W Dress right to work

Manish Arora at ParisRITU
Week Spring 2013
rt Deco, an art form that began in Paris during the
1920s found its way back into the ramp via Ritu Kumar
at the grand finale of the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week
Spring-Summer 2013. The veteran designer, who completed 45 years
in the industry this year, readdressed it to suit the present day
contemporary design language. First, a showcase of the label Ritu
Kumar. Then, a dramatic interlude comprising a ball room dance
sequence with old Hindi remix numbers playing at the backdrop,
followed by the second half displaying India's fashion scene during
the colonial rule. Fabulous line of clothing and sufficient action on
stage, Ritu Kumar indeed dedicated a befitting end to the grand
finale. That's not all. She brought back her favourite models,
Noyonika Chatterjee and Simar Dugal back on the ramp.
Art Deco: Vivid, bold and graphical
With a simple yet aesthetic message in the way it is designed, art
deco indicates glamour, uniqueness and inspirational architecture.
Svelte models ambled on the ramp exhibiting the mastery of Ritu
Kumar's understanding of the concept and her brilliant modernday execution. Pigeon-print corsets worn over chiffon skirts,
feather-textured tops with brocade hems, cape dresses over bodytight mini dresses, full brocade jumpsuit with striking geometrical
patterns, and zigzag printed kaftans with brocade belts were some
of the outfits screaming to be noticed.
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How to care for your ears
t is a very familiar sight to spot youngsters, collegians, work
commuters hooked to earphones and listening to their favorite
music on iPods, MP3s, etc. Listening to it is okay, but a lot of
exposure to loud noise can severely damage your ears. Moreover, it
can cause permanent hearing loss in the long run. In order to keep
your hearing healthy, you should
be aware of how much loud sound
you can be exposed to. In
observation of 2012's International
Week of the Deaf, we give you a
noise diet to protect your ears from
future problems.
Use earplugs : The louder the
noise and the longer you're
exposed to it, the greater the chance
of damaging your hearing. Protect
your ears with ear protectors like
earplugs or earmuffs, and get away from the noise as quickly or as
often as you can.
Invest in the best : Opt for noise cancelling headphones, or go
retro with older muff-type headphones. The ear bud earphones are
less effective because they tempt you to increase the volume and
hence cause more harm.
Let your ears rest : Don't stay jacked in to your iPod or your
MP3 player for prolonged periods of time. Use it for some time and
then let your ears rest for a while.
Turn down the MP3 : Don't listen to your personal music player
at very high volumes, which can kick out the
background noise.
Know what is loud : If the music is
uncomfortable for you to listen to or you can't
hear external sounds or your neighbor can hear
your music when you've got your headphones
on, then it's too loud. It may be cool, but it can kill
your ear hair line.
Make rules : Adopt a certain rule, like listening
to the music at not more than 50% and not more
than 90 mins etc.
Treat them : Don't use cotton buds to clean
your ears. Instead, put a drop of olive oil in each ear once a week to
help wax exit naturally.
Use the technology effectively : If your MP3 player has a 'smart
volume' feature, use it. It will help you regulate the volume, and won't
allow you to increase the volume even if your favorite song is on.
Usain Bolt "Goes for Gold" with Nissan
sain Bolt, the world's fastest man and champion Olympic
sprinter, is targeting another record-breaking performance
by offering his passion and performance
instincts to the Nissan team developing a special
"Bolt" version GT-R. Following his world
records and medal-horde at the London
Olympiad, Bolt today signed a special deal with
Nissan Motor Co, Ltd, to extend his role as brand
ambassador for the 196-mph GT-R and to become honorary "Director of
Excitement" for the company's ambitious global marketing drive. Bolt,
appearing at Nissan's world headquarters, said: "Racing is my inspiration,
and I want to help Nissan become an even more exciting brand for everyone."
Toshiyuki Shiga, Chief Operating Officer, welcomed Bolt's endorsement
and deepening ties with Nissan - where he became a brand spokesman
on the eve of the London Games. "Nissan shares the spirit of
excitement that captivated worldwide audiences at the
Olympics. There is no-one better qualified than Usain
Bolt to help us translate that spirit into great experiences,"
said Shiga. In recognition of Bolt's contribution to sports
and his automotive enthusiasm, Nissan's Chief Operating Officer unveiled
a unique gold-painted GT-R, which will be auctioned to benefit the Usain
Bolt Foundation (http://usainbolt.com/foundation/). Contd. on Page 29
Dress right to work
ith our lifestyles getting more casual than ever and the
line between business and casual wear blurring in many
workplaces, it's no wonder that we sometimes find it difficult
to determine what we should wear to work. There is a fine line between
trendy and gaudy, sleazy and cutting-edge and just plain ridiculous.
Dressing inappropriately can put us in some extremely awkward situations
and preventative measures must be taken. Here are some points to ponder:
- Avoid wearing ill-fitting
clothes. While you might not
always be able to tell at first
glance if a certain clothing item
has the potential to cause an
unwanted surprise, test it by
moving around freely and
checking to see if it throws up
any problems. Fit is everything
when it comes to tailored work
clothes. Pants should be fitted,
without traces of a panty line.
Skirts, especially straight styles
like the pencil cut, should be
loose enough to allow you to
sit down in comfortably. Jackets
should be fitted as well as
roomy enough, and blouses shouldn't have gaps between the buttonholes.
- Avoid deodorant stains by using a clear deodorant.
- When you wear white or sheer fabrics, your innerwear is bound to
show — if you don't want it to, choose the correct colour of innerwear.
Ensure your brassiere strap doesn't slip off your shoulder.
- Don't wear distracting jewellery. Anything that jangles is distracting.
This could mean huge hoops, chandelier earrings, an armful of bangles,
big statement necklaces, or rings on every finger. Opt for studs or single
bracelets. - When it comes to handbags, avoid anything slouchy, as they
look sloppy. Choose structured styles that project an organised image. Nails should look clean and be trimmed to a length that doesn't leave an
observer wondering how you keep from stabbing yourself. Remember,
most of what constitutes a polished image is in the details: manicured
nails, fitting robe, scuff-free shoes, neat hair. - All women want to appear
tall, but they must opt for a heel height that they can go through the entire
day in. Or else, they will just end up plain uncomfortable and with a
shooting pain in some part of the body. - If you are the kind who sweats
excessively, invest in underarm pads. Stick them on the stitching of the
cuff line and they will soak up all your sweat. However, getting dressed
for the office doesn't mean leaving your personal style behind. Experiment
and find out which style gives you the most polished look.
The right way to eat fruits
ou love your bowl of
yogurt after dinner or
prefer your melon wrapped in
ham. But can you really have
fruit any way you want to?
Is it enough to eat them
frequently, or is there a right
way to eat fruits? Is
it okay to eat fruits
as dessert right
after a meal?
Nutritionist, Naini
Setalvad tells us
what the right way
to eat fruits is.
When should I
eat fruits? The best time to eat
fruits is first thing in the
morning after a glass of water.
Eating fruits right after a meal is
not a great idea, as it may not
be digested properly. The
nutrients may not be absorbed
properly either.
You need to leave a gap of
at least 30 minutes between a
meal and a fruit snack. Ideally,
one should eat fruits an hour
before the meal or two hours
after, if they have diabetes or
any other digestive problem
like acidity. This is because,
accompanied with digestive
Can I mix fruits with other
foods? You can mix fruit with
yogurt or salt as long as you
do not have any digestive
problems like indigestion or
acidity. You can also mix fruits
like pineapple, oranges, melons
or pomegranate with salads if
you like. There is no harm in
mixing berries and dry fruits
with cereals either.
body & soul
Eat these foods for
A healthy kidney is as important as a healthy heart. A person with
kidney problems will tell you how painful life can be when
one's kidneys are unfit to process daily
body waste.
Issues range from difficulty in passing
urine to puffiness around the eyes, feet
and hands. Kidney failure is an
agonizing problem; hence to maintain
healthy kidneys, we prep you with
food that can improve kidney
function. Here's a list of foods you
must eat for healthy kidneys.
Red capsicum
This vegetable adds flavour whether it
is baked, roasted, cooked or stuffed.
Capsicums help to break down waste that
is in the blood, hence a prefect veggie for those suffering with kidney
disease. But make sure it is red capsicum for kidney patients.
Egg whites
If you have kidney prob l e m s , y o u n e e d p r o t e i n w i t h l e s s
phosphorus. This is when egg whites come into play as these
have healthy proteins and far less phosphorus compared to
other sources of protein. Keep in mind that people with kidney
problems should avoid egg yolks.
The simplest way to prepare cauliflower is to boil it and add pepper
and salt.
But this flowery vegetable is an enemy for toxic
compounds in your body. The cauliflower is rich is
indoles, glucosinolates and thiocyanates that bumps off
all the toxic waste in your body.
Cabbage forms a core ingredient for the most loved and
relished Indian-Chinese food. But this layered vegetable
is a great source for phytochemicals that cut down free
radicals, which damage the body and the skin. Essentially,
any fruit and vegetable that breaks down free radicals is a
secret to natural glowing skin. Raw cabbage is the preferred
way to consume cabbages for those going through dialysis.
Fish dishes are popular with coastal residents, but thanks to our
well connected roads fish is available to cities away from the
coast. It may cost more but fish has anti-inflammatory fats,
omega-3 that can reduce kidney problems. Fish it also a good
source for proteins, have it anyway you like it - crispy, baked
or in amazing coconut curry.
Fruit juice or vegetable juice, both have properties to break
down waste and flush them out. The juices, especially
vegetable juices have phytochemicals that are great for those
undergoing dialysis as they help prevent kidney failure.
Fruit juices, especially berries are rich in antioxidants that
avoid issues and improve kidney health. You can either have
vegetable and fruits or squeeze them out for their juices.
Strike a a work-life balance
With insane work routines, a
majority of us are in a fix when
it comes to striking the right
balance. Managing that perfect
professional and personal life
is a tough act. Here are a few
ways in which you can keep
your work and personal life
Meet new people: Do not
socialize with the people at
work, if you feel the need to
breathe easy outside. Maintain
a different set of friends from
your colleagues.
Don't take work home: Try to
finish all your work at office
itself. Do not carry work or its
burdens home or discuss them
with your spouse or partner.
Squeeze the health benefits of a
Rich in vitamin C, lemon has many health benefits Nimbu paani, the good old humble drink has many loyal followers.
In a tropical country like India, lemon is quite easily available. Lemon is also used for culinary and medicinal purpose.
Squeeze a lemon in a dish of poha and then the taste changes. And there are many who simply can't have enough
of lemon chicken or lemon tarts. Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C. Lemon water makes a healthy drink, especially
when taken in the morning. If you like your tea without milk, then you can add a little bit of lemon and honey in your
tea. It is really soothing. Daily consumption of lemon water has a number of health benefits.
Good for stomach: Lemon is really helpful when it comes to digestion problems. Due to the digestive qualities of
lemon juice, symptoms of indigestion such as heartburn, bloating and belching are relieved. Traditionally grandmoms
always recommended a glass of lemon juice when somebody suffered from fever or stomach upset.
Glowing skin: Lemon, being a natural antiseptic medicine, can participate to cure problems related to
skin. Lemon is a vitamin C rich citrus fruit that rejuvenates skin and results in a glowing skin. Lemon also
acts as an anti-aging remedy. Lose the flab: In India, many people drink lemon water with a dash of honey
early in the morning to lose weight. Cures throat infections: Lemon is an excellent fruit that aids in
fighting problems related to throat infections, sore throat as it has an antibacterial property. Controls
high blood pressure: Lemon water works wonders for people having heart problem owing to its high
potassium content. It controls high blood pressure, dizziness, nausea as well as provides relaxation to
mind and body.
Burn more calories in less time
ollow these gym tricks to help you cut down on the minutes without compromising on results
Are you struggling to find time to accommodate a good workout in your busy schedule? Here
are six effective time-saver techniques that will help you burn more calories in a short span, and
show you the same results as it would in an hour-long regime.
Cardio on the way
If you live close enough, walk or jog to the gym to get in the cardio mode on the way, or park your
car a few kilometres from the gym. Increase the distance every couple of weeks. This will increase the
difficulty as your conditioning improves. The time shouldn't increase much, but the speed at which
you run, should.
Pan your drill
Be it for work or workout, planning ahead always saves you time. If you exercise in the morning,
the key is to plan your workout the previous night. But try and vary your scehdule. For instance, you
could start with warm-up exercises, followed by a 15-minute walk on the treadmill or elliptical trainer,
and then move on to practising weights. You could also mix cardio with weights. Experts recommend
that you start with a few minutes of warm-up on a stationary bike or treadmill. Stop and perform sets
of lunges or squats and ab curls. Hop back on the treadmill for a two-minute cardio interval (or an
intense oneminute interval) and continue alternating cardio and weights until you've completed a fullbody weight workout.
Pamper yourself: Whenever
you have had a bad day at
work, try to ward it off by
treating yourself to a spa or
salon session or a night out
with the people who make you
This way, you always ensure
you have high endorphins or
happy hormones.
Prioritize right: When you
plan your day in the morning,
try and divide your day into
two halves, one for your work
and the other for your personal
needs. Remember to prioritize
your personal needs too.
Say goodbye to
Here are a few tips to combat a bad hair day. You ask any girl
about her worst nightmare, and she will reply, 'waking up with
bad hair'. Every woman faces this predicament at least once in
two weeks. Curly hair can go frizzy, straight hair can go limp and
wavy hair can go either way. The situation becomes out of control
especially during summer when heat and humidity rip the hair
off its moisture content, leaving it hard to tame. Chlorine and
salt content in the water and bedheads are other factors that
worsen the situation.
Beauty experts also blame product residual for this state of hair.
"After using a variety of products on your hair, it tends to weigh
hair down, imparting a different texture to it, and thus making it
tough for you to style it," says Lakshmi Nanda, a beauty expert.
To keep bad hair day at bay, it is important to cleanse the product
residue, at least once a week. "Use a detoxifying hair product
that is not high or does not have any alcohol content in it as this
can make hair dry," says Seema Kumar, a hairstylist
You can also follow these simple steps to tame your mane...
- Use shampoos and conditioners according to your hair type
(Don't shampoo every day. Wash hair twice a week)
- Use a dry shampoo that can absorb oil to clean hair without
water. This can add volume to your hair
- Trim hair every six to eight weeks
- Rub dryer sheet or hand cream to prevent hair from sticking
- Pull back your hair and wear a headband or tie a high ponytail
- A scarf or a wig can also temporarily solve the issue
Ritu Kumar brings
Paris Art Deco to India
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Bold and blazing colours like deep tones of ink blues and reds
dominated the ramp.
More than just an interlude!
The ballroom dance sequence was a deliberate inclusion to
prepare the audience for the forthcoming romance of the 1930s.
The music changed to a remix version of Shammi Kapoor's
famous song from the movie China Town, Baar Baar Dekho, and
in glided four dancing couples dressed in dashing black suits
and graceful black saris. A pleasant break from the previous
sober collection, the performance indeed managed to raise
moments of nostalgia in the crowd that had already started asking
for more.
Vintage romance on the ramp
Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh..., Babuji Dheere Chalna..., and Mera Naam
Chin Chin Chu... It's only natural to go back to the times we've
left behind when we listen to songs like these. The theme of Ritu
Kumar's second collection was a walk back into the era of women
who wore full sleeve sheer blouses with ruffled cuffs, sheer
gowns with flower appliques, excessive use of golden brocade
embroidery in velvet Lehengas, choker jewellery and braided
hair buns, hair brooches amidst the amorous saxophone
playing along.
Jump your way up
Research shows, plyometric exercises, such as jumping rope or jumping jacks, are a good way to
burn more calories in a short span. This form of exercise also involves working type 2 muscle fibres,
which tend to grow and also help you tone faster. Use foot contacts to determine quantity — so every
time your foot (feet) lands on the ground. Start with 25 foot contacts and gradually work your way up.
Raise the path
So also, upping the incline on the treadmill, even just a little bit, helps cut the flab quickly. When
you brisk walk (four miles per hour) for 30 minutes at no incline, you
burn 145 calories. If you raise the incline from zero to five per cent, you'll
burn 244 calories within the same time; raise it to 10 per cent and burn
even more than 343. But don't incline that high, or else you'll hang off
the machine, and strain your back.
Juggle stuff around
You could also put your daily multitasking skills to use. Fitness
experts don't see the need to come to a stop in-between workouts. They
feel, it is better to use that time to work a different muscle group instead.
For instance, if you're performing a set of chest presses on a fitness ball,
put the dumbbells down, stay put on the ball and immediately follow up
with a set of crunches to keep your heart rate up. This increases your
metabolism and keeps the intensity high so you don't have to do as
many sets, as you had set out to do.
MidWeek 27
16, 2012
Jaya Misra's bright and Summer Essentials: Jewelry
grand bridal collection
Grand, elite and fit for divas —
that was designer Jaya Misra's
Bridal Fall Winter couture in a
And what better way to
showcase the collection than
having Bollywood hottie Jiah
Khan all decked-up in the
designer's garments from the
house of Lustrouz. Rich and
classical, her collection spelt
absolute elegance and poise as
the dusky actor got draped in
the designer's embellished grey
and red ombre sari. Said Jaya, "I
have always conceptualized my
designs to recreate traditional
Indian opulence, lending it a
contemporary feel. I try to
connect the east and west in a
unique bohemian manner,
coupled with subtle sensitivity."
Jaya's collection will soon be
showcased at one of India's
most stylish wedding fashion
extravaganzas to be held in Delhi
from October 21-23. Enthralling
designs, artistic themes, ethnic
motifs and the fusion of Western
and Indian techniques find their
way into her collection that has a
unique identity, transcending its
origin as well as highlighting the
heritage with the finest materials,
weaves, jewels, Swarovski
embellishments and so on.
Joshipura's land of Batman
ho would have imagined that the city of Gotham, home to
the urban legend Batman, would be interpreted in designer
Namrata Joshipura's spring-summer 2013 line for Wills
Lifestyle India Fashion Week here at New Delhi's Pragati Maidan.
The ramp for the evening was a wire mesh through which cat woman,
made to look like Anne Hathaway from the latest Batman movie,
strutted down in narrow pants, leather tops over shorts, and rock
jacket dresses to fast paced music.
Well, before you begin to contemplate, what is spring-summer about
Batman or the city of Gotham, the designer introduces a beautiful
lineup of floral-printed peplum tops, dresses and front-open jackets.
Though the colours and the prints are kept largely monochrome. A
Batman fan herself, Namrata interpreted her women on the lines of
the smart, sassy characters that inhabit Gotham city, and how they
have several layers to them.
Theme: Explaining the theme, she said, "Our girl is one of the
denizens of this vibrant and dangerous city where the attitudes are
hard, threats lurk around the corner, and partying is a blood sport.
This season the Joshipura girl is groomed, glam and sophisticated.
Her mood is smart and she doesn't suffer fools well. Severity,
sophistication and austerity are in the air for her."
Collection and detailing: The designer gets full marks for presentation
as she recreated this fictional city through her designs by walking
her girls in pretty lapel dresses, tulle t-shirt with shorts, jumpsuits,
the very interesting Arkham pattern laser cut skirts, shirts with long
empire state skirt and a whole array of skirts and tunics. Though
psychedelia was a sort of common thread to many designers at this
edition of the fashion week, Namrata stood out for her vivid
interpretation and staying true to the flavour of the season despite
the theme. It was a curious transition all the way from monochromes
of black and white to brighter colours as the silhouettes changed
from sharp-edged to soft and feminine with handmade floral prints
in summer colours.
We simply loved the guava t-shirt with long ivory empire state skirt
ex Miss India and model Kanishtha Dhankhar wore, apart from model
Sania's sharp clementine dress, and Arshia's ivory top with Arkham
pattern laser cut skirt. Truly, Namrata dared to try something different,
and can be said, largely succeeded.
Fabric: The designer used a lot of sheer georgette, organza and
tulle, and brought about the desired sheer and opaque effect through
embellishments, embroideries and Arkham pattern laser cuts.
Colours: The colours and prints were monochrome and sharp
clementine, guava green and hot pink to add a pop glam to the
colour palette.
Front row: Designers Rohit Gandhi, Rahul Khanna, Rohit Bal and
Varun Bahl were seen cheering loudly for Namrata particularly when
she took her bow. Prospective buyers and Delhi's page 3 circle too
were present in full force.
ashion experts suggest
that comfortable fits in
subtle colours, a bit of
detailing, topped with minimal
make-up, can do wonders to
your work attire.
"Summer is a season when
you prefer loose fitting clothes
over slim-fits to remain fresh and
comfortable throughout office
hours. So try monochromatic
shirts or the shirtdress in
different prints or in single
tones," designer Mmonika Arora
said. "A shirtdress is more of a
traditional dress with a bit of twist
and fusion in its design and cut.
With a belt along the waistline,
this dress gives a slim and smart
look to your personality," she
said. The designer says women
should lay emphasis on
accentuating their best body
feature while selecting corporate
wear. "Choose an outfit that
accentuates your best features
and commands attention. Make
sure that it's not over-the-top.
You want to look classy, not
flashy. And, remember, dresses
are the definition of femininity,"
said Arora.
For designer Vandy Mehra,
who specialises in corporate
wear, the detailing -- minimal
embroidery and metallic elements
- adds spark to the entire
corporate look.
"The detailing is what makes
the ensemble glamorous and one
needs to focus on that. It's all
about comfortable, yet sharp
dressing for the corporate look
this spring-summer," said Mehra,
who runs a label called SBJ.
"Women should also opt for
folded cropped trousers with a
white-coloured front bow shirt.
A flower print Peter Pan collar
shirt is a wardrobe staple this
Laying your hands on the
right colour and fabric also
needs attention for office wear,
says designer Kapil Arora of
label Kapil and Mmonika.
"Keep in mind your skin
tone while selecting the right
colour. If you have fair skin, don't
pick colours that make you look
either more pale or white.
"Pastel colours like light
green, light purple, yellow and
mustard work best in summers.
Fabrics like cotton and linen are
must have, but for corporate
wear, it is better to opt for a blend
of linen or wrinkle-free fabric,"
said Kapil.
Clothes apart, jewellery also
plays a pivotal role while
dressing up for office. According
to jewellery designer Chetna
Nanda, subtle and chic
accessories work best in a
corporate environment.
ust like all the other
specialty of the summer
season, summer jewellery
trends are also an important
part of the summer essentials.
Different seasons and different
occasions lead to different
trends for everything. Same
can be said for the summer
jewellery trends.
Summer jewellery has its own
unique charm which attracts
everyone in one way or
another whether its rings,
bangles, necklace or wrist
watches; everyone wants their
summer jewellery to stand out
among the crowd. In this article
I will be telling you all about
jewellery and the summer
jewellery trends so that you
can keep with the fashion
addicts and show off your
trendy summer jewellery to
Jewellery – Latest Trends
I am going to mention a
few of the latest summer
jewellery trends which now in
this summer but one tip I
usually mention every time that
everyone enjoys keeping with
fashion but it also depends
upon your choice.
As long as you feel good
about something whether is
the dress, makeup or summer
jewellery, just go for it. Let us
start on those summer
jewellery trends:
1. Wooden Necklaces
When talking about
summer jewellery, wooden
necklaces are in this season.
The best part about wooden
necklaces is that they are very
light compared to those heavy
jewellery pieces which get
often irritating while wearing
them. You can choose from
any color whether its bright,
light or earthy color, it will look
good on you.
2. Blue Jewellery
Blue is the color to go for
as this is the color of this
summer for the summer
jewellery. Blue and all its
shades are in this summer and
you can compliment it with
Khaki, beige or yellow as these
colors will give a contrast.
3. Floral Jewellery
Another type of summer
jewellery which is in trend this
summer is floral jewellery and
you will see a lot of people
wearing floral jewellery inspired
from full floral arrangements to
petals of the beautiful.
When wearing a floral ring,
necklace or bracelet color or
material of the jewellery does
not matter. Just have fun
matching your floral jewellery
pieces with your trendy look.
4. Oversized Bangles
Big bangles are also pretty
famous in this year’s summer
fashion trend.
Colorful and oversized
bangles are catching the eye of
every woman out there.
Bangles designed in bright
colors usually look more
5. Coral Jewellery
Coral jewellery is another
type of summer jewellery which
is in this season. Bright red
coral jewellery looks rather
attractive as coral is naturally
found in red and pink colors.
Not just red but all of the bright
ones look like a charm.
6. Rose Gold
Rose gold is also in and
happening in the summer
jewellery trends this year and it
is attracting both men and
women. Rings, bangles,
bracelets or wrist watches all
look great.
So these were a few
summer jewellery trends
summer. Go out and start
shopping for your favorites.
But a little tip for you all is that
while buying summer jewellery
avoid those metal pieces
because if you expose yourself
too much to the sun the metal
pieces will heat up which will
result in burning your skin.
The length of skir ts have always been an indicator of
economic downturn but the
'Hemline Index' is bringing
good news. Shor ter skir ts
show happier times and
celebs are going mini and
- If you are young or have a good
physique, then mini skirts are quite
- Kilts, wraps and pleated
skir ts are great for women
who have age on their side.
- A flowing, pleated mini is
perfect for summer.
- A high-waisted mini works
great if you are tall and slim.
- Leggings are apt accessories for shor t skir ts. Of course, it
depends on the occasion.
- Don't wear trainers, clogs or heavy shoes with shor t skirts.
- Footwear like flats, knee-length boots and stilettos are
right for this outfit.
Hair Dryer Disadvantage
air dryers can be
extremely dangerous if
you use them in excess.
Excess of everything is harmful
is just proverb best fitted on hair
dryers. Hair dryers if used daily
can take out your hair’s natural
shin, strength and moisture. This
cause to the problem of rotten,
mingle up and split ends problems.
You better know the prices of hair
recovery products which includes hair oil to conditioner
accessories. If your hair goes bad you have to spend equal
amount of bugs on recovery products as that of those
expensive hair dryer. Do you know that some hair dryers have
the blows equal to 676 jet engines? Constant use can make
your ear function affected. Since that power of blow very close
to you ear and daily can make you hear less and off course that
is more embarrassing then wet hair.
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fashion /auto
Of icebergs, sculptures,
androgyny and more at WIFW
t was quite a unique show
that we were a witness to on
the afternoon of Day 3 at
Wills Lifestyle India Fashion
Week Spring/Summer '13 with
Alpana & Neeraj and Arjun
Saluja as the runway designers.
While the arctic region with all
its ice-cold harshness translated
in snowflakes designs in Alpana
Neeraj's clothing range; we saw
designer Arjun Saluja find his
muse in Man Booker nominee
Jeet Thayil's novel Narcopolis.
An amalgamation of literature
and geography on the ramp was
a delight for some while hinting
on the obscure for many. Intense
themes and conceptualisation
when replicated in garments
either generate rounds of
applause, else extract a lukewarm
response. In this case, it was
Alpana & Neeraj present 'frozen'
spring/summer collection
In an audacious attempt to
recreate the cold Arctic winter,
designers Alpana and Neeraj
based their entire collection on
whites (being true to the pristine
ice whites), blues of the lakes,
blacks of the clouds and reds of
the crimson skies. A variety of
tunics, skirts, tops and gowns
structured with lace and tulles
occasionally came accessorised
with trims resembling frozen
twigs on strategic places on the
garments. The microscopic
patterns of ice have been
moulded with a sense of angular
sharpness that keeps reminding
the spectators about the rugged
character of icebergs and
landscapes. Elaborating on the
technique and style, designer
duo Alpana and Neeraj said,
geometric patterns accentuated
with ice embroidery on shoulders
convey strength, power and
resilience. We have always had
a penchant for sculpted pieces
and with this collection we dived
into the world of the unexplored,"
added Alpana. Some of the fishcut and mermaid-like silhouettes
noticed in the show as kohl-eyed
models dashed down the runway
were actually inspired by whales
and penguins. Bejewelled jackets
with ornate designs on the arms,
tunics doubling as gowns,
protruding waistlines, zipped
dresses, net blouses tied in
buckles, high-collared and often
full-covered necks added an extra
zing to the outfits.
Narcopolis' Dimple is Arjun
Saluja's muse Seems the fashion
fraternity is not behind when it
comes to being 'literary' in
clothes and that's what designer
Arjun Saluja wanted to prove
through his latest range. His
collection is not for men or
women but for people with
shades of both masculinity and
femininity inside them. Called
'Rishta', the Summer-Spring
wardrobe was about developing
a relationship of equality
between man and woman, even
if it meant exploring the same
through articles of clothing. The
identity of the 'ardhanareshwar'
and the sense of completeness
within is what Arjun is trying to
derive the aestheticism from. The
Islamic architectural motifs in the
silhouettes that seamlessly
change from a 'Hakama' saree to
a 'Pathan' suit also represents
author Jeet Thayil's protagonist,
Dimple's journey as a eunuch in
1970s Bombay. Explaining more
about the collection Arjun Saluja
said, "It is the purity of the soul
of the 'hijra' in Jeet's novel that I
wished to put across in my
designs. Only people who are
confident with their identity and
personality would be able to
carry off my creations," added
the designer.
Colours, fabrics and designs:
The story of struggle and
strength, truth and dreams,
reality and escape, destruction
and liberation is narrated
through the well-defined colour
palette in white, black, nude, red,
grey and cobalt. Natural fabrics,
cotton, organza and silk are
Arjun's canvases to stitching
profound designs on. There are
no prescribed rules of fashion
that Arjun agrees to adhere to in
his collection; bush shirts paired
with dhotis, lehenga pants worn
by men, skirts ending in loose
trousers, shapeless kaftans,
Nehru-like full-length jackets
with thigh-high slits, harems and
jumpsuits often resembling
rapper-ons are some of the
prominent outfits that do not
qualify to strictly fall in either men
or women's category. The
recurring theme of the
'androgyny' therefore gets
justified with every garment
making its way to the runway in
Arjun's show.
2013 Acura ZDX Luxury Crossover
To Get Numerous Enhancements in its
Final Model Year
he innovative and stylish
Acura ZDX crossover
vehicle, introduced in 2009,
will receive numerous styling and
technology enhancements for the
2013 model year, which will be the
final year on the market for ZDX as
the Acura brand sharpens its focus
on new models and core products,
the company announced today. The
2013 ZDX will receive several new
features, including a redesigned
front grille, front and rear parking
sensors, power folding side mirrors
and safety features such as Forward
Collision Warning (FCW) and Lane
Departure Warning (LDW). The 2013
Acura ZDX will go on sale October
19, 2012, with a manufacturer's
suggested retail price (MSRP)
starting at $50,920*.
"People shopping for a luxury
crossover vehicle will find the
Acura ZDX an even more
attractive product," said Jeff
Conrad, vice president and general
manager of the Acura Division.
"Moving forward, we will continue
to advance the Acura lineup with
a focus on new core models, like
the recently redesigned RDX and
the upcoming all-new RLX
flagship sedan, that provide the
ideal balance of performance and
fuel efficiency that is right for each
product and a driving experience
that is dynamic and emotional."
The ZDX is built in the same
Alliston, Ontario plant as the
Acura MDX, which shares the
platform with ZDX. As a result,
ZDX production will be
discontinued in conjunction with
the transfer of the popular MDX
to the company's Lincoln,
Alabama plant in early 2013 (as
previously announced).
For 2013, the Acura ZDX will be
sold as a single, valued-added
package offering clients greater
value on a luxury scale. Robust
features now standard on the
2013 ZDX include the 435-watt
Acura/ELS Surround® 10speaker audio system with 15 GB
hard disk drive (HDD) memory,
Acura Navigation System with
Voice Recognition™, 8-inch highresolution VGA display, multi-view
rear view camera, Bluetooth®
telephone interface, ventilated
and heated front seats with
perforated premium Milano leather
seating surfaces, Keyless Access
System (with Smart Entry and
pushbutton ignition) and dualzone automatic climate control
system. The ZDX will receive
several new exterior features for
2013, such as a redesigned front
grille, front and rear bumpers with
integrated parking sensors, powerfolding auto-dimming side mirrors
and a dark accent on the wheels
for a sportier finish. The interior
receives a new trim finish on the
center console and a high contrast
interior option. Forward Collision
Warning (FCW) and Lane
Departure Warning (LDW) are
two new safety features for the
2013 ZDX. The Forward Collision
Warning (FCW) system can detect
vehicles ahead of the ZDX. If the
FCW system determines that a
collision is possible with a
detected vehicle, it provides the
driver with visual and audio alerts
to encourage avoidance actions.
Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
uses a camera mounted between
the windshield and the rear-view
mirror to detect lane lines on the
road. If the driver begins to drift
out of a detected lane without using
the turn indicator, the system will
provide the driver with visual and
audible alerts. The 2013 ZDX is
equipped with an all-aluminum 3.7liter V-6 engine that develops 300
horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque.
Performance is further enhanced by
the ZDX's Sequential SportShift 6speed automatic transmission that is
designed to satisfy the most
discerning enthusiast drivers. The
2013 ZDX EPA city/highway/
combined fuel mileage is rated at 16/
23/19 mpg**. For customers seeking
a great balance of utility and
performance Acura will continue to
offer vehicles in the luxury crossover
space with the 5-passenger RDX and
the TSX Sport Wagon. Acura also
will continue to provide ZDX
customers with a high-level of service
and parts support throughout the life
of their vehicles. U.S. sales of Acura
models increased 43.5 percent in
September and rose nearly 30 percent
to 115,773 units for the first ninemonths of 2012, the Acura brand's
best nine-month sales results since
2008. The Acura TL sedan, along with
the MDX, RDX and TSX Sport
Wagon crossover vehicles, have each
posted double-digit gains for the year
to date, including an 85.7-percent rise
in sales of the redesigned RDX and a
25.2-percent gain for the TSX Sport
Wagon. The all-new Acura ILX
continues to gain momentum, posting
its fifth consecutive monthly increase
on September sales of 1,737 units.
Acura will debut its all-new 2014
Acura RLX luxury sedan on
November 28, 2012, at the Los
Angeles International Auto Show.
The new Acura flagship sedan will
employ an array of new
technologies unique to Acura,
including the Precision All Wheel
Steer™ system, the nextgeneration
Communication System, and the
all-new Jewel Eye™ LED
headlamps to deliver an entirely
new level of performance,
sophistication and comfort.
London Fashion Week Spring
Summer 2013 Highlights
ondon Fashion Week came to a
close on the 18th September with
Ashish presenting his school
uniform and sequins inspired collection
and Mulberry’s leather clad models
sashaying down the runway at the
Somerset House.
Mulberry’s creative director Emma Hill
cites English
c o u n t r y
garden in the
seventies as
inspiration for
the brand’s
S p r i n g
Summer 2013
There were
soft leather
trousers and
skirts that came in tan, white and black.
The colour palette was light peach, mint
green and other pastel shades reflecting
the colours of the English garden.
Burberry Prorsum
In contrast to Mulberry’s English Garden
inspired colour palette, Burberry’s was
a mix of metallic blue, green and berry
hues. There were capes, trench coats
and dresses in leather and silk and matching shoes and handbags
in neon shades.
Eye Brow Shaping
Enhances Your Beauty
earning how to select the right eyebrow shaping is essential,
because you can unquestionably enhance your facial
beauty that way. Eyebrow shaping needs to be properly
completed in order to increase the evenness in your face.
• Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows
The symmetry of the eyebrow is correct when the beginning
of the brow is evened up with the center of the nostril and the
over the back
third of the eye.
If your eyes are
close, make the
a p e r t u r e
brows spacious.
If your eyes are
far away, don’t
wax the origin
line of the brow
too much so
that they are
closer together.
The more it’s
alike, the more it
enhances the beauty of the eyebrow.
• Find Your Facial Shape
The most considerable thing you need to know about
eyebrow shaping is your overall facial shape. If you have an eggshaped face, high brows are perfect, while the long faces need of
flatter brows. Oval faces can grasp just about anything at all,
while round brows are perfect for heart shaped faces.
• Take up Your Coloring
The color of your skin, eyes, and hair all play a piece in
picking the appropriate eyebrow shape. The color of your
eyebrows themselves is essential, as well. For Instance, if you
have extremely light brows, some shapes and styles will perfectly
better than other individuals. You may also need to go with a
heavier brow. If, though, your brows are very thick, rather thinner
might work best.
Tips To Tame Your Eye Brows
Not many women have been gifted with that excellent
eyebrow shaping, so most of them have to resort to many other
processes to attain the favorite shape. Here are some simple
instructions for your brows: Sprinkle little spray on your eyebrows
and comb them using your toothbrush to keep the beauty of
eyebrow flawless. Eyebrow shaping up make you look annoyed,
so be cautious not to take off too much at the outside brow
corners. If your eyebrow shaping is light, use a newly sharpened
eyebrow pencil to fill in the areas with light and fast strokes. To
enhance the beauty of eyebrow, you can brush your brows with
a brow brush dunked in eyebrow powder in up and outward
strokes. It is essential to use the correct shade to enhance the
beauty of the eyebrow. For women can use golden shades while
dark women can use gray shades. While eyebrow shaping, if you
have finished tweezed certain area, try to fill the spot using
eyebrow shadow, by applying in the hair growth direction. Beauty
of eyebrow enhances with shadow as it gives the more ordinary
look than an eyebrow outline pencil.
Hair Dryer.....
(Contd. from page 27 )
Hair dryers are having extremely high temperatures if not handled
with care and mess up with temperature handler can make your face
and head burn. The marks of burn are then very difficult to go.
In the same hair dryer are usually used in the bathrooms. Their
plugs used to be leave on the sockets and they are being monitored
by on and off buttons usually. This approach is really harmful since
your kids can handle the hair dryer in very wrong way which surely
will cause damage to them. Hair dryer should be used in the bedroom
and their cord should be plug out after use. After having known to
all possible hazards of hair dryers if you want to buy some good
branded hair dryers in Pakistan then here is its fine list.
16, 2012
Nissan Announces U.S. Pricing
for All-New 2013 Pathfinder
Nissan announced a starting
price of $28,270 for the totally
Pathfinder SUV, which goes on
sale at U.S. Nissan dealers
nationwide in late October. The
latest iteration of Nissan's
popular family adventure-ready
SUV is designed to reset the
standard for the segment with an
unprecedented level of premium
style, comfort, fuel economy and
thoughtful technology.
As one of Nissan's foundational
vehicles in popularity, sales and
segment leadership for more than
a quarter century, the 2013
Pathfinder's combination of nextgen SUV design and smart
technology brings a fresh
approach to the SUV segment just as the original Pathfinder did
back in 1986. Making the switch
from body-on-frame to unibody
construction, the newest
generation remains family
adventure ready with the highest
standard towing rating in its
class** (5,000-lb.), while also
offering best-in-class passenger
volume** and best-in-class 26
mpg* - an increase in fuel
previous generation Pathfinder.
Fuel economy is rated at 26 mpg
Highway / 20 mpg City and 22
mpg Combined for the 2WD
model and 25 mpg Highway / 19
mpg City and 21 mpg Combined
for the 4WD model.
The all-new Pathfinder also
features the EZ Flex Seating
System™ with LATCH AND
GLIDE™, an industry first 2nd
row tip-up seat which allows
easy 3rd row access with a child
safety seat still installed, along
with Nissan's Easy Fill Tire Alert
and segment-first availability of
the Around View® Monitor.
All 2013 Pathfinders come
equipped with an advanced 260-
horsepower 3.5-liter DOHC V6
engine matched with a nextgeneration Xtronic CVT®
Transmission). It is also the only
vehicle in its class** with
selectable 2WD, Auto or 4WD
Lock modes from the available
intuitive ALL-MODE 4x4-i
system. Quiet, comfortable ride
and handling are provided by an
independent strut front/multilink rear design, with hydraulic
electric power-assisted steering
standard. Also standard are 18inch aluminum-alloy wheels, with
unique 20-inch aluminum-alloy
wheels offered with the Platinum
model. The all-new interior
design features comfortable
seating for seven and premium
seating materials in all three rows,
including available leatherappointed seating. The new
Display, located in the center of
the instrument display between
the tachometer and speedometer,
features a 4.0-inch color display
that uses natural-looking 3Deffect graphics. An available 8.0inch touch-screen monitor
provides intuitive interaction
and control of the Nissan
Navigation System, along with a
variety of driver-selectable
vehicle systems and settings.
A range of available amenities are
also offered, including leatherappointed seating, heated and
cooled front seats, heated rear
seats, heated steering wheel,
programmable Nissan Intelligent
Key®, Bluetooth® Hands-free
Phone System, 13-speaker
Bose® Premium Audio system,
SiriusXM Satellite Radio
required, sold separately), TriZone Automatic Climate Control,
RearView Monitor, remote engine
start, tri-zone entertainment system
and Dual Panorama Moonroof.
Usain Bolt "Goes for
Gold" with Nissan
Contd. from Pg.25
Proceeds from the online auction, details which will be
announced later in October, will help the foundation's work
creating educational and cultural opportunities for children and
young people in the Olympic Champion's home country of
The one-off GT-R, to be auctioned on the eBay online auction
platform, will be embossed with Bolt's signature and bespoke
interior fittings finished in real gold.
News of the deepening Nissan relationship coincides with Bolt's
pledge to defend his titles at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio
de Janeiro. As part of Bolt's partnership with Nissan, the sprinter
today test-drove various GT-R models at the car company's
proving ground near Oppama, Japan, where his reaction times,
acceleration and other handling capabilities will be used in
developing a special "Bolt GT-R" for his personal use.
Additionally, Bolt will start work with Nissan product specialists
on a limited-edition version which can be ordered in markets
where GT-R is available. Details of this project will be announced
at a later stage. Bolt, who was collected from Tokyo's Narita
Airport in a GT-R driven by F1 racer Mark Webber, is expected
to contribute further to Nissan's "WHAT IF_" global brand
campaign. The campaign, featuring Nissan's iconic products
and breakthrough technologies in billboards at airports around
the world, forms part of the company's Power 88 mid-term
business plan - aimed at capturing 8 per cent market share and
8 per cent operating margins.
To continue building brand momentum at Nissan, TV
commercials featuring the Nissan LEAF electric vehicle, called
"What if you could drive the future, today?", will also be aired
via six major international TV networks starting in October 2012.
Earlier this year, Interbrand reported Nissan's rise in its latest
report of the world's Top 100 brands: ‘2012 Best Global Brands'. In
the ranking, Nissan rose 13 places on the prior-year report to rank
73rd in global brand value.
he refreshed 2013 Cadillac
SRX will offer an
featuring a Blu-Ray DVD player that
extends Cadillac’s signature CUE
system for connectivity to the rear
seats along with a redesigned kidtested gaming-style remote control
that allows each of the 8” flip-up rear
screens to play unique media. With
CUE, users can pair of up to 10
Bluetooth-enabled devices at once,
including mobile phones, SD cards,
USBs, and MP3 players. For the first
time, rear-seat passengers can
connect to and manage their own
music players and playlists. A special
connector cable sold separately
allows watching movies stored in
media players. The addition of BluRay allows families the same video
quality on the road as they’re
accustomed to at home. Front-seat
passengers will be able to watch
videos via the 8” touchscreen CUE
display on the center-stack while the
vehicle is in park. With audio playing
throughout the vehicle’s speakers,
the SRX becomes a home-theatre on
wheels. A dual-play capability
feature allows one user to play a
video game on one monitor while
another user watches a movie or
listens to the radio on the other.
“Having multiple media connectivity
options really gives owners flexibility
with entertainment, especially
families,” said Charlene Goike, rear
seat entertainment lead engineer.
“One can easily pop in their
camera’s SD cards on the way
home from their kid’s sports games
to let the young ones instantly
relive the action.” The rear-seat
entertainment package also gets
an all-new cordless remote control,
designed for familiarity and ease
of use. Shaped like a video game
remote control, it mimics the
layout of buttons to help young
users access their favorite media
more easily. A quick-reference
sheet will also be provided so
users know what each button on
the remote will do. “We actually
invited a group of kids to test
and interact with the new rearseat entertainment features,”
said Shannon Chiarcos, human
factors engineer responsible for
gathering consumer feedback on
entertainment options in the
vehicle. “The data we collected
allowed us to go back and make
several adjustments to the
system, including simplifying the
remote control so that kids could
use it without the help of an adult.”
The SRX gets a pair of updated
wireless headphones designed to fit
more comfortably than previous
versions as well as the ability to
toggle between what is being played
on either back-seat monitor. Users
can also adjust volume directly on
the headphones themselves.
16, 2012
October 17th - October 23rd, 2012