How to Join the Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program Released May 2014

How to Join the Technology
Alliance Partner (TAP) Program
A quick-start guide for potential VMware TAP Partners
Released May 2014
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Introduction – Two-Step Process
Thank you for considering membership in VMware’s Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program. This
guide will help you navigate the application process which requires two steps:
Step One - Enroll in the VMware Partner Network (VPN) – Free Enrolled Tier
Apply to the Enrolled Tier from the TAP Program information page -
Provide Company information and sign the VPN Click-Through-Agreement (CTA)
Get access to your account in Partner Central, access to Partner University, and be able to view information on all available
VMware Partner Programs (Routes-to-Market)
Step Two – Apply to the TAP Program as your Route-to-Market (RTM)
Select TAP as your RTM
Sign a supplemental TAP CTA
Get access to a broader set of partner resources including but not limited to
Software licenses to several VMware products – to be used for your company’s demonstration and development
General support through the TAP hotline as well as support from our Global Support and Services (GSS)Team
Marketing and sales benefits through the VMware Solution Exchange, PR and leads,
The opportunity to participate in developer programs and validate your products with VMware solutions through our
VMware Ready program.
We look forward to working with you and supporting your success as a vital part of the VMware solution
The TAP Team
Have questions or need help?
[email protected] (1-866-524-4966)
Released May 2014
Enroll into the Free Enrolled Tier
Start here
Login to Partner Central
and view your new
Select “Enroll”
Click on
“Enroll Now” button
Click to select TAP
Complete enrollment
Review and sign legal agreement
Review and sign legal
(digital signature)
agreement (digital signature)
You You
will receive
two e-mails:
will receive
two emails:
1) Welcome to the VMware Partner
Welcome to the VMware
2) Credentials
for logging into
Partner Network
Centralfor logging into
Partner Central
Have questions or need help?
[email protected] (1-866-524-4966)
Released May 2014
Apply to the TAP Program
Select “Continue” on the
Select “Continue”screen.
on the
acknowledgement screen
Your Partner Central home page is
• Your Select
Central home
page for
to register updated automatically
• Select “Progress” to apply to the
TAP Program
Have questions or need help?
[email protected] (1-866-524-4966)
Released May 2014
Join TAP – Incremental Information and Agreement
TAP form will be pre-populated based on content from the “Enrolled Tier” form
Complete forms to
progress to TAP
(digital signature)
Accept TAP legal supplements
(digital signature)
need is
to manually
be completed.
• TAP application
reviewed by
the TAP Team
• You will receive status within 3 business
days – Accepted or Declined. TAP team
will work with you if any requirements need
to be completed
sent.accepted, you will
receive an email with
information about paying
Membership in TAP provides several benefits to your
company including access to • Software for use in demonstration and development
• Opportunity to validate and certify your products with
VMware products
• Marketing and sales support
Have questions or need help?
[email protected] (1-866-524-4966)
Released May 2014