How to create an offical offer at Siemens A&D Mall

How to create an offical offer at Siemens A&D Mall
The A&D Mall site is the official Siemens online catalog.
It can be accessed on two ways:
1- In «guest» mode, standard product information is provided.
2- With a user account. A login and password is required. Once the user is registered he has
access to the product quotation according to the CERN contract. In order to obtain an
account please send a request to [email protected]
Step by Step procedure
1- Open the A&D mall from your browser.
2- Login using your user name and password provided by EN-ICE Controls support.
3- Enter the reference of the product you want to purchase and click on “search”. You can
choose the product from the online catalogue clicking on “Site explorer”.
4- Select the number of pieces you want to purchase and click on “Add to cart”. Do not forget
to build your shopping cart in EUROS.
5- Add as many items as you need. Once all you items are in the shopping cart, click on
“Shopping Cart” and you will get the list of all the items.
6- Print your shopping cart. Click on “Cart-Options” > “Print” and save a copy of the PDF file
7- Attach this copy of your shopping cart to the DAI that you have created in EDH.
In case of problems, please contact [email protected]
How to fill the DAI in EDH
Do not forget to create your shopping cart in EUROS.
Create a new order line in EDH for each item that you have produced in your Shopping cart.
All the items shall be listed in the DAI.
Make sure you set correctly the “Country of origin” when you fill the item entry. The
“Country of origin” is clearly specified in the shopping cart PDF file. (Usually DE,
Include in the DAI "Comments to purchasing Officer" box the following reference:
Contract B1130A/09.
The supplier to be selected in EDH is :
5, Avenue des Baumettes
Ref. SIEM 63, SC01