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Machine, Equipment and Steel Engineering
Knowing how to do it
Application as a supplier – Machinery List
• Your challenges are our strengths
• An overview of our equipment and machinery
• Versatile, reliable, on time, customer-oriented
Machinery List 2009
Our Capabilities:
Machinery List 2009
Capabilities, Outsourcing,
Machine Engineering
KINKELE – Your Supplier
Based in Ochsenfurt, the company
KINKELE employs around 400 highly
qualified people. With its state-of-theart equipment and machinery, it is
one of the top suppliers for machine,
equipment and steel engineering in
Optimally equipped for the manufacturing technology fields of welding,
painting, and assembly on a shop
floor of about 75,000 square meters
total, we process even the most complicated orders reliably, accurately
and on time.
F. A. Kinkele
Please send us your enquiry –
We would like to introduce us to your
company as an efficient supplier and
partner offering you close collaboration for optimal solutions for your
respective projects and tasks.
We can manufacture and assemble
almost everything.
The following company description
and machinery list gives you the opportunity to get an overview of the
scope of technical possibilities and
capabilities our company provides.
And, we would gladly give you an
individual tour of our factory workshops.
• by fax: +49(0)9331-909-10
• by E-mail: [email protected]
• by mail: KINKE LE GmbH & Co.KG D -97196 Ochsenfurt Postfach 1250
We will gladly send you an offer and
we assure you that your orders will
be executed quickly and reliably.
Best regards
Friedrich A. Kinkele
Managing Director
Machinery List 2009
Ist Ihre Fertigung gerüstet für Europa
Machinery List 2009
You provide the design – we do the rest. Perfect!
Overview of our units and machinery
Continuous blasting machine
1,500 x 700 x 15,000 mm
Shot blasting machine for
steel – stainless steel - aluminium
4,000 x 2,000 x 10,000 mm
CNC shears up to 3,000 x 15 mm
Cutting line up to IPB 500
Sheet metal forming
CNC pressbrake up to 4,000 x 12 mm, 320 T
Sheet metal rollers up to
3,000 x 15 mm
Ring bending machine
Trumpf Nippler, punching machine 3,000 x 6 mm
Steel Engineering/Welding
IGM robot RCI 370-AC with welding machine Fronius
T PS 5000 TWIN MAG Single +
Tandem + M-Spot 90 laser camera
axis S = 20000 Y = 5000 Z = 3000,
L-manipulator 10 to, faceplate 2000 mm, console K5, offline programming
IG M-Robot Limat 330 with welding machine Fronius TPS 5000
welding method: MAG
radius: 800 mm
faceplate clearance
min. 2000 max. 4000 mm, rotating/tilting desk 1 to
longitudinal seam welding portal
Haane BZ4-1638
axis Z = 12000 X = 3500 Y = 1600
2 burner system
UP welding line Esab CaB 460
with welding machine Esab LAF 1250 DC
UP strip welding head 30 x 0.5 –120 x 0,5 strip electrode
Milling machines
1 gantry portal CNC milling machine with tool changer / angle
heads, portal passage
4,250 mm x 3,600 mm,
X = 18,300 mm, Y = 5,000 mm, Z = 3,200 mm
UP wire electrode head 1,6 Ø – 5,0 Ø
1 gantry portal CNC milling machine with tool changer / angle
heads, portal passage 3,250 mm x 3,600 mm, X = 18,300 mm, Y = 4,000 mm, Z = 3,400 mm
About 100 welding machines
MIG, MAG, TIG, electrode up to
650 A, certified welders
Certification according to DIN
18800 Part 7 with extension for
welding of stainless steels to approval document Z-30.44.1 of IfBt
Approved by the Bundeswehr to
VG 95077 parts 1 and 2
Approved by the DB to DS 952/02
Approved for pressure vessels to
AD bulletin (HP 0)
CNC cutting DNC-controlled machines with external tool pre-setting
CAM programming system
Boring machines
2 CNC boring machines (130/11 + Sat),
spindle diameter 130 mm X = 3,000 mm, Y = 2,500 mm, Z = 2,000 mm
1 CNC boring machine, (KC 110)
spindle diameter 110 mm, X = 2,500 mm, Y = 1,700 mm, Z = 1,500 mm
1 lateral milling machine (Horimaster), WZW with floor plates
and table,
x = 21,500 mm, y = 5,000 mm,
z = 1,500 mm,
table 4,500 x 3,750 mm / 60 t,
head changer system
1 lateral milling machine, WZW
with floor plates and table,
x = 19,500 mm, y = 4,000 mm,
z = 1,250 mm,
table 3,000 x 2,500 mm / 40 t
head changer system
1 lateral milling machine, WZW
with orthogonal head and small
angle head, with floor plates and
x = 14,000 mm, y = 2,800 mm,
z = 1,500 mm,
table 3,000 x 3,000 mm / 40 t
2 lateral milling machines, WZW
with head changer ,
x = 10,000/8,000 mm,
y = 3,000 mm, z = 1,250 mm with
2 tables 3,000 mm x 2,500 mm
1 lateral milling machine, WZW
x = 12,000 mm, y = 2,800 mm,
z = 1,000 mm with floor plates
Machinery List 2009
Machinery List 2009
Our Capabilities and Our Know How
Overview of our units and machinery
Milling machines (continued)
2 bed-type milling machines,
x = 8,200 mm, y = 2,000 mm,
z = 1,000 mm
1 bed-type milling machine,
x = 6,200 mm, y = 2,000 mm,
y = 1,000 mm
1 bed-type milling machine
x = 14,250 mm, y = 2,000 mm,
y = 1,500 mm
with orthogonal head / small
angle head
4 bed-type milling machines
x = 10,500 mm, y = 2,000 mm,
z = 1,500 mm
with WZW / swivel head
2 Heckert machining centers
CWK 1250 with tool changer,
X = 1,850 mm, Y = 1,400 mm,
Z = 1,250 mm
with work table up to
1,600 x 1,600 mm,
quill stroke 500 mm
Mazak machining center with pallet changer and tool changer,
X = 1,000 mm, Y = 500 mm,
Z = 460 mm
Vertical turning
3 CNC vertical turning/milling
machines for turning diameter:
ø 3,000 mm/turning height
2,000 mm,
ø 4,000 mm/turning height
1,540 mm
ø 5,000 mm/turning height
3,000 mm
With powered tools and milling
devices as well as a grinding spindle
CNC turning
Mazak Quick-Turn 28
for turning diameter 310 mm
and turning length 1,000 mm
CNC lathe
for turning diameter 750 mm
and turning length 2,200 mm
with powered tools
Turning/large-scale turning
3 Engine lathes with digital
displays for turning diameters of
up to 1,500 mm and
turning length 6,000 mm
Surface grinding
Up to 2,600 mm length
and 650 mm width
Cylindrical grinding
Up to 3,550 mm length and
560 mm diameter
Several upright and radial drills
for boring diameters of up to
80 mm and 2,200 mm throat
Large painting unit with degreasing line for applying primer paint
and paint according to VOC
guidelines and to customer specifications
Shop floor about 5,000 square
meters with crane capacities of
up to 80 tons, hook clearance up
to 21 m
Electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic
Complete machine assembly
Maho 1600 S milling machine
with tool changer, pallet changer
and NC rotary table,
X = 1,600 mm, Y = 800 mm,
Z = 800mm
Several console and tool milling
Machinery List 2009
Machinery List 2009
Versatile, reliable, on time.
As you can see from the machinery
list, we can manufacture and assemble almost everything. In our plant
in Ochsenfurt, we offer the following
services in detail:
Machine, equipment and steel
engineering, welded structures,
sheet metal structures, stainless
steel processing, boring, milling,
turning, grinding, sheet metal
manufacturing of individual parts,
assembly groups, customized
machines, equipment, devices,
and parts as well as complete assembly, including pneumatic and
electrical assembly, for standard
as well as for customized machinery; execution of client orders,
repairs and maintenance.
Highest quality, guaranteed
– for all services provided by our
company (Quality management
according to DIN EN ISO 9001)
Großer Eignungsnachweis Schweißbau
[Certificate to the qualification for welding]
We will gladly immediately make a
quotation based on your technical
drawings or samples.
We will gladly visit your company for
discussing solutions with you.
Send us a request!
KTA 1401
Machinery List 2009
Machinery List 2009
Key Benefits for You
We are centrally located in
Specialist for custom-built machines
and prototypes
Experience from 30 industries
Numerous accreditations
and certifications
Comprehensive production
capabilities – all from one source!
Qualified employees
Solid calculation, quality management
according to DIN ISO 9001, on-time
delivery, and, of course essential,
professional work have made KINKELE
a name in the engineering industry.
We take pride in being a
manufacturing technology specialist
and in providing the capabilities in
After executing your order, we will of
course make sure that your machine
or component will reach you safely.
We can easily arrange for delivery by
truck or by ship.
We know how to do it.
Machinery List 2009
Machine, Equipment and Steel Engineering
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Phone: +49(0)9331-909-0
Telefax: +49(0)9331-909-10
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