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Be a role model for safe boating
How to create your own web site
I have a web site, therefore I
am. OK, so I took some liberties
with that famous quote, but (in
my opinion, at least) my updated version should be the
mantra ofthe new millennium.
I niean, how can anyone really
validate their existence if they
don't have their own personal
little chunk of cyber real estate?
Face it — you need a web
site. If for no other reason than
it's the cool thing to do in 1999.
It's not enough just to have an
e-mail address anymore, you
need a place where you can express yourself, flaunt your
accomplishments, show your
true colors. A place where
friends can visit with you, even
while you're sound asleep, and
feel close to you, pointing and
clicking thfeir way around your
personal ^ace.
•i Forme, a personal web site is
a big time- and money-saver.
No longer do I have to have
reprints made of cute photos of
the kids for friends and family.
Now I just e-mail 'em with the
link to the new photo page. If
^eylike the photo enoughjthey
can download it and use it as
desktop wallpaper or print it
out themselves!
Seriously though, with so
many providers offering free
web site hosting, and web creation tools almost as easy to use
as your favorite word processor
or publishing software, there is
no reason for anyone with something worth sharing not to share
it on the World Wide Web.
Your web page can be as
simple or as complex as you
like, from a plain page with textbased hyperlinks to a
multimedia-filled page brimming with music, animations
and glittery graphics. The only
limit is your imagination.
First you must find a hosting
service for your site (see the list
below for starters). If you have
America Online, you have 10
megabytes worth of web space
as part of your service agreement. Use them! Go to Personal
Publisher (keyword: PP2), and
get started creating your cyberhome.
Web creation software is your
next step. Some hosting services, such as Homestead
(, provide
you with the means to create
your site online. Software titles
can also be found in abundance,
ranging in price from $9.99 to
several hundred dollars. Make
sure that your software doesn't
require you to know HTML
(Hypertext Mark-up Language).
Look online for downloadable
demos or freeware web creation
Once you've found a host for
yojir site and gotten some software, it's time to dig in and get
creative! First, start by planning your site, creating a rough,
draft on paper of what pages
you will create and how you will
link them together. Some ideas
for pages include: family news,
poetry and creative writing,
photo pages, scanned images of
your original artwork or kids'
drawings, audio clips of your
band or your child's first words,
video clips digitized with a video
capture board, etc. Browse the
personal sites of others for more
A scanner (or digital camera)
and some sort of image editing
software are also beneficial in
creatingyour web site. Although
clip art can be found by the
boatload on the 'net, and you
will need some for buttons,
icons, etc., photos of family and
friends will liven up your site
and give it that "personal" touch.
Remember to save your web
photos as a JPEG or GIF, with a
low resolution so ^feey-download more quickly.
After creating your web
pages, you will need to upload
them to your host. Some (and
this might be a criteria for choosing your host) require you to
manage your web files via FTP
(filetransferprotocol). This may
mean using another piece ofsoftware called an FTP client. You're
probably better off finding a host
that lets you upload your files
via the web, such as Netcolony
Once your files are uploaded,
you should visit your home page,
and to each page of your site, to
make sure that all links work
and all images load properly. If
everything checks out OK, send
everyone you know e-mail announcing that your new site has
gone live (be sure to give the
URL, or web address, so everyone knows where to find you).
Creating your own web page
is easy, fun and rewarding. It's
a great way to keep friends and
family up-to-date on events in
your life. Plus, you'll sound really '90s when you say, "Hey,
check out my web site. Doubleu double-u double-u dot..."
Free web site hosting services
that are available:
Weidenfeld, a staff member of the
News, writes every other week
about computer-related issues. He
can be reached via his perpetuallyunder-construction web site at
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It seems that every time I pick
up my mail, either from the postman or irom my computer, there
is some article about boat safety.
Articles on how to properly
maintain your engine. Articles
on how to properly maintain the
interior and exterior of your boat.
Even articles on how to properly
maintain your prop.
My filing cabinet is overflowing with articles and stories and
more come each day.
There are public billboards
and posters, seemingly everywhere, all explaining how to be a
safe boater and how to avoid accidents.
organizations have a safety officer who will work to make the
public aware of safe boating
throughout the year.
In my column, I am continually urging my readers to be safe
skippers, obey the rules and regulations, and to be considerate of
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You're not being a friend, either — to your sister. Do you know
what it takes for a person to insult your family in front of you? A
total lack of respect, for you, for
them, for family in general. Mostly
for you though. You have to say
something. Do something. Get
But calling the girl a liar won't
do it — because you really don't
know if she is, for starters. No
matter how close you are to people,
there will always be things they
keep private. And, the truth of
the rumors is totally irrelevant
here. For the sake of argument,
let's assume they're true. Does
that make the gossip OK? Hardly.
No matter what she comes back
So next time the rumors fly, ask with, people with integrity (you...
your friend to have the decency to right?) always have power over
leave your family alone.
people without it (your "friend").
This isn't brain-surgery, you It's the power to walk away. Next
time she trashes your sister, let
If she gives you a hard time,
ask her the burning question: Why
is someone else's life such a big
Page 4
deal to her?
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4616 W. Charleston
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 870-4244
550 "C" Stephanie
Henderson, NV
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the many people that use the
Swimmers, fishermen and
those just wanting to wade in the
shallow water of a beach are all
entitled to use the lake facilities.
There is plenty of space for everyone at the lake, if we all
Now I just thought of another
method of informing the public
and maybe the most important
and easiest.
Since there are more than
30,000 skippers registered in the
Southern Nevada area, wouldn't
it make sense if all of us acted as
role models when we are using
the Lake Mead National Recreational Area?
We would operate our boats in
a safe and legal manner. We
would take the time to inform
fellow skippers of an unsafe condition or ask the guy beached
next to you to help pick up trash
even though it was not yours or
Notice I said "inform" and
"ask" rather than "order" when
trying to get an offender to cooperate.
By taking a personal interest
in boating safety, it just might
rub off on those skippers that
ignore the rules.
A simple thing such as wearing yoiU" PFD when underway or
joining a boating organization to
assist other members in their
efforts to educate the public only
takes a little time and effort. It
just might make a difference.
We all should realize the recreational facilities here in
Southern Nevada are getting
overcrowded as our population
increases and the visitor count
rises each month. It is a neverending battle to make Lake Mead
the safest lake in the country.
Why not give it your best and
help to achieve that goal? Be
proud of what we have so close to
where we live.
Have I mentioned lately that
the 1999 Parade of Lights will be
held on Dec. 4? Only three more
months to go and I already have
my theme for the parade.
Of course Woodsy Owl will be
on my boat again. He is usually
seen at the Super Summer Theatre at Spring Mountain Ranch
State Park.
Until next time ... keep your
bilge dry.
Eicher, a long-time valley
resident, considers himself a parttime boater and fisherman. His email address is [email protected]
Make a camera part of your outdoor equipment
O find the proper fit
C select the right shoe for your job
^ reheve any break-in "Hot Spots"—
C give you shoe care tips
What's the best way to stop spread of gossip
Dear Caroljrn:
I'm 13, and I have this friend
who tells a stupid rumor about
my sister right in front of all my
friends and me. She says she saw
my sister and her bojrfriend making out, or says someone told her
my sister and some of her friends
aren't virgins. I can tell she's lying because I can catch little hints,
and I know my sister and her
friends aren't like that.
I don't know if I should tell my
sister. I don't want her to go to my
friend and yell at her because my
friend will be really mad at me
and tell everyone I'm a "tattletell." But she is my sister! And
true friends don't gossip about a
person's family.
— Rumors
You yell at her. This is no friend.
Read it in tiie News
Over the years, there have been
numerous times I have been somewhere in the desert, on the lake or
in the mountains and have made
the statement, 'I wish I had
brought the camera."
My wife Adelle is the picturetaker in the family and will
usually have her camera in the
back seat of the car but th6re
have been times when she has
forgotten to include it when we
plan an outdoor trip. Many times
we had opportunities to take a
picture of an animal or landscape
but had to pass as we had not
included our camera.
Like many owners of video cameras we took it everywhere after
it was purchased. We made the
same errors in filming as other
first-time users did. Too many
shots ofthe ground, too much sky
and way too many shots of the
same backgroimd and often with
the same narration. Often word
for word. Sound familiar?
After a trip or vacation was
over, the photos we did take would
end up in a box labeled, "These
photos need to be placed in an
album." Which seldom happened.
Also we would neglect to enter
information on the back of the
photo so naturally, over time, we
could not remember where we took
it and even sometimes who was in
the picture.
It's the same scenario with my
videos and old 8mm movie film.
Hidden away in a drawer are
memories of my first vacation to
Pennsylvania, the first deer I shot
and my many fishing trips. Add to
that the trips to Colorado- and^
Northern Nevada, all tal^en years
ago but not seen since.
Despite these negative (no pun
intended) statements, when we
did take our camera it has provided us with many hours of
enjoyment of remembering the
past. And even though I had to
search the drawer for the right
cassette, I did find the one taken
at the Parade of Lights in 1997 to
show some friends who had come
to our home for dinner a few weeks
living room so I can pick it up and
remember my friends.
Too often, we humans leave
'our calling card in the outdoors. A
messy camp, trash along the highway in a park or or other
disruptions of the fragile landscape of our desert. Taking a
picture preserves that site forever and nothing was disturbed.
Next time take your camera
and gather memories of your own.
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