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How to run a Golf Day
All ‘How-To’ guides are provided by Variety - the Children’s Charity to help you understand the steps involved in organising
your fundraising activity. Variety Queensland takes no responsibility for the event management.
Specific Requirements
You may need the following to run a Golf Day:
• An agreement with a golf club – costing & responsibilities of golf course hire; golf cart hire; pre-game and post-game refreshments, microphone and lectern for MC
• A host, MC or if possible celebrity players.
• Trophy for winning team/s, raffle prizes and other fun prizes for best dressed or winners of certain golf hole activities.
• Trestle tables for registration and to display trophies/prizes .
PLEASE NOTE: When you are running or partnering with an event to fundraise for Variety - the Children’s Charity, you are
required to complete a Request to Fundraise form and forward it to the Variety Queensland office.
Things to consider
Carefully choose the date of the Golf Day
• Are there lots of other charity golf days on at the same time?
• Does the date give your guests enough time to secure the day off work?
• Are there any other conflicting events scheduled for the same dates?
Prepare a budget
how much will you sell tickets for? What will the cost of the ticket include? light refreshments? golf cart hire?
What costs will you be charged by the golf club.
Think about additional ways to raise money during the day.
• Hold a Raffle.
• Organise 3-4 novelty holes that require gold coin donation for players to participate.
• Straightest drive or Bookie Hole
• Marshmallow hole / or other simple putt putt games
• Hand massage – contact local beauty salon
• Wine tasting hole – the person serving wine must have a RSA certificate
• Hole sponsors – a great way to raise extra money is to sell ‘holes’ for sponsorship. Contact local businesses to see if they
wish to pay a sponsorship fee and display signage on one of the holes or hand out giveaways to promote their products/
How To Run a Golf Day
How will you advertise and promote the event?
The golf day is likely to be held during the week so give people enough time to book the day off work.
Promote the event through local sport stores and the golf club where it is being held. Include a registration form with
the invite/flyer to ensure you get all the participant information you require.
You may need to pass on information about the event particpants to your golf club, these can be gathered through the
registration process.
• Contact details
• Player’s handicap
• Payment / Invoice details
• Who they will play with (most teams play with 4)
Decide style of game
4 Ball Ambrose is appropriate – your golf club can advise.
You may ask the Golf Club co-ordinator to be on hand to brief players on the rules of the game.
Goody bags
Could a local company sponsor gifts for the goody bags or do any local businesses want to donate money-off
Source a host/MC
Ideally a ‘personality’ who can welcome players and address them after the game and hand out prizes etc.
Thank your sponsors and participants
Always send thank you letters and certificates to the organisations and businesses who have helped with your event,
whether it be through discounted rates or the provision of prizes.
What Variety Queensland can do to help :
We will be able to help promote your event on our website, through social media and in event newsletters. A time
line for the submission dates for each newsletter is available on the web.
We can help you proof flyers and provide you with a template to assist you with designing your own.
Refer to the ‘How to ask for Donations / Sponsorship’ document to help you approach potential sponsors.
Gain media attention – provide you with a media release template to assist you with getting the local media
We can provide signage for your event, most will need to be collected and returned to the Variety office or a Variety
representative in a regional area.
We can supply you with raffle books if you choose to run a raffle
We can supply you with donation envelopes, money tins, shaker tins and stickers.
We can supply you with certificates of appreciation
Who do I contact to ask questions?
For all fundraising relating to the Variety Bash, Jet Trek, Variety RV Adventure or Variety 4WD Explorer, please contact Erin
Groeneveld on 07 3907 9300 or via email [email protected]
If your fundraising event does not specifically relate to any of these events, please contact Sarah Ponturo on 07 3907 9300 or
via email [email protected]
How To Run a Golf Day