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Name: _________________________________
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eurofibromatosis is the term for a set
of distinct disorders characterized by
their tendency to cause multiple,
benign (non-cancerous) tumors to grow on
nerves. Neurofibromatosis (NF) affects
roughly 100,000 individuals in the U.S. alone.
It strikes people of all races and ethic
origins worldwide and both sexes equally.
The Children’s Tumor Foundation sponsors
critical research, public awareness and
patient support services.
H o w to H o st a
T e a P a r ty fo r N F
Yes, I want to host a “virtual” Tea Party for NF.
Please send me _________________ invitations.
I have NF I am a
Relative or friend of someone with NF
Name of person with NF______________________
If s/he is a child, what is her/his age?__________
Other Options
I would like my guests’ donations sent directly
to me and I will forward them to the
Children’s Tumor Foundation.
Sorry, I cannot host a party this year but I
give my support to the Tea Party for NF
program with my enclosed donation of
Please make check payable to
Children’s Tumor Foundation.
Please charge my
or Tea Party hostesses who raise over
$150 you will receive this beautiful
bamboo wood tea chest, an elegant
addition to any home! It has a beautiful
and stylish antique finish and is lined in rich
green velvet!
The Children’s Tumor Foundation thanks
Pearl Dexter, editor of Tea: A Magazine,
for supporting the Tea Party for NF program.
Number: _______________________________
This “How to Host a Tea Party for NF” guide
includes excerpts from “A Tea Instructor’s Guide
to the Pleasures of Tea” written by Cathy Berry
and Jana Jopson, and edited by Pearl Dexter.
Expiration date: ________________________
For further Tea Party information contact:
Signature: _____________________________
Traceann Adams at 800.323.7938 x236
[email protected]
Name on card: ________________________
Please fax completed form to Traceann
Adams at 212.747.0004 or mail to:
Children’s Tumor Foundation
95 Pine Street, 16th Floor
New York, NY 10005
For a detailed guide on hosting an “actual”
Tea Party for NF please visit our website:
osting a Tea Party for NF is an
easy way to raise funds for the
Children’s Tumor Foundation’s
research grants and medical
Hundreds of other Tea Party for NF
host/esses have raised over half a
million dollars to help the Children’s
Tumor Foundation find better
treatments, and ultimately a cure, for
Your Tea Party for NF can be simple or
grand – Virtual or Actual
This guide provides you with all the
information you need to have a fun,
easy, and successful Tea Party for NF,
and allows you to add your own
creative twists to your efforts on behalf
of NF research.
he Tea Party for NF concept is
flexible. You can hold a party
anytime throughout the year and
even incorporate the party into special
occasions like birthdays and
anniversaries. Or maybe try a
Mother/Daughter Tea or a Children’s
Tea Party. Feel free to use your
creativity! Consider hosting a tea party
with a friend or a group to increase
your network of funding sources.
Virtual Tea Party for NF
A Virtual Tea is not actually a party,
but a mailing to your family, friends,
acquaintances and colleagues. You
invite them to support the Children’s
Tumor Foundation in honor of a
loved one and have a cup of tea
compliments of the Foundation.
The Children’s Tumor Foundation will
help make your Tea Party for NF simple
and easy to manage. We provide you
with a host/ess kit that includes the
following items for your party:
Invitation Cards
Response Cards and Envelopes
Thank You Cards
Keepsake Bookmarks
Tea Bags
Helpful tips for your Tea Party
It is a good idea to add a personal
note with each invitation, explaining
your reason for being involved in the Tea
Party for NF and why funding for NF
research is so important.
If your Tea Party is in honor of a
special someone, consider including
his or her photo in your Tea Party for NF
Actual Tea Party for NF
An Actual Tea is a party where you
ask guests to attend the event to
support the Children’s Tumor
Plan a tea event that is in line with your
available time, energy and budget. It
may be a High Tea held in a local Tea
House, an Adult/Child Tea with
separate activities for each, or sweet
tea and lemon bars in the backyard
with friends on a hot summer day. Use
your creativity to come up with a
Helpful tips for planning your
Tea Party for NF
The most important ingredients for
a Tea Party are great tasting tea,
refreshments, and relaxed guests.
Logistics – Your guest list may
include family, friends, and anyone
you know who you feel you can ask to
donate to the NF cause. Send
invitations at least three weeks in
advance, and include a request for a
donation along with your handwritten
note inviting your guests to your Tea
Party for NF. You may choose to use
printed cards as invitations or you may
wish to have original ones created.
Always follow-up with a phone
call to make sure the invitation was
received and to answer any questions.
Management – Plan your menu,
party necessities, and any activities.
Create a system to manage your
budget, donations and ticket sales.
Please contact Traceann Adams at
800.323.7938 x236 or [email protected] for
assistance with planning your “virtual”
Tea Party for NF.
Please contact Stephanie Yolish at
800.323.7938 x245 or [email protected]
for assistance with planning your
“actual” Tea Party for NF.