Attention Options Traders! Amazing New “Can’t Lose” Report

Attention Options Traders! Amazing New “Can’t Lose” Report
Reveals The Seven Secrets Of Successful Options Investing
“How To Be $1,835,360 Richer
…Win 95.12% Of All Trades
…And Still Lose Nothing Even If
You Are Absolutely 100% Wrong”
And it’s yours FREE if I hear from you within 72 hours!
hese seven secrets are the basis for all
success in options! Just one of these
secrets … JUST ONE … is enough for you
to make a successful career trading options.
Like the golf caddy who borrowed a
small grubstake and made over $100,000
per month for 70 consecutive months. Or
the horse-ranch owner who found over 98%
winning trades in three years.
Or the former Bears linebacker who’s
made $16,634,699 in just three years.
Or Tony, from the south side of
Chicago. He recently played cards with
Michael Jordan and a bunch of other
wealthy men. They really hit it off … they
were the only ones not born to their riches.
They earned every dime.
He’s made over $500,000 in a day …
regularly … as a professional trader.
Fabulous Wealth is within your reach,
thanks to …
please turn page …
Cumulative Profit
Year 1 Year 2
IMPORTANT NOTICE! Stock, futures, and option trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risks. You must be aware of the risks
and willing to accept them in order to invest in the futures equity or options markets. Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose. This is neither
a solicitation nor an offer to buy/sell securities, futures, or listed options.
NOTICE: Other than in testimonials and where identified as actual trading profits, the performance information in this brochure is based on hypothetical or simulated trading. Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain inherent limitations. Unlike an actual performance record,
simulated results do not represent actual trading. Also, since the trades have not actually been executed, the results may have under-or-over compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. Simulated trading programs in general are also subject to the fact
that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses
similar to those shown.
an amazing new discovery using simple math and statistics.
Trustworthy, predictable and darn near obscene profits can fall into your lap. But you have to rid
yourself of your preconceived notions of making money and start applying my scientific approach
to options trading.
It’s all included in my exciting new course, “Options Success For Everyone.” This exclusive
course includes everything you need to start making huge profits with low, low risk.
$100 To $100,000!!
It’s so good, I guarantee you’ll make profits 1000 times over . . . or it’s yours FREE! You’ll learn
all the basics . . . then you’ll learn the seven secrets that could build your fortune. You’ll almost
never lose once you know these inside secrets.
Proven Results . . . Millions In Profits
In a rigorous, simulated trading study, we generated trades in all 30 Dow Industrials for a period
of two years. This comprehensive trade record includes all 30 markets . . . every trading day.
So there’s no “picking and choosing” of good trades or good markets. We’ve included the good
with the bad.
Here’s the amazing results:
Trades Wins Losses % Winners Total Profit Strategy 1 54 53 1
98.15% $280,000 Strategy 2 81 80 1
98.77% $496,180 Strategy 3 105 96 9
91.43% $468,180 Strategy 4 148 140 8
94.59% $480,250 Strategy 5 28 27 1
96.55% $110,750 TOTALS 416 396 20 95.19% $1,835,360 Avg Profit
Per Trade
$16,994 Profit Per Week
Misunderstood – But Very Profitable
We’ve achieved such overwhelming success in one of the world’s most misunderstood
businesses. You see, when done wrong — the way 99% of all newcomers do it — it appears
confusing and unprofitable.
Yet, when done right, it can be a low-risk, automatic income generator. I’m sure you’ve heard
of and probably invested in mutual funds or the stock market. But there’s a much safer, more
predictable and more profitable way to build your money. What I do is trade options — but not the
way most people do it. When done right, you should win on at least 90% of the trades you make. I
can teach you how in just a few hours.
Using just one basic technique, I’ve generated historical results of 80 wins and just 1 small
loss … a stunning 98.77% wins! Another has produced 140 wins with just 8 losses for a 94.59%
accuracy … and $480,250 in profits!
Options trading involves substantial risk of loss. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. As with all speculation,
it is up to the individual to determine his or her own financial stability.
New Book Reveals Super-Successful Strategies –
Yet Also Covers All The Basics
My new book “Options Success For Everyone” takes you step-by-step through all the basics.
You need not be an expert, as everything is explained assuming you know nothing about options.
You do need to be able to add and subtract . . . this is no get-rich-quick solution for dummies.
But if you are willing to
think and to try something new
. . . it is as near a sure-thing as
ever existed for making money. $20,000
One of my close friends
and business associates has
produced trading profits over $5
million per year. Another trader $14,000
started with just $400 and built $12,000
it to over $500,000!
We do this by changing
the rules of trading, so we will
buy low and sell high virtually
every time. By changing the
rules of options trading, I stack
the odds heavily in my favor
every day I trade.
$16,994 Average Profit Per Week
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10
I’ll Swear Under Oath – This Approach
Does NOT Contain Any Illegal Inside Information
Keep in mind, when I change the
rules I’m doing nothing illegal, and I’m
only using knowledge easily available
to you, me and everyone else smart
enough to use it. The markets do indeed
foretell what they are about to do. And
options are the perfect way to profit
from it.
You see, when you buy options:
● your risk is limited to a small
amount, and it’s easy to make
losses virtually nonexistent.
● your profit potential is unlimited,
with six-figure annual incomes
within reach.
● you can easily profit in market
upmoves or downmoves. (Yes,
smart option traders get rich even
in a market crash.)
On the other hand, you may not
realize that 80% of the time the markets
Ends With
396 Wins
20 Losses
“Clear and concise. No
weak points!”
Otis E. Owens
Mt. Carmel, PA
“Points that George gives
‘wowed’ us all. Honest,
excellent – well worth the cost
with tremendous benefits.
George is my guru.”
Al Reed, Ashfork, AZ
“Exactly as advertised. I
strongly believe I will be able
to implement some of these
strategies and make profits.”
Evan Dunne, Bethpage, NY
“I am very much intrigued by
your market approach. This
seems to be the best trading
method that I have seen.”
Barry Stamm, Bethel, PA
“Just thought I’d let you know
— I made over $21,000 in two
weeks with a $10,000 account
using your ideas. I can’t thank
you enough for this training
Arnold N., Bar Harbor, ME
“An excellent trading system.
The results keep getting better
and better. Just yesterday, the
system’s trade made $2,250
Jerry Schaefer, Colmar, PA
“Needless to say, I’m very
thankful to you. My annual profit
has increased to over 600%.”
Bruce Norin, Morristown, NJ
“I have appreciated many
times the seriousness with
which you treat trading and
those interested in trading. I
recommend your methods
to any trader, and I would be
pleased to make that
to anyone who
wishes to contact me.”
Jesse M. Curry, Sturgis, KY
Six Quick Reasons Why It
Makes Sense For You To Add
My Scientific Approach To
Options Trading To Your Overall
Wealth-Building Strategy…
BENEFIT #1: You can get started risking just a few hundred
dollars. (One well-known investor publicly admits he
achieved his $500,000 profit starting with just $400.)
BENEFIT #2: Your risk is always limited to a small amount.
You can potentially control $44,954 of Google stock for as
little as $75. Even if the market collapses and the $44,954
of Google stock is worth zero, you only lose $75 and not
one penny more.
BENEFIT #3: Your potential profit is unlimited. Documents
show an average annual profit of $5.3 million for one trader.
I know of another with over $500,000 profit in one day. Yet
one more was featured in Success Magazine making “Over
$14 Million In 72 Hours.”
BENEFIT #4: You can trade with confidence, as you’ll know
scientifically and automatically what the market is expected
to do. (Not every time . . . but 95.12% of the time is close
enough for me!)
BENEFIT #5: Works in all business cycles. Unlike stocks
and mutual funds, options traders make money in bull
markets and bear markets. We don’t care – in fact we do
great even if the market goes down, or even if the markets
hang around doing nothing.
BENEFIT #6: You can learn it all and try it out without
actually investing a penny. Once you’ve proven to yourself
that it works, only then will you put up even the smallest
IMPORTANT NOTICE. The testimonials in this brochure provide the perspectives of individuals who were successful and/or enthusiastic about their experiences at the time they gave their
testimonials. To the extent they refer to trading results, the testimonials have limited applicability
to what purchasers may generally expect to achieve, and the performance experienced by the
persons giving testimonials is not what purchasers would expect to experience. Testimonials
are believed to be true based on the representations of the persons providing the testimonials
but facts stated in testimonials have not been independently audited or verified. Nor has there
been any attempt to determine the experiences of the persons giving the testimonials after the
testimonials were given. Testimonials may be based on George Angell’s previous publications or
seminars, and are not necessarily based on the same publications offered in this brochure.
are stagnant, like a traffic jam on the freeway. Prices stay within a
small range up or down, and most investors get “beat up” hoping
for a breakout. But with my method that’s when it’s easier to
crank out steady profits. Like when my system went 10 straight
months without a single loss. Once you learn the basics in the
book, there’s a very easy strategy that shows you how to grab
these weekly profits.
Until now, only those willing to spend thousands could learn
these secrets. Yet, I’ve decided to share this amazing knowledge
in an extra free report if you order in the next 72 hours!
Skeptics Invited
Many people consider results this good to be an impossible
dream. When a man comes to you and says he has a plan that can
literally make you a fortune with low stress, you naturally look at
him with a great deal of skepticism.
This is the way most people feel when they first hear of my
success methods.
But remember, I’m not promising 100% success. No matter
how good this program is, if you can’t accept the inevitable
losses, don’t even consider options trading. Let’s face it,
unexpected forces can move the markets in a way that no system
can be prepared for. It happens.
But these losses can easily be controlled. And most of the time
the market is indeed entirely predictable.
The bottom line is that those people willing to take a chance
and invest in themselves have benefited handsomely from this
program. And I’m sharing it with you RISK-FREE so you can
prove it to yourself without a worry.
“It’s no wonder
that profits pile up
so quickly!
“When you win
on 19 of every
20 trades, profits
become almost
routine, until you
look at your bank
“Grass roots credibility.
He Walks The Walk! Valid
information, the best I have
been to.” S. Flaherty
South California
“Outstanding! I now feel that
I know where the market is
heading. I never before really
understood how the market
works. I just made $1,100 in
10 minutes and that makes
$4,300 for the week.”
Barry P., Columbia, MD
“Outstanding! Very helpful
– I’ve traded one year now.
The most valuable, useful
educational investment I’ve
Steve Tashiro
Corona, CA
“George Angell has earned
his excellent reputation.
Actual results impressive.”
Jim Wilcox, Charlotte, NC
“I’d been a floor trader for
three years, without much
success. I knew George and
heard about his program
from a friend. It’s completely
changed my trading. I’ve made
more in three months
trading off the floor with this
than in my previous three
years on the floor. So far I’m
ahead nearly $80,000!”
Name Withheld
Chicago, IL
“I’ve learned a lot from
“Real-time results of your
system are very good —
$49,500 Profit in 79 trades.”
John R., Fairfield, CT
“Great! A genuine
contribution to trading. I look
forward to working with you.”
Benjamin Brown III
Charleston, WV
“Excellent, the rules are great.
George’s approach has already
given me more confidence.
Thanks a lot! This is what I have
been looking for – a long, long
Ron Snavely, Bath, NY
It doesn’t take a genius to understand the value of this trading
method. It’s already turned around the lives of hundreds of
ordinary people. It can do the same for you.
“I just completed reading your
fine book. It is very superior;
comprehensive and very helpful.
I am studying the method and
have already found it a great
help. Thank you very much.”
Leonard Kovar
Sacramento, CA
I want to make sure you have a thorough grounding in option
trading before you invest even one dime following my proven
money-making advice.
That’s why I’ve gone to such extraordinary lengths to insure
you know and understand all the basics of options trading before
introducing my battle proven trading approach.
This is the most comprehensive, step-by-step training you’ve
ever seen. I’ve written and rewritten the basics to be sure any
novice could understand it.
Even seasoned traders will benefit from this “refresher course”
to be sure they understand everything.
If you can add and subtract, you can learn to trade options.
Just as Tony has done to now earn over $100,000 per month in his
spare time!
“Any system that makes
money consistently is a good
system, and this one is. The
best I’ve ever used
consistently profitable.”
Scott Wilson
Highlands Ranch, CO
“This is the info I haven’t been
able to get anywhere else. I
know what’s going on, why,
and what to look for to profit
consistently. Thanks for
R. E. Breeding
Dodge City, KS
“Vast, useful knowledge and
experience . . . in plain English
and easy to follow.”
Don McNamara
Chicago, IL
“My wife, Lue, and I have
been students of Mr. Angell
for almost six years. His
publications and methodologies
have offered the guidance
inexperienced traders require.
Keep up the good work.”
Roy Zimmerman
Vancouver, WA
“I believe you actually have
found the secrets of the
market. I made $2,153
yesterday using your ideas
for the first time.”
John G., Evanston, IL
I’ll Show You Everything – Don’t Invest
Even One Dime Before You Learn This!
Plus A Special FREE Report
In addition, anyone responding in the first 72 hours will also
receive, absolutely FREE, my special report “The Seven Secrets
Of Successful Options Investing.” This report details the seven
exact rules of a strategy designed to win at least 90% of the
time. These are the very same rules I used to generate my almost
unbelievable 396 wins and just 20 losses (95.12% winners),
worth $1,835,360 in profits!
If you follow both my book and report, you’ll know
everything you need to duplicate my trading!
Plus A Special FREE DVD!
And if you call right now, I’ll also send you my brand new
DVD, “Options Success For Everyone.” This full length DVD
details all the basics of options trading . . . and goes further!
You’ll learn firsthand about the seven secrets that really generate
option profits.
It’s yours FREE as a special thank you, if you order in the
next 72 hours.
Learn Everything With No Risk!
This powerful course is the best investment you could make
in yourself and in your investment success. To prove this, I invite
you to study it completely at my risk. If you ever decide
Call Now And
Here’s What You’ll Get:
“Options Success For Everyone” – Book details
all the basics of options trading.
“Options Success For Everyone” DVD –
Exciting, professionally taped DVD covers the
basics of options trading in a step-by-step
“The Seven Secrets Of Successful Options
Investing” – Special Bonus Report reveals
seven techniques for success in options.
Techniques that have generated millions in
profits when used correctly!
it’s not everything I’ve stated, simply send me a note that you’re
disappointed and would like your money back. I’ll refund your
entire payment, no questions asked!
There’s no risk — you must be thrilled with every word you’ll
learn or you get to keep it FREE!
You Can Profit . . .
And Maybe Even Cure Cancer
I will not make even one red cent selling this book. Every
penny of profit will be donated for cancer research. My father
suffered many years with cancer, and I’ve decided to donate all
profits from sales of this valuable book in my dad’s name.
And I’m hoping that you’ll follow my lead. I’m asking
everyone using these powerful secrets to donate just 5% of
their profits to your own favorite charity. Naturally, that’s your
decision. But I like to think there’s more important things in life
than piling up the biggest hoard of money.
It’s nice to make so much money that I can easily afford to
help others in need. Once you’ve got everything you want, you’ll
find true satisfaction comes from using your money for causes you
find worthwhile. Of course, it’s easy to be generous when your
mortgage is paid off, and there’s plenty of money to retire. Now
that my personal concerns are met, I can give freely to help others.
“George, you are a lifesaver
and a genuine good person
for sharing this. I feel like an
insider. I always felt like I was
groping around, trying to guess
the market. Now I trade feeling
like I know what will happen
and why. Thanks for the help
and for the money I’m now
Jay L., New York, NY
“About 7 weeks ago I
received an ad from you
offering your trading information
… I’ve generated a little over
$15,000 in profits (trading 1
Dennis Lowery
Atlantic Beach, FL
“Absolutely fantastic. Extremely
helpful. I’ve seen considerable
profits. I’ve followed it for over
three months and posted no
losses. It’s actually been 100%
Mike N.,
Melbourne Beach, FL
“Your trading secrets have
changed my life! I’ve analyzed
your ideas for two years and
found 181 out of 196 winning
trades. Unbelievable!”
David K.,
Sherman Oaks, CA
“He knows what he’s doing
– best trading system we’ve
seen in a long time. Very
professional and well worth
the money.”
Tony Lauretta
Cocoa Beach, FL
“This is an excellent course
– exceptionally well presented.
Practical hands-on knowledge
of reading the market and
determining what to do.”
Neil Van Reenen
Tyler, TX
Work Smarter, Not Harder
Whether you’re a seasoned options trader
or a complete beginner … this valuable course
will provide the financial boost you’ve always
dreamed of. It is definitely possible to earn a
substantial income while trading with nearly
100% accuracy – it’s being done right now. By
changing the rules, you can target consistent
profits that pile up week after week, while
keeping your risk firmly in control.
I have 500 copies of the bonus DVD
available right now. Send for your Options
Success today. I promise you, it will change
your life.
If you ever decide this course
is not everything I’ve stated, just
send me a note that you want
your money back. I’ll cheerfully
refund your money, no questions
There’s no risk – you can keep
it FREE!
You are the judge!!
George Angell
P.S. You risk nothing to take a look. Keep it free if you want - you decide whether it’s worth it.
Respond right away and receive the extra FREE report, “The Seven Secrets Of Successful Options
Investing,” and the bonus DVD “Options Success For Everyone.”
P.S.S. Remember, I will not make even one penny selling this report. It can only help two
interests – you and those suffering from cancer. Send for your copy today!
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