Document 191722

The Interstallion website:
how to serve international sport
horse breeders?
Erwin Koenen
NRS is a subsidiary of CRV Holding
Information on testing and evaluation of warmblood
sport horse breeding is not easily available
low transparency warmblood breeding programmes
hinders correct interpretation results
complicates international comparison of stallions
Well-informed breeders will make better
selection decisions
To provide sport horse breeders
(selection committees, private breeders)
with information that assists them in
interpreting published test results and
breeding values
Current design
 (
standardised information (19 organisations)
breeding population
breeding objective
testing methods
genetic evaluation systems
general publications
scientific reports
Relation with individual studbooks
(information on breeding programmes)
studbook sites
(information on individual stallions)
Commercial (studbook) initiatives
Current status
a lot of detailed information is provided
low number of hits and limited feedback
increased promotion of needed
are breeders not aware of our site?
are breeders not interested in the information?
do breeders need different information?
How can we serve
our sport horse
breeders better?