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The program focuses on how to incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into the company strategy in an
innovative way. It will provide a wide opportunity to understand in detail what it takes to strategize and implement
CSR. It discusses in detail the creation of the future by accomplishing the seemingly impossible: driving profit and
growth while being in synch with demands of producing public goods for greater purpose of the society. The course
offers deep discussions on critical issues, emerging trends and progressive practices of CSR with real day-to-day
concerns and complexities of management from various companies in the world, including the Middle East.
Though created for CSR managers and officers, this strategy and leadership for CSR series of program also benefits
planning and development officers, chief financial officers and board members who work closely with corporate
sustainability issues. To maximize impact, ACSR encourages attendance by several representatives from a given
In a climate heightened by economic crisis and political turbulence, the call for enhanced corporate social responsibility
and corporate oversight places greater pressure on many companies in the region. To position their organizations for
success, Officer and Staff of CSR and Corporate Planning departments must ensure the integrity of their strategy and plan
and their execution will be done in alignment with the company’s corporate strategies and benchmarking with the world
This program prepares the managers in charge for CSR and corporate planning, board members, and chief financial
officers to operate effectively in today's more rigorous market and social environment. Engaging in an intensive and
interactive curriculum, you will explore the critical issues affecting social and environmental sustainability together with
the financial accountability.
Taking Your Skills to the Next Level
Equipped with new strategies for cultivating leadership, you will emerge better prepared to:
Assess the changing social and ecological environment and opportunity in triple-bottom line markets.
Develop measures for improving sustainability strategy
Nurture relationships with internal and external stakeholders
Navigate the aftereffects of the economic & financial crisis and the emerging trends at the Bottom of the pyramid.
Formulate new approaches for managing challenges and maximizing opportunities
Part 1: Mapping the CSR Strategy
This part describes the global situation and establishes the business case for
pursuing strategies that aim to solve social and environmental problems. It
also outlines the challenges and opportunities that remain to be addressed,
particularly those that involve the development of new, more sustainable
technologies and the needs of the world population that has been largely
bypassed by globalization.
Session 1: From Compliance to Opportunity
Session 2: Triple Bottom Line Challenges
We will discuss the framework for thinking about the role of the corporations
in addressing the challenges of implementing the triple bottom lines
Session 3: The Sustainable Value Portfolio
We will discuss the detailed framework for connecting the agendas of
sustainability and value creation, the challenges that affect a firm’s strategy
Part 2: Beyond Greening Strategy
This part will develop the logic and content of “beyond greening” strategies in
more depth
Session 4: Innovation and Sustainability
This session articulates the strategic logic for pursuing leapfrog strategies to
clean technology in ways that open new growth markets and how to use
systems thinking to prioritize investment in the new technologies.
Capabilities for future competitiveness will also be discussed here.
Session 5: Understanding the Bottom of the Pyramid
The session will demonstrate innovation involving underserved populations
that can revolutionize markets at the top of the pyramid, and also show how
effective strategies will generate not only corporate growth profits, but also
local jobs, incomes and solutions to social and environmental problems.
Part 3: Broadening Corporate Bandwidth
How to move toward a more indigenous and inclusive form of commerce
Session 6: Developing Native Capability and Organization Alignment
The session will discuss how to build a bridge between the formal and
informal sectors, emphasizing what is OP that enables global firms to move
beyond existing model (such as supply chains, and world scale and centrally
developed solutions)
Session 7: Measuring CSR Performance
This session will discuss various templates for measuring CSR performance
SPEAKER - Dr. Gracia S. Ugut
Dr. Gracia S. Ugut is currently the Associate
Dean of the Executive Education and Life
Long Learning at the Asian Institute of
Management. Prof. Ugut holds a Doctor of
Philosophy in International Finance from the
Vienna University of Economics, Austria
Prior to joining AIM in 1998, Prof. Ugut’s
managerial experience was in the area of
banking and finance. She had been working
with several international investment banks.
In the past 7 years, she has been involved in
promoting the best practices in corporate
social responsibility in South-east Asia.
Her research focus is on the incorporation of
the CSR to the corporate strategy and on
performance metrics of social and
environmental performance. Prof. Ugut is
also currently working on research on
strategic risk and its link to the corporate
social responsibility practices, particularly
for mining and pharmaceutical industries.
She has been associated with the Arabia CSR
Awards since its inception in 2008 and was
the head of the jury in the second cycle of
the award.
AED 4,000 for all 2 days - This will include
the training material, necessary handouts,
tea and lunch
Early-bird discount:
AED 3,500 per participant if you register
before Thursday, 21 February 2013
Group discount:
AED 3,350 per participant if you register up
to three or more trainees from one
Member discount:
Special discount for Arabia CSR Network
members. Please get in touch with us for
Session 8: Questions and Answers and Mini-Workshop
To register yourself for this event,
please contact Arabia CSR Network
During the program, participants will have at least 10 cases to discuss for the
topics in the program content.
Tel: +971 4 3448622
Email: [email protected]