious? Will you have to “be” patient while
waiting in line? Can everyone “be” observant, patient, and
fun loving for the entire trip? Help each family member
make great choices of where and how to “be” that will help
this vacation be fun-filled for everyone.
Once you return home, ask
everyone for their best memories, and
make them a part of your scrapbook as
well as the basis for planning next year.
Sit around the kitchen table with the notes
from your first meeting. If you kept a journal,
include references to that as well. Use this year’s
success to build on for the future. Think ahead, plan
ahead, and involve everyone in the process – your family
will come closer together, and all of you will look forward
to the next adventure!
Cruising is a
great way to
unpack once and
visit ports of call
for shopping,
sightseeing, golf,
beaches and
more, all for one
low price which
includes meals,
on-board shows,
casinos and
8 Day E. Caribbean Cruise from N.Y.C. Carnival Miracle
June 17 – 25
$1209.00 pp/dbl occ.
8 Day E. Caribbean Cruise from N.Y.C. Carnival Miracle
July 27 – Aug. 4
$1259.00 pp/dbl occ
8 Day E. Caribbean Cruise from N.Y.C. Carnival Miracle
Sept. 5 - 13
$909.00 pp/dbl occ.
WILQ 6 Day W. Caribbean Cruise
Carnival Freedom
Sept. 6 - 12
$1131.00 pp/dbl occ.
8 Day E. Caribbean Cruise from N.Y.C. Carnival Miracle
Sept. 13 - 20
$839.00pp/dbl occ.
7 Day Bahamas/Orlando from Balt.
Carnival Pride
Sept. 13 - 20
$847.00 pp/dbl occ.
7 Day Canada New England Cruise
Carnival Triumph
Sept.19 - 26
$786.00 pp/dbl occ.
FROGGY 101, 8 Day E. Carib from N.Y.C.
Carnival Miracle
Sept. 29 - Oct. 7
$927.00 pp/dbl occ.
WNBT, 8 Day E. Caribbean from N.Y.C. Carnival Miracle
Sept. 29 - Oct. 7
$927.00 pp/dbl occ.
8 Night Turks & Caicos Cruise from NYC Carnival Miracle
Oct. 7 - 15
$890.00 pp/dbl occ.
7 Day Orlando/Bahamas from Baltimore Carnival Pride
Nov. 1 - 8
$776.00 pp/dbl occ.
Norwegian Cruise Line:
7 Day Bermuda Cruises from N.Y.C. Norwegian Dawn June 14, July 19, Aug. 30 From $1179.00 pp/dbl occ.
Royal Caribbean Cruise Line:
5 Night Bermuda Cruise from N.J.
Explorer of the Seas
Aug. 1 – 6
$1199.00 pp/dbl occ.
97.9X, 5 Night Bermuda from N.J.
Explorer of the Seas
Sept. 12 – 17
$799.00 pp/dbl occ.
9 Night Eastern Caribbean from N.J.
Explorer of the Seas
Nov. 12 – 21
$1199.00 pp/dbl occ.
Princess Cruises:
8 Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise
Caribbean Princess
Oct. 24 – Nov. 1
$1089.00 pp/dbl occ.
10 Day Panama Canal / Larry Heckman Island Princess
Nov. 10 – 20
$2049.00 pp/dbl occ.
Princess Cruises Alaska
12 Night Heart of Alaska Cruise Tour
June 10 – 22, June 24 - July 6, July 1 - 13, July 15 - 27, Aug. 5 - 17,
Aug, 12-24, Aug. 26- Sept. 7 Rates from $1729.00 pp/dbl occ.
13 Nt Alaska Wilderness / Kenai Cruise Tour
Coral Princess June 30 – July 13
$2369.00 pp/dbl occ.
13 Nt Alaska Wilderness / Mt. McKinley Cruise Tour
Island Princess Aug. 19 – 31
$2019.00 pp/dbl occ.
Holland America
10 Day Gems of the Baltic from Copenhagen
Aug. 1 - 11
$2415.00 pp/dbl occ.
10 Day Mediterranean / pre-night stay in Rome Noordam
Oct. 5 – 16
$3335.00 pp/dbl occ
7 Day Mexican Riveria Cruise
Oct. 10 – 17
$1165.00 pp/dbl occ.
Rim to the Strip
10 Day Best of Hawaii Tour
Mexico’s Copper Canyon
Rails to Rim / Balloon Fiesta
Rim to the Strip
Splendors of the Nile
May 30 – June 5
July 10 – 20
Sept. 18 – 26
Oct. 4 – 11
Oct. 17 – 23
Nov 4 – 15
* Rate does not include Egypt Entry
$899.00 pp/dbl occ.
$3495.00 pp/dbl occ.
$2069.00 pp/dbl occ.
$1499.00 pp/dbl occ.
$1169.00 pp/dbl occ.
$3975.00* pp/dbl occ.
Visa Approx. $20 USD pp
plus vacation packages to Disney World, Universal, Busch
Gardens, Europe and the Caribbean.
See AAA Travel for all your travel money needs... foreign
currency exchange, TipPaks®, VISA TravelMoney® cards and more!
And don’t forget to stop by the Travel Store for
brand name luggage, tour books, travel games
and more at discount member prices!
Call 323-8431 or visit today!
Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Saturday, JMay 30, 2009
Travel with someone
you trust... AAA Travel.
Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Saturday, JMay 30, 2009
How to Let the Energy Savings Tax Credits Work for You!
The newly enacted American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of
2009, or the Stimulus Bill, offers you incentives for improving your
home’s energy efficiency. For 2009 and 2010, the tax credit for
qualified energy efficiency improvements will increase to 30%. For
example, if you purchase $5,000 worth of upgraded-glass windows
from Window World, you may get the maximum 30% tax credit of
$1,500 - making the real cost of your windows only $3,500.
Now, in addition to Window World’s professional consultation,
expert installation and already lower prices, you get an additional
30% off the cost of your windows!
Qualifying and Claiming Tax Credit is Easy
To get in on the energy cost savings, as well as the attractive tax
• Purchase qualifying windows or doors from Window World, then
save your sales receipt and the NFRC/ENERGY STAR label with
your tax documents.
• Have your windows or doors installed between January 1, 2009
and December 31, 2010.
• Claim the tax credit on your federal filing for the 2009 and/or
2010 tax year.
A “qualifying” window or door is one that carries both a U-Factor
equal to or less than 0.30 and a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
(SHGC) equal to or less than 0.30. You can find more information
on energy ratings and qualifying products at the ENERGY [email protected]
Replacement Windows: The Time is Now
Custom-built replacement windows from Window World are a wise
choice, They add value to the home and save money on energy
costs. And now, with new federal incentives, replacement windows
are more affordable than ever. So, call
Window World to schedule a free, noobligation in-home window demonstration
today. There’s neve’r been a better time to
invest in energy savings!
What is the definition of a
“replacement window?”
Replacement windows from Window
World are built specifically to fit within the
space of your existing windows.
Replacement windows will fit precisely, and can usually be installed
without damaging your interior walls or exterior siding.
Do I need new replacement windows?
If these signs sound familiar, you may need replacement windows:
• Windows are hard to open or close
• Drafts or air leaks around or through your window frames
• Excessive fogging or ice inside your window panes
• Wind causes your windows to rattle or vibrate
• Paint on your window frames is chipped or peeling
• Your house seems hot in the summer, and cold in the winter
How do you determine the energy efficiency of a
replacement window?
Every replacement window from Window World carries an NFRC
rating label. The National Fenestration Rating Council is an
independent testing organization that measures how well each
window resists the transfer of heat and cold. This is the window’s
“U-factor,” The lower the U-factor number, the better insulating
quality of the window.
I often hear that replacement windows “pay for
themselves.” Is this true?
Absolutely. It is simply a matter of time. However, you must pick
the right windows to get the most for your investment. Highquality, energy-efficient replacement windows from Window World
are engineered specifically for your home and expertly installed.
They will provide years of comfort in your home, and cost savings
on your heating and cooling bills.
So, how do I get started?
The first step is to call Window World at 1800-NEXT-WINDOW for a free, in-home,
no-obligation window demonstration. A
replacement window specialist will discuss
your window options, the potential cost
savings and the installation process, as well
as answer any questions you may have.
Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Saturday, JMay 30, 2009
We are a Keystone HELP
Approved Contractor!
Go to to apply for your Energy Efficiency Loan
and/or Rebate of up to $250 on qualifying Energy Star Windows/Doors!
Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Saturday, JMay 30, 2009
When you’re shopping for a
new home, there are certain
characteristics that may
catch the eye. Some
features of a home can be
so appealing that they
practically leap off the ad.
The minute details that
make a house a home also
can be major selling points
for the buyer.
A few factors that make
your house more appealing
to shoppers, and ultimately
raise the value of the home:
• A fireplace. Just the
thought of sitting near a
warm brick hearth with
amber flames flickering is
enough to keep any
shopper toasty.
• Hardwood floors.
Although not as soft and
cozy as a plush carpet,
original hardwood floors
are more durable and
more attractive to many
• A swimming pool. There
are a few regulations for
having a pool in the backyard, but there are many
more enjoyable summer
days that can be spent
diving into cool waters.
• A deck and a big
backyard. For the families
that like to entertain,
having these features on a
home is a must.
Whether you’re shopping for a summer home down
Jersey shore, or your corporate job has you transferring to Chicago, life is going to get a little hectic.
Real estate is one of the biggest business industries
today. Buying and selling homes has become a complex and competitive process with life-changing decisions to
make. Finding the right Realtor can make the transition into
a new home quicker and easier for you.
Before you even pick up the Yellow Pages to start
looking for a real estate agency, there are quite a few things
you should consider:
basement or whether or not there is one. If you have
children, they might be wishing for a built-in pool and a
giant backyard to play in. Knowing the specifics of what you
want prepares you in your quest for a Realtor.
Word-of-mouth is one of the easiest ways to find a Realtor.
“Who better to do business with than someone known and
trusted by a person you know and trust.”
Local advertising, open houses, and word-of-mouth referrals
also are ways you can find out more information about
qualified Realtors.
There are many decisions to make when buying or
selling a home, many of which you should be able to
Feel comfortable with your decision. Because it takes a
answer on your own. The most important question
professional to guide you through the endless process of
to ask is price. Know your budget. How much are
filling out forms, discussing finance, pricing and
you and your family willing to spend? How much can you
negotiations, be sure you are satisfied with the Realtor you
afford? Or if you are selling, how much is
have chosen. Don’t be afraid to shop around
our property worth? Have a ballpark idea
and ask questions. Take your time to
when starting off so that you can find a
Buying and selling homes has interview Realtors so you can find someone
Realtor who can help you meet your
who will offer the services you are seeking.
financial needs.
become a complex and comPersonality and trust are important factors
weighed into making a decision. Deciding to
buy or sell a home is a long-term investment
changing decisions to make. that requires you to rely on someone with
whom you feel comfortable. Are they
friendly and open? Do they answer all of
Money is time, and time is money. Real estate is not
your questions? Choose a realtor who will be straightforward
something to rush into, but under some circumstances you
with you and who knows how to get the job done.
might have to. Know your time constraints. Working with a
determined Realtor, who is eager to help you with your
situation will hopefully ease some of your worries.
“Look for a company that provides one-stop
shopping, they can provide you with
sources for
funds and inspections.”
petitive process with life-
Decide what’s most important to you. If you’re selling a
home, you’re most likely buying another one. Deciding on
what is right for you and your family makes it possible to
customize your search for a home, so that it will suit your
needs. Know what type of area you would like to look for a
home - rural, suburb, or city. Also, consider the taxes and
possibly the school districts within the community. Decide on
structural features such as the size of the home and the
There are many other characteristics to consider. The
number of bedrooms and baths, the size of the garage and
Choose the Realtor who will go above and beyond
to suit your needs. Find out what one Realtor can
offer you, which another cannot. Some agents may
provide additional information and extra Services. If
your life is busy and hectic, you want to know that
you can count on a Realtor who cares about the customer, and not just the commission.
The real estate market is a whirlwind of opportunities that
can come and go in just a matter of moments. Take time
when making decisions because having a determined Realtor
working by your side can make a difference.
your dream
is listed with
624 Spruce Street
Nice Starter Home
Your Dream Home
4 Bd. Room
1 Full Bath
Partially Finished Attic
Huge Yard
Williamsport Area School Dist.
Scott Yeagle
Remax Agent
[email protected]
Log Home
Loft Bedroom
1 bathroom
Finished Family
• Large Garage
• Priveate setting
Serving: Williamsport,
Jersey Shore, Muncy,
& Montoursville
Near State Game Lands!
2 Homes, One Price
3 Bd. Room
2 Baths
1 Car Garage
Central Air
Large Yard
4 Bd. Room
2 Full Baths
2 Car Garage
Huge Yard
3 Bd. Room
1 Bath
3 Story
Lots of Space
1,497 Square Feet
Scott Yeagle
Bring Your Offers!
3 bedrooms
1 Bath
Covered Porch
1,304 Square Feet
4 Bd. Room
2.5 Baths
3.6 Acres
3,102 Square Feet
2 Homes
2 Parcels
2 Car Garage
Pine Creek Valley
4 Bd. Room
4 Baths
Hot Tub
Huge Deck
40 Acres
3,800 Square Feet
Ice cream shop
High Traffic Area
Equipment included
No Franchise Fees
• 2 buildings
• 3 Car Garage
• Signage or
Mechanic Friendly
• Jersey Shore
• 3,840 Total SqFt
1719 Four Mile Drive • Williamsport, PA
Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Saturday, JMay 30, 2009
570-321-1018 • 570-321-1010 •
Outstanding Agents.
Outstanding Results.
Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Saturday, JMay 30, 2009
Choose a Hearing Aid
What You
Should Know
Acknowledge you
have a hearing
Contact an
audiologist for a
hearing evaluation
Listen to a
demonstration of
hearing aids
Select appropriate
instruments for your
hearing loss and life
Insist on adequate
follow-up for fine
tuning and
maintenance of
hearing aids
Enjoy better
The first step in purchasing a hearing aid is often
the most difficult one: Acknowledging that you
have a hearing problem is the critical first step. If
you find yourself asking people to repeat, think
people are mumbling, or you smile and nod rather
than admit you haven’t been able to follow
conversation, it’s time to face it – you may have a
hearing problem. Here’s what to do next.
See an audiologist
An audiologist is a professional who has attained a
doctoral or at least master’s degree in Hearing
Health Science. He or she has met
rigorous requirements set forth by
Audiology or the American Speech
and Hearing Association and state
licensure boards. Audiologists
perform testing for physician
referrals and communicate freely
with the medical community. The
main focus of an audiologist is
hearing health, not retail. When you
call for an appointment, ASK if
you’re going to be seen by an
audiologist, who will perform a
complete hearing evaluation!
hearing tested. Pertinent information can make
the differencce between a referral for medical
follow-up or a recommendation for hearing aid
A complete hearing evaluation should be
performed. This includes an evaluation of hearing
for tones and speech, and often assessment of
middle ear function. Again, this information helps
make the decision of whether you need medical
follow-up, hearing aids or both. After evaluation,
you should receive a clear explanation of your
hearing test results.
Listen through
hearing aids
If it is determined that you have
hearing loss that can be helped by
hearing aids, you should have the
demonstration of hearing aids
appropriate for your hearing loss. A
loved one’s voice is helpful in
determining if hearing aids help you
hear the voice that is important to you.
Schedule your appointment for a time when a
loved one (or someone whose voice you need to
hear on a regular basis) can accompany you. You’ll
need to know if a hearing aid improves your ability
to hear important people in your life.
At this point, you should be able to
determine if hearing aids are for you.
Before committing, ask the following:
• Is a trial period offered? For how long?
• What EXACTLY will you owe if you decide not to
purchase hearing aids at the end of the trial
• What type of on-going service/maintenance does
this business offer?
• How much will it cost?
If you’re satisfied with the answers, buy.
Have an evaluation
You will be on your way to better hearing and
enjoying a better quality of life.
It is in your best interest to be seen
by an audiologist who deals with
several hearing aid manufacturers,
because no single manufacturer has products to
meet everyone’s needs.
Expect to provide your audiologist with health
history (as related to hearing) prior to having your
ACE represents several reputable hearing aid manufacturers
ACE Hearing’s Value Added Service Package
included with the purchase of new hearing aids offers:
• In-house maintenance for the life of the hearing aid
• Annual hearing screening/hearing aid counseling
• Any adjustments in computer programming that are needed
• Batteries for the life of the hearing aid
• Regular outer ear & ear canal inspection
1500 Sycamore Rd.
Montoursville, PA
2201 Fifth St. Hollow Rd.
Bloomsburg, PA
Mention this ad to receive up to $500.00 off
a set of Digital Hearing Aids
Expires June 19, 2009
Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Saturday, JMay 30, 2009
G. Donald Miller, Ph.D., ABA was a
Professor of Audiology at Bloomsburg
University for 29 years. He established his
own Audiology and Hearing Aid practice
based on educational principles. Test
results and hearing aid capabilities are
explained in detail so a layman can
understand and have realistic expectations
about the use of amplification.
Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Saturday, JMay 30, 2009
How to Plan for a Loved One
Who is Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s
You will need to make decisions for your loved one when he or she no
longer has mental capacity. Power of attorney documents give you the
legal right to do this.
A power of attorney is a document that gives someone the legal
authority to make decisions for you if you cannot make decisions for
yourself. There are powers of attorney for health care issues and
financial matters.
The health care power of attorney allows someone to make decisions
for you concerning doctors, hospitals, medication, etc. The law
presumes that no matter how long you have been married, or no
matter how close you are to your loved one, if you have not given your
loved one the authority to act for you under a proper power of
attorney, then you must have meant not to give him or her permission
to act for you. Also, under Pennsylvania’s new Advance Directive for
Health Care Act, there are some default presumptions you may not
want or agree with.
The other type of power of attorney is a financial power of attorney.
This document covers a wide range of financial situations, from
handling real estate, to dealing with bank accounts and paying taxes,
to almost anything you can think of from a financial standpoint. It is
crucial that you have the appropriate financial power of attorney in
If your loved one loses the ability to give you authority under a power
of attorney (that is, if he or she can no longer understand the
documents) and decisions need to be made, you may have to go to
court and begin a costly and sometimes time consuming legal process
to be appointed his or her guardian.
In my experience as an elder law attorney who has helped thousands
of families, the reason why people do not have powers of attorney in
place is not because they did not want someone to manage their
affairs. Often, it is simply that they did not know they needed these
documents. It comes as a shock when I tell them that, since this was
never put in writing, they have no legal authority to make decisions for
their spouse, parents, or children.
Having the appropriate financial and health care powers of attorney is
the critical first step. Next, depending upon the specific situation,
other legal issues related to end-of-life planning may arise.
A living will is an expression of your wishes regarding end-of-life
decisions. If you do not want to be kept alive artificially should you be
terminally ill with no chance of recovery (as decided by a doctor) and
unable to communicate your wishes, you should sign a living will
making your wishes clear. For a doctor to withhold or withdraw
artificial, life-sustaining treatment, there must be clear and convincing
evidence that those are the patient’s wishes. The best way to
accomplish this, of course, is to put your wishes in writing by signing a
living will.
The key is to act now. You may want to begin by contacting an elder
law attorney to discuss questions you have about living wills. Once you
have been educated about your options, you can make the decision
that is right for you. And once your decision is made and you have
acted on it, you can take the next step of discussing your wishes with
your family. Good elder law attorneys who take a holistic approach to
serving their clients can help you with this part of the process as well.
After executing powers of attorney for finances and health care and an
advance directive for health care (a living will), you and your family
may need to consider other legal planning such as revising a last will
and testament or trust, changing property titles, entering into
caregiver contracts, creating strategies for protecting assets from
nursing home costs, and planning for your long-term care needs.
It is important to deal with someone who practices in this important
and specialized area of the law and who has sensitivity to the needs of
Alzheimer’s patients and their families. If you would like a FREE
Guide to Alzheimer’s Care or a FREE initial consultation with
someone who has helped other local families deal with these types of
issues, then call Steinbacher, Sholder & Stahl at (570) 322-2077.
Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Saturday, JMay 30, 2009
Recently accredited for preparation,
presentation, and prosecution of
claims for veterans benefits by the
Department of Veterans Affairs.
• Trusts
• Powers of Attorney
• Special Needs Planning
• Nursing Home Planning
• In-Home Care Planning
• Home and Hospital Visits
413 Washington Blvd. Williamsport / (570) 322-2077 /
Julianne E. Steinbacher • Stephen C. Sholder • Adrianne J. Stahl
Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Saturday, JMay 30, 2009
How to Choose an Air Conditioner
Three important things to keep in
mind when shopping for an air
conditioner are BTUs, window size,
and voltage.
BTU – BTU’s measure the amount of
heat an air conditioner can eliminate
from a room, thereby cooling it.
Room air conditioners can range from
from 5,000 to 32,000 BTU’s. One of
the biggest mistakes is choosing an
unit that will not cool effectively
because the BTU rating is either too
low or too high based on room size.
First start by measuring the room’s
square footage (multiply length x
width). Also take into consideration
the number of windows, where the
room is located (east side versus west
side of house), ceiling height, etc.
Window Size: It’s always best to
measure minimum and maximum
window height (when opened) and
window width and take the
dimensions with you when you’re
ready to shop for an air conditioner.
Remember, it’s always easier to read
those dimensions at the store than to
purchase an air conditioner, take it
home, unbox it and try to put it in
before realizing it will not fit.
Voltage - Keep in mind what kind of
plug is on the unit compared to what
kind your wall outlet is. Also, make
sure the circuit can handle the
operation of the unit. Smaller air
conditioners work with a standard 115
volt outlet, while larger 115 volt units
may need a dedicated circuit. The
largest air conditioner units require a
230/208-volt circuit.
Other things to take into
consideration are features such as
EER (Energy Efficiency Rating – the
higher the number, the more
efficient the unit), electronic versus
rotary controls, thermostat features,
remote control, etc.
Haier® Electronic Remote
Sunbeam® Remote Control
5,050 BTU 9.7 EER
• 115 Volt operation
• Pleated easy mount window
installation kit expands to fill the
space between the unit and
window frame to lock out
outside air
• 2 Speed fan
• Lift-out filter
• 2-Away air direction
• Approximately 17 1/8”W x
11 1/8”H
6,000 BTU 9.7 EER
Frigidaire® Variable Speed
Electronic with remote control
115 Volt operation
3 Cool/3 fan settings
24-Hour on/off timer
Enviro-Clean® coil is oxidation
and rust free
Ultra-quiet operation
“Quick-snap” curtain
installaton kit
All top-discharge airflow
Digital time & temp display
Gibson® Variable Speed
8,000 BTU 9.8 EER
• Electronic controls
• 115 Volt operation
• Pleated easy mount window
installation kit expands to fill the
space between the unit and
window frame to lock out
outside air
• 3 Speed fan
• On/off timer
• Remote control
• Temperature readout
Admiral® Large Multi-Room
10,000 BTU 9.8 EER
12,000 BTU 9.8 EER
• Pleated easy mount window
installation kit expands to fill the
space between the unit and
window frame to lock
out outside air
• 3 Speed fan
• On/off timer
• Remote control
• Electronic controls
• 220 Volt operation
• Temperature readout
Variable speed fan
Adjustable thermostat
Adjustable air flow
Cools about 600 sq. ft.
Pleated easy mount window
installation kit expands to fill the
space between the
unit and window
frame to lock out
outside air
• Easy to use controls
Variable 3-speed fan
Adjustable thermostat control
Adjustable air flow
Cools about 640 sq. ft.
Pleated easy mount window
installation kit expands to fill the
space between the
unit and window
frame to lock out
• Easy to use controls
M $399.00 PURCHASE
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Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Saturday, JMay 30, 2009
G.E.® Bedroom
Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Saturday, JMay 30, 2009
How to Create New Curb Appeal with A Clean Roof
Realtors have always used the term curb
appeal. For many that meant the front
entry way or front door. Many realtors
tell their home sellers to repaint the
front door, as that was a potential
buyer’s first impression of their house.
The theory was to impress the buyer
before they entered the house.
In the last few years, a new curb
impression has appeared. The roof of
the house is now as important as that
front door. A stained roof is very
apparent from the curb and is not
appealing to the owner or a potential
You may have noticed stained roofs as
you travel your neighborhood, or you
may notice that your own roof has black
staining. If you have not noticed
blackened roofs, take a look at roofs as
you travel on your daily activities. You
will notice that many have obvious
staining on them. These roofs have
been contaminated by air home algae.
The algae is living and growing over
our heads. The stains generally start on
the lowest part of the roof, grow
upward, and are generally most
apparent on the north or east side of a
roof because the algae is airborne,
some neighborhoods seem to have
more staining than others.
What happened to my roof? I do not
remember seeing roof stains years ago,
why now?
For many years shingles were made with
asphalt and we saw no roof staining. A
few years ago, manufacturers began
producing shingles made of fiberglass
with a limestone filler. Now we have a
problem...........Algae thrives on organic
materials, including limestone. The
new limestone filled shingles are now
on houses everywhere. The air borne
spores of the algae found all of those
new food sources and began to live on
roofs. As the algae grows, it becomes
increasingly apparent as the roof starts
to darken. Our roof algae is Gloeocapsa
Magma, a type of blue-green algae that
thrives on moisture and organic
material. Because virtually all shingles
now have limestone, eventually all
shingle roofs will stain. Staining is most
apparent on light colored shingles but
will also develop on black shingles
although it may be more difficult to
As our algae grows on a roof, its root
system grows around and under the
shingle’s granules, eventually loosening
those granules and reducing the life of
the shingle.
Back to the curb appeal. A stained roof
looks like an old roof. A potential
buyer’s impression may be that the
house will need a new roof, when the
roof shingles are actually still viable, but
simply stained.
This curb appeal problem can be easily
corrected. In the past few years, roof
cleaning companies have appeared and
chemical manufacturers have
developed products to directly address
the stained roof problem. Proper and
safe roof cleaning is accomplished with
very low water pressure to insure that a
roof is not damaged. High pressure
washing and chlorine type products will
shorten the life of a roof.
In order to solve your roof stains
problems, we suggest that you find a
local, insured and licensed roof
cleaning company. Inquire about the
type of chemical that will be used on
your roof. Will it smell? Is it dangerous?
Will it damage my shrubs or lawn? Is
the cleaning product biodegradable
and eco-friendly? Does the company
use a commercial product specifically
designed for roof cleaning or do they
mix up their own home made solution
that may include chlorine? Does the
company have a written contract? Will
the company guarantee that the roof
will remain stain-free? Does the
company offer a yearly renewal
program to keep your roof stain-free?
The alternative to roof cleaning is
shingle replacement. Replacement is
expensive and often not needed. Most
stained shingles still have many years of
life left in them and roof cleaning can
make them look like new for a fraction
of the cost of replacement.
Your home is your castle, and whether
you are selling it or not, a clean roof
increases the curb appeal and, more
importantly, increases the value of the
This half of the roof is
stained with Algae.
Roof ™
Restore Your Home’s Curb Appeal!
Experts believe that the
of it’s overall curb appeal.
roof on a home accounts for
However, when a roof is stained or
of curb “un-appeal”!
dirty it could account for as much as
We specialize in removing stains and use only the safest, most effective roof cleaning agents and
process available- the Roof Shampoo™ System. ROOF MAGIC. LLC provides professional roof
cleaning setvices to residential, commercial, and condo / community association customers.
ROOF MAGIC. LLC / (570)772-3532 /
Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Saturday, JMay 30, 2009
This half is stain-free after
Roof Stain Removal
Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Saturday, JMay 30, 2009
Use Virtual Newsroom
Questions about
Virtual Newsroom can
be directed to the
newsroom at
[email protected]
or by calling The
Sun-Gazette at
(570) 326-1551 or
Clubs, organizations,
businesses, sports
coaches and anyone
who wants to submit a
news story are
encouraged to use
Virtual Newsroom. It is
anticipated that the
ease of using Virtual
Newsroom will lead to
increased submissions
from the public.
The Williamsport Sun-Gazette recently launched the
Virtual Newsroom as a way for the public to get
information to the newspaper in a more timely and
efficient manner.
Virtual Newsroom is an online resource that can be
accessed through the newspaper’s Web site and is
intended to make it easier to submit items. The link to
the Virtual Newsroom is available at
Personal delivery, mail, fax and e-mail have for decades
been the most common methods of sending stories,
pictures, letters to the editor, sports scores, community
news and other items to newspapers.
Some aspects of each of these methods have proven to
be cumbersome for the public and the newspaper,
prompting the development of the Virtual Newsroom.
Newspaper officials said the new technology will allow
members of the community to access the newsroom
directly, saving the time and energy it used to take to
bring submissions to the building in person, sending
them by the U.S. Postal Service or by fax.
If you have access to a computer and the Internet,
you have an easy way to reach the newsroom.
Whether you submit items to us on a regular basis
or send us news just once a year, there is now an
easier way. This will allow our
readers and members of the
community to submit news in the
most efficient manner.
All you have to do is go to the Web site,
click on the Virtual Newsroom button,
choose the type of selection you wish to
make and follow the instructions that
Several different categories are listed, with
descriptions and examples to help ensure
that each submission ends up in the right
For example, a group that wants to announce an
upcoming event can click on the Coming Attractions
link and view an example of a community
announcement as well as read about the type of events
that typically appear on the newspaper’s Coming
Users can directly type the event into the online form
or, if they already are using a word processing program,
can simply copy and paste their information into the
Once information is entered into the form, the person
submitting the item is asked for their name, e-mail
address, mailing address and telephone number for
verification purposes.
When those fields are filled, the submitter just needs to
click the “send” button, and the information is
transmitted directly into the newsroom. That saves time
and eliminates the in between steps that can prevent
the information from reaching the newspaper in a
timely manner.
Letters to the editor, news tips and story ideas,
religion information, birth and wedding
announcements, engagement announcements,
sports scores, People Clips articles, and more
can easily be sent to the newsroom.
Photographs also can be submitted online
by following the simple instructions on the
Virtual Newsroom site.
The goal of the newspaper is to make
it as easy as possible for members of
the community to get local news into
The Williamsport Sun-Gazette.
Virtual Newsroom allows the editorial
department to receive submissions
much more quickly.
Our readers will no longer have to wait
on the mail, wait for an opportunity to
drive to the building or be frustrated
by a busy signal on the fax machine when
submitting a news item.
Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Saturday, JMay 30, 2009
View other sport photos from around
our region & add some candid shots
of your own. Become a part of the
largest collection of local photos
available anywhere on the web.
Visit “”, Click on
“Community Galleries “ located at the
bottom of the page.
Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Saturday, JMay 30, 2009
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