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.'->/• " '
fwo Million GE Appliances
l i e Shipped Since V-J Day
Student Cotincil Officers
KBfly;-.:'-: YORK, Fab* 18^MO»O-Idepartment,^with headquarter* at
^nutt ; ^OOftQOO electric appliances Syracuse.
Highest on the shipment list were
fcaV* beeft »hlpp*<i since V«J day
Nearly 1,411,000
/by foment* JBlectrlc—*nd-afi I Hated electric clocks.
year' to. dealers,'
factories, and manufacturing facilities ara being considerably ex- and the year ended with only two
panded, the company revealed to- and - one-mtlf days' production In
day til a statement on Its appliance the factory Inventory. 3n January, 1H5, about ^6,000 clocks were
manufacturing operations.
made, but by December the figure
The shipments during- 1M4-I5 had risen steadily* with the result
represented 98 per cent of produc- that 256,000 were manufactured
tion a&d an average of three to that month, the report said.
four days elapsed between the com
141,000 Btattrona
pletion of an appliance and its
*Mi, nearly 141,000 fiatshipment from the factory, the reIrona
reached, producport stated.
started in SepDescribing Its expansion program
for appliance manufacture, the tember. In 1943>, shipments jumped
company revealed that two war to 76$,000, and the year-end Invenplants at Erie, Pa., erected by the tory found only two and one-half
government for die use of GE in days' production on hand. ;
JRefrigerators vrent' into .producproducing propulsion equipment for
navy and merchant marine ves- tion last August, and 70,000 were
sels, nave been purchased for the shipped by the «md of last year,,
production of household refrigera- leaving four-days" production on
The student council at Scotia
tors and freezers. A. factory at hand Dec. 31. The manufacture of
Trenton, NJ, operated by the com- electric ranges began again last Junior High school elected officers
pany during the war on various September, and the year ended for the second semester at a spegovernment contracts, has been ac- with three days' output in the fac- cial assembly Friday afternoon,
quired for the manufacture of elec- tory and distribution warehouses, T. K. Hymers, principal, said yes*"•
tric washers. A small plant at more than 22,000 having been terday.
White Plains was recently pur- shipped to dealers.
Left to rjght are Mary Brooks,
Washers went into production daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Charles
chased for the production of
kitchen units known as "dis- last August, but ^nly a small num- Brooks, 4 James street, president;
ber were manufactured that month. David Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs.
By the end of the year, 15,200 had Donald R. Smith, 117 Washington
Other Planta Bought
been shipped « the market, leav- road,, vice president; Marilyn Hu>
-At Allentown, Pa.| facilities have- ing fbur~and~ens-half days' manu- ber, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emil
also been* purchased, the company facture in the total inventory.
Bald, .and a government plant at
The manufacture of radio re*
Scranton, "?au, as been acquired •ceivers was resumed by the elecfor the manufacture of dishwash- tronics department last October,
ers and sinks A leased plant at and by the end of December, nearly
.idiUerton, ; NY, and. a new factory 14,000 had been sent to- dealers.
at Norfolk, Conn., will produce The Dec. 31 Inventory at the facfluorescent starters. AH of these tory represented only-one and one^
•Mew facilities; will augment the half days* production; none were
main, works of; the appliance and in distributing warehouses. Toast-merchandise department atBrldge- ers' began coming off the line last
pprt, CorihM whlchr will be toperat- November, but the Lumber proJng at full capacity, the company duced by the year's end was Insufficient to meet the-demand by
:'lWicV:: : -; : ^-"/\- ;
'.'f,';:.^y. -"'''
^Included In the report released dealers for samples, and none were
today. are; figures ^n the' shipment shipped from the factory.
^ of flocks; flatirbns,; refrigerators,
Is Named Chairman by
.washers* ranges, and /toasters* all
of thejh produced by the appliance
The Noble Grand, Mrs,
and merchandise:: departmennt and
i aftMated,• factortea./ Also included
Marie Latiibert; Lodge
a wi shipment f igii res; bit: radio re^
ceiverSyproduced by theelectronics
Will Meet Tonight
Mrs. Stalker to
Direct Rebekah
Seen Test of
MJP Slrengtli
Residents of
i'^i^ujp! >|oins; /Wltja.
" ^ g ^ n i z a t i o n and
jttakea Plans for
Town Betterment
Huber, 209" Riverside avenue, secretary. Glenn Ryder Jr., son of Mr.
and Mrs. Glenn Ryder Sr v of .314
Alexander avenue, was elected
Other candidates were Reinhardt
Johnson and Barrent Henry, president; Gary ^Schumacher, vice president; Patricia Engle, Richard Pelham and Raymond Bowman, treasurer. Miss Huber was the only
candidate11 for the office of secretary.
./- ./.'
Frank .Piflgeon of 23 North Jay
street, Schenectady, pleaded guilty
to a speeding charge and was fined
$15 by Edward F. Wura, Town of
Glenvllle justice of the peace, last
night Pidgeon was arrested by
Trooper Joseph Slkora of Thomas
Comers' outpost
^ a n organisation to represent
Cannan presidents In their relationii 'with the Rotterdam town
government and to study means
of Improving the community was
Joined last night by about 150 residents at a meeting held In the
Carman school. .
T h e / g r o u p took oyer the re^
cently fprrned Carman Improvement association and adepts its
officers foHowlhg a heated discusslow oyer the purposes of the organizatlon. Some of the group
expressed suspicions of a readj^
made orgahlzation with officers
already chosen but later accepted
it when the president, John J.
Kihmilre, explained that «lt was
theirs to do with hs they wished.
The orflcters were accepted for
a year's term and a n . executive
board, made up of one representative from each of seven, districts,
into which the area is arbitrarily
divided/was chosen and instructed
to draw up bylaws.. The : other
Officers are Bethel E. Merton, vice
presideht and Marcel HIckey, secretary;: ;
President Kihlmlre explained the
.purpose of,the organization was to
"see that Carman taxpayers get
representation and their money's
worth for their taxes" and to study
the cost and the feasibility of suggestions made .to Improve the community* Among some suggestions
already ma de> upon which ho
judgment has been passed, are Incorporatioh Into a village, the laying of sewers and the tike; he said.
Representatives of the seven districts In the area are Robert Holman, George Arsenault, George W;
C. DuPont, Raymond r C. Winston,
Archibald Peabbdy. Thomas J.
Master son and : William ;J» Heffer-
founded b y : a, groiip'. Of about 20
residents who met recently at .the
home of Clifford E. Slater. At
that time the" desirability Of yarlbus improvements In ihe area were
discussed and the need for the
organisation ; was agreed upon.
Last night's .meeting was for the
purpose of offerliig ther organizar
tJoh to the people of the area- X;
The group voted to meet;again
next month to pass upon the bylaws the executive board was instructed t o prepare- "
Fraternal Notes
/ M e e t i n g s Tonight
Schenectady Review, WBA, Barrett street halt
B n a l B r i t h lodge, Jewish Com>
munlty center.
Brotherhocw' of Railroad Clerks,
Clinton street hall.
Queen l:-*?e,~ Barrett street haU.'
. Scotia^gC_ \ IOOF hall, Scotia.
Knights oih Bellevue, .Bellayue
rooms, Corlaer Masonio lodge, Masonic
Schenectady City lodge, K, of P.,
968 State street
Barrel eh" iOOF hall, Woodlawn.' " ' : . •
-V;':'.- vy,'.Arcadia >ebekth lodge, Rotterdan hall.,
Amerlcaii Z^eglon auxiliaries, old
Central fire station.
XEA group, Jewish Community
: Schenectady OES chapter, IOOF.
hall, Mont Pleasant
Shiawassee *iupcil, Z51—Statr
American Legion post of Scotia,
Memorial hall."' :
Champion IOOF lodge, State and
Hawk street hall.
St. Pa-.'.'s IOOF lodge, U0 State
s t r e e t ; -.
--;• "'.>'
Delanson Rebekah lodge, IOOF
hslli TDelanson. - '
Fraternal Order of the Eagles,
Franklin street ball, .
. .;
Townsend club, I, Liberty street
h a l l .
/ . : • :
S t Paul's Fellowshtp club, 440
State street
" :'•.-;•. , : | •V';^;
.:••/"';-".;• r
;";;*GA^^;"CLxrB' TO: : MEJOT;;-;;;: : Guan-Ho-Ha Fish aJid Game club
Of Scotia will meet at 8 p.m.; ThursChina did not acknowledge Japaday in the Friendly\'Social h a l t
nese sovereign over the Ryiikyu
North Reynolds street, William H.
islands until 1895, following the n a n .
'.;•;'.''"<' •'-""•
The organization was originally Way and, president, said yesterday.
end of the Sino-Japanese war. •
That Loosen
4-IJ iclub> held a Valentine; pariy
Many wearer* of false teeth" have
Saturday night sit- th% village aurcered real ; embarassment because
at- JustTthe wrong time] Do™hbT
not liv«'
l o g ivero / R e v . Edward Diamond, in fear of thla happeidnj
happening tb
to you.>"
» Httte. PASTE&rM. the allar
Niels Rask, Mrfc George GuhOw, apHnklo
,ltt^j,tn2n"Rt!,d> l*owdert'on-; your piatea.
l e a d ' s ; Alice Christmam Bertha Ho
dbcralsa teeth more firmly, so ibey
WilbSr, Helen ^Srokman,/Arlene and feel more .comfortable. Does not sour.
Roberta Chesnut Phyllis and Mar- ^ c "Si'JK2MUSJ 0 ^' Wenture breath)..
guerite Madison, ; Marlon. Tate, Al- Cet FASTEKTH at any drug store*
berta WJliiams, - Mary Chrysler,
Janet and Joan JSchoonmaker,
Brenda Fletcher, Dorothy Knowles;
lona Borden, Helen Clark, Rose
Rachael .Briggs, > Ruth
Chambers, Martha TBbsiei: and
'KarenVRask.. ;/;;-;/"• :-:;:\.-/;;.;':'/•;.;•.
Also W&lda and Allen Cheahut
Edward Borden, Albert Fidler R s y moniJ Gordon, Niels and Norman
Raskv Clifton McDuffee Herbert
Schoflald, George and Everett Tate,
William Grelssler, Robert Haner
David HorTman; William Tate, Gor- Sjj Vat Appointments Phone 4-9441
don Granlees Dou^as and Richard
Croote and Richard Knowles,
r Uoor» Aoors ihe J^tasa theatrs!
. Auxiliary News -•• '/•';
Glasses Properly
The women's auxiliary of Christ
Episcopal church met Wednesday
at the schoolhouse. Attending were, Abram Ball, - Mrs. Wilson
Briggs, Rev. and Mrs. Edward Diamond Mrs.. Anna Kelly, Mrs. Earl
Llddle, Mrs. Ralph McDougal), Mrs.
Hettle I*. McDougall, Mrs. Roemyn
Schrade, Mrs. Harmon Schrade and
Mrs. Alice Williams. Plans were
made, for a bake sale for thtf benet& ot the Red. Cross o s Feb. ^23
at Shafer's store. Committee members for the>March meeting will be
Mrs, Edward Diamond, Mrs. Hettle
L. McDougall and Mrs. Alice Williams/'/;.-.:;".-:"/'
A "SeraJching" Dog"'v:'.
I* In'Tormeat
Thousands of do«r owners have found
this good way to ke^p their pets from
constant scratching', biting, tubbing;
andr digging;. Once a week give them
a dose of Rex Hunters. Dog Powders.
These powders usually help to bring
prompt ease7 from; an\ Intense ; Itching
irritation that has centered In the
nerve endingn of. the dog's skin.: The
urge -to scratch abates—the - dog la
happier,, more contented. No wonder a
purchaser writes: "Rex /Hunters Dog
Powders have given my dog' great
reHeC^Mahy- ihantos from "Shink" and
gelt*' Why hot try them on your own
scratching dog, 25e^ at^th«: Florence
Pet Shbpr? 123 Jay S t / a n d . leading
dealers everywhere; (Econorriy/sise
box fOr 51.00 only>-~ • '•",•
Gas In Stomach
and towels
Every person who Is troubled with
•xcesslve gas in stomach and bowels
should Cft-» package of/Baaimsnn's
Oa* Tabwrs and try them for quick relief of the distress,
. ...*•.
Sharp palna lit tha abdpmen are
often due entirely to gas pressure;
Many sufferers occasionally have/ m
burning pain at the ntfof the stomach*
called heartburn^. Others complain at
times of palpitation, labored breathing,
sonr risings, nausea, bloating, headache .or dlazlnesa. any of which r«ajr
result from gas treasure,
. .• •
Monoy-Bacfc Ouaranto* ,
Baalmsnn's Qaa Tablets are made
especially for the relief of excess gas
ana discomfort resulting from gas pressure. Th«y contain no physic. Sold on a''•
positive guarantee or money backftf tha
first bottle should rati to give satlsiact :
Uon with resultsv; Any good druggist
can supply you. \2*utfon: XJss onQr a»
directed. Always on hand at / : / / /
Gazette Ada Bring Results
Mrs. Nina Stalker has been
named chairman of the entertainNEW YORK, Feb. % UF>—New ment committee of Palm Rebekah
York city's special congressional lodge for the next three months
election tomorrow? in the large 19th by Mrs. Marie "Lambert noble
district in; Manhattan's lower east grand. Mrs. Harriet Herbeck will
Side is expected to test the strength assist Mrs; Stalker.
Others on the committee are Mrs.
of:^thS:American--labor party as a
Briggs, Mrs,!May Benjamin,
third; party i n the city.
BarWr, Mrs. Bernice
;/ The AIJP has jiamed its own
candidatel ^Jbhannes Steel,. radio Boshart, Mrs. Belle DuClos, Mrs.
Mrs. Marion
commentator, to oppose the: demo- Myrtle...-; Frazier,
cratic: nominee^ Arthur^ G. Klelri, Goutchy, Mrs. Viola Gillespie, Mrs.
and the republican candidate, army Lucy Hancock, Mrs. Bessie HardCapti William S; Shea. / - . ' / / •>/;. ing,MrS. -Jennie Hunter, Mrs. Anna
-Heretofore the ALP'S power has Haerry.VMISs DorothjLJ^rvis,
ibeen? exercised largely through Its Margaret Mabie, Mrs. Elsie Moehle,
marginal weight t o / o h o of the MrsV Jennie Peters, Mrs. Sarah
Potter, Mrs.'Ida Peer, Mrs; Carrie
major»p^rty/ candidates. ./
• ;/ The by^lecUoff ^was eailed to fill Peck, Mrs. Mary Preston, Mrs;
a vadancy caused ^ by • the" resign a- Lulu .Simmons, Mrs. Edna Spitzer,
t^Onvof ^Repy; Samuel ;Dicksteln, Mrs. Bessie Tupper, Mrs. Clara
Williams ahd
democrat, - to v become; a . state Tapp, Mrs. Hattie
Mrs. Lamsupreme; court justice. ;.
bert and Mrs. Sarah Hillman, vice
Steel has: the backing of Secre- grand, will also serve o»"the, comtary of^ Commerce Henry A; Wal- lhlt.tee."'':'r:>' .V.•". V-l . "•;:..
>"••_;"- ([
lace and "former MayOr P. H. Xa
Guardia.: The Daily Worker, com*Ehe committee has voted to hold
munist publicatiori,* hasr supported
covered V dish luncheons at noon
him editorially. *
each Thursday at the Friendly SoMayOr William O'Dwyer and U.S. eial clubj.3jpi:th Reynolds' Btreet,:_
with nhnu! 1/j>he weight and
obert^jFi W a g i w ^ ^ j - N y ] "The lodge will meet at; S p.m.
bulk; of most hearing aids! have endorsed Klein, a former rep. ioday i n IOOFf hall, Mohawk averesentative who lost his seat In. nuef Mjts. Muriel Strivers wilt. be
the old; rl4ih district through re- in charge of entertainment^ and reappbrtiohmeht, He> also ' has the freshments.
backing of the Liberal; party.
Friends' carried on the campaign
for Shea, who was unable to take
the stump, because of army regulations. »•.
• "
The district, which extends along
the east side from the battery to
40th street, is predominately democratic. The 1944 total vote was
approximately 95,000 but officials
expect tomorrow's balloting to be
Seventy-four boys and girls have
much lower.
enrolled In. the "Animal Parade",
Oddly, only o n e ; of the candi- this year's version of the annual
dates, Klein, will be able to vote. reading club at Scotia Public
.'.; ^"M^aB^ri';*!• clearonic experience -it* Steel lives outside the district ana library, it was announced yesterShea failed to register last fall.
I behindBcltone, the electronic hearing
-:;':,' ;'• ~—~^
During the 10 weeks from Feb.
% 'aid^^u;h-I|ke precitipn and highett
4 to April 13 members will read
: io^iur.Iftioy remarkably life-lik* ion*
10 books about animals. Displayed
fc^Wi' |*JT irelter weiring co*nfprt. You
at the 'library are animal posters
Wear only ONE compact umt,induding
showing names of boys and girls
«arpi«e and cbfd! Fully guaranteed
Frank Ormlnskl gave a demon- enrolled and the number of books
stration'on how and why to candle read. A party for members comeggs at a meeting of the Earnest pleting the assignment will be held
90 State S K ^ I b o n y
Eagles 4-H club recently in Alplaus April 13.
A total of 38 boys and girls are
from Mohawk school; 24
I O 0 ft >
in charge. Thomas Bates, Mr.Or- from Sacandaga; nine from LinW. 6. O. BEHWAt
mJnt".:l and Warren McDowell had coln, and one each from Beukencharge of recreation and refresh- daal, Thomas Corners and Brown.
Club members are:
Elizabeth Alexander, Robert AtEdward Ormlnskl and Douglas
Falazeke are enrolled In the for- wood, Barbara Bailey, David Biel*
- C S S £ V a u - # ^ « » ' f f ^ i S S " f J estry pre" sit Poultry bulletins, is- eckl, Nancy Birdsall, Mary Lou
sued by Cornell university, were Bishop, Raymond Bishop, Barbara
presented to poultry members. A Bausman, Jean Bute, Peter Chanscrap paper drive Is scheduled to donnett, Peggy Ctute, Janet Compere, Bobby Coville, Tommy Dempbe held in the spring.
Robert Jaquay, Alfred
onlnm ster, Carol Francisco, Ronald Franand Mr, Palazeke will have charge cisco, Sally Hahn, Lucille, Hall,
of the meeting to be held Mar. 4. Michael Hancock, Bernard Henry,
Donald Henry, Judy Henry, Joyce
Movies wilt be shown.
Hogle, Roberta Hogle, James Hbyt,
Frank Hutton, Ernest lerardl, John
Jenklnson> Leigh . Jones, Barbara
KantOrski, Patricia Kantorski, Gall
Kellty, J. C. Kcister. Barbara
S t Paul's lodge lOOF wilt meet Klages. Charles Klages, Shirley
tonight In St. Paul's temple, HO Kruczek, David Largetcau. Stanley
Slate street A rehearsal of the Ijargeteau, Judy L*hman\ Richard
Initiatory degree will follow the Lewis, Marlanna Llrosl, Dean Lockbusiness
Dcgreemaster wood, Gladys Lunge, Sally Mead,
Frank Manley will be In charge Leon Mlllls, Barbara Montana,
and Nelson Peek, assistant degree* Marilyn Myers, Michael O'Brien.
George Papadoylanls, Billy Parker,
master wilt be present
Linda Patton, Donald Pearson, Carl
S t Paul's Fellowship club will Peck, Michael Plcard. Nancy Radme#t afterward frith Lester Erck- IIIf, Roderick Ro'wledge, Ann Schilman In tharge of the luncheon. ling, Carole Schmidt, Sonja SchneiThe commlttc to s s J s t will include der. Tommy Smith, Omer Sponcy,!
William Woolcock, Samuel Scott, Roberta Slryker. Lois Van Heusen,
A. A. McLaren, Charles Nilcs and Edward Van Patlcn, Nancy Van
William Bishop.
Wlnckle, Barbara Vincent, Doris
W* ^ov» selecfed sevecol
Louis Nlles Is chairman for the Walllnv Keith Wells, Ravmorfti
F>«im»um paymanl phra to -fit Feb. 26 meeting of the club. Edgar Will*, Betsy Westad, Patty VVIlAllen, Victor Weber, Les Shiller,
iJame* Williams, Bobby Wilmoll' irtclivjdud! requiferrienls. Roy Adam* and Lynn LeggcLt will Hams),
son And Arlene Yaunch.
jgeftone % «
74? Gliildren ^
'Animal Parade^
pSX YO(/
Candling Eggs Is
Topic at 4-H Meeting
Team to Rehearse at
St. Paul's Lodge IOOF
II you ftava * %p*6&\ problem
tari'fwi fo osk for our/ awitr*rte»,,;' -
— » _ . „
Sgt* Israel Marks
pisdharged From Army
S g t Tsrael Mark*, Schenectady,
has returned to hi* home following
his honorable discharge from military service at San Antonio, Texas.
H* had verved rn tho army alt
forces since July M, 1B41
Prior. | o hli discharge, Marks
was assigned at Hondo army air
field* Hondo, Ttkai* «a * lecturer
In use, of emergency equipment
He was awarded the good conduct
medaV American, theater ribbon
How To Relieve
Cr*omntel6it «M«Wi promptly b«*
causa It BOOS tight to tho seftt of the
ttxmbio to ixm Ioos«ai. antJ expel
germ laden phlegm, and aid mUure
to soothe and heal taw, tender, inflamed bronchiAl mucous mem*
branea. Tell your druggist to «ell you
li bottle of Oreomulaion'with the nnderatandingr you must like tha way It
<julckly nUaya the cough or you are
io have your money back
WJW of W ; w<lt "Sfii;-ttmae Marks,
punsi lo «ntsr J S c S ? i S K l 5 E ^
B\U Stern
pklci « wtrtrtar In Ralttgrvtl
'Tttfortnancife makes champions," sajr* Mr,
Stern. *poft«ca*tef. "So I checked the per»
ifocmanc« of thefileading brAndt in certifkxl
can'i- beat Raleigh* for Wa* nieffifn*, ite*s
throat ir nt until , . .for all-round *a/"er
smoftinrf. Sure, I'd rather have A Raleigh V
Untitled Document
Thomas M. Tryniski
309 South 4th Street
Fulton New York
ES! Testi bawd on A method u*ed by the United
State* Government—certiified by a jury of 14 dittinguiahed doctor*, including eminent throat specialIstg—now orter you proof posittvtj; No other leading
cigarette givea you / « a nfco*fne> te$s thto&t itti*
tant». v. i* actually «a/ar to amoAa—than the riewr
«moother, better tasting Raleigh I All aix leading brandi
were tested f.
So tty ..Raleighsl Enjoy- the- rieh; c r h ^ tob^cm
that make fiale^ha so smooth, so mild, yet so ftiit*
fiavored they're the Favorite of millions 1 Remember
4« Raleigh* are ri&htt