How Do I Compact/Repair My 4.X – 5.X Database?

How Do I Compact/Repair My 4.X – 5.X Database?
A compact/repair of your E2 database looks at your database and verifies the integrity of the
data within the database, and defragments the database to optimize the search and entry of
data. There are a couple reasons you would compact/repair your E2 database. First, a
compact/repair should be performed weekly as part of a regular maintenance schedule.
Second, you should compact/repair when you receive corruption of the database that doesn’t
allow the software to perform as designed. Error messages, such as 3343, that you encounter
when performing routine functions in the software may be a sign of data corruption.
There are 3 basic ways to compact/repair the database. Each method requires the following:
You must have everyone logged out of the software including TouchScreen and
Data Collection. (Hint: You can check the Help section of E2 to see who is logged on.)
Make sure you have a good backup of your data before proceeding with these
I. Compact/Repair in E2 Shop System
The easiest method to compact/repair the database is thru the E2 Shop System itself.
1. Open the E2 Shop System and select FILE > SYSTEM MAINTENANCE >
PURGE/REBUILD DATA from the drop down menus. This will open the purge/rebuild
2. Select the Repair DBs tab in the upper-right corner.
3. Make sure the check box for BLSData.MDB is checked and click Repair / Compact DBs
4. The box below the checkbox will say “Performing repair/compact of blsdata.mdb…”
5. When it has completed, it will say, “Repair/Compact process completed successfully!”
II. Compact/Repair with JETCOMP.EXE Database Utility
Another method to compact/repair the database is the JETCOMP.EXE Database Utility. This
is especially useful when you’ve received an error that does not allow you to log into the
1. Browse to your company data folder and rename the file BLSData.mdb to another
name. Hint: If you do not know how to find the Source folder, follow these easy steps. Locate the
E2 icon on your desktop. Right-click the icon and select properties and write down the target
path. This is the path to the Source folder. Click OK to close properties. When you browse the E2
directory you will open the BLSWIN32 folder. Double-click on DAT and then double-click your
company folder.
2. Browse to the Source folder and find JETCOMP.EXE. Double-click to open.
3. For Database to Compact From, you need to select your company database. Click the
browse button to browse to your company folder and double-click your database file.
Repeat the same process for Database to Compact Into.
4. After you have selected both paths, you need to rename the filename in the Database to
Compact Into path. You need to name the file BLSData.mdb.
5. Click the Compact button. The repair compact/repair the database.
6. When it is completed, Click the Exit button.
7. You now should be able to log into the E2 software successfully.
III. Compact/Repair with Microsoft Access
A 3rd method to compact/repair the database is to use Microsoft Access. This method should
only be used by users who are very familiar with MS Access. Remember, do not make
changes to the database directly thru MS Access. Version 4.0 use MS Access 2.0. Versions
4.1 and 5.0 use MS Access 2000.
If this paper does not fully answer your questions or if the issue persists, please contact
Shoptech – E2 Shop System Support by phone at (800) 677-9640 ext. 2, by fax at (513)7947789 or email at [email protected]