Recruit News Workplace bullying update: How to protect your employees and yourself.

October 2013
Workplace bullying update: How to
protect your employees and yourself.
For employees the experience of
bullying can have a devastating
impact on feelings of self worth
and psychological and physical
For employers, costs can include staff turnover,
productivity loss, damage to workplace culture and, in
some cases, significant legal costs and adverse publicity.
In a recent decision the Victorian Supreme Court awarded
a worker nearly $600,000 in damages after it found she
was bullied, harassed and intimidated in circumstances
where there was an absence of any bullying and
harassment policies.
The new anti-bullying measures, in the form of recent
amendments to the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) which
commence from 1 January 2014, create new avenues of
are unlikely to take effect before the anti-bullying laws
recourse for a worker who reasonably believes him or
commence on 1 January 2014.
herself to be the subject of workplace bullying.
In particular, a worker will be able to seek an order from
the Fair Work Commission (FWC) that the bullying stop
and the application must be heard within 14 days of being
The new laws are significant and have far reaching
implications for employers. Before 1 January 2014,
employers should:
made. There will also be a new national definition of
familiarise themselves with the new bullying laws;
“workplace bullying” and the definition of “worker” is wider
review, and update, existing bullying policies, bearing
in mind they may be subject to review by the FWC;
than an employee including for example contractors and
their employees.
It is possible that the Coalition Government, will introduce
a ‘filtering’ process whereby bullying complaints will need
ensure employees have received appropriate training;
consider their complaints and investigation processes.
to be submitted to a regulatory agency (possibly the Fair
Early intervention can help safeguard an organisation
Work Ombudsman) for vetting before they are allowed
from legal action, as well as prevent the more dire
through to FWC. However, any Coalition amendments
consequences that can result from bullying.
The changing
labour market
The nature of the Australian labour market has changed
February 2013, which is well below the national rate of
considerably over the last 20 years. A much greater
5.4%. This compares with an unemployment rate of 6.6%
focus on skilled jobs, an associated increase in young
for TAS and 5.8% in SA, states that are feeling the effects
people participating in education and the ageing of the
of the high Australian dollar and weaker labour demand.
population, are just some of the developments that have
contributed to a workforce which is very different today.
Statistics contained in a report by the Department
Some other interesting statistics are:•
Almost one third of Australians work part-time
of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations,
hours. Two decades ago, part-time work was far less
revealed that whilst the labour market has seen
common, with around 22% of Australia’s workforce
some marked changes over the past 20 years, there are
employed part-time.
some things that continue to show the status quo.
Today, the Health Care and Social Assistance industry
Over the past 20 years employment
has increased by more than 50%
is Australia’s largest employing industry, with 11.9%
There are now more Australians in work than ever before
was the largest employing industry, with 13.7% of
(more than 11.5 million as at November 2012). In November
workers, which today is only 8.4% (967,100 workers)
1992, employment numbered around 7.6 million, which
means that over the past 20 years employment has
increased by more than 50%. The unemployment rate
in February 2013 was 5.4%, one of the lowest in the
industrialised world.
of workers (1.37 million or more than 1 in every 8
Australian workers). Two decades ago, Manufacturing
During these 20 years Trojan Recruitment Group has
responded to these changes to ensure we identify and
create a perfect fit with all our clients’ needs. Whatever
the industry, or recruitment requirements, Trojan can help
deliver end-to-end people management solutions for your
Australia has also seen the emergence of a multi-speed
business. Trojan are the right people to help you find the
economy and labour market, with some states and regions
right people.
performing strongly, while others struggle. For instance,
NT and WA, which are both resource rich, recorded
unemployment rates of 3.9% and 4.5% respectively in
Peter Melki - Chief Executive Officer
Trojan Recruitment Group
Professional Networking in Adelaide
On 12th and 15th April 2013, Trojan Adelaide held another
major companies including
successful round of HR Networking Breakfasts.
GM Holden, Viterra,
The topic this month, presented by Kaye Smith, was
‘The Fair Work Act: What Lies Ahead’. Kaye Smith,
Partner EMA Legal, is an expert in providing advice to
various companies on all matters concerning employment,
enterprise bargaining, work, health and safety and right of
entry disputes.
In keeping with the approach of these breakfasts, Kaye’s
presentation was informal yet very interactive, allowing the
BTG Australasia, Coffey
International, Arnotts, ASC,
Haighs Chocolates, Amcor,
Electrolux and Schneider
Trojan Recruitment Group
Adelaide facilitates monthly HR Networking Breakfasts for
HR professionals from all industries.
attendees plenty of time to ask questions. The event was
For further details of the next event please contact Denise
a major success with over 65 attendees from a range of
Lower on [email protected]
Meet the team
Amanda Pearson is the Client
Development Manager with
Trojan Recruitment Group for
the Newcastle, Hunter Valley
and Central Coast areas. In this
role Amanda is responsible for
maintaining and developing
client-business relationships.
Amanda has worked in the
recruitment industry for over
GB McGregor
Portable Buildings
GB McGregor Portable Buildings are a leading and
major supplier of portable offices, lunch rooms, toilets,
15 years and for Trojan for almost 5 years, assisting many
GB McGregor Portables has been supplying top-quality
businesses in a variety of industries with Permanent,
portable buildings and portable offices to a wide range of
Casual, Contract and Temporary, Blue and white collar
industries Australia-wide for over 20 years. In that time the
usage of their portable buildings has evolved to include:
‘It is an exciting time at Trojan, with the launch of
the new corporate brand. This has given us the
opportunity to share our new focus and resources
with all our customers. Living by our values, ‘real
determined people’, our focus is to partner with
other determined people to achieve great results’.
Portable offices, site offices, receptions and meeting
Portable lunch rooms, change rooms and recreational
Portable toilets, bathrooms and other staff amenities
Amanda and the team in Newcastle are local people with
over 30 years of combined experience who know the
local market extremely well. With their friendly “can do”
approach and expertise, they are ready to add value to
your business by solving your business problems using
people and their skills.
Trojan Consulting
Drawing on the extensive experience of our management
consultants Trojan Consulting can help you identify and
deliver value with pace, certainty, and strategic agility.
Trojan has the frameworks and tools to help organisations
improve the performance of their people and to keep that
performance continuously aligned with strategic goals.
Our range of consulting services includes:•
Human Resources Consulting
Industrial Relations Consulting
Work Health & Safety Consulting
Trojan can deliver consulting services to organisations
that complements our core offering, with clear and
measurable returns on investment.
GB McGregor Portables is a family business based
on true morals and values, which is why Trojan Recruitment
Group and McGregor Portables work so well together.
Trojan assists GB McGregor Portables with long term
quality candidates wanting a career in the building and
construction industry.
It is an absolute pleasure to deal with GB McGregor
Portable Buildings. Paul Bygrave, the General Manager,
knows exactly what he wants for his business and knows
what it means to have a recruitment agency and team
that listen to what he is asking for.
GB McGregor Portable Buildings is located in Keilor
Park VIC.
Trojan launches new ‘Brand’
for a renewed business era
In July, Trojan Recruitment Group unveiled its new
corporate brand to the industry. The new brand reflects the
company’s successful evolution into a highly differentiated,
customer-focused company. The updated brand is the
result of an intensive design and creative process and will
appear across all customer experience platforms as well as
all advertising and social media.
The brand rollout included an internal launch party for all
Trojan staff and a national advertising campaign across
the country. “Trojan’s new brand identity is now more
closely aligned to our business plan, our products and
services, our dynamic team and our commitment to all our
customers across the country,” stated Trojan Recruitment
Group CEO, Peter Melki.
The new look website,, is sleek
The new brand identity is supported by a new logo, which
and stylish and is full of new features, new imagery and
features an icon of three curved lines surrounding a letter
refreshed copy to make the site more user-friendly and
‘T’. This is intended to represent the company’s three core
encourage user interaction. The new site offers quick and
values – We are Real, We are Determined and We are
easy access to essential information for those looking
People Focused, encompassing the ‘T’ representing the
for work and those looking for staff, and is part of the
Trojan Way. Supporting the icon and logo is the company’s
organisation’s ongoing efforts to enhance the quality and
new tagline ‘Determined People’.
availability of information to all customers.
Trojan Recruitment Group would like to recognise the companies that we have
been in partnership with and have been regularly supplying over the past 10 years.
ADCO Constructions
Gibson Shopfitters
RJC Constructions
Bayer CropScience
Haslin Constructions
R.M. Watson
Bluescope Lysaght
Husqvarna Australia
Ryder Shop & Office Fitting
Carty Property Group
John Holland
San Remo Macaroni Company
Corinthian Industries
Kane Constructions
Downer EDI Engineering Power
Kingston Building Australia
Transform Retail Projects
Euro - Line
Nicom Interiors
University Of South Australia
FDC Technologies
Queensland Rail
Trojan would like to thank its partners for their business and support over the past 10 plus years and is looking
forward to a continued relationship and joint success into the future.
Trojan Recruitment Group
Head Office
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Adelaide | t | 08 8443 5130
Brisbane | t | 07 3220 3722
East Melbourne | t | 03 9574 8666
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