The vision of the Children's Radio Foundation is a world where young people are mobilized to engage in
productive dialogue about the issues they face and work together to improve their lives and their
The Children's Radio Foundation uses the medium of radio to create opportunities for youth dialogue,
participation, leadership, and active citizenship, training and mentoring a new generation of youth
broadcasters across Africa.
Facts and Figures
Number of youth reporters trained: 1,300
Number of weekly listeners across Africa: 7 million
Number of African Countries where we work: 6
Number of new projects in 2012: 15
Number of languages broadcast by our youth journalists: 25
Number of community radio station partners: 68
Partners include UNICEF, UNESCO, Medicins Sans Frontieres, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
Open Society Foundation, NPR, RFI (Radio France Internationale) and SoundCloud.
Global Presence
The Children’s Radio Foundation partnered with UNESCO to celebrate World Radio Day on February
13, 2013. Events included a panel discussion at the United Nations in New York City and a forum at
UNESCO’s Paris headquarters. Stories highlighting the Children’s Radio Foundation’s World Radio Day
appeared on BBC Radio 6, Radio France Internationale, Radio Netherlands, and the Columbia Journalism
Review along with a special video tribute by Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
The Children’s Radio Foundation’s Global Ambassador Colin Greenwood, bassist for the band
Radiohead, travelled to project sites in South Africa in January 2013. An accomplished Photojournalist,
Colin documented his experience at the blog site
25,000 followers on SoundCloud. Recent listeners on our SoundCloud page come from places as
diverse as Brazil, Turkey, and Slovakia.
How to Get Involved
We hope you will consider supporting the CRF. Tax deductible gifts can be made directly at: where you can also listen to our programs. To receive regular
[email protected] and please stay tuned for an upcoming celebration of our Fifth
Anniversary of broadcasting in Africa in June 2013.
6 Spin Street 8001 Cape Town, South Africa +27 21 465 6965 [email protected] South Africa
National audience reach of an estimated 1.3 million listeners across 13 radio stations.
More than 200 CRF trained youth reporters broadcast on a weekly basis through community radio
station projects in our Young Reporters Network, Cape Town-based incubator initiatives, and the
nationally broadcast show Radio Workshop on SAfm.
3 Incubator projects in Cape Town, including the Manenberg Youth Reporters, the Future Positive HIV
radio project with MSF, and a radio diaries initiative with TB patients.
150 CRF trained youth reporters broadcast weekly across seven project sites. National audience size is
estimated at more than three million.
Partner station Metro FM in Mwanza, Tanzania, just won the San Marino Alexander Bodini award from
UNICEF, a grant given annually to three child-led initiatives that recognize young people as agents of
135 CRF trained youth reporters across nine sites in
Zambia. Soon, two more sites will be established creating
media hub sites in all nine provinces.
Our Zambia Youth Reporters take to the air for monthly radio
broadcasts and bi-weekly community outreach activities
focussed on climate change and HIV/AIDS.
Currently working with 75 high-school students in five
communities across the country in partnership with The
Association of Liberian Community Radios (ALICOR), Talking
Drums Studios in Liberia, and UNICEF.
Democratic Republic of Congo
Beginning six-month pilot program of the Open Mic Initiative in Kinshasa, training 10 children living on
the streets and 10 school-going children to broadcast weekly radio programs directed at their peers and
the wider community from the Gambela market in the Kasa Vubu District of Kinshasa.
Starting a partnership with Radio France Internationale's Planète Radio, working with a group of
community radio stations located in three eastern provinces of the country.
Curriculum-only development project. Recently travelled to Addis Ababa to begin a two-week
assessment visit for a six-month curriculum project at the invitation of UNICEF Ethiopia.
Opportunity to learn about other youth media training modules and methodologies, and create a vast
toolkit of resources that engages youth of different ages to produce their own media including radio
broadcasts and innovative low cost communications technologies.
6 Spin Street 8001 Cape Town, South Africa +27 21 465 6965 [email protected]