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How to watch Japanese case studies with English sub5tles.
Click the 5tles for case studies (presenta5ons at Symposium 2013). “Why do we need the ability to think ‘clearly’ now?” by Takashi Usuda URL: hGp:// “Both employees and management are happy!” by Hisashige Sugimura URL: hGp:// “A challenge to backward handspring with cri5cal thinking” By Sho Nishi URL: hGp:// ”Gemba reform starts with “TOC for Educa5on” By Takeru Nakaya URL: hGp:// “TOCfE for ethics class in school” By Riho Tachibana URL: hGp://­‐aU7ujIY “Teaching Nursery school teacher” By Koichi Ito URL: hGp:// “Raising my child to be a person with cri5cal thinking” By Kimiaki Tanaka and Minae Tanaka URL: hGp:// “Gehng a bronze medal in gymnas5cs” By Shinichi Iwai and Kozue Iwai URL: hGp:// “Let children open their gate to their bright future” by Yumiko Yoshida URL: hGp:// “TOCfE for my five-­‐year daughter” by Mayuko Hamano URL: hGp:// “What happened when implemen5ng ‘Thinking Process’ in tennis coaching?” by Tobita Motoi (Tobi) URL: hGp:// 2.  Click on the “Play” buGon. English sub5tles should show up automa5cally. 3. IF you don’t see any English sub5tles, click the cap5on menu at the boGom. Click here 4. Choose “English” and click “ON”. 5. You’ll see the sub5tles on the screen. TOCfE Japan homepage: hGp://