Appendix K-2: Query installation instructions How to install C -

Computer-based support for science education materials developers in Africa: exploring potentials
Appendix K-2: Query installation instructions
How to install CASCADE-SEA
This instruction sheet guides you through the process of installing the CASCADE-SEA program.
Please note that this version of CASCADE-SEA operates on Windows 95/98. It has not yet been
optimized for Windows NT nor for the Macintosh.
1. If you have a previous version of CASCADE-SEA residing on your computer, you must
uninstall it before proceeding. You can you do this in one of two ways: (1) go to: Start
Menu/Control Panel/Add-Remove Programs and select Cascade (this is recommended) or
(2) locate the folder labeled Cascade-Sea (most likely in your Program Files folder) and
delete it.
2. If you haven't already done so, insert the CD-ROM
into the appropriate drive on your computer and a
special program, the Survey Browser, will run
itself. If your automatic play function has been
disabled, or the Survey Browser does not open
automatically, do the following:
• Double-click on the my computer icon
• Double-click on your CD-ROM drive
• Double-click on the file labeled:
Survey Browser.exe.
3. Click the button labeled install cascade to begin
the installation.
4. A new program will then open with a welcome
screen, click the button labeled next.
5. You then see a screen suggesting that you close
any other programs running on the computer. After
you have done so, return to this screen and click
the button labeled next.
6. You will then see the software license agreement.
After you have read the software license
agreement, click the button labeled yes.
7. The computer will then ask you to identify yourself
and your organization. Type your name and your
organization in the fields provided and when you
are finished, click the key labeled next.
8. The installer then asks you to decide where to
locate the files. If you'd like to choose the default
destination directory simply click the button labeled
next; if you'd like to put the files in a particular
location use the browse function.
9. The installation software will then determine
whether sufficient space is available on your hard
disk to install the software. In future versions of
this program, we hope to provide an option where
this software may be run directly from the CD
drive. However at this stage the program requires
approximately 140 Mb of space (of this, 90Mb is
taken up by the database alone).
10. Once the program has determined that you have
sufficient disk space available to install CASCADE-SEA,
it will then give you the opportunity to change the
name of the program folder in which your icons will
be placed. If you do not want to change the
name, simply click the button labeled next.
11. On the next screen, the setup program
summarizes the selections given that so far and
Computer-based support for science education materials developers in Africa: exploring potentials
offers you the chance to return and make changes
if you like. When you are ready to proceed, click
on the button labeled next.
You will then see a number of icons and Windows
on the screen as the installer
decompresses the files from the CD-ROM. During
the installation, a number of billboards will appear
describing to you some of the features of the
CASCADE-SEA program.
The CASCADE-SEA program makes use of a number
of external functions and applications as well as
those that are built into the program itself. When
the files are finished copying a few new dialog
boxes will appear. The first one of these will be
entitled Microsoft Agent. Click yes
and you will see additional files being copied to
your system.
Similarly, the CASCADE-SEA program installation next
sets up the DAO database engine. When the
welcome screen appears, click next.
In some cases you will have to restart Windows
before the new settings will take effect. In the
next window, the installation program asks you to
choose whether or not to launch the program file
immediately. Placing a check in the box provided
will tell the system to launch CASCADE-SEA as soon
as it is ready. Otherwise, you can start the
program by clicking on:
Start Menu/Programs/Cascade-Sea/ Cascade.
The following icons will have been added to the
Cascade-Sea folder accessible through the Start
• Cascade
• Cascade Help
• Link to Cascade Website
• Mindman
• Image Forge
• Satori
After you have completed the
program installation you might
like to return to the Survey
Browser. The background
program provides you with
information regarding the ideas
behind the CASCADE-SEA line of
research. In addition, it might
be useful to view and perhaps
even print a copy of the user
handbook. Alternatively, if you
have questions about the
program and/or how to use it,
the help files provide a
combination of background
information and user
Computer-based support for science education materials developers in Africa: exploring potentials
Installation notes
The following list describes known issues with this version of the software and ways to deal
with them. Should you experience any difficulty during installation or while running the
program take a look at the list below, otherwise please contact the developer.
The words look funny on the screen or are cut off
If this is the case, then chances are that the fonts were not installed during set up. This
sometimes happens on networked or heavily protected computers where access to certain
directories may be denied. To install the fonts manually, do the following:
• Go to the fonts control panel (click:
start/settings/control panel/fonts).
• Click on the File menu and select
"Install new font…" The computer
then expects you to show it where
the new fonts are located. So you
have to guide it to the Fonts directory
(located on the CASCADE-SEA Survey
Software CD-ROM). When the
computer sees the fonts, it will list
them in the window.
• Click the Select All button and then
click OK. If you get the following
error "access denied" then un-check
the "copy fonts to folder" button
(bottom of the window) and that
should solve your problem. Some of
the fonts might already be installed
on the computer. If the system tells
you that, just click OK and keep on
• Be sure that the font "Technical" is
installed correctly - this one is used
throughout the program.
Cascade Project files do not open automatically
When windows sees a document extension (like ".prc"), such information tells the system
that all files ending with that extension should be opened with a particular program. If you
would like Windows to open CASCADE-SEA automatically when you click on a project file, you
may need to add this association to your computer.
• Go to your last saved Cascade Project folder and
double-click on the file with a .prc extension (like
my_project.prc). The computer will ask you what
association you'd like to make.
• First, fill in the description: "Cascade Project
Files" in the text entry space at top of the
window. Then scroll down the list provided and
select Cascade. If Cascade does not appear in
the list, click on the browse button and, through
the file dialog boxes, point to the file. Usually
you will have to click through a path like this one
=> C:\Program Files\Cascade-Sea\Cascade.exe.
• Make sure that the "always use this program..."
box is checked, and click ok. The files should
then open up in Cascade Sea, and the icon
should change from a generic windows icon to
the CASCADE-SEA icon.
Computer-based support for science education materials developers in Africa: exploring potentials
External software requires license key:
A number of companies have generously agreed to the inclusion of their software in the
CASCADE-SEA program package, such as: Knowledge Display, Image Forge, Satori and
MindMan. In order to use the MindMan program, you must first enter the license key (until
you do so the program will only function in read-only mode). Here’s how:
The first time you open the
program, MindMan will ask you to
fill in the username and license key.
They are: (user) SUSAN MCKENNEY
(key) B93B-20DC-18E7-635A
If you have already opened the
program and did not enter the
license key you will need to find this
dialog box by clicking on
Help/About Mindman/License. Be
careful, the system is casesensitive, so be sure to enter this
If you would like to remove CASCADE-SEA from
your system, there are two ways to do this:
• (this is recommended) Go to: Start
Menu/Control Panel/Add-Remove
Programs and select Cascade. Windows
will ask you if you are sure that you
would like to delete this program. After
you click yes, the program and all of its
components will be uninstalled. If, during
uninstallation, the computer asks you
whether or not to delete shared files such
as fonts, select the no to all option.
• (less recommended) Locate the folder
labeled Cascade-Sea (most likely in your
Program Files folder) and delete it.
Funny error messages showing on screen
In some environments, we have
found error messages such as this
one (left) popping up on the screen.
While we continue to iron this detail,
it does not appear that the
functionality has been affected.
Simply click OK and continue
working in the program.