CVC Program: How to enrol a patient Enrolment Process

CVC Program: How to enrol a patient
Enrolment Process
The practice must:
 DVA & GPs identify potential participants (gold card holder, chronic condition, at risk of frequent
hospital admissions)
 Assess eligibility for the program – not RACF
 Gain the participants consent – record in patients notes
 Conduct a needs assessment – over 75s health assessment (preferably in patients home)
 Prepare a care plan – templates can be
 Patient friendly care plan
 Finalise the care plan – GP assists
 Consider the need for social assistance.
When all steps are completed, the GP records the enrolment and consent on the patient’s record. The
GP can now claim the Initial Incentive Payment (as below) and this will automatically inform DVA that
the patient is now a participant of the CVC program.
Coordinated Veterans’ Care Program Fees
Increase effective from 1 November 2012 to 31 October 2013
Initial Incentive
GP with practice
GP without
practice nurse
Quarterly Care
Total year
Total year 2
Item #
Item #
Enter item numbers manually into medical software
Ongoing support for CVC
Regular phone calls
Book appointments
Check medication compliance
General health coaching and information
Arrange transport to appointments
Arrange home visits
Arrange services such as meals on wheels
Note: For queries regarding DVA Community Nursing Program policy the Community Care Policy
Section can be contacted by email to [email protected]
Information on the DVA Community Nursing Program can be located online at:
Sharon Bernays Nursing in General Practice Program Officer
t 02 6287 8099 f 02 6287 8055
[email protected]