The Application Form can be downloaded from
Please ensure you complete it in BLOCK CAPITALS using black ink.
Please ensure you read these instructions carefully before completing the Application Form.
Please note that incomplete forms may not be considered
This form should be used for MPhil, PhD and Professional Doctorate applications only
Applicants for all other programmes should go to:
In order to assess your tuition fee
status, please complete this section
and provide original proof of
Permanent Right of Residency in the
UK, Indefinite Leave to Remain,
Exceptional Leave to Remain or
Refugee Status, if you have it.
Correspondence Address: the
address to which we will send
any information regarding your
application. Please ensure that
you advise the Postgraduate
Research Office (PGRO) if any
part of this information
changes. This may be the same
as your Permanent Address.
Permanent Address: The address
with which you retain a permanent
connection, but do not necessarily
It is vital that the e-mail address
given is written clearly, is valid and is
checked regularly. This will be our
main method of contacting you.
If you have been in contact with an
academic member of staff, please
provide details as this will help to
ensure your application is directed to
the most appropriate School/
Please indicate the programme
of study you are interested in,
the proposed mode of study,
i.e. Full-time or Part-time, and
indicate when you would like to
start your studies.
You are strongly advised to
check the School/Institute’s
website for details about their
research focus. Further
information can be obtained by
contacting the relevant
School/Institute – for contact
details visit:
Research Project Proposal:
Research Studentships/Competitions:
This should be a maximum of 1500 words and should describe your
research interests, detailing the following:
Research purpose and
Literature Review
Ethical issues
The nature of any research project may vary from the original
proposal as work is undertaken and the focus develops. However,
this will help us to identify potential supervisors as we consider your
Details of available research studentships and supporting
information can be found at:
Professional Doctorates (EdD and DBA):
These programmes include a formal taught phase, typically lasting
two years, before undertaking a research phase where an area of
professional/management practice will be investigated. You
should summarise your professional experiences in the free text
section on page four.
List details of your higher education
to date (Degrees and/or Diplomas).
Please state start and end dates of
the programme and final overall
result, if known. Please also indicate
the language of instruction. Continue
on a separate sheet if needed.
If your transcripts are not in
English, you will need to submit
an official, original translation.
If you have not yet graduated,
please ensure that you advise
us of the date you expect to
receive your final result. In this
case, a partial transcript may be
You may be asked to take an
English language test. The
School/Institute only accepts
tests taken within two years of
the proposed start date of the
research programme. Please
note, the score should be a
minimum in all sections of the
test, not just a mean score.
List details of any prizes or awards
you have received, also, any
publications of your work. An extra
sheet may be included if required.
A full Curriculum Vitae or Resume
must be submitted with your
application, but please list your most
recent employment and research
experience here.
Type of contract:
If you have been working
overseas, please indicate
whether your contract was
fixed-term, temporary or
permanent. We may ask you
for a letter from your employer
in order to assess your tuition
fee status.
First Referee: This should be from an
academic (e.g. your tutor or research
supervisor), if possible.
Using each section of the Reference
Form, the Referee is asked to give
their opinion of your suitability for
the programme, your previous
research experience, final degree
classification or details of your overall
academic performance and whether
they consider this to be a true
reflection of your ability.
Second Referee:
This should be your current line
manager or, if relevant,
supervisor. You should not
provide the name of a friend
and/or work colleague.
If a referee would prefer to send their reference to us
directly, they should send it in a sealed envelope to
the Postgraduate Research Office, University of
Greenwich, Central Avenue, Chatham Maritime, Kent.
ME4 4TB, UK, or e-mail (from their own account) to:
[email protected]
Please ensure that your name and programme choice
are clearly stated and that if sent from outside of the
UK/EU it is sent by Air Mail or courier.
A delay in the receipt of references or transcripts
may delay the consideration of your application.
Using each section of the
Reference Form, the referee is
asked to give an outline of your
responsibilities and an
assessment of your
performance in the workplace.
The purpose of the motivational
statement is to give the university an
insight into why you wish to
undertake a particular programme of
study/research, and how this will
further your career objectives or
It is not useful to repeat information
from the prospectus – we prefer to
hear your views on:
Why you wish to follow this
particular programme of
How your previous training and
work experience (where
applicable) have prepared you
for this programme. Please
provide details of any relevant
professional and/or
management experience in the
field, highlighting aspects of the
work that raised questions for
you or which indicated the need
for further study.
How the programme will help
you to take forward your career.
Please outline what you plan to
do following the programme of
Remember that your statement
will be reviewed by those
assessing applications.
We do not penalise applicants
whose first language is not
English and the university has a
strong commitment to equality
of opportunity and encourages
applications from all sectors of
international, national, regional
and local communities.
For information on the
university’s Equality Policy
statement visit click here.
In order to help the university
determine the best way to
promote the work of the
School/Institute, please tell us
where you most recently heard
about us.
You MUST have funding confirmed
before starting your programme of
If you have funding confirmed,
or have applied for funding and
are awaiting a decision, include
details here. An original letter
from your sponsors confirming
the extent of their support will
be required before you start a
programme of study. If you do
not have any funding arranged,
but have applied, or intend to
apply for funding or
scholarships, please give details
of those scholarships/funding
organisations and when a
decision is expected.
You must ensure that you have
funding for your full tuition fee costs,
any “bench” or research expenses
fees, and for your living/maintenance
costs before you start your
programme of study.
Funding for fees and maintenance
costs should be available for a
minimum of three years for a fulltime applicant and four years for a
part-time applicant. However,
should the research degree take
longer to complete the student will
be responsible for paying any
subsequent fees until completion. In
addition, applicants need to be clear
that any extension of registration
beyond the maximum period allowed
under the Academic Regulations for
Research Awards will only occur with
the exceptional permission of the
Research Degrees Committee upon
the submission of a request for an
extension due to extenuating
Details about potential sources of
funding can be found here. Please
note this is not an exhaustive list of
funding opportunities and some
funding streams for an overseas
applicant need to be applied for from
their home country.
Please read carefully the terms of
this declaration and sign and date it
before submitting your application.
Please ensure you read through
this checklist and that you
submit everything that we need
for your application to be
considered. If anything is
missing, this may delay
consideration of your
application or result in your
application being rejected.
If you have any questions please e-mail the
Postgraduate Research Office at:
[email protected]
or call +44(0)20 8331 9270