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How to make a booking (USA)
How to make a booking (USA)
Step 1
Step 2
Send the completed application package of scanned PDFs,
including supporting documents to:
If the booking is successful, you will receive:
INTO Colorado State University
E: [email protected]
INTO Oregon State University
E: [email protected]
INTO University of South Florida
E: [email protected]
INTO Application Processing Centre
380 Stevens Avenue, Suite 211
Solana Beach, CA 92075
T: +1 858 356 4400
F: +1 858 356 4401
You can also download our application PDF file at:
The application package must include:
Completed application form, signed by the student
applicant or the legal guardian
Bank statement or letter of sponsorship that is dated
within three (3) months of time of application. Must be in
English, or certified copies must be provided.
Copy of passport ID page
Proof of High School Graduation (USF only)
• An acceptance letter indicating the program
Step 3
To confirm your place you should:
• Send tuition deposit (to be applied to balance of fees)
Only complete bookings will be processed.
of study requested
Verification of accommodation requested
– $2,000: Academic English programs
– $500: General English programs
Send accommodation deposit (to be applied to
balance of fees)
– $2,000: Academic English programs
– $500: General English programs
Send proof of immunisation
Upon receipt of the paid deposit and a signed declaration
of finances, you will receive an I-20 and invoice for the
remaining balance due. You will also receive confirmation
of accommodation details if requested. You should
provide your flight details as outlined in the Airport
Transfer Form.
The full cost of the International Student Health Plan
will be added to your account unless evidence of an
alternative health plan has been approved.
Step 4
You should obtain your visa and pay the fee balance.
Housing will not be guaranteed until full payment
is received.
Full fees must be paid four weeks prior to the start of
all programs. Any funds in excess of the total amount of
student fees, tuition and related costs will be refunded
to the remitter and not to the student if different.
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How to pay:
Payment can be made by wire transfer, VISA or Mastercard
(a transaction fee will apply to all credit card payments and
wire transfers). It is recommended that the payment of all
fees be made via wire transfer. Any bank charges incurred
will be charged to the applicant’s account.
The wire transfer should include the following information:
• Student ID number (as shown on the acceptance letter)
• Student name
University bank account details:
please see page 5
Additional support needed for dependents
If you have a spouse or children that will accompany you to
the United States, you must include an additional:
• $3,000 per year for your spouse and $2,400 per year
for each child (if applying to INTO CSU)
$9,600 per year for your spouse and $7,200 per year
for each child (if applying to INTO OSU)
$5,000 per year for your spouse and $2,500 per year
for each child (if applying to INTO USF)
Please note that this estimate for dependents is the minimum amount you
must show.
Example sources of funding and documentation
All amounts must be in $US or show applicable conversion
rate and must be in English.
Source of funding
Required documents
Personal/family savings
Certified letter/bank statement
Certified letter/bank statement
Government agency (home country)
Letter of award (copy)
Booking Form (USA) 1 of 4
Booking Form (USA) 1 of 4
Only for General English,
College Year Abroad
and Academic English Courses
Completed booking forms
should be sent to:
NTO Colorado State University
E: [email protected]
INTO Oregon State University
E: [email protected]
INTO University of South Florida
E: [email protected]
Section 1
Contact details or Sponsor/representative details
Agency Name
All correspondence during the application process will be sent to the details
entered here.
Agency URN number
Student details
Please enter all names exactly as they appear on your passport.
Last/Family name
First/Given names
Country Middle name
Postal Code
Full name as appears on passport
Contact’s email
INTO Application Processing Center
380 Stevens Avenue, Suite 211
Solana Beach, CA 92075
T: +1 858 356 4400
F: +1 858 356 4401
Gender M F
Date of birth / / (dd/mm/yy) Age
Country of birth
Country of citizenship
Please complete all relevant sections of this
form in BLOCK Capitals and in BLACK INK.
Please print legibly.
Non US Citizen
Resident alien US
US citizen
✔ Dual citizen
Student permanent home address
Required for I-20
Postal Code
Student’s email
Student’s email (required)
Please include copy of your passport ID page
Visa details
Are you currently living or studying in the United States?
✔ Yes No
If you answered YES, please include a copy of your I-94
card, visa, I-20 and contact information of your International
Student Advisor
Will any dependents (spouse/children) come to the US
with you?
Yes No
If yes, please include copies of their passports with your
Booking Form (USA) 2 of 4
Booking Form (USA) 2 of 4
Section 2
Section 3
Oregon State University
English Language Course
Which course(s) do you want to study and where?
Check only one institution.
Housing and Student Services
Please select one option:
Double room and shared bathroom
Colorado State University
Oregon State University
University of South Florida
General English
Number of sessions:
21 hours per week
27 hours per week (OSU only)
College Year Abroad
21 hours per week (OSU only)
27 hours per week (OSU only)
24 weeks (USF/CSU only)
25 weeks (OSU only)
35 weeks (OSU only)
36 weeks (USF/CSU only)
Course 1 start date: / / (dd/mm/yy)
Course 2 start date: / / (dd/mm/yy)
Academic English
Number of terms
Colorado State University
Please select one option:
Single room en suite (studio or one bedroom apartment)
Single bedroom in shared apartment
Would you be interested in sharing
with another student?
Yes No I do not require any housing
Airport pick-up
Will you require airport pick-up? ($75 fee)
Yes No
Will you require a private transport option? ($225 fee)
Yes No
Single room and shared bathroom
Double room and private bathroom
Single room and private bathroom
I do not require any accommodation
Please note that your housing selection will include a meal plan.
Lifestyle preferences
Do you smoke?
Yes No
(Please note that OSU is a smoke-free campus starting Fall 2012.)
Airport Pick-up
Transportation from Portland International airport to OSU
can be provided upon request. Detailed instructions on
requesting airport transportation and submitting arrival
details can be found in the Pre-Departure Guide here:
Booking Form (USA) 3 of 4
Booking Form (USA) 3 of 4
University of South Florida
Section 4
Section 5
Please select one option:
University Apartments
Required for USF only
Are you currently, or have you ever been, charged with
or subject to disciplinary action for scholastic (such as
plagiarism or cheating) or any other type of behavioral
misconduct at any educational institution? You do not need
to disclose academic dismissal, suspension or probation for
poor grades
Authorisation for release of Information
For the purpose of allowing others to assist me with
my education, I authorize the institution and the INTO
Centre at the institution to release information regarding my
application materials and student records as necessary to
facilitate the application process, enrolment and continued
progress through any academic program at the INTO Centre.
This authorization specifically permits the institution and
the INTO Centre at the institution and INTO University
Partnerships Ltd. to share my application materials and
student records among them and to provide access to
those materials and records to any representative, sponsor,
or parent listed below and to any other agency directly
responsible for my recruitment or continued participation in
the INTO course at the university.
Premium Suites
I do not require any housing
Please note that the Bullblock meal plan will be added to your account.
Airport pick-up
Transfer to INTO USF ($100 fee)
No airport pick-up required
Yes No
Have you ever been charged with a violation of the law,
misdemeanor and/or felony (even if adjudication was
withheld) that resulted in, or, if still pending could result in,
probation, community service, restitution, a jail sentence or
the revocation or suspension of your driver’s license (you are
not required to include traffic violations that only resulted in
a fine)?
Yes No
My agency (name)
My sponsor (name)
If your answer to any of the preceding is YES, details of any
offenses should be included on a separate sheet. If your
records have been expunged pursuant to applicable law, you
are not required to answer YES to these questions. If you
are unsure whether to answer ‘yes’, we strongly suggest
that you answer YES and fully disclose all incidents. By doing
so, you can avoid any risk of disciplinary action or revocation
of your offer of admission.
My parent(s) or other relative (name)
Other (name)
Student’s Name (please print)
Student’s signature
Date / / (dd/mm/yy)
Booking Form (USA) 4 of 4
Booking Form (USA) 4 of 4
Section 6
Section 7
University bank account details are:
Affidavit of support
INTO Colorado State University
To be signed by the student
in US dollars to meet the expenses incurred
I have read and understood this brochure and agree to abide
by the Terms and Conditions therein and also found at:
Bank Name: Bank of America
Address: 1000 Century Park Drive, Tampa, Florida 33607
Account Name: INTO CSU LLC
Account Number: 898052299589
Domestic Wire (routing number): 026009593
I agree to abide by the Cancellation and Refund Policy.
Oregon State University
(Print Student’s Full Name)
I agree to pay all tuition and housing fees incurred by the
student as they become due.
Bank Name: US Bank
Address: 615 NE Liberty Street, Salem, Oregon 97301 USA
Account Name: Oregon State Treasury
Account Number: 153695031051
SWIFT Code: USBKUS44IMT quoting ‘Oregon State University’
(Print Name of Family Member/Sponsor)
hereby certify that I am willing and able to provide the
amount of $
during the length of the student’s study to which his/
her application pertains. My relationship to the student
is that of:
have authorised the use of my supporting financial
documents included with this application to verify the
promised financial resources are available to me. I affirm
that I know and understand the contents of this affidavit
signed by me and the statements are true and correct.
Date / / (dd/mm/yy)
INTO University of South Florida
Important: Students under 18
Bank Name: Bank of America
Address: 9385 N 56th Street, Temple Terrace,
Florida 33617-5533 USA
Account Name: INTO USF, INC
Account Number: 229030921901
Domestic Wire (routing number): 026009593
All students under the age of 18 must have all applications
and contracts signed by a parent/legal guardian and/or
Date / / (dd/mm/yy)
Date / / (dd/mm/yy)
Required For USF only
Notary or Agency Official (requires Witness):
Sworn and subscribed before me this:
day of
month of
Signature of Witnessing Official
Date / / (dd/mm/yy)
(Witnessing official)
Important information about immigration
and financial documentation
(Parent/guardian/sponsor – if student is under 18)
Reset form
Print form
Save form
Declaration of Finances
US immigration law requires the University to verify that
any student seeking an F-1 Visa has sufficient funds to
finance their studies for the duration of their program. If
it is determined that you are admissible, we will provide
you with an I-20 (F-1) certificate of eligibility document,
only after you submit satisfactory evidence that you
have adequate funds for your proposed program of study.
Acceptable financial documents must not have been
issued more than three months from date of application
and must accompany this form.