Understanding Y Above the Line Charlie Caruso How to create a company

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Understanding Y
Above the Line: How to create a company
culture that engages employees, delights
customers and delivers results
Michael Henderson
Charlie Caruso
320 pages •
The ultimate expose of the Misunderstood
Understanding Y is a fresh and incisive book that offers
a better understanding, appreciation and awareness of
the Millennial generation. In this groundbreaking work,
author Charlie Caruso has amassed a diverse array of
papers, articles and journals from prominent individuals,
noted entrepreneurs and bestselling authors who
collectively explore how Gen Y thinks, interacts and
works. Understanding Y gives insight into the generation
and examines their motivations and passions.
Above the Line offers all leaders a handbook for leveraging an
organisation's culture to engage staff, increase
248 pages •
The Social Executive: How to Master Social
The Carpenter: A Story About the Greatest
Jon Gordon
Success Strategies of All
Media and Why It's Good For Business
256 pages •
Social media is not about social media. It's about
leadership and connections.
Billions of conversations are taking place in social
networks every day. But for busy executives and business
owners, time constraints make it hard to dedicate time to
demystifying these communication opportunities. In The
Social Executive, readers are given evidence-based,
data-driven strategies for mastering social media, and
using it to enable business success. This book's easy,
straightforward, practical style ensures that you will gain
a solid working platform in the shortest amount of time
possible. The focus is on the reasons why social media is
important and how it aligns with business strategies.
144 pages • Hardback
Business Self-Help
Emotional Intelligence: Managing emotions to
and Young Professionals About How to Find a
Great Job, Do a Great Job, Be a Leader, Start a
Business, Stay Out of Trouble, and Live A
Happy Life
Gill Hasson
With her bestselling book Mindfulness, Gill Hasson has
helped thousands of people worldwide to be calm,
collected and live in the moment. Now she is here to
help us increase our Emotional Intelligence and become
better communicators, more self-aware and in control of
our moods and feelings.
Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify, assess
and control the emotions of yourself and others. Raising
your EQ will improve your performance, satisfaction and
Ben Carpenter
272 pages • Hardback
Business Self-Help
The Art of Conversation
Everything Is on the Line
Diana Kander
A small, hardback pocket book to reach for whenever
you’re stuck for words
208 pages • Hardback
Business Self-Help
When you become responsible for yourself, and you
are being paid to do a job, you are in the big leagues.
The real world is tough, competitive and much is
expected. The Bigs provides young people the tools they
need to survive, thrive, and have fun in the big leagues.
Wall Street veteran, Ben Carpenter pairs detailed and
colorful anecdotes with specific and practical advice on
how to get—and do—a great job. This book is the equipment
and training college students and young professionals need to
do battle in the real world.
All In Startup: Launching a New Idea When
Judy Apps
Ah, what could be better than good food, good wine and
stimulating conversation? The food and wine can be
bought…but good conversation is harder to acquire. If
you want to be at the top of everyone’s dinner party
invite list then Judy Apps and The Art of Conversation can
help you master the knack of conversing like a poet. By
showing you how conversation works, Judy will help you
nail the best way to start a conversation, what to say,
how to express yourself and be understood and how to
debate effectively. With the help of this little book you’ll
also learn how to glide through networking events,
meetings and interviews.
Duke in the semi-finals of the 2007 NCAAA Lacrosse
Championship, international bestselling author Jon
Gordon was inspired to uncover what made Cornell play
with such passion and determination. His quest led him
to the origin of lacrosse and the Native Americans who
created it, to the heart of a special young man who
gave his life to the sport, and to the spirit of a team who
played for a bigger purpose. This story about the heart of
a leader and the spirit of a team will inspire any reader in
any profession to put their heart into everything they do
and build their own wining team.
The Bigs: The Secrets Nobody Tells Students
make a positive impact on your life and career
208 pages •
Business Self-Help
customer satisfaction and streamline business
performance. A groundbreaking work, this book reveals
what it takes to achieve optimum results from an
organisational culture without employing the use of
external consultants. This organic, in-house approach to
company culture transformation saves both time and
Introduces the the latest advances in entrepreneurship,
including a new understanding of how to launch a
company in a way that dramatically improves its chances
of success.
288 pages • Hardback
Small Business
The “business plan” curriculum taught in most M.B.A.
programs is on the verge of extinction. A new “scientific
method” of entrepreneurship built around forming and
testing basic assumptions will soon replace the tired old
model. Through rich storytelling, All In Startup provides a
book-length case study to showcase a new type of
entrepreneurship, revealing innovative business principles
and the emotional reality of entrepreneurship that goes
tragically unmentioned during business school.
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Wiley July New Releases 2014
The Social Media MBA Guide to ROI: How to
Brand Famous: How to get everyone talking
Measure and Improve Your Return on
about your business
Linzi Boyd
Christer Holloman
152 pages • Hardback
Marketing & Sales
For Dummies
408 pages •
Computer Hardware
For Dummies
304 pages •
Computer Hardware
The first book to explain how you can measure social
media ROI across multiple departments, for
internal/external social media based activities, as well
as for new business models (product/services).
This book provides help in establishing a thorough social
media plan, examining your goals, audience and channel
strategy, before examining tools and techniques to
measure social media metrics and key performance
indicators. This book debunks the myth that ROI, web
metrics and social media measuring is a 'black art', and
makes it easy to understand and use, enabling the
reader to create bespoke ROI metrics and improve the
return on activity.
Make your business a house-hold name
272 pages •
Have you ever noticed how there are so many people,
so many brands, so many products and so many
business ideas all trying to be famous? Well, the fact is
branding is everything. To get your service, product or
personal brand standing out from the crowd, you will
need an effective branding strategy. And that’s what
Brand Famous helps you achieve. Written by Linzi Boyd,
a savvy entrepreneurial branding guru whose
glamorous PR agency helped brands and personas
such as Pringle, Rita Ora, Selfridges and Superdry hit
the big time, this book outlines a winning formula for
success from idea to execution.
Macs For Dummies, 13th Edition
C++ For Dummies, 7th Edition
Edward C. Baig
Stephen R. Davis
Get the most out of your Mac with this comprehensive
Macs For Dummies, 13th Edition is the ultimate guide to
your Mac, fully updated to include information about the
latest updates. The book walks you through
troubleshooting, syncing mobile devices, integrating
Windows, and more, so you can take advantage of
everything Macs have to offer. Whether you're a new
user, a recent convert, or you just want to get the most
out of your Mac, this book puts all the information you
need in one place.
A new edition of the bestselling guide to C++
C++ For Dummies, 7th Edition, helps you understand
C++ programming from the ground up. It's full of
useful examples to show you how things work and how
they all fit together. Plus, the companion website lets
you download all the code from the book, an updated
GNU-C++, the new C++ compiler, and applications too
lengthy to be included in this volume.
For Dummies
456 pages •
Programming &
Software Development
Surface For Dummies, 2nd Edition
Business Networking For Dummies®
Andy Rathbone
Stefan Thomas
Microsoft's Surface tablet has the features and
personality you're looking for, with a robust environment
for business computing that doesn't skimp on fun.
Surface for Dummies, 2nd Edition explains how Windows
8.1 Pro and Windows RT differ, and helps you decide
which Surface model is best for you. Step by step, this
book walks you through both the hardware and software
features of the Surface, including the touch cover and
type cover, the operating system, and the Office suite
that's bundled with the Surface.
Grow your business, build your career, find more
customers, and build a valuable support network of
likeminded business people.
For Dummies
320 pages •
Business Networking
Networking is a crucial skill for all professionals and
business owners. Quite simply, it s a fast and effective
way to build your business or career - and excellent
networking skills will set you apart from the competition.
Business Networking For Dummies shows you how to get
the most out of networking - both online and offline.
Running Great Workshops & Meetings For
Jessica Pryce-Jones
For Dummies
272 pages •
Business Productivity
Running Great Workshops & Meetings For Dummies delivers
the tools managers need to facilitate engaging and
rewarding group sessions. Who hasn’t walked away
from a training session (or meeting) feeling as if the
entire session could have been summarized
in 10
minutes? We can help you avoid being the source of
such frustration. Regardless of the type of workshop,
meeting, or group session you’re running, this title
provides you with the information you need.
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50 Great Myths About Religions
The Little Girl Who Fought the Great
Depression: Shirley Temple and 1930s
John Morreall, Tamara Sonn
50 Myths about Religion is an intriguing, informative, and
often humorous introduction to some of the long
standing myths that surround religious belief. This
engaging book will get its readers thinking about how
and why certain myths have arisen, and their continuing
influence on our personal and collective view of religion.
248 pages •
John F. Kasson
W. W. Norton &
320 pages • Hardback
Available April
Reading Celebrity Gossip Magazines
Can Science Fix Climate Change?: A Case
Against Climate Engineering
Andrea McDonnell
200 pages •
Media Studies
While our fascination with fame intensified throughout the
twentieth century, the rise of the weekly gossip
magazine in the early 2000s confirmed and fueled our
popular culture’s celebrity mania. After a decade of diets
and dates, breakups and baby bumps, celebrity gossip
magazines continue to sell millions of issues each
week. Why are readers, especially young women, so
attracted to these magazines? What pleasures do they
offer us? And why do we read them, even when we
disagree with the images of femininity that they splash
across their hot-pink covers?
Andrea McDonnell answers these questions with the
help of interviews from editors and readers, and
her own textual and visual analysis.
Mike Hulme
144 pages •
Dos Caminos Tacos: 100 Recipes for
Dan Callahan
Ivy Stark, Joanna Pruess
Countryman Press
288 pages • Hardback
416 pages • Hardback
8 Keys to End Bullying: Strategies for Parents
Business Transformation Through Functional
Signe Whitson, Babette Rothschild
W. W. Norton &
240 pages •
In this first-ever biography of the woman many have
called our greatest living actress, the formidable
Vanessa Redgrave is at last revealed to us in all of her
different personas.
Who isn’t in awe of Vanessa Redgrave? Her career
on stage and screen remains vital and her
extreme-left political stands are still quite
controversial. This is the moment, and this is the
biography, to take stock of Vanessa Redgrave both
as actress and as political activist with a critical,
objective study of her life and career. It is also time
to account for her unparalleled achievements as an
empathetic actress of considerable genius.
Connected By Design: Seven Principles of
& Schools
Tackling an all-too-prevalent problem among kids with
8 smart, practical strategies.
Groundbreaking books have peered into the
psychology of bullying and the cultural climate
that—seemingly now more than ever—gives rise
to such cruelty and aggression. But few have been
able to synthesize what we know into 8 simple,
targeted “keys” that equip educators, professionals,
and parents with practical strategies to tackle the
issue head-on. This book answers that call.
Climate change seems to be an insurmountable
problem. Political solutions have so far had little impact.
Some scientists are now advocating the so-called ‘Plan
B’, a more direct way of reducing the rate of future
warming by reflecting more sunlight back to space,
creating a thermostat in the sky.
In this book, Mike Hulme argues against this kind of
hubristic techno-fix. Drawing upon a distinguished career
studying the science, politics and ethics of climate
change, he shows why using science to fix the global
climate is undesirable, ungovernable and unattainable.
Vanessa: The Life of Vanessa Redgrave
Everyone's Favorite Mexican Food
In her second Dos Caminos cookbook, Chef Ivy Stark
cooks tacos 24/7- here are more than 100 fresh yet
traditional takes on tacos from Dos Caminos
Everyone loves the taco. Versatile and simple, it
can be breakfast, snack, dinner, and even dessert.
The Dos Caminos Taco Bible offers amazing
recipes from one of the most creative and
talented chefs cooking Mexican cuisine today.
Here are traditional recipes for the centuries-old
dish, as well as modern interpretations.
How the smile and fortitude of a child actress revived a
Her image appeared in periodicals and advertisements
roughly twenty times daily; she rivaled FDR and
Edward VIII as the most photographed person in the
world. Her portrait brightened the homes of countless
admirers. What distinguished Shirley Temple from
every other Hollywood star of the period-and everyone
since-was how brilliantly she shone. Amid the
deprivation and despair of the Great Depression,
Shirley Temple radiated optimism and plucky good
cheer that lifted the spirits of millions and shaped their
collective character for generations to come.
Barry Wacksman, Chris Stutzman
240 pages • Hardback
Strategic Management
Nearly all of the members of the Fortune 500 followed a
similar plan and model to become the diversified
behemoths they are today: “horizontal integration,”
adding brands to dominate a category; or “vertical
integration,” investing in—and controlling—all stages of
the supply chain. But this growth formula has largely run
its course and is perhaps even counter-productive, in
this age of overabundant options in any product
category. What is the new growth strategy for the 21st
century? The book will show how to conceive of new
functionally-integrated products and services and
delineate their business strategy.
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Dynamic Customer Strategy: Big Profits from
Pivot Points: Five Decisions Every Successful
John F. Tanner, Jr.
Julia Tang Peters
This book is intended for a broad audience of
marketers in both business to consumer and business
to business industries, though it is more likely that
business to consumer marketers will be early adopters.
The goal is to inform marketing practice and aid
business leaders navigating through the competitive
storms unleashed by technological change. Using data
from a five-year study, as well as case studies and other
research, this book provides a process for rigorous
decision making, eliminating the paralysis and
optimizing decision making for marketing performance.
Pivot Points identifies the five key decisions that
determine the course of one’s leadership success, and
brings them to life through the stories of five industrychanging leaders across various fields:
Big Data
240 pages • Hardback
Strategic Management
Leader Must Make
256 pages • Hardback
Management /
Show Your Work
The Elements of Content: A Field Guide to
Creating Content for Businesses, Brands,
Marketers, Writers, Web Strategists, and the
Generally Hapless
Jane Bozarth
192 pages •
New comfort with social sharing, combined with the
proliferation of new social tools, offer easy, useful
means of sharing not just what we do but how we get
things done. This title supports productivity, improves
performance, encourages reflective practice, speeds
communication, and helps to surface challenges,
bottlenecks, and that elusive tacit knowledge. For the
worker it illuminates strengths, talents, struggles, and
the reality of how days are spent. For the co-worker or
colleague it solves a problem, saves time, or builds on
existing knowledge. And for management it helps to
capture who does what and how.
Ann Handley, Vahe Habeshian
256 pages • Hardback
The Road to Reinvention: How to Drive
Chinese Companies Are Becoming Globally
Stronger by Winning in Each Others Markets
Josh Linkner
256 pages • Hardback
Business Management
The most successful companies, brands, and
individuals make reinvention a regular part of their
business strategies. Transformation demands an
ongoing process of discovery and imagination, and The
Road to Reinvention lays out a systematic approach for
challenging and reinventing yourself and your business.
Anil K. Gupta, Girija Pande, Haiyan Wang
304 pages • Hardback
A roadmap for understanding the business challenges
and opportunities in China
By 2025, China and India will be two of the world's four
largest economies. By then, economic ties between
them should also rank among the ten most important
bilateral ties worldwide. This book examines how Indian
companies such as Tata Consultancy Services, Mahindra
Tractors, NIIT, Tata Motors/Jaguar Land Rover and
Sundaram Fasteners have figured out how to win in China.
Their experiences may inspire and offer lessons to other
Indian companies.
View From the Top: An Inside Look at How
Analytics in a Big Data World: The Essential
D. Michael Lindsay, Mary Grace Hager
Bart Baesens
Guide to Data Science and its Applications
People in Power See and Shape the World
240 pages • Hardback
Business Management
Elements of Content teaches how to write in a clear,
accessible, honest voice across all of your marketing
assets: blog posts, web pages, marketing offers, and
social updates. The language of business has become
more like the language of real people. Customers have
elevated expectations. They don't want to hear
marketing messages; they want stories and a sense of
the human beings behind the brand.
The Silk Road Rediscovered: How Indian and
Disruption and Accelerate Transformation
Companies, communities, and individuals fall for many
reasons, but one of the most common—and easily
avoidable—is the failure to reinvent. When people and
organizations rest on prior successes rather than driving
purposeful transformation, they discover too late that
they have lost their market position altogether to
competitors and external forces.
the launching decision—the commitment to
gain mastery
 the turning point decision—a problem that can
create a bold new direction
 the tipping point decision—usually involving
significant risk, can break through a
fundamental barrier
Learn leadership from the best—proven insights from
the power elite in business, government, and beyond
View from the Top brings readers inside the corridors of
power and relates the personal stories and powerful
findings from the Platinum Study, a groundbreaking
study of 550 elite American CEOs, senior government
leaders, and nonprofit executives based on ten years of
research. The largest study of its kind, the Platinum
Study delves into the domains of the elite with stories
that illustrate both the use and misuse of power across
the landscape of prominent American institutions. The
book examines the different paths to power and
describes the essence of leadership and the fundamental
traits that distinguish a leader from the pack.
256 pages • Hardback
Business Analytics
By leveraging big data & data analytics, businesses
create the potential to better understand, manage, and
strategically exploiting the complex dynamics of
customer behavior. Analytics in a Big Data World reveals
how to tap into the powerful tool of data analytics to
create a strategic advantage and identify new business
opportunities. Designed to be an accessible resource,
this essential book does not include exhaustive
coverage of all analytical techniques, instead focusing
on analytics techniques that really provide added value
in business environments.
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Imperilled!: How to Manage the Growing
Revolutionize Learning & Development:
Risk of Cyber Attacks
Performance and Innovation Strategy for the
Information Age
MacDonnell Ulsch
Clark N. Quinn
224 pages •
Training &
Existing training and development practices need a
major overhaul. Learning and development practitioners
and managers must increasingly face the fact that old
methods are no longer relevant in today's tech-savvy
world and, in many cases, they simply don't work. In
Revolutionize Learning and Development, you'll get a
straightforward look at how people really learn and get
introduced to practical steps for rethinking, redesigning,
and reestablishing learning delivery.
288 pages • Hardback
Business Technology
Intelligent M & A: Navigating the Mergers and
The Handbook of Market Intelligence:
Acquisitions Minefield
Understand, Compete and Grow in Global
Scott Moeller, Chris Brady
424 pages • Hardback
Strategic Management
Almost 70% of mergers fail, yet deals are essential for
growing world-class companies. Therefore they must
use all the tools and techniques at their disposal to
improve their chances of success. Applying the
techniques advocated in this book can help managers
beat the odds - and employees themselves - to have
an impact on whether a deal will be successful both for
the company and for themselves.
This book looks at the process of a merger or
acquisition and pinpoints the areas where business
intelligence can raise the odds of success in each phase
of the deal.
Hans Hedin, Irmeli Hirvensalo, Markko Vaarnas
296 pages • Hardback
Strategic Marketing
Turning Adversity Into Opportunity
60 pages • Paperback
In this new work, Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, authors
of The Leadership Challenge, explore how leaders can
bounce back from adversity and disruption.
New Global Economy
Joel Naroff, Ron Scherer
256 pages • Hardback
A Handbook of Technical Analysis: The
Sebastien Bossu
Mark Andrew Lim
800 pages •
Award winning economic forecaster Joel Naroff
reveals how understanding economics can improve
you financial life
While we may not think about it on a day-to-day basis,
economics plays an important role in our lives—
especially after the financial crash of 2007. Today,
getting a read on what big picture economic decisions
might have on the lives of the average person is now
more important than ever.
With this in mind, award-winning futurist economist Joel
Naroff has created Big Picture Economics. Written in a
straightforward and accessible style, this book turns the
"dismal" science into something we can use and not only
hang our hats on, but apply to our future decision-making.
Advanced Equity Derivatives: Volatility and
Practitioner's Comprehensive Guide to
Technical Analysis
This handbook provides a unique and comprehensive
reference for serious traders, analysts and practitioners
of Technical Analysis. It covers the definitions, concepts,
application, integration and execution of many
technical-based trading tools and approaches, with
specific coverage of various trading mechanisms and
advanced money management techniques. Author
Mark Lim also exposes the many weaknesses of
popular technical approaches and provides effective
solutions. Many innovative techniques for pinpointing
and handling market reversals are also discussed
throughout the handbook.
“This book provides a very useful and practical
framework to guide the development of a Market
Intelligence function that serves as a tool for competitive
advantage. The use of multiple and diverse business
cases helps readers to understand the implementation
of key concepts and provides a set of practical lessons
to facilitate this important journey for any organization.”
—Carlos Jose Fonseca, SVP/Group Head Global
Marketing Strategy, Planning and Analytics,
Big Picture Economics: How to Navigate the
James M. Kouzes, Barry Z. Posner
Leaders are no strangers to challenge. Over the last few
years leaders have experienced unprecedented layoffs,
dismal sales, dwindling retirement accounts, and the
bankruptcy of once-heralded institutions. They’ve been
threatened by sequestration, the possibility of a
government shutdown, and the messy transition to a
new healthcare mandate. Trust in leaders has
plummeted, engagement scores are stuck in neutral or
worse, and any recovery seems tepid at best. Yet even
as the challenges mount, the best leaders remain
resilient in the face of adversity.
IMPERILED! is an in-depth examination of the very real
cyber security risks facing all facets of government and
industry, and the various factors that must align to
maintain information integrity. Written by one of the
nation's most highly respected cyber risk analysts, the
book describes how businesses and government agencies
must protect their most valuable assets to avoid potentially
catastrophic consequences.
208 pages • Hardback
In Advanced Equity Derivatives: Volatility and Correlation,
Sébastien Bossu reviews and explains the advanced
concepts used for pricing and hedging equity exotic
derivatives. Designed for financial modelers, option
traders and sophisticated investors, the content covers
the most important theoretical and practical extensions
of the Black-Scholes model.
Each chapter includes numerous illustrations and a short
selection of problems, covering key topics such as
implied volatility surface models, pricing with implied
distributions, local volatility models, volatility derivatives,
correlation measures, correlation trading, local volatility
models, correlation measures and stochastic correlation.
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The 30% Secret: Wall Street Insider Reveals
Equity Markets and Portfolio Analysis
Shockingly Easy Trick for Making More Money
than You Can Spend in Two Lifetimes
R. Stafford Johnson
Robert Hsu
192 pages • Hardback
Trading & Investing
One out two American adults today – 112 million – are
past 50 and need sufficient investment income to fund
their retirement. Yet traditional income investments
such as CDs, money market funds and investment
grade bonds are generating historically low returns below
rate of inflation. A growing record number of investors
need to earn significant cash flow with a portfolio of
income producing investments that will grow over time
to fund their golden years. This book will provide
strategies and ideas to help readers generate the
exceptional returns needed to finance their retirement.
Bloomberg Press
680 pages • Hardback
The Bloomberg Visual Guide to Equity Markets and Portfolio
Analysis provides professionals and finance students
alike with proven guidance on everything from the basic
Investments & Securities concepts, strategies, and fundamentals associated with
these issues to detailed information on their more
advanced aspects.
ERM - Enterprise Risk Management: Issues
Risk Management in Trading: Techniques to
and Cases
Drive Profitability of Hedge Funds and Trading
Jean-Paul Louisot, Christopher H. Ketcham
352 pages • Hardback
A wealth of international case studies illustrating
current issues and emerging best practices in
enterprise risk management
Despite enterprise risk management's relative newness
as a recognized business discipline, the marketplace is
replete with guides and references for ERM practitioners.
Yet, until now, few case studies illustrating ERM in action
have appeared in the literature. One reason for this is
that, until recently, there were many disparate, even
conflicting definitions of what, exactly ERM is and, more
importantly, how organizations can use it to utmost
Davis Edwards
352 pages • Hardback
This book focuses on techniques that professional
traders use to assist in making decisions. The first three
chapters establish the building blocks that are used in
the rest of the text. The first chapter introduces trading
and two major types of professional traders (hedge funds
and proprietary trading desks). The second chapter
discusses the major financial markets, and the third
describes some of the terminology used by professional
traders. The final six chapters of the book describe
decisions that are made by traders.
Global Macro Trading: Profiting in a New World
International Finance Regulation: The Quest
Greg Gliner
Georges Ugeux
Brings global macro trading down to earth for individual
and professional traders, investors and asset
managers, as well being a useful reference handbook
Global Macro Trading is an indispensable guide for traders
and investors who want to trade Global Macro – it
provides Trading Strategies and overviews of the four
asset classes in Global Macro which include equities,
currencies, fixed income and commodities. Greg Gliner,
who has worked for some of the largest global macro
hedge funds, shares ways in which an array of global
macro participants seek to capitalize on this strategy,
while also serving as a useful reference tool.
As the global market expands, the need for
international regulation becomes urgent
Effective financial regulation inspires market confidence,
stability, consumer protection, and a reduction in
financial crime. But over the past fifty years, a number
of crises have arisen and spread around the world,
making global regulation essentially impossible. While
individual nations have reformed domestic regulation,
these combined measures are still insufficient to
prevent financial crisis. Comprehensive crisis prevention
can only be initiated by strategic international regulation.
Bloomberg Press
368 pages • Hardback
Valuable insights on equity markets and portfolio
The Bloomberg Visual series covers today's most relevant
finance and trading topics in a comprehensive, yet
easy-to-follow style. The content truly lives up to the
series name by examining concepts in a highly visual
manner—all charts and graphs are in color and
presented in a large format for ease of use.
for Financial Stability
288 pages • Hardback
International Finance
Succession Planning for Financial Advisors, +
Website: Building an Enduring Business
David Grau, Sr.
224 pages • Hardback
Plan today for the eventual transfer of your
independent financial services firm
Building a successful financial planning business is
about industry knowledge, a strong commitment to
performing fiduciary duties, and a steadfast
determination to offer clients the best service possible.
Many have found success as independent financial
service professionals, the vast majority of which are
single-owner practices. If you are one of these
successful financial planning professionals, there may
be one element of your business that you have been
ignoring for too long – namely, succession planning.
Page 6 All prices are GST-inclusive and subject to change without notice. Wiley ABN 67 009 673 081
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The Art of Company Valuation and Financial
Statement Analysis: A value investor's guide
The Mathematics of Financial Models +
Website: Solving Real-World Problems with
Nicolas Schmidlin
Kannoo Ravindran
The Art of Company Valuation and Financial Statement
Analysis: A value investor’s guide with real-life case studies
covers all quantitative and qualitative approaches
needed to evaluate the past and forecast the future
performance of a company in a practical manner.
Understanding the math behind the money
Finance professionals are routinely faced with a variety
of different challenges from clients across a number of
industries. From projecting cash flows to modeling future
pension benefits to pricing derivatives for hedging to
valuing real options, analysts regularly find themselves
seeking solutions to these diverse problems. The
Mathematics of Financial Models presents real-world
problems and shows how various quantitative methods
can be used to solve them.
with real-life case studies
288 pages • Hardback
Finance & Investment
Is a given stock over or undervalued? How can the
future prospects of a company be evaluated? How can
complex valuation methods be applied in practice? The
Art of Company Valuation and Financial Statement Analysis
answers each of these questions and conveys the
principles of company valuation in an accessible and
applicable way.
Quantitative Methods
352 pages • Hardback
Finance & Investment
Trading Economics: A Guide to the Use of
Valuation: The Market Approach
Economic Statistics for Traders & Practitioners
+ Website
Seth Bernstrom
Valuation: The Market Approach is a hands-on practical
guide on the market approach to valuation, i.e. to value
a company using value multiples, e.g. P/E, P/BV,
EV/Sales, EV/EBIT etc., derived from listed comparable
companies or company transactions.
Trevor Williams, Victoria Turton
280 pages • Hardback
Finance & Investment
A practical guide to understanding how key economic
and market statistics drive financial market trends
The recent global financial crisis stressed the need for
economists who understand how key economic and
market statistics drive financial market trends and how
to mitigate the risks for businesses that those trends
affect. Trading Economics provides guidance for
navigating key market figures in a convenient and
practical format. Emphasizing the link between
economic data and market movements, this book
analyzes surveys, economic growth statistics, inflation,
labor markets, international trade, monetary and fiscal
indicators and their relevance in financial markets.
208 pages • Hardback
Finance & Investment
Hedge Fund Modelling and Analysis using
Investing for a Lifetime + Website: An
Interactive Education in Managing Wealth for
the "New Normal"
Paul Darbyshire
320 pages • Hardback
Finance & Investment
The only guide available to the quantitative analysis of
hedge fund risks and returns using C++
If they hope to survive and thrive in today's rocky
financial landscape, hedge funds can no longer ignore
their risk/return profiles. Written for fund managers and
analysts, as well as asset managers and both
institutional and individual investors, this book outlines a
practical, case-driven approach to measuring the
risk/return profiles of hedge funds using the latest
modelling techniques. The authors provide many realworld examples and exercises, while exploring potential
pitfalls associated with hedge fund analysis and
modelling hedge funds in C++.
Richard C. Marston
288 pages • Hardback
Finance & Investment
Harness Oil and Gas Big Data with Analytics:
Cultural Trends that Will Disrupt the World
Shaun Rein
Keith Holdaway
384 pages • Hardback
Oil & Energy
Investing for a Lifetime +Website: An Interactive Education in
Managing Wealth for the "New Normal" is the
comprehensive guide to planning for lifelong financial
security. Taking into account the most common
concerns clients express, the book details retirement
preparation from the perspectives of saving and
investing, investment choices, and wealth
management. The companion website underscores the
concepts presented in the text with lectures, casework,
short papers, and more, providing examples and
clarification of the methods discussed.
The End of Cheap China: Economic and
Optimize Exploration and Production with Data
Driven Models
Use big data analytics to efficiently drive oil and gas
exploration and production
Harness Oil and Gas Big Data with Analytics provides a
complete view of big data and analytics techniques as
they are applied to the oil and gas industry. Including a
compendium of specific case studies, the book
underscores the acute need for optimization in the oil
and gas exploration and production stages and shows
how data analytics can provide such optimization. This
spans exploration, development, production and
rejuvenation of oil and gas assets.
Explicitly, it is a nuts and bolts instruction on the market
approach that first and foremost teaches the
methodology from a practical perspective, showing step
by step how to (i) apply the approach in “real life”, i.e.
how to implement the market approach properly on a
standalone basis, but that also (ii) brings order into its
relationship with the established theory, that is, how to
reconcile the market approach with the discounted cash flow
approach (DCF), should that be required.
240 pages •
An exposé on how the rise of China will affect the
American way of life
The End of Cheap China is a fun, riveting, must-read book
not only for people doing business in China but for
anyone interested in understanding the forces that are
changing the world.
Many Americans know China for manufacturing cheap
products, thanks largely to the country's vast supply of
low-cost workers. But China is changing, and the glut of
cheap labor that has made everyday low prices possible
is drying up as the Chinese people seek not to make
iPhones, but to buy them.
Page 7 All prices are GST-inclusive and subject to change without notice. Wiley ABN 67 009 673 081
Wiley July New Releases 2014
Litigation Services Handbook, 2014
Cumulative Supplement: The Role of the
Frequently Asked Questions in International
Standards on Auditing
Financial Expert
Steven Collings
Roman L. Weil, Daniel G. Lentz, David P. Hoffman
224 pages •
In the last 20 years, the need for a financial expert to
act as a witness and consultant to litigating attorneys
has grown even more than litigation itself. Twenty years
ago, few certified public accountants or economists
offered litigation-related services; now, a large number
devote much of their practice to this area. To be
litigation service practitioners and accountants need to
learn or enhance their litigation skills, including the fine
points of their roles in trial preparation and testimony
presentation, testimony presentation, deposition, direct
examination, cross examination, understanding
Sarbanes-Oxley rulings, and fraud investions.
Auditing has hit the headlines over recent years, and for
all the wrong reasons, and in today’s environment, the
result of negligent auditing can be serious resulting in
sizeable fines and even withdrawal of audit registration
which can be costly in terms of fee income.
472 pages •
Managing the Transition to IFRS
Financial Reporting
People- Centric Skills: Interpersonal and
Communication Skills for Auditors and
Business Professionals
Lisa Weaver
Danny M. Goldberg, Manny Rosenfeld
208 pages • Hardback
People-Centric Skills: Interpersonal and Communication Skills
for Auditors and Business Professionals is a comprehensive
guide to the "soft skills" that make an auditor, and
most business professionals more effective. The story
of a leading audit department set in a fictional
company, the book demonstrates the impact that
"people skills" have on auditors' jobs and careers. Each
chapter features a summary of key People-Centric
points and guidelines, to help readers apply what
they've learned.
296 pages •
CompTIA Security+ Study Guide: SY0-401
600 pages •
Sean-Philip Oriyano
Prepare for the new Certified Ethical Hacker version 8
exam with this Sybex guide
600 pages •
CompTIA Security+ Review Guide: Exam
Dan Gookin
James M. Stewart
360 pages •
Security professionals remain in high demand. The
Certified Ethical Hacker is a one-of-a-kind certification
designed to give the candidate a look inside the mind
of a hacker. This study guide provides a concise, easyto-follow approach that covers all of the exam objectives
and includes numerous examples and hands-on
exercises. Coverage includes cryptography, footprinting
and reconnaissance, scanning networks, enumeration
of services, gaining access to a system, Trojans, viruses,
worms, covert channels, and much more.
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 For Dummies
The CompTIA Security+ certification offers tremendous
opportunities for IT professionals. For those who want to
take their careers to the next level, CompTIA Security+
Review Guide: Exam SY0-401 is here to serve as a great
resource for certification preparation. This resource is
easy to use, and is organized by objectives for quick
review and reinforcement of key topics.
Since 2005, all EU listed companies have been reporting
under IFRS in their group accounts. The UK’s Accounting
Standards Board is proposing that in the next few years
all UK companies, other than the smallest, will move to
some form of IFRS-based financial reporting. The US is
also undergoing a transition to IFRS, as are many other
countries such as India and Japan.
This book will cover the most common accounting
issues involved in a move to IFRS, and deal with the
specific accounting and disclosure requirements in the
first year of IFRS reporting. Crucially, however, the book
will also focus on how to plan and manage the
transition, fully exploring the non-accounting implications.
CEHv8: Certified Ethical Hacker Version 8
Study Guide
Emmett Dulaney, Chuck Easttom
Join over 250,000 IT professionals who've earned
Security+ certification
If you're an IT professional hoping to progress in your
career, then you know that the CompTIA Security+
exam is one of the most valuable certifications
available. Since its introduction in 2002, over a quarter
million professionals have achieved Security+
certification, itself a springboard to prestigious
certifications like the CASP, CISSP, and CISA. The
CompTIA Security+ Study Guide: SY0-401 covers 100% of
the Security+ exam objectives, with clear and concise
information on crucial security topics.
Frequently Asked Questions in International Standards on
Auditing presents the relevant standards in a concise and
jargon-free way, enabling auditors to appreciate the
reasoning behind the standards and undertake audit
work effectively. This book focuses on the main areas of
the auditing standards and also addresses some key
areas where audit firms are failing and which have been
flagged up by audit regulators.
For Dummies
304 pages •
Computer Hardware
The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the latest in Samsung's
revolutionary line of phablet devices. But what is a
phablet? In Samsung Galaxy Note 3 For Dummies, Dan
Gookin explains everything you need to know about
your new phone/tablet. From the successful For
Dummies series comes another funny, friendly how-to
guide that will help you get the most out of your tech
Page 8 All prices are GST-inclusive and subject to change without notice. Wiley ABN 67 009 673 081
Wiley July New Releases 2014
Google BigQuery Analytics
Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2014
Siddartha Naidu, Jordan Tigani
504 pages •
Database &
For Dummies
384 pages •
Digital Photography
How to effectively use BigQuery, avoid commong
mistakes, and execute sophisticated queries against
large datasets
Google BigQuery Analytics is the perfect guide for business
and data analysts who want the latest tips on running
complex queries and writing code to communicate with
the BigQuery API. The book uses real-world examples
to demonstrate current best practices and techniques,
and also explains and demonstrates streaming
ingestion, transformation via Hadoop in Google
Compute engine, AppEngine datastore integration, and
using GViz with Tableau to generate charts of query
Adam Jorgensen, Bradley Ball, Steven Wort, Ross
LoForte, Brian Knight
864 pages •
Database &
Nikon D3300 For Dummies
Nikon D3300 Digital Field Guide
Julie Adair King
J. Dennis Thomas
Congratulations on your new Nikon 3300 DSLR! You
probably want to get shooting right away, but first you
need to know some basics about the controls and
functions. Nikon D3300 For Dummies is your ultimate
guide to your new camera, packed with everything you
need to know to start taking beautiful photographs right
out of the gate. Author Julie Adair King draws on a
decade of experience in photography instruction,
specifically Nikon and Canon, to walk you through the
basics and get you started off on the right foot.
Everything you need to know about your new N1
Portable and full color, this guide is packed with
everything you want and need to know in order to take
amazing photos using your new Nikon D3300 camera.
Veteran author J. Dennis Thomas walks you through
the essential controls, features, and functions of the D3300
using step-by-step instructions and providing full-color
images of each menu screen. You'll learn how to adjust
white balance, autofocus, and exposure as well as
choose lens and adjust settings. The handy trim size
allows this guide to go where you go, allowing you easy
access to information quickly so you can get the exact
shot you want.
272 pages •
Digital Photography
Advanced Google AdWords
Designing Distributed Control Systems: A
Pattern Language Approach
Brad Geddes
650 pages •
Internet Business
The third edition of this ultimate guide to Google
AdWords features more than 50 pages of new material
and has been completely revised to cover all the
changes to Google's system, including changes to the
campaign structure, bid modifiers, new quality score
analysis techniques, and the latest ad extension
Veli-Pekka Eloranta, Johannes Koskinen,
Marko Leppänen, Ville Reijonen
504 pages • Hardback
Level Up!: The Guide to Great Video Game
Kevin Nichols, Donald Chesnut
Scott Rogers
Level Up! covers the entire video game creation
process. Readers will learn how to develop
marketable ideas, learn what perils and pitfalls await
them during a game’s pre-production, production
and post-production stages. Rogers’ also provides
creative ideas to serve as fuel for the reader’s own
projects from game theme and environments to
gameplay mechanics.
Designing Distributed Control Systems presents more than
80 patterns for designing distributed machine control
system software architecture (forestry machinery, mining
drills, elevators, etc.). These patterns originate from
state-of-the-art systems from market-leading
companies, have been tried and tested, and will
address typical challenges in the domain, such as long
lifecycle, distribution, real-time and fault tolerance. Each
pattern describes a separate design problem that
needs to be solved. Solutions are provided, with
consequences and trade-offs. Each solution will enable
piecemeal growth of the design.
UX For Dummies
Design, 2nd Edition
552 pages •
Learn to take advantage of the opportunities offered
by SQL Server 2014
Microsoft's SQL Server 2014 update means big changes
for database administrators, and you need to get up to
speed quickly because your methods, workflow, and
favorite techniques will be different from here on out.
The update's enhanced support of large-scale
enterprise databases and significant price advantage
mean that SQL Server 2014 will become even more
widely adopted across the industry. The update includes
new backup and recovery tools, new AlwaysOn features,
and enhanced cloud capabilities.
For Dummies
384 pages •
Website Development
UX For Dummies is a hands-on guide to developing and
implementing user experience strategy. Written by
globally recognized UX consultants, this essential
resource provides expert insight and guidance on using
the tools and techniques that create a great user
experience, along with practical advice on implementing
a UX strategy that aligns with your organisation's
business goals and philosophy. You'll learn how to
integrate web design, user research, business planning
and data analysis to focus your company's web
presence on the needs of your customers, gaining the
skills you need to be effective in the field of user
experience design.
Page 9 All prices are GST-inclusive and subject to change without notice. Wiley ABN 67 009 673 081
Wiley July New Releases 2014
Becoming an Architect, 3rd Edition
Luke Him Sau, Architect: China's Missing
Lee W. Waldrep
352 pages •
Discover key resources and receive sage advice on
becoming an architect
Starting a career as an architect is an exciting prospect,
but it's important to do your research before you take
the plunge. The third edition of Becoming an Architect is
an update to the best-selling guide and highlights the
risks and rewards on the path to a career as an
architect. You'll find new insight and tons of helpful
resources, as well as a complete outline of the trajectory
of an architect's early career, from higher education
through internship and licensure. More than thirty-two
new interviews and profiles from architecture students,
emerging, and established professionals give the
resource a truly personal feel, and help get you
acquainted with real-life scenarios.
Edward Denison
288 pages • Hardback
Made by Robots: Challenging Architecture at
Salvage Secrets Design & Decor: Transform
Matthias Kohler
Joanne Palmisano, Susan Teare
Although highly ambitious and sophisticated, most
attempts at using robotic processes in architecture
remain the exception; little more than prototypes or
even failures at a larger scale. This is because the
general approach is either to automate existing manual
processes or the complete construction process.
However, the real potential of robots remains
unexploited if used merely for the execution of highly
repetitive mass-fabrication processes: their capability for
serial production of non-standard elements as well as
for varied construction processes is mostly wasted.
A visually sumptuous idea book, showcasing an eclectic
array of interior design possibilities using salvaged
goods. Following up on her celebrated first Salvage
Secrets book, which Fine Homebuilding called "An
invaluable first step in the salvage-for-design journey,"
here salvage design guru Joanne Palmisano takes
readers further, exploring a wealth of smaller-scale
interior design and decor concepts. Bottle caps turned
into a kitchen backsplash, old bed springs reinvented
as candle holders, and a recycled shipping containerturned-guesthouse are just a few examples of the
innovative repurposing of second-hand items that
readers will discover.
the Large Scale AD
144 pages •
Your Home with Reclaimed Materials
W. W. Norton &
304 pages •
Interior Design
Sustainable Commercial Interiors, 2nd Edition
The Business Side of Creativity: The
Comprehensive Guide to Starting and Running
a Small Graphic Design or Communications
Penny Bonda, Katie Sosnowchik
304 pages • Hardback
Interior Design
Luke Him Sau/Lu Qianshou (1904–1991) is best known
internationally and in China as the architect of the iconic
Bank of China Headquarters in Shanghai. One of the
first Chinese students to be trained at the Architectural
Association in London in the late 1920s, Luke’s long,
prolific and highly successful career in China and Hong
Kong offers unique insights into an extraordinary period
of Chinese political turbulence that scuppered the
professional prospects and historical recognition of so
many of his colleagues.
Applying environmentally responsible strategies to the
interior design process, Sustainable Commercial Interiors
provides designers with everything they need to know
about sustainability when working on commercial
projects. Organized to mimic the LEED Green Building
Rating System, this book covers everything from global
environmental issues to water and energy usage to the
latest information on materials, finishes, and
furnishings. The Second Edition is fully updated to reflect
the new LEED 2012 guidelines and includes fifteen
brand new case studies that illustrate the green design
and building strategies employed in a variety of
commercial projects.
Cameron S. Foote, Mark Bellerose
W. W. Norton &
432 pages •
An update of the invaluable business companion for
freelance graphic designers, art directors, illustrators,
copywriters, and agency or design-shop principals.
This updated and expanded edition revises the
best-selling classic to include even more facts, tips,
strategies, and advice for beginning creatives. Every
year the market for creative services expands, but the
competition increases even faster. Today, success
hinges not on talent alone but on a thorough
understanding of the business side of creativity.
The House with Sixteen Handmade Doors: A
Tale of Architectural Choice and
Henry Petroski, Catherine Petroski
W. W. Norton &
384 pages • Hardback
An architectural whodunit that unlocks the secrets of a
hand-built home.
When Henry Petroski and his wife Catherine bought
a charming but modest six-decades-old island
retreat in coastal Maine, Petroski couldn't help but
admire its unusual construction. An eminent expert
on engineering, history, and design, he began
wondering about the place's origins and evolution:
Who built it, and how? What needs, materials,
technologies, historical developments, and laws
shaped it? How had it fared through the years with
its various inhabitants?
Page 10 All prices are GST-inclusive and subject to change without notice. Wiley ABN 67 009 673 081
Wiley July New Releases 2014
Governance Reconsidered: How Boards,
How to Teach Adults: Plan Your Class, Teach
Susan R. Pierce, Stephen Trachtenberg
Dan Spalding
This book explores the topic of governance both as it is
being practiced in the current educational and economic
environment and how it might more effectively function.
It identifies key challenges facing trustees, presidents,
senior administrators and faculty and specify their
responsibilities. The book is grounded in the notion that
both the external and internal pressures facing colleges
and universities today demand that boards do more
than just come for lunch and bask in the prestige that
being a trustee brings to them, but rather that they
must add genuine value to the institution and must be
the president’s strategic partner.
How to Teach Adults provides a guide for new instructors
studying on their own and helps teacher-trainers in
college and graduate school programs cover what their
students need to know to effectively manage a
classroom. Examples of practical topics covered include
making sure new faculty include everything they need to
put in their class syllabus, or helping them write a quiz.
This reader-friendly book gives down-to-earth tips and
checklists on such topics as facilitating discussions and
connecting with adult students, includes a glossary on
teaching vocabulary, and covers administrative topics
such as choosing the right textbook.
Presidents, Administrators, and Faculty Can
Help Their Colleges Thrive
256 pages • Hardback
Your Students, Change the World, Expanded
224 pages •
Teacher's Skills Tests For Dummies
Teaching with Heart: Poetry that Speaks to
the Courage to Teach
Colin Beveridge, Andrew Green
For Dummies
360 pages •
If you’re preparing for the newly revised Numeracy and
Literacy Skills Tests, Teacher’s Skills Tests For Dummies is
your one-stop for both exams, providing you with
subject-matter review, revision and practice tests you
need to tackle the tests with confidence and succeed.
With this book — and a bit of work on your part —
you’ll be positioned to pass your skills tests and gain
that coveted place on a teacher-training course.
Sam M. Intrator, Megan Scribner
Jossey-Bass AU
288 pages • Hardback
Across the Pond: An Englishman's View of
the Crime that Changed America
Terry Eagleton
W. W. Norton &
192 pages •
Kevin Cook
At last, the true story of a crime that shocked the world.
W. W. Norton &
256 pages • Hardback
A World of Noodles
Coming of the Civil War
Brian Yarvin
James Oakes
An award-winning historian illuminates the strategy for
ending slavery that precipitated the crisis of civil war.
W. W. Norton &
208 pages • Hardback
New York City, 1964. A young woman is stabbed to death on
her front stoop-a murder the New York Times called "a frozen
moment of dramatic, disturbing social change." The victim,
Catherine "Kitty" Genovese, became an urban martyr,
butchered by a sociopathic killer in plain sight of thirty-eight
neighbors who "didn't want to get involved." Her sensational
case provoked an anxious outcry and launched a sociological
theory known as the "Bystander Effect."
The Scorpion's Sting: Antislavery and the
Surrounded by a ring of fire, the scorpion stings
itself to death. The image, widespread among
antislavery leaders before the Civil War, captures
their long-standing strategy for peaceful abolition:
they would surround the slave states with a cordon
of freedom. They planned to use federal power
wherever they could to establish freedom: the
western territories, the District of Columbia, the
high seas.
In Teaching with Heart: Poetry that Speaks to the Courage to
Teach a diverse group of ninety teachers describe the
complex of emotions and experiences of the teaching
life – joy, outrage, heartbreak, hope, commitment and
dedication. Each heartfelt commentary is paired with a
cherished poem selected by the teacher.
Kitty Genovese: The Murder, the Bystanders,
An irreverent trip through American culture by a critic
who "cracks jokes as easily as one would crack walnut
shells" (Washington Post).
Americans have long been fascinated with the
oddness of the British, but the English, says literary
critic Terry Eagleton, find their transatlantic
neighbors just as strange. Only an alien race would
admiringly refer to a colleague as "aggressive,"
use superlatives to describe everything from one's
pet dog to one's rock collection, or speak frequently
of being "empowered." In this pithy, warmhearted,
and very funny book, Eagleton melds a good
old-fashioned roast with genuine admiration for
his neighbors "across the pond."
Each and every day teachers show up in their
classrooms with a relentless sense of optimism. Despite
the complicated challenges of schools, they come to
and remain in the profession inspired by a conviction
that through education they can move individuals and
society to a more promising future.
Countryman Press
288 pages •
Virtually every cuisine in every culture around the globe
has something approximating a noodle. We're familiar
with macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, and Asian noodle
dishes, but A World of Noodles shows home cooks how
much more there is to explore.
Author Brian Yarvin takes us on a 100+ recipe aroundthe-world culinary tour, from Malaysian Assam Laksa
(fish in a spicy tamarind noodle soup) and Tibetan Then
Thuk (handmade noodles in broth), to Turkish Rokali
Eriste (noodles with arugula, walnuts, and yogurt) and
Mexican Puchero Vaquero de Zacetecas (Cowboy beef
and noodle stew). Noodles are part of worldwide cuisine,
from Central Europe to South America to Africa. The
range of grains, flavors, and textures is dazzling.
Page 11 All prices are GST-inclusive and subject to change without notice. Wiley ABN 67 009 673 081
Wiley July New Releases 2014
The Compost-Powered Water Heater: How to
The Official Sea Glass Searcher's Guide: How
heat your greenhouse, pool, or buildings with
only compost!
to Find Your Own Treasures from the Tide
Cindy Bilbao
Gaelan Brown
Countryman Press
176 pages •
144 pages •
W. W. Norton &
112 pages •
Here is a revolutionary approach for heating rooms and
generating hot water. Author Gaelan Brown has
worked with engineers and compost scientists to refine
methods of composting that can heat greenhouses,
barns, buildings, and hot water, all without combustion.
It seems almost too good to be true: make
high-value organic compost while generating reliable
combustion-free heat. But it works, and this book
is your practical introduction. With detailed case
studies of large scale engineered systems and
plans for constructing small DIY systems, you'll find
step-by-step illustrations and photos to guide you
through the process.
Countryman Press
80 pages • Paperback
Craft & Hobbies
Buddy Buys A Dump
How To Be Happy
Peter Bagge
Eleanor Davis
This graphic novel follows aging, onetime slacker Buddy
Bradley (from the seminal alternative comics series
Hate); it has an all-new, 20-page conclusion.
In this graphic novel, he's back! Now in his 30s and
married, with a child, onetime slacker hero Buddy
Bradley shaves his head, dons an eye-patch, quits
his "real" job and buys the local dump - because
what better place to raise a toddler? Peter Bagge's
iconic character is to alternative comics what
Homer Simpson has been to television animation
over the past quarter-century: a generation
-defining slacker and the greatest comedic
character of its form and era.
This is first collection of literary short comics stories by
an award-winning woman cartoonist.
Eleanor Davis's How to be Happy is the artist's first
collection of graphic/literary short stories. Davis is one
of the finest cartoonists of her generation, and has
been producing comics since the mid-2000s. Happy
represents the best stories she's drawn for such
curatorial venues as Mome and No-Brow, as well as
her own self-publishing and web efforts. Davis
achieves a rare, subtle poignancy in her narratives
that are at once compelling and elusive, pregnant
with mystery and a deeply satisfying emotional
144 pages • Hardback
Mayakovsky's Revolver: Poems
Prince Valiant Volume 9: 1953-1954
Matthew Dickman
Hal Foster, Mark Schultz
From a dazzling, award-winning young poet, a
collection that paints life as a celebration in the dark.
At the center of Mayakovsky's Revolver is the
suicide of Matthew Dickman's older brother.
"Known for poems of universality of feeling,
expressive lyricism of reflection, and heartrending
allure" (Major Jackson), Dickman is a powerful
poet whose new collection explores how to
persevere in the wake of grief.
In this volume, which collects two years of the longrunning Sunday newspaper strip based on the Knights
of the Round Table, an interracial baby is born and
Nimue bewitches Merlin.
In our ninth volume of the collected illustrative Sunday
comic pages, Arn tries his hand at being a warrior,
Merlin is bewitched by Nimue, and Tillicum and Boltar
have a son named Hatha - the first interracial baby
"born" in comics. Most of the second half of this
volume follows Gawain and Val's pilgrimage to the
holy city of Jerusalem, and Queen Aleta's return to
the Misty Isles where treacherous nobles seek her
throne…and her death. Also featuring a look at Prince
Valiant's 1954 escapades on both the large and small
screens by Foster scholar Brian M. Kane.
112 pages •
Strange Suspense: The Steve Ditko Archives
The Amateurs
Vol. 1
Conor Stechshulte
Steve Ditko
240 pages •
Cindy Bilbao's spectacular photographs and helpful
guidance will transform your everyday visit to the
beach into a passionate treasure hunt. You'll learn
where to go, when to go, what to look for and more.
Sea glass has a particular magic. These are simply
shards of old glass that have been shaped and polished
by the sand and the sea. Sea glass can be found in a
wide array of colors and can be simply collected or can
be made into gorgeous jewlery. With a greatly
enhanced ability to find these gems, The Official
Sea Glass Searcher's Guide willl open up a new
The first volume in the classic Spider-Man artist's horror
comic series is now in paperback.
Before Spider-Man and Dr. Strange, the legendary
comic book artist Steve Ditko was conjuring all
manners of horrors at his drawing table. In his first
two years in the industry (1953 and 1954), Ditko
drew tales of macabre suspense that were not yet
hobbled by the imminent Comics Code Authority
(adopted in October 1954). These stories featured
graphic bloodshed, dismemberment and bloodcurdling acid baths as the ugly end to the lives of
the dark and twisted inhabitants of Steve Ditko's
72 pages • Paperback
In this graphic novella, butchers mysteriously suffer
memory loss with disastrous results.
A local medical expert and sheriff are summoned to
investigate a strange sighting that sets the stage for
Conor Stechschulte's debut graphic novella: a severed
human head that still seems to be talking. We
flashback to a pair of butchers who arrive at work
one morning to find not only that there is no meat in
their shop but also that they have forgotten
completely how to do their job.
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New Directions
144 pages •
For Dummies
312 pages •
The Bachelors
Unlovable Vol. 3
Muriel Spark
Esther Pearl Watson
Spark's very British bachelors come in every stripe
First found contentedly chatting in their London
clubs, the cozy bachelors (as any Spark reader
might guess) are not set to stay cozy for long.
Soon enough, the men are variously tormented defrauded or stolen from, blackmailed or pressed
to attend horrid séances - and then plunged into
the nastiest of lawsuits.
The further, hilarious adventures of 1980s teen Tammy
Pierce, told in comics based on a diary found in a gas
station bathroom.
Summer vacation is here and Tammy Pierce is back
with more sometimes ordinary, often humiliating,
occasionally poignant and usually hilarious exploits!
Her hopes, dreams, agonies and defeats are brought
to vivid, comedic life by Watson's lovingly grotesque
drawings, filled with all the '80s essentials - too much
mascara, leg warmers with heels and huge hair, etc.
Unlovable addresses the mysteries of high school
through Tammy's naivete; girls and women in
particular will find much that resonates, but men will
also relate to Unlovable's universal humor and loser
cast of characters.
416 pages • Hardback
Algebra II Workbook For Dummies, 2nd Edition
Essentials of WPPSI-IV Assessment
Mary Jane Sterling
Susan Engi Raiford
To succeed in Algebra II, start practicing now
Algebra II builds on your Algebra I skills to prepare you
for trigonometry, calculus, and a of myriad STEM topics.
Working through practice problems helps students
better ingest and retain lesson content, creating a solid
foundation to build on for future success.
The Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of
Intelligence is one of the most widely used
assessments of intelligence for preschoolers and young
children for evaluation of learning disability,
developmental delay, language delay, intellectual
disability, or gifted and talented classification. Essentials
of WPPSI-IV provides comprehensive, step-by-step
guidelines to administering, scoring, and interpreting the
latest edition of this test. This indispensable resource
introduces an expanded test structure with uniquely
sensitive, age-appropriate additional subtests and
composite scores to measure working memory and
inhibitory control.
Algebra II Workbook For Dummies, 2nd Edition helps you
learn Algebra II by doing Algebra II. Author and math
professor Mary Jane Sterling walks you through the
entire course, showing you how to approach and solve
the problems you encounter in class.
320 pages •
Anxiety + Depression: Effective Treatment of
Beyond Anger and Violence: A Program for
Margaret Wehrenberg
Stephanie S. Covington
Tips and techniques for managing a prevalent coexisting condition.
Anxiety and depression are two of the most
common complaints in therapy, and often clients
suffer from both simultaneously. But where does
depression end and anxiety begin, and vice versa?
What is the most effective way to approach
treatment? Margaret Wehrenberg presents key
clinical strategies for managing this comorbidity.
Beyond Anger and Violence: A Program for Women Participant
Workbook is the participant's personal place for reflection,
reactions, and learning, during and after management
sessions. The activities inside reinforce program lessons
about anger and violence, and how families,
relationships, communities, and society affect one's life.
In learning about the relationships between thoughts,
feelings, and behaviors, participants can begin to grasp
a better self-understanding that will help them manage
anger in a healthier, more productive manner. They'll
develop new skills for communication, conflict resolution,
and decision-making, and be introduced to a variety of
calming techniques.
the Big Two Co-Occurring Disorders
W. W. Norton &
304 pages • Hardback
For Dummies
344 pages •
Women Participant Workbook
288 pages •
Writing a Novel & Getting Published For
Dummies®, 2nd Edition
Paris to the Pyrenees: A Skeptic Pilgrim Walks
George Green, Lizzy E. Kremer
David Downie
Turn your aspirations into reality.
Part adventure story, part cultural history, an
exploration of the phenomenon of pilgrimage along the
age-old Way of Saint James in France.
Driven by curiosity, wanderlust, and health crises,
David Downie and his wife set out from Paris to walk
across France to the Pyrenees. Starting on the Rue
Saint-Jacques and trekking 750 miles south to
Roncesvalles, Spain, their eccentric route takes
seventy-two days on Roman roads and pilgrimage
paths-a 1,100-year-old network of trails leading to
the sanctuary of Saint James the Greater. For Downie,
the inward journey met the outer one: a combination
of self-discovery and physical regeneration.
Want to take that idea or rough draft and turn it into a
brilliant novel? Writing a Novel & Getting Published For
Dummies, 2nd Edition, provides you with concept-tocontract advice you need to get it done. Our author
team — a creative writing lecturer (and published
author) and a top literary agent — provide you with the
tools to tell your story with skill and the industry advice
you need to approach agents and publishers with
the Way of Saint James
372 pages •
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