Instruction on how to use CC2530+RFX2401C module

Instruction on how to use CC2530+RFX2401C module
This board is an evaluation module and can be served as an
coordinator in net work.
Transmitting range: 1.6 kilometers in very ideal surrounding
conditions, such as open and clear space. In door
transmitting range is between 100 ~ 150 meters.
PCB measurement: 20 * 38 mm
Great advantages: stable and super strong capability in
anti interference at lowest percentage in wrong coding. Easy
connection with its IO interfaces and supporting MCU 51,
ARM, MIPS and etc..
Steps to use:
1. Get a piece of antenna cable and an all direction 2.4G antenna ready. The cable female
connector should be connected with the adapter being installed in the module . And then
have the cable connected with the antenna. If possible, it is better to have the module
connected with an already finished antenna that has a holder with cable being installed. As
shown in the pictures below.
(The antenna to select: the higher DBI, the better performance)
OR simply use an antenna set with holder as shown below:
It is suggested to use high performance2.4G antenna made
of copper strands for long range of signal transmitting.
To have the CC2530+RFX2401C module used on PC:
A base board is needed. Shown as below:
Please refer to the related PDF document.
To set up multple point to point connection by automtic binding, the function of Service
Discovery(Match_Desc_req, which needs to be processed in SimpleApp_ProcessZDOMegs)”
should be added into the Application, that is have it send Match Request from its Device
Announce Callback in the coordinator and point to the binding Station in the cluster list. In the
Match Response, record the addresses of all the binding stations and use them to send and
receive in the afterwards application.